Lilith in 3rd House: Synastry, Transit & Composite

Lilith is not an actual celestial object. It is the furthest point the Moon reaches from the Earth on its path around it.

This point is also called the Moon’s apogee or the Black Moon Lilith in astrology.

Lilith is often considered in astrology analysis, especially in relationship analysis because it reveals our sexual desires and uncontrollable urges.

It shows how free we feel to express our desires and also indicates situations where we feel we cannot control ourselves and feel inspired to break society’s rules and norms.

When we are under Lilith’s influence we often feel as if we are possessed, and we cannot resist giving in to our urges.

Lilith is especially significant when it touches a planet in another person’s horoscope or vice versa.

These relationships, where two people have aspects between their Lilith and other planets in their natal charts, are usually sexually charged and there is an irresistible attraction between them that cannot be controlled.

Lilith in the 3rd house

Lilith in the 3rd house of the natal chart is often a sign of issues you might have experienced during your early childhood, especially regarding your relations with your relatives.

This placement of Lilith can also refer to issues with communication, problems with your speech in your early years, or simply problems expressing your opinion and speaking your mind.

This placement can also indicate that you are someone who is not afraid to speak your mind and you don’t like being imposed an opinion by the people around you.

Usually, people with Lilith in their 3rd natal house have a very active mind. It is like you cannot stop thinking and processing different thoughts and information.

This can sometimes lead to feelings of being overwhelmed by your thoughts.

This placement can be a sign of a person who is witty and very direct. You usually don’t hesitate to announce your opinions even when you know they might hurt someone.

You might possess a great sense of humor and you are often full of fun stories.

People with Lilith in their 3rd house are usually communicative but also sociable.

You enjoy being around people and talking to them. You don’t mind a bit of shallow talk and you can sometimes be prone to gossiping.

You are often very persuasive, and you know exactly what to say to make people follow your guidance.

You are often skilled in avoiding speaking your mind and desires directly, but rather subtly and indirectly.

Some of these people are manipulative and they know how to use their words and sometimes their silence to make others follow their will.

They are skilled at using verbal and nonverbal communication.

These people are often good at seeing through people and their intentions and can be very good at judging characters.

They are detailed and they consider all the facts before making a decision.

People with Lilith in their 3rd house might be very shy during their early childhood years, but in time they learn to relax and speak openly and express their personalities.

These people are generally truthful and honest.

They often choose a profession in the field of communication. This can be verbal or written communication.

They are often skilled writers, and they might specialize in writing about subjects related to mysteries and secrets, but also the subjects of sex and power.

They might carry wounds and trauma from their early childhood years, where they were ridiculed by their peers or some family member for some reason.

This might have impacted their sense of value and their self-esteem, and they might have struggled before gaining their confidence later in life.

These people are often in pursuit of knowledge, especially through reading, but also through contact with other people.

They love to share their experiences and listen to others about theirs.

They often have unique ways of looking at things, and sometimes their beliefs and opinions differ a lot from the majority of people.

This sometimes gives a sense of shame and feelings of inadequacy, but in time they learn to embrace their individuality and accept it as a part of their specialness.

They can be very inquisitive and are especially interested in subjects such as psychology, taboos, mysteries, hidden matters, occult knowledge, magic, and similar things.

In some cases, especially when Lilith is afflicted in the natal chart, these people might have a problem with speaking in public and feeling anxious when being around people.

This behavior can stem from some childhood experiences and trauma, often related to their relationships with their siblings and relatives.

Lilith in the 3rd house can be a sign of someone who doesn’t like the school discipline and rules and can be a bit of a rebel in the school environment.

They might be creating problems at school, running from classes, refusing to study regularly, having bad grades, etc. They often act disrespectfully towards their teachers and other authority figures.

This behavior usually has roots in Lilith’s need to rebel against authority, and when it is placed in the 3rd natal house this need often appears in their school environment.

It can also express itself through fights with siblings and close relatives.

Lilith in the third house can also indicate the need for the person to be heard and understood.

This need often stems from bad childhood experiences where they were unable to express themselves openly and felt that no one heard them, especially their family members.

In the 3rd house, Lilith can bring some unwanted experiences on short trips, such as dangerous situations or accidents.

This placement of Lilith can also be a sign of issues with neighbors, quarrels, misunderstandings, or other problems with them.

Lilith placed in the 3rd house can have many different meanings, and the most significant ones are:

Communication issues

Lilith in the 3rd house is usually linked to the person’s communication skills.

Lilith here can give issues with communication, especially in childhood, and even problems with speech or shyness, problems expressing thoughts, etc.

This can lead to feelings of depression, alienation, trauma, and anxiety, and they might struggle with these issues until they learn to overcome their communication problems.

On the other hand, these people might be excellent at communicating and they can have a very persuasive personality as well.

They might be the ones that know exactly what to say to make you do what they want. This can make them excellent at marketing and sales.

They should be careful not to be overly intense and try to push their opinions onto others.

Secretive nature

People with Lilith in the 3rd house can be very secretive, especially about their emotions and their intentions.

They usually don’t share their feelings even with those they are very close to. These people want to keep one part of themselves private.

In some cases, the reason for this behavior is their reluctance to be emotionally open and feeling uncomfortable with sharing their feelings with others.

They also tend to keep their intentions hidden because they want to keep some of their actions and parts of their life private.

This behavior might stem from their fears of being rejected or judged because of their desires, intentions, and actions which might not be acceptable according to social norms.

Because of that it is easier for them to keep silent about them than to be forced to confront unwanted judgment and reproach.

