Lilith in 10th House: Synastry, Transit & Composite

Lilith, or the dark moon, as many people call it, is not a real celestial body.

It represents a point where the Moon is at its farthest from the Earth, during its orbit around the Earth.

It is a point in the natal chart which describes our secret desires, secrets, taboos, our uncontrollable side of nature, situations where we cannot control ourselves and our urges, and our desires to break social norms.

Strong Lilith connections between two natal charts are an indication of a magnetic attraction between the two people.

Lilith is the point of secret knowledge, occult, magic, but also forbidden pleasure.

Lilith in the 10th house

When Lilith is placed in the 10th house of the natal chart, Lilith influences the person’s position in society as well as their reputation.

This placement of Lilith, especially when it is in challenging aspects with the other planets in the natal chart, can bring the person scandals and losses in their career, as well as loss of status in a very public and scandalous way.

The influence of Lilith in the 10th house are reflected in the person’s accomplishments, their feeling of self-worth, their pride, and their public persona.

People with Lilith in this house might believe that they can only be loved and appreciated by others if they are accomplished, and love is only a reward for their achievements.

Many of these people might not believe that they deserve love unless they earn it, and they often suffer from a lack of self-esteem and low self-worth.

They are certainly charismatic and might be perceived as magnetically attractive by the masses. The 10th house also rules politics and might indicate a successful politician who might be thrown from power due to scandals, often of sexual nature.

These people might become famous for their magnetic and rebellious personalities and might influence masses of people with their unconventional views.

They might reach the top but they also might end up failing miserably and being disgraced because of something they did which is socially unacceptable.

Scandals are lurking on these people, especially if they are in some prominent position and are public figures, such as political leaders, high government officials, but also stars.

Their influence on others is powerful, and they can make people do what they want. They are good judges of characters, and their subordinates often adore and admire them.

Because they are so intense, they are equally adored as they are hated after their downfall.

They might be very manipulative because they are so influential, but this is true if other facts in the natal chart confirm that.

These people usually stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t have anything to do with their good looks, it is their charisma. They have a seductive energy that influences people regardless of their gender.

People naturally incline towards them and want to do everything to make them happy.

Lilith in the 10th house often causes issues with one of the parents, the one that is represented by the 10th house in the natal chart, usually the father, but in charts where the mother is the dominant figure, that might be the mother.

Maybe this parent was somehow absent or distant from them during the period of growing up and that has left a significant mark on their personality.

This parent might also have been cold and controlling, and this caused this person to exhibit the same traits towards the people in their life as well.

They might have had a parent who was never satisfied with their accomplishments and they were constantly trying to please them.

This behavior might continue throughout their lives, where they usually end up dealing with people they need to please to receive love and affection from them. It is an unconscious mechanism they need to resolve to be able to experience healthy relationships and healthy exchanges of emotions.

In some rare cases, Lilith placed in the 10th house can be a sign of the parents divorcing or losing a parent early in life.

Lilith in the 10th house is often a sign of a very ambitious personality. Some of these people need to be the best in every area they deal with. They also tend to be very competitive, and this is not always a healthy competition.

They don’t like to be second-best or mediocre in any way. They always give the maximum of their efforts and cannot accept defeat.

Many of the people with Lilith in their 10th house are afraid of failure and this is a fear they carry throughout their lives unless they manage to neutralize it. The major problem is for them to experience public defeat and people realize they were not the best.

For these people, this trait is a very problematic one. It brings them problems with other people because they are perceived as snobbish and believe they are better than others. These claims are often true about these people.

Wanting to be the best at all costs also brings these people into anxiety, stress, depression, and burnout. This can also lead to physical and mental illness in the worst cases.

They can be obsessed with giving the best impression in public and are very concerned about what other people think about them. Criticism, even a kind one, undermines their confidence and they have a hard time dealing with it.

People with Lilith in the 10th house love to be in the public eye.

They love to be the center of attention and they don’t mind stealing the spotlight either. One of their most important goals is to have influence over others and become important and successful.

In some rare cases, this placement of Lilith can be a sign of successful s*x workers, who make this their career.

For these people, it is very difficult to hide their secrets. Their secrets become public through a set of unexpected events, or worse, through scandals.

This placement of Lilith is not easy to bear. These people need to learn to suppress their urge to compete and be the best.

They also need to control their intensity in interactions with others and leave some space for others to thrive. They also need to control themselves against stealing the spotlights from others.

For their peace of mind, they also need to learn not to overidentify themselves with the success and accomplishments they have achieved.

They need to work on building their self-confidence and self-love regardless of their achievements.

They need to love themselves as they are and not because they did and accomplished something. This is just a bonus but it shouldn’t be a prerequisite.

They also need to work on improving their relationships with their parents.

If they are feeling pressured to be accomplished by their parents, and they do that to receive their appreciation and approval, they should consider talking to their parents and resolving that issue with them.

If this is such a burden to them, they should explain to one of their parents or both parents that they don’t like feeling pressured by their expectations and they would appreciate being loved for who they are instead. This is also true for other relationships in their life.

