Lilith in 11th House: Synastry, Transit & Composite

Lilith is a fictitious object, a point where the Earth is farthest from the Moon.

In astrology, Lilith is an important point and can show our obsessions, situations where we feel we lack control, sexual freedom and whether we express it, but also our secret erotic desires.

The influence of Lilith appears as if we have been possessed by a dark force making us do things we know we shouldn’t or that will bring us trouble.

Lilith makes us break the rules of society and often brings traits we are ashamed of and we hide from others because we are afraid we will be reprimanded and judged.

The strong attraction between individuals is indicated by strong aspects between the planets and Lilith in two natal charts.

Lilith in the 11th house

Lilith in the 11th house of the natal chart is not a great place for Lilith to be. This is a sign of a rebellious nature.

Lilith has a desire for freedom and when it is placed in the 11th house this indicates a desire for freedom and independence regarding the matters of the 11th house.

These people are strong individuals and they often have a hard time maintaining their friendships or participating in group activities because of their nature.

They have a problem compromising which is essential for friendships and organizations.

They might be cautious and might fear connecting personally with others and establishing deep meaningful friendships.

They are not capable of fitting in groups easily and this might be a sign of someone who has experienced bullying at their early stages of life.

Their personality is strong but they might appear different from the majority of people. Their personality and their individuality sometimes make it hard for them to fit in and be accepted by their peers.

People who are in their friend group or some group they belong to might be jealous of them because of their unique qualities and talents.

They might be a victim of backstabbing by their friends or members of groups or associations to which they belong to.

They often feel ostracized by their friends because they are so different and cannot blend in with them.

This is also a difficult placement for the accomplishment of their goals and dreams.

It seems that Lilith placed in this house, puts obstacles in their path and they have to struggle to fulfil them.

These people are often loners and yet they want to be a part of some community.

They are attracted to people who are in some way different, like themselves, but also mysterious and secretive.

They often form friendships with people who are interested in secret sciences and the occult, and they can also become members of groups and associations dealing with these subjects.

People with Lilith in the 11th house are often friends with people who no one wants to socialize with, weird or destructive people, etc.

Sometimes this placement indicates having friends that are detrimental to you and listening to their advice might bring you a lot of problems.

Sometimes they have friends who don’t have their best interest in mind, who are jealous of them and are hurting them in some way, with their bad advice, or in some physical manner.

This placement can also be a sign of being a member of groups and associations that are negative for your life and possibly influence you in behaving in a way that you don’t consider right.

Lilith in the 11th house is very often a sign of the person experiencing situations of jealousy, betrayal, or rejection from friends which hurts them deeply.

Because of the bad experiences the person has experienced during their lifetime with their close friends they usually become very reserved and detached so they cannot be hurt by anyone.

The bad experiences often cause the person to retreat and become a true lone wolf doing most of the things in their life alone.

Their desire to be a part of a group or community weakens as they age.

This placement doesn’t completely negate the possibility of having good friends and meaningful friendly relationships, but it does cause problems with the participation of the person in groups whether it is friendly groups or some group associations.

Lilith in the 11th house somehow makes people antagonized against this person, especially members of the groups they belong to.

Often it is their nature and exclusivity and lack of flexibility that causes this kind of antagonism, but the person is often not aware of that.

They need to be unique and different from others, and the group is not a place to exhibit these traits.

The conclusion is that the majority of things they experience are partially caused by their nature.

They should try to be more flexible and listen to the pulse of the group instead of trying to be an individual and special among other individuals who are a part of the same group.

Lilith placed in the 11th house can have various meanings. The most significant ones are:

  1. Strong individuality and problems fitting in

As we have mentioned already, people with their Lilith placed in the 11th house have a strong individuality and special personality that cannot remain unnoticed.

On the other hand, they love to be a part of some community and group, which is not easy because they cannot easily blend in a group.

They have a strong urge to express their individuality in all situations, even when they participate in group activities where all participants put their individualities aside for the sake of the group.

These traits and behavior often put these people in situations where they are ostracized by a group of friends or some other group association because they refuse or cannot fit in the group.

Such experiences hurt these people immensely, but they also need to perceive their contribution to the way they have been treated and possibly change something in their behavior, become more flexible and not so self-absorbed, and allow themselves to be a part of the group and not an outsider who only wants to do things on their own.

  1. Being bullied by their groups

This trait of Lilith placed in the 11th house is closely related to the previous one.

We mentioned that people with Lilith in the 11th house want to express their individualism before the members of their group of friends or other groups they belong to.

This behavior is often perceived as braggy and possibly belittling by their peers.

People with Lilith in the 11th house often experience bullying by the members of their groups who are irritated by their attitude or jealous.

The lesson of this placement is for the person to learn to adapt to the rules of being a member of some group.

They need to learn to be more flexible and yet be able to express their uniqueness and be accepted by others for who they are.

  1. Being misunderstood and considered weird

This is another similar trait to the previous ones. Lilith in the 11th house makes the person appear unconventional and often weird among their group of friends or members of their group.

Because they have different attitudes and views over matters, they might be perceived as strange, being avoided, and being put aside by other members of their group.

