Lilith in 2nd House: Synastry, Transit & Composite

Lilith is not a real object but a point where the Moon is most distant from the Earth during its orbit around it.

In astrology, this is considered a point related to liberation and strong se*ual desires, as well as dangerous but powerful feminine forces.

Its placement in the natal chart shows where we are likely to feel inspired to break the rules.

When Lilith makes significant aspects with the planets in another person’s chart, this generally causes irresistible attraction between those people.

Lilith is also related to subjects such as intuitive insights, hidden knowledge, and psychic abilities.

It is analyzed both in natal charts and synastry.

Lilith in 2nd house

When Lilith is placed in the 2nd house of the natal chart this usually influences the person’s finances.

Often this indicates issues and complications with the person’s finances and problems adapting to social rules regarding money and financial stability.

The person can also have some unique ways of making money or some unique profession.

Those with special talents can use them to make money and accumulate abundance.

Sometimes this placement might indicate struggles with finances and the inability of the person to provide for their financial security and their future.

It might be a sign that the person will need to rely on someone’s help and support to sustain themselves.

Even though financial stability might be a very important segment of their lives they are likely to experience financial struggles throughout their lifetime.

This might also affect their self-esteem and sense of personal value and make them feel like a failure.

There is likely a sense of shame and insecurity related to their self-worth and especially stemming from the lack of money and financial stability.

This placement of Lilith might attract some negative circumstances into the person’s life causing them loss, debt, and other misfortune related to their property and finances.

Many of them must struggle and put in a lot of effort to earn enough for a stable and relaxed life.

Even though these people value a lot their freedom and financial independence, most likely they won’t be able to attain it during their lifetime, at least not in the way they imagine it and would love to have.

This placement of Lilith might indicate a lifetime of struggles with money dating from their early childhood which in turn causes them to develop a scarcity mindset that follows them throughout their life.

Because they have experienced lack and often poverty circumstances these people might be prone to possessive behavior even towards the people in their life.

They can also be selfish and self-absorbed without the need to share their blessings with others.

Lilith in the second house can make the person sacrifice a lot to gain financial security.

This can cause a deep fear of not having enough making the person greedy and unable to give and be generous.

They might see everything through money and some of them might be quite stingy.

This placement of Lilith can also indicate spending money on matters that please this person.

They might sometimes be prone to overspending or overeating because of their hedonistic nature.

In some cases, these people can be prone to promiscuous behavior and changing partners without any deeper emotional involvement with them.

Some important traits of people with Lilith in 2nd house are:

  1. Insecurities regarding finances and emotions

People with Lilith in the 2nd house might be very insecure when it comes to their finances.

Many of them have grown up with a poverty mindset and struggle for money and fulfilment of their basic needs.

These people might be very aware of the need to build their financial but also emotional security, which in their case are two very related subjects.

They need to have their finances secured to feel emotionally satisfied and calm.

Their mind might be constantly focused towards creating a stable future for themselves and their loved ones, discovering new ways of making money and generally working a lot to fulfil their dreams.

Unfortunately, they often experience setbacks and unpredictable circumstances that might jeopardize their finances and cause damage and loss.

People with Lilith in the second house must vary a lot when they invest their money because there is a likely chance they might make a mistake.

They need to build their faith in their ability to make the right choices and be successful in their actions.

Sometimes their fears of lack and loss might make them possessive and very needy. They might need constant reassurance.

  1. Possessiveness

We mentioned already that people with Lilith in the second house often have issues and financial worries.

Even though not all people with Lilith in their second house will experience money trouble, some will.

This placement of Lilith might be a strong indication of money-related traumas and fears that have remained within the person.

These people tend to be very possessive towards their belongings, and this even refers to people in their life. This can lead to selfish and stingy behavior and reluctance to spend money at any cost.

These people might become hoarders refusing to let go of any belongings they have even those who don’t serve any purpose or have long lost their functionality and value.

There is an extreme to this behavior that can also be experienced with this placement of Lilith, and this is extreme spending and financial risks. This behavior often leads to losses and damage.

Fear of loss is often a part of their psyche, and it is very hard if not impossible for them to get rid of it.

They need to work on building a healthier relationship with money and spending and even consulting the help of a professional to help them.

  1. Issues with self-worth

People with Lilith in the 2nd house often struggle with self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and lack of self-worth.

They might be prone to associate their sense of value with the amount of money they earn or possess.

Because these are often the fields where they experience lack or challenges, their self-worth can be seriously jeopardized and diminished.

When they don’t earn or possess as much as they believe they should these people might feel worthless and accuse themselves of being a failure.

They need to work on building their self-esteem and associate it with other accomplishments not only with their financial success.

  1. Self-reliance and resourcefulness

Often people with Lilith in the second house have an innovative and unique approach to making money and building their financial security.

Their constant need to prove themselves worthy because they make enough money drives them to find new ways of making it, which is why they are very self-reliant and resourceful.

Some of them, unfortunately, need to rely on others for support and help despite their efforts and desire to be self-reliant.

This is very difficult for them to do because they are very proud and don’t feel comfortable asking anyone to help them.

They are often business owners and creative entrepreneurs.