Some significant traits of people with Lilith in the 10th house are:

  1. Incredible and mysterious charisma

One thing is true for all people with Lilith in their 10th house. They are all very charismatic, and their charisma and magnetism are sometimes very mysterious. It isn’t always linked to their good looks and other visible qualities, but it seems to come from within.

They are magnetic and influential, and people are instinctively drawn to their magnetism. Those among them who are not morally right might use this gift to take advantage of this trait they possess.

They are capable of making people do what they want, and this might be a great power if misused. They can appear arrogant, and sometimes this is their natural trait. They can also be very selfish.

  1. Self-promotion

People with Lilith in the 10th house can be very self-absorbed. They might have a very high opinion of themselves and believe they deserve to be on the top.

They are great at self-promoting their qualities and this can often cross the lines of good taste and be considered aggressive.

Regardless of that, these people are only driven by success and the desire to win, and they don’t mind if they are considered a bit rude as long as they achieve their goal.

Their positioning at the top is not always unfounded in their lack of qualities. They are often excellent for the position they are self-promoting themselves, which is why they deserve to be placed there. They have great leadership skills and are often in leadership positions.

People with Lilith in their 10th house are not afraid of taking risks and this is what brings them to the top. They are not afraid to have big dreams and they often end up living these dreams.

  1. Hidden insecurity

Regardless of their capable nature, these people might be full of hidden insecurities. Their main insecurity and flaw is their desire to be validated for their success and achievements.

They often relate success with appreciation and love and believe that they need to work hard and earn the love and respect they crave for.

These people are always worried about other people’s opinions about them. This gives them anxiety and makes them feel depressed.

  1. Ambition and drive for success

Lilith in the 10th house makes the person very ambitious and eager to succeed at any cost. They are often very competitive and need to be appreciated and recognized by others for their achievements.

Even though they are constantly accomplishing something, they don’t seem to ever be satisfied and there is always something they haven’t reached yet.

  1. Absent or distant parent

Lilith in the 10th house can sometimes be a sign of an absent parent, usually the father, but in some cases the mother, through death or divorce.

This can also be an indication of a controlling and distant parent which traumatizes the person with their attitude towards them.

Their childhood trauma can cause this person to exhibit the same traits they have experienced themselves, become a distant parent or abandon their child, or they can encounter people who continue treating them like their parent throughout their life.

Lilith in 10th house transit

When Lilith transits through the 10th house, this can be a sign of issues related to the 10th house. The person might experience scandals in their career, or some loss also in the symbolics of this house.

This might be a period when the person confronts authority figures, or experiences backlashes in their career.

This might be the time when your reputation will be put into jeopardy through some set of circumstances.

This might also mark a time where you will be taking some professional risks which might or might not pay off, depending on the aspects and current situation with your natal chart.

In some worst cases, this transit might indicate the loss of a job because of your rebellious behavior and refusal to follow the rules.

Lilith in 10th house synastry

When one person’s Lilith is in the 10th house of another person, the Lilith person might influence the 10th house person to exhibit Lilith’s traits regarding the matters of the 10th house.

The 10th house person might feel more encouraged, independent, and assertive in their career.

They might become more ambitious as a result of Lilith’s influence and they might set some high goals for themselves and aim to achieve them.

With this combination of planets and Lilith in two natal charts, this can indicate a scandal at work, or regarding your career, which will involve these two individuals.

Sometimes the Lilith person might influence the 10th house person to take unnecessary risks and jeopardize their position at work or in society.

Sometimes their influence will cause some kind of loss to the 10th house person.

In some cases, Lilith might be in this connection to manipulate the 10th house person or take advantage of them somehow. 

Lilith in 10th house composite

Lilith placed in the 10th house of the composite chart is not in a good position generally. It might indicate a public scandal and loss.

The two might meet through a work-related relationship which is usually socially unacceptable and this could cause their downfall, loss of status, position, and cause other 10th house-related issues.

Lilith in myth

Lilith is a being from mythology and the first way of Adam. She was also created from dust like Adam. She was rebellious and didn’t allow Adam to force his will upon her.

This was the reason why she was eventually banished (or left willingly according to other versions of the myth) from the garden of Eden.

Lilith is sometimes depicted as a female demonic figure stealing newborn children at night.

Lilith in astrology

In astrology, Lilith has traits that are similar to the traits of the mythical Lilith.

She represents the dark side of our soul, our deepest secrets, and our secret desires, the things we tend to hide because we fear we would be publicly judged, our uncontrollable urges and instinctive desires, as well as our basic s*xual instincts.

Lilith usually reveals the side of our personality that is likely unacceptable to society.

10th house of the natal chart

The 10th house of the natal chart is the house of our career, public status, achievements, the highest position we have in life, politics, success, ambition, our dominant parent, power in society, the influence we have over others, public influence, etc.


Transits are the current positions of planets crossing over the natal or progressed planetary positions in a natal or progressed chart.

They show the timing of events and are very important for astrology analysis. 

Synastry analysis

Synastry analyses the relationship between two people, their compatibility, and the potential for their relationship.

It can describe the nature of the relationship and show the possible durability.

People who get along well usually have good synastry.

Composite horoscopes or charts

Composite horoscopes are used in synastry comparisons. They represent relationship charts, made of the natal or progressed placements of the charts of two people.

They can show the potential and compatibility of two people.

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