Lilith in 1st House: Synastry, Transit & Composite

Lilith is not a real celestial object, but a fictitious Earth’s moon.

The discovery of Lilith was attributed to the astrologer Sepharial, and he gave it the name after the mythical first wife of Adam, the first man according to the Bible.

Sepharial claimed that he physically observed Lilith, but this claim was discredited by the scientific community. They denied the existence of such a celestial body.

In astrology, Lilith, or the Black Moon Lilith, is considered the point of the actual Moon apogee. This is the point where the Moon is farthest from the Earth during its orbit around the earth.

Astrologically, this point is often associated with deep sexual desires and liberation. It is perceived as a dangerous and powerful feminine force.

It is believed that its placement in the chart is where we are called to break the rules almost as if we were possessed of doing that.

Often when Black Moon Lilith is placed on someone’s planet or point, this causes irresistible attraction between the two people.

Lilith is a point related to psychic abilities, hidden knowledge, and intuitive insights.

It can be analyzed in natal charts and synastry comparisons.

Lilith in 1st house

When Lilith is placed in the first house of the natal chart, this often speaks about some issues related to their personality and self-image.

The influence of Lilith in the first house is stronger when it is placed close to the Ascendant, or the beginning of the first house (ascendant).

It is often a sign that the person felt rejected during their childhood, they felt unwanted, or felt unloved and not deserving of being loved.

These experiences and feelings often lead to problems with self-image and feelings of being ugly and unwanted.

Often the person compensates for their feelings of being undesirable and unwanted by engaging in promiscuous activities, mysterious subjects such as magic, the occult, or other unconventional subjects.

Some essential traits which people with this placement exhibit are:


These people might have strong issues with doubting their abilities.

They can be very unconventional and refuse to accept and conform to the expectations of society. They have a strong urge to engage in the forbidden and unusual.

They might be very critical of themselves and prone to self-judgment. They never feel as if they are good enough, always expecting they can do a better job.

This might make them feel exhausted in a chase they cannot possibly win. The perfection they strive for is unattainable.

Their fear of failure and not being good enough often puts them in situations where they would rather give up than risk failing or not doing the job as imagined.

Intense s*xual energy

People with Lilith in the 1st house are usually very passionate and intensely s*xual.

Their overall appearance is very provocative, and they can have a hard time suppressing and controlling their strong urges.

This intense desire for physical contact often leads them to disappointments in their relationships with other people because they make their choices not based on their compatibility with these people but based on the chemistry between them.

Lilith in the first house are usually very open about their s*xual desires and some people might feel intimidated by their intensity and openness.

They are bound to experience deep emotional bonds with people they are intimate with.

These people might tend to identify emotions and love with intimacy and attraction which is often a problem for their love life.

This trait makes them vulnerable and prone to being taken advantage of in some cases.

This leads to feelings of disappointment and loss of faith in love and the possibility to experience a happy and satisfying love connection with someone.

In some cases, they might act in the opposite manner and have an extreme fear of being controlled or manipulated by their partners.

This leads to them acting distrustful and suspicious towards their partner, which in turn ends up reflecting negatively on their connections.

Unique self-expression

People with Lilith in their first house are very creative but in a very unusual manner. Their creative self-expression often has a dark undertone.

These people usually have a deep connection to their inner being and understand their somewhat socially unacceptable urges and accept them as a part of their individuality.

Some of them struggle to achieve this self-acceptance which often causes strong psychological problems, feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy, and failure.

It takes a lot of effort and time for these people to accept themselves as they are and be able to live their life openly without trying to hide their true selves.

Many of these people might have traits that are considered taboo or perverse by societal norms.

When they learn how to accept themselves, they gain the courage to explore and express their true personality, this gives them a sense of liberation and they are finally able to relax and feel complete, being different without the need to be accepted as a part of a group or society as a whole.

Many of them are very creative people and their creative endeavors are especially intense during the phases when they feel repressed and unable to express their true personality to the world.

In these stages, they tend to express their true nature through their writing, music, paintings, dance, or some similar form of creative expression.

Rebellion against the world

One of the significant traits of Lilith in the first house is their rebellious nature.

They don’t like to conform to traditions and rules and they prefer making their own rules and living their life as they please.

Many of them have a problem with authority and they often experience conflicts with figures of authority because they refuse to obey their influence.

They love their freedom and want to follow their own lead.

These people might have forceful nature and usually others obey their will and not the other way around.

Their tendency to avoid the rules often gets them in trouble, which sometimes costs them greatly.

They are not traditional and their approach to life can be considered controversial.

In some cases, their behavior might have self-destructive tendencies.

Some of them might have issues with self-control and exhibit violent behavior towards their romantic partners.


The placement of Lilith in the 1st house is often a sign of great bravery.

These people are usually not afraid to take risks because they learn from a young age that because of their uniqueness and diversity from most people, they need to fight for themselves and take many risks.

They are often judged by society for their reckless behavior, but they don’t care much about what other people think about them.

These people possess great strength and can endure many difficulties life puts before them.

They don’t give up before they reach their goals, and their motivation keeps them fighting until they finally get what they want.

Some of them might use these traits to fight for some humanitarian cause.