  1. Hedonistic tendencies

Even though many of these people live in constant fear of not having enough money or losing it, some of them act quite the opposite.

Some people with Lilith in the 2nd house can be prone to overspending and splurging on their pleasures which in turn jeopardizes their financial future.

They might also be prone to indulging in all forms of pleasure and even addictive behavior. 

Lilith in 2nd house transit

When Lilith transits through the second house in the natal chart, it might bring issues regarding the second house, such as a sense of security and personal value.

You might feel as if you are lacking ground under your feet, or your sense of value might be challenged by some circumstances or events.

For some, this transit might indicate times when you will begin some unexpected actions regarding your finances and try to improve your finances by some unusual means.

You might experience circumstances where you will be scared for your future, possible lack or loss.

This might be the time when you will begin reevaluating the things and people that are a true benefit for your life and getting rid of those who are not an asset but a burden.

It is important not to seek the solutions for your current problems, especially of financial nature in the outside world, but rather turn to yourself for guidance and solutions.

When you learn to do that, you won’t experience existential fears in the future, or not as easily as did before.

There might be a strong urge within you to get rid of everything that you don’t feel in tune with anymore. 

Lilith in 2nd house synastry

When one person’s Lilith is placed in another person’s 2nd house of the natal chart, this is usually a good placement.

This placement might indicate the possibility to join forces and create something productive and useful for both partners.

The Lilith person can be an inspiration and energetic force for the second house person to begin pursuing their desires, buying some things they’ve always wanted, or improving their sense of security and self-esteem.

Sometimes when there are conflicting aspects between the planets of two people, Lilith in the second house of another person might indicate undermining their sense of security and worth, and in some cases, causing some damage and loss to this person.

The Lilith person might cause the 2nd house person some major debts and be a detrimental effect on their life.

In some cases, the Lilith person might see the 2nd house person as their possession and treat them in such a manner.

Sometimes the Lilith person might use the second house person for their interest and needs. 

Lilith in 2nd house composite

The 2nd house in the composite chart can reveal how the partners value their relationship, their approach to money and the sense of security they feel being in a relationship.

When composite Lilith is placed in the second house of the composite chart, this might not be the best placement for a long-term foundation.

This placement might bring sudden, unexpected losses they could experience as a couple, or one of the partners might use the other and not be sincere about their intentions in the relationship.

These relationships can sometimes be based on mutual interest, or as is the case more often, they might be based on the interest of one partner to gain something from the relationship or the other partner.

This relationship might result in weakening the partners financially or emotionally, or this might happen to one of the partners who might experience loss of money, property, or some other damage as a result of partnering with the other person. 

Lilith in myth

Lilith is mentioned in the mythologies of many countries. The origin of her character might be in Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology.

Although the data vary in different countries, the general facts are the same.

According to mythology, she was the first wife of the first man created by God, Adam.

Some sources describe her as very rebellious and leaving Adam and the Garden of Eden because she wanted to be equal with him, and he wouldn’t allow it.

In other sources, Adam was the one to banish her from Heaven because she was disobedient.

In some stories, Lilith is described as a female demon figure who steals newborn children.

Lilith in astrology

Lilith in astrology has a lot of resemblance to the representations and depictions of the mythical Lilith.

In astrology, she represents the darkest parts of our souls, our secrets, and the side of our personality we would rather keep to ourselves, or we tend to deny and suppress.

We usually ignore these sides of our nature because we feel ashamed of them, or we feel that they can hurt us or make others judge us.

Lilith shows our instinctive desires and unconscious urges, which are sometimes unacceptable to our society. Lilith shows our basic sexual desires and instincts.

It brings into our lives events and circumstances that make us become aware of these traits and desires and help us embrace them. Through Lilith’s experiences, we can face our fears.

This asteroid also shows the destructive side of our nature. It can be easily calculated through free online calculators.

2nd house of the natal chart

The second house of the natal chart is related to wealth, material gains, money gains, possessions, belongings, resources, values, self-esteem, and money.

By analyzing the second house we can discover how the person deals with their finances and their possessions.

This house also reveals how the person earns their money and accumulates their possessions.

The 2nd house in the natal chart also shows our lifestyle and the means we have to provide for it.

The state of this house shows the state of the person’s wealth, and it can reveal whether the person is struggling with money or finds it easy to earn it.

The 2nd house also reveals the state of the person’s self-worth. It shows whether the person loves and appreciates themselves or has a low self-worth mindset.


Transits are movements of planets over planetary positions in someone’s natal chart.

Transits are very important in astrology and astrology analysis because they reveal the timing of some events as well as the events that happen when a natal planet is triggered by some transiting planet.

Synastry analysis

Synastry analyzes the combined influences arising when two natal charts are compared.

This analysis describes the relationship between two people and the potential of that relationship for longevity and compatibility between the partners.

Usually strong contacts between two people have strong synastry contacts as well.

Composite horoscopes or charts

Composite horoscopes are created by using the middle points of the positions of planets and houses in the natal charts of two or sometimes more people.

The composite is a chart that shows the combined influences of the natal charts of two people and is the chart of the relationship between them.

Significant contacts between people usually have strong composite charts.

This is very helpful to improve their compatibility in case the aspects between their natal charts are challenging.

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