They often don’t fit into the social category of what is acceptable and normal and for this reason, they are being marked as weird.

The main reason for this is the person’s desire to be different from others and not exactly fit into society’s norms but remain true to themselves.

This behavior is something that is not easily accepted and is instead accused as abnormal and weird.

Needless to say that the response they get from their groups is something they cannot easily deal with and hurts them a lot.

This often causes them to retreat, become a loner and find solace in doing things and activities on their own.

Because of this treatment from their environment, the weakest among them might experience physical issues and depression or aggressive behavior towards the members of their groups.

  1. Innovators

People who are born with Lilith in their 11th house are very independent and love doing things their way.

This trait is what often causes them problems when they are in group environments because they usually don’t like to follow the group rules but make their own and act as they want.

However, they often have great innovative solutions for group problems which their groups benefit from.

They often have people on their backs who are jealous of them because of their incredible abilities.

Their ideas can sometimes be extreme, meaning that they differ so much from the usual way of doing things that they cause outrage by their peers and are usually not accepted at first because they are so new and different from everything that existed before.

  1. Conflicts with authorities

Lilith makes people stubborn and want to do things their way. This doesn’t go well with situations and places where there are rules to be followed, which is most of the situations in our lives.

This trait often causes these people to enter into conflicts with authority figures in their groups and associations. They might believe they could do things better than the authorities in these groups and get into conflicts with them.

They often suffer consequences for such an attitude by being expelled from the group or being ignored by its members, etc.

Lilith in the 11th house transit

When Lilith transits through the 11th house there might appear a strong desire to release yourself from the attachment to some friendships, networks, or other kinds of groups and associations.

Maybe you will feel burdened by the pressure of following the rules of these groups and not being able to express any kind of individuality and give your personal touch to these groups.

Maybe you will be expelled from some of these groups because of you attempted to give your personal touch to your friendship groups and other group associations and this might be considered extreme and radically different from what the members of these groups are used to.

This transit might be an indication of a period when you might feel the urge to seek new friendships and join some new groups that suit your interests more. It might mark a time when you feel the need for some changes in your social life.

If you are interested in secretive matters and knowledge, the occult, or some other socially awkward subjects, this transit might indicate a time when you will be inspired to join a group or club that explores some of these subjects and gathers members with similar interests.

You might also feel the urge to join some group that will help you explore your sexuality which will help you express your natural urges freely and without constraints and fears of being judged by society.

Lilith in 11th house synastry

Lilith has a strong impact in synastry, especially when there are strong ties between the planets in one person’s natal chart and Lilith in another person’s chart.

When Lilith is placed in someone’s 11th natal chart, this can indicate a friendly bond where the Lilith person will help the 11th house person explore some subjects that might be perceived as strange or taboo.

The Lilith person might inspire the 11th house person to express their nature openly especially the part related to their s*xuality and sexual preferences.

The Lilith person helps the 11th house person find the confidence to be themselves without the fear of outside judgement.

These two tolerate their need for freedom and allow the other person to act in the manner that suits them the most. This tolerance makes them even more attracted to each other’s presence.

Lilith in the 11th house composite

When composite Lilith is placed in the 11th house of the composite chart, this can be a sign of mutual interest of the couple for groups that explore subjects such as the occult, secret knowledge, s*uality, and other often considered “awkward” subjects by the society measures.

These two might meet through some group of friends or a group that is interested in such subjects and this is what makes their relationship stronger.

They love to explore and practice these subjects as a couple. 

Lilith in myth

Lilith was Adam’s first wife according to myth. We all know the Biblical Adam as the first man created by God, but Lilith is not mentioned in the Bible.

Only his second wife, Eve, is described there. The writers of the Bible decided to exclude Lilith possibly because of her rebellious nature which eventually led to her leaving the Garden of Eden.

According to the myth, Lilith was also created from mud, like Adam. Eve was created from Adam’s rib.

This story of Lilith has led to her being considered a symbol of rebellion and confrontation with what is socially acceptable. She is depicted as having her opinion and considering herself equal to Adam.

In some myths, Lilith is depicted as a female demon who steals newborn babies during the night.

Lilith in astrology

In astrology, Lilith’s placement in the natal chart represents the untamed part of our nature, as well as situations where we cannot control our urges.

Lilith shows our secret desires, the part of our nature we are afraid to share with others for fear of judgment or abandonment.

11th house of the natal chart

The 11th house in the natal chart is the house of friendships, large groups, associations, networks, goals, teams, and dreams.


Transits represent the movement of the planets over planets and angles in natal charts.

When they create aspects with natal charts this is when they usually trigger some events that are already present in the natal or progressed chart.

Synastry analysis

Synastry analyses the influence between natal charts of people to determine the relationships between individuals and their compatibility.

It is usually done by analyzing the relationship between two natal charts but also progressed and natal charts can be compared in synastry analysis too.

Composite horoscopes or charts

Composite charts are used in synastry analysis and represent charts created from the middle points of angles and planets in two natal charts.

A composite chart is a chart of a relationship between two people and describes the energy of the relationship.

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