Lilith in 12th House: Synastry, Transit & Composite

Lilith was believed to be a real celestial object for some time, a fictitious moon of the Earth.

The supposed object was discovered by Sepharial, an astrologer who claimed that he has seen it physically.

The scientific community discredited its existence and what we now consider the Black Moon Lilith in astrology, is the Moon’s apogee.

This is the farthest point of the Moon from the Earth during its orbit around the Earth.

This point is often considered the point of sexual freedom and uncontrollable sexual desires.

Our Lilith in the natal chart describes the situations where we cannot help but break the rules and feel that we cannot control the situation.

Lilith’s experiences are often beyond our control. We feel possessed by an unknown entity and we cannot resist our urges.

When someone’s Lilith is connected to some planet or angle in your natal chart, you will certainly feel that connection strongly.

There is likely an uncontrollable passion and desire between you two and often this leads to an intimate relationship.

In astrology, Lilith is related to hidden knowledge, psychic abilities, and strong intuition.

Lilith can be analyzed in natal charts and synastry comparisons.

Lilith in the 12th house

Lilith in the 12th house of the natal chart is often a sign of getting involved in destructive relationships because of unresolved inner issues.

To understand Lilith’s influence when placed in this house, we must take into consideration the symbolism of this house.

This is the house ruling our subconscious mind, our insecurities, and secrets, but also our deepest fears.

Every individual needs to confront the issues of their 12 house because if they remain unresolved this could cause a lot of blockages in their life.

Lilith placed in the 12th house can have a variety of meanings, but the most significant ones are:

Being detached from reality

Lilith in the 12th house can make the person ungrounded and not in touch with their reality.

They might be prone to escapism and living in a dream world, often using artificial means to hide from reality or ignore it.

A person with Lilith in the twelfth house is often prone to addictive behaviors and unhealthy habits.

They might be drug addicts, alcoholics, or gamblers. They also might succumb to some other deviant behavior and addictions that are harmful to their life.

For these people, it is often hard to face the difficulties of everyday life and they instinctively choose to avoid dealing with them but escape into an imaginary world, often with the help of drugs or alcohol.

Lilith’s placement in this house often brings the person into situations and experiences that help them get in touch with their subconscious feelings and thoughts and face the traumas and fears that might have been repressed for a long time.

Lilith represents the darkness we all have within but refuse to consciously deal with it.

It helps us explore our secret feelings, desires, and feelings of shame. Lilith helps us get to the root of things and sets us free.

Suppressing emotions

The 12th house is the house of our subconscious mind and buried emotions.

This house is the house of secrets and hidden things. It is also the house of our hidden emotions.

We tend to suppress the difficult emotions we cannot handle or confront and they become a subconscious burden which gets triggered sometimes by situations and circumstances.

Suppressing emotions instead of dealing with them is very dangerous and can cause psychological damage, like depression or anxiety.

For this reason, it is essential to process your feelings, regardless of how difficult it might be for you to do that.

It is better to go through the pain and transform it than to let it pile up and suffocate you.

Disregarding red flags

People with Lilith in the twelfth house might be prone to ignoring situations and people that might potentially be harming.

They might be drawn to people and situations that are dangerous and controlling.

Because of this trait, people with Lilith in the 12th house might be easily manipulated and taken advantage of.

These people might also tend to seek approval from others because of their lack of confidence.

They also have low self-worth and are easy prey to people with low moral values.

Even though these people are very intuitive they don’t seem to use this intuition in discerning people and their intentions. They are usually bad judges of character.

Very intuitive

Lilith’s placement in the 12th house usually creates people with strong intuition and often psychic abilities.

The sad thing is that these people are usually not aware of having these abilities or choose not to use or trust them.

Instead of using these gifts for their benefit and the benefit of others, these people choose to go the other way, sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring their issues.

They feel a strong connection to the spiritual realm and are in tune with nature.

They might use drugs and medicines as a way to expand their consciousness but that might be very dangerous and lead them on the path of no return.

These people are very sensitive and susceptible to influences from people and situations.

They strongly feel the energy of places and people, and this affects them very much.

Their task is to find their inner strength and overcome their tendency to run away from their problems but instead face them.

They have been blessed with all the necessary tools; they just need to learn how to use them.

Feeling guilt and shame about their s*xuality

Lilith is strongly related to the person’s sexual preferences and desires.

Being in the 12th house of secrets might make the person prone to various deviant behaviors and perversions which are unacceptable by society.

This in turn might lead the person to feel shame and guilt whenever they engage in these “forbidden” sexual activities.

Some of these people have a general fear of their sexuality and feel shame when they engage in “normal” s*xual activities.

These feelings often stem from some negative past experiences, usually during the early stages of life and childhood when the person started relating s*x with something dirty and shameful.

Lilith in the 12th house transit

When Lilith transits through the 12th house, this usually marks a time of intense interest for the occult and secretive matters, or you might be focused on understanding your inner being.

You might be drawn to reading books on the occult subject or books that deal with psychology and understanding your inner self.

This transit usually makes you very receptive and sensitive to outside influences. You might feel that you get easily hurt by the remarks of strangers or you feel the need to retreat.

You might take a break from the outside world and devote this time to healing yourself, clearing the negativity that you’ve accumulated.

This is the period where your imagination is likely more vivid and active than usual. You might feel drawn to some creative work, and you will certainly be fruitful.

Your concentration might not be the best during this transit so try to avoid doing matters that are significant and cannot be amended if done wrong.

For some, this transit might indicate refusing to deal with a situation and choosing to ignore it.