Issues with siblings and neighbors

Lilith in the 3rd house is often tied to issues with close relatives, especially brothers and sisters.

There might be tensions in the relationships with them, quarrels, misunderstandings, mistreatment, and other issues.

These people might experience abuse from their siblings, and this can cause trauma.

They also might be the ones abusing them verbally and physically their siblings.

They might humiliate them or make jokes about them, hurting their feelings, but also fighting with them physically.

Often Lilith in 3rd house makes the person somehow different from the rest of their family and often ends up being talked about by their family members and considered the outcast because they have different opinions or beliefs than the rest of them.

This placement of Lilith might cause issues with the person’s neighbors.

The neighbors might be causing them problems and provoking them, or they might somehow pick on their neighbors.

Need for connection with others

People with Lilith in their 3rd house might lack social skills and might be shy to make contact with people, but at the same time, they might long for meaningful connections with others and socializing with others.

The reason behind this behavior might be their lack of confidence and self-worth, but also their fear of being rejected, ridiculed, or abandoned.

These people need to learn to open up and be more vulnerable to be able to experience meaningful bonds and contacts with others. They need to put themselves out there.

Travel issues

Third is the house of travel, and when Lilith is placed inside this house, this might cause some issues and trouble on short-term travels.

This might refer to delays of trains or buses, disruption of travel plans, road accidents, damage, etc.

Lilith in the 3rd house transit

When Lilith transits through the 3rd house, this might be the time when you experience situations where you feel inspired or even forced to speak your mind about things you usually don’t talk about.

These might be some subjects or issues you prefer to remain silent or keeping them as a part of your privacy, but during Lilith’s transit through the 3rd house, something might trigger you to open up about these things.

This might be a good or a bad thing depending on the aspects that are currently present in your progressive chart.

Your revelations might be perceived as surprising or even shocking to your surroundings.

For some of you, these truths you might reveal might bring you some problems with people, especially your siblings, some family members, or your neighbors, in general people you know.

You might be judged or attacked because of your words.

Sometimes, speaking the truth might have beneficial consequences.

You might feel relieved and free because you have finally got something off your chest, and you don’t care about the consequences.

Often these revelations are connected to your sexuality or some secrets.

This transit might also coincide with the time of your heightened interest in some taboo subjects, sex, mysteries, secret knowledge, and similar topics.

Also, some repressed trauma might rise again as a result of some triggering event.

This transit might also indicate receiving some juicy gossip news about someone.

Also, this might be a period when you decide to begin a course or start studying some topic that you find very interesting.

You might also begin a new hobby related to your creativity, possibly begin writing.

In some cases, Lilith’s transit through the 3rd natal house might coincide with the worsening of your relationship with your sibling, your neighbors, or some close family members.

You might find yourself quarrelling, getting into conflicts with them trying to persuade them to think the way you want.

Also, this transit might indicate a period of heightened mental activity.

Lilith in 3rd house synastry

When one person’s Lilith is placed in the 3rd house of another person, this might indicate a relationship where the Lilith person will inspire or induce talks with the 3rd house person about sex, forbidden topics, taboos, dirty talk, or similar things.

The 3rd house person might feel pressured to have conversations about subjects they don’t feel comfortable talking about, such as their sexual preferences and desires, and generally expressing their intimate needs to the Lilith person.

The Lilith person might be provocative and manipulate the 3rd house person into talking about things they don’t want to.

On the other hand, this persuasiveness of Lilith might be a good thing because it will push the 3rd house person into exploring their subconscious needs and desires and help them express them, which will in turn set them free.

They might have some repressed desires and needs, and the Lilith person will help the 3rd house person accept them as a part of their being.

The Lilith person will help the 3rd house person embrace themselves and become more emotionally expressive.

Sometimes this placement of Lilith might be a sign of conflicts and disagreements between the two people.

Lilith in the 3rd house composite

When composite Lilith is placed in the 3rd house of the composite chart, this can sometimes be a sign of a relationship between two people who get along well when it comes to conversations about their intimacy and openly talk about their sexual desires and preferences.

This can be a relationship where the partners enjoy talking “dirty” to each other.

Sometimes this is a relationship where the two people argue constantly and have opposite views on crucial relationship matters.

Lilith in myth

Lilith is a being from mythology and was considered as the first wife of the first man God created, Adam.

She was banished from Heaven for disobeying Adam, and according to another version, she left Adam because she wanted to be equal with him and not beneath him.

Lilith is also considered a female demon who comes at night and steals newborns.

Lilith in astrology

Astrological Lilith represents the dark side of everyone’s nature.

These are parts of our being that we are reluctant to share with others, or we tend to deny and suppress them.

Often these are related to the person’s sexual urges and desires which are sometimes perceived as unacceptable by society, thus causing the person feelings of shame and guilt.

Lilith reveals our instinctive nature, uncontrollable urges and situations and behavior beyond our control.

Lilith is also the rebellious side of our nature.

3rd house of the natal chart

The 3rd house of the natal chart is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect, travel, trade, communication, etc.

The third house rules our intellect and mind. It is the house of our siblings and neighbors, our short-distance travels, basic education, communication, and other things.


Transits represent the crossing of planets during their forward or reverse movement over the planets and angles in the natal charts.

When transiting planets make aspects with the planets or angles in our chart, usually significant events happen in our life.

Synastry analysis

Synastry is the analysis of the influences between the natal charts of two people to determine their compatibility.

Composite horoscopes or charts

Composite is a chart of the relationship between two people and is created using the middle points of the houses and planets in both charts.

It reveals the nature of the relationship and its possible outcome.

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