Powerful energy

People with Lilith in their 1st house appear as indestructible wells of power. Their energy is very intense, and people can physically feel it.

These people are very proud and don’t make compromises easily. They know they can achieve whatever they put their mind to. They are independent and strong-willed.

These traits might make them appear self-absorbed and selfish, which they might be. In general, these are parts of their nature and people just need to learn to accept them as they are.


People with Lilith in the first house are very charismatic. They cannot remain unnoticeable in any circumstances.

People are magnetically drawn to them, and they are usually perceived as very attractive regardless of their physical appearance.

These people are very sensual, and that is something that is a part of their nature that they cannot control. 

Lilith in 1st house transit

When Lilith transits through the first house in the natal chart, it brings some of the Lilith traits to the overall appearance of the person.

When Lilith goes through our 1st house we tend to feel and appear more attractive and sensual than we truly are.

People usually perceive us as magnetically attractive even without us being aware of that.

This transit might coincide with opportunities to start an intense sexual relationship with someone.

This is an indication of strong emotions and passion which the person won’t be able to resist.

Lilith’s transit through the first house might also indicate the appearance of a person in our life with Lilith’s traits which might sweep us off our feet.

We might find ourselves in a situation that we have never experienced and doing things that are opposite to our nature.

This is a time of intense emotions and passion. You might feel the urge to change something in your style, wardrobe, your appearance, or your behavior.

You will certainly feel more open and direct in your approach to people.

You might even find yourself giving initiative and expressing your interest to potential partners even though this is not the way you usually behave. 

Lilith in 1st house synastry

When one person’s Lilith is placed in another person’s 1st house of the natal chart, this is usually an indication of a strong attraction between the two, especially if Lilith is close to the Ascendant of the other person.

The person whose 1st house it is will likely be more attracted to the Lilith person, but it can happen the other way, and the Lilith person becomes obsessed with the 1st house person, which is one of Lilith’s qualities.

These two will notice one another immediately.

There is a magnetic physical attraction between these two individuals and, likely, they won’t be able to resist the chemistry and end up being intimate.

Of course, this scenario might not be applicable in every situation, but even when there isn’t a possibility of intimacy between the two because of an age difference, commitment issues, etc. both of them will certainly feel the attraction and the heat.

These two have an intense relationship and the intercourse is usually aggressive. They cannot control their passion and cannot keep their hands off of each other.

There might be power struggles between them, and the Lilith person will surely try to dominate the 1st house person which they won’t like for sure.

Because of the intensity of this relationship, it is unlikely that it will be a lasting one unless there are some other more calming and uniting influences between their natal charts.  

Lilith in 1st house composite

When composite Lilith is placed in the first house of the composite chart, this makes the relationship between the two people very intense.

This is often a relationship based on strong mutual magnetism and attraction. The two seem irresistibly drawn to each other and the passion between them is strong.

This connection can make someone who is very shy behave in an opposite manner because they are drawn out of control by the intensity of passion.

This is a potentially harmful connection if there aren’t any other calming influences between these people’s charts.

It is advisable to enter this relationship with caution and don’t let the passion blind you because there is a strong risk that feelings might get hurt.

Lilith in myth

Mythical Lilith is a character from Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology. Lilith is mentioned in various sources in many countries, but some facts are the same in all stories about Lilith.

She is considered the first wife of Adam, who was the first human and the first man created by God.

There are several variations of how she left Adam. In some, she was banished from Eden because she was disobedient to Adam, and in others, she was the one who choose to leave him because she didn’t want to obey his will.

Lilith is considered a female demon who appears at night and steals newborn babies.

Lilith in astrology

Lilith in astrology represents our darkest secrets and parts of our personality that we tend to suppress or deny.

We tend to ignore these sides of our nature because they hurt us in some way. This is why we tend to ignore or avoid facing them.

Lilith indicates the instinctive urges we have or our unconscious desires. It describes our basic sexual instincts and desires.

Through experiences of Lilith’s nature, we embrace these sides of our personality we are not aware of. These experiences often help us face our fears.

Lilith also shows what is the destructive or rebellious part of our personality.

It shows the traits that we cannot control or want to keep hidden because we fear being judged or rejected.

Lilith can be calculated for free through online calculators.

For Lilith’s precise position, you need your date, time, and place of birth.

1st house of the natal chart

The first house of the natal chart is considered the house of self.

It shows your physical appearance and your personality traits. It shows how you choose to present yourself to your surroundings.

The first house is the house of your temperament and your body. It shows your overall physical strength and stamina.


Transits represent the moving of the planets over the planetary positions in the natal chart.

They are very important in astrology analysis because they can show the timing of certain events and our reactions when the natal planet is triggered by a transiting planet.

Synastry analysis

Synastry is an analysis of the combined influences between the natal charts of two people describing the potential of the relationship between them.

It is important to note that significant contacts between people are generally shown by strong synastry between them.

Composite horoscopes or charts

Composite horoscopes are formed from the middle points of the planetary positions and houses in two natal charts.

This is a chart created from the combined influences of the charts of two people and represents the relationship between them as a separate entity.

Important contacts have strong composite charts, and this can often help them when the aspects between their natal charts are a bit challenging.

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