Some events you might experience could trigger some long-buried memories and you might feel hurt all over again.

Lilith in 12th house synastry

When one person’s Lilith is placed in another person’s 12th house, this makes a very intense connection between the two.

The Lilith person might feel overwhelmed with the mood swings of their partner.

The deepest fears and trauma of the 12th house person will be brought to the surface in this connection, and this might be triggering to the Lilith person because they might awaken some of their buried issues.

When this happens this might cause Lilith person to have uncontrollable outbursts of anger or some other unacceptable behavior.

This connection is not easy for either party. They might feel overwhelmed by the intensity which is only briefly relieved by the discharge of the accumulated energy through s*xual discourse which is very intense and passionate almost otherworldly in this connection.

Lilith person most likely won’t be an adequate partner for the 12th house person because they don’t have the tolerance for weakness and seek emotional support which the 12th house person is prone to doing.

Even though this relationship might connect the two sharing some similar wounds and hurtful experiences, it might be too much for both to bear because of their general differences in nature.

Lilith in the 12th house composite

When composite Lilith is placed in the 12th house of the composite chart this often speaks about a relationship that is very intense for the partners.

Lilith in the 12th house speaks about secrets, and this can be a relationship that might not be morally and sociably acceptable and needs to be kept secret.

Also, Lilith in the 12th house can be a sign of a connection from a past life that is repeating, but the partners need to heal some deep emotional wounds and trauma that they have brought into this existence from their past life and the relationship they had.

This placement of Lilith might also indicate physical and emotional abuse in the relationship that might be hidden from others.

One of the partners might suffer in silence without being able to speak openly about the issues they are going through.

This placement might also speak about sexual violence between partners, abuse, or even rape.

It is associated with sexual trauma, sometimes brought from another relationship by one or both partners, and they have recognized each other and formed a bond to heal these traumas.

There are various scenarios of Lilith placed in the 12th house of the composite chart. This is not an easy connection and is often a catalyst for one or both partners to experience a major transformation of their personality.

For some, this relationship might indicate

Lilith in myth

Lilith is a female demon depicted in the myths of various ancient cultures, especially Judaic and Mesopotamian.

In these myths, she is described as the first wife of Adam and is actually created by God from dust, just like Adam, and was also placed in the garden of Eden.

When he tried to command her and exercise dominance over her, she become rebellious and disobeyed him.

This is when she left Eden because she wanted to be Adam’s equal, either on her own will or banished by Adam, depending on the source of the story.

By many theorists, Lilith is considered the first female demon. She is often depicted as a female demon stealing newborns at nighttime. 

Lilith in astrology

In astrology, Lilith is described as the dark side of our nature. We usually don’t want to reveal these parts of us to anyone, and we repress or deny them.

These parts are causing us the most pain and hurt the most, but we choose to ignore them and avoid confronting them.

Lilith shows our unconscious desires and instincts. This asteroid speaks about our basic instincts and nature, especially sexual.

Through Lilith’s very intense experiences, we are often able to heal these parts of our personality and confront our dark side.

The parts of our personality where we exhibit Lilith’s energy are destructive and uncontrollable.

Lilith is where we feel rebellious and cannot control our urges.

This is something that is a part of our nature and we are often ashamed of this side of our personality, which is why we prefer to keep them hidden from the rest of the world because we fear people might judge or reject us because of these traits.

The energy of Lilith appears wild and untamed, and this energy might frighten people.

People strongly influenced by Lilith might appear mysterious and dangerous. Their energy is magnetic and filled with sexual tension.

The placement of Lilith in the natal chart can show which traits of the person might be considered forbidden and unacceptable by the majority of people.

Lilith makes us embrace our side of personality ruled by her, instead of avoiding it or resisting it as a part of our nature. This is the only way we can feel free and accepted by ourselves.

The exact position of Lilith in the natal chart can be calculated through free online calculators. All you need is the exact time of birth, date, and place.

12th house of the natal chart

The 12th house of the natal chart is ruled by Neptune, the planet of mystery, imagination, secrets, and illusions.

It is the house ruling the end of life, but endings in general. It also rules our subconscious, our fears, traumas, feelings of shame and inadequacy.

The 12th is the house of isolation and going inwards. It is the house of our inner demons, deepest secrets, buried memories, and things we don’t want to recall or think about.

The 12th house also rules addictions, destructive behavior, and similar matters.


Transits are crossings of current planetary positions over the planets and angles in the natal charts.

The planets are in constant movement and when they make aspects with our planets or angles of the chart, this is when significant events happen in our life, providing that this is also confirmed by our natal chart, but also by different methods of progressing the natal charts and its placements.

Transits are very important in the analysis of the future and predictive astrology.

Synastry analysis

Synastry analyses the influences between two natal charts. It analyses the planetary positions and angles of one natal chart compared to the planetary placements and angles of the chart of another person.

Synastry analysis determines the compatibility between two people and the prospects of their relationship.

This analysis is usually done by analyzing the aspects between two charts, but also the analysis of the composite chart of two people.

Usually, people who are strongly attached and have a significant relationship have strong synastry as well, which is shown through many contacts between their charts.

Depending on the quality of aspects between the charts, the relationship will likely be predominately good or bad, lasting, or short-lived.

Composite horoscopes or charts

Composite charts are an important part of synastry analysis. They are in fact the charts of the relationship itself and its overall energy, created by the combined influences of the charts of two people.

Composite charts are calculated using the middle points of the houses and planets in both charts, and from these positions, one chart is created.

Composite charts, the planets inside, and the aspects they are creating can tell us a lot about the potential of one relationship.

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