Kiss On The Lips – Dream Meaning

Kissing is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world, and it can have numerous meanings.

We can kiss a child, we can kiss a pet, we can kiss someone goodbye.

But, there is also one of the most wonderful kisses – the ones that we can wait to happen, the ones that we simply cannot live without.

Just the idea that someone will kiss us in this way, on the lips, can make us feel good or disgusted.

Depends on who wants to kiss us on the lips.

And as such a powerful event, a kiss on the lips can appear also as a dream motive.

It can also be happy or gross, we can feel happy or we can feel scared.

It all depends on other elements of the kiss.

Dreams of kissing in General

In the most general way, if you have seen a kiss in a dream, it is the symbol of a love that is mutual.

If you were the one who was kissed, such a dream depicts that you are a very romantic soul who remembers every moment spent with a loved one.

You live for such moments, and your love life was such that it has gone through some ups and downs, but you have achieved to be in love still.

If you felt the kiss of true love, and you kissed someone, then such a dream shows, or in some ways, confirms that you have gone through various periods and phases that only confirmed that you were made for each other and that your relationship is something worth fighting for.

But, in some way, if you were the one who was kissed in a dream, then such a dream implies that you will argue with your lover.

That person will likely be your lover, but simply it can be someone who you love very much and you two have a history as a couple.

This dream is more dedicated to the bond you two may have – even though you are not officially together, or you two maybe are simply related in some way, or work together, you have started to bond with the person you see occasionally.

It can be a friendly bond, for sure, but inside of you, there is a feeling that you would like to be more involved in that person’s life which will cause numerous conflicts and harsh words.

It can be someone who does not want to spend more time with you, or it could be someone who is just not in the same place as you are right now.

Dreams where you have sent a kiss, just like that in the air, then such a kiss comes as a symbol of the upcoming journey.

Maybe, in reality, you will go on some kind of travel, and people who are close to you will accompany you.

Saying goodbye will be hard for you, but that time will clarify many doubts and help you make important decisions.

All parts of the face when being kissed in a dream have a different meaning – in a forehead, that kind of dream suggests that you will complete a big job or solve long-standing trouble.

You will finally manage to take that burden off of you and you will be able to breathe normally again.

The fact that you have learned a lot from all this will help you in your further life and work.

If you are kissing someone in the eye, then such a dream can come as a symbol that you will encounter some form of tenderness, and someone will likely show it to you.

But, such a dream also shows that you are the person who shows towards your loved ones.

You are a person who cares a lot about the people you love.

For you, interpersonal associations, especially family relationships, are sacred and you can do whatever is essential for your loved ones.

Whenever one of the family members has a problem, you are the address they will get first.

Kisses on the neck are an indication that you will start a much more determined fight for what you want.

It can be a dream job, a higher salary, or a person you like. You will realize that you have no time to waste and are determined to use the courage you have gathered in the right way.

A kiss on the feet is a dream that is not seen as a good sign, and therefore you should be prepared that you will be hurt in the future.

Such a dream may be that you will be hurt in the public at some future time.

Someone may knowingly disparage your proficiency, effort, or work.

However, you must not give him/her the pleasure of catching anger, rage, or gloom on your face. Beam back at that person, because it will hurt that person a lot.

Kiss On The Lips Dream Meaning

Of course that the place where you have given or received the kiss also speaks a lot about the meaning of a dream.

Here we want to look for the meaning that is behind the dream about the scenario where the kiss is given or accepted and it is on the lips.

We have to say that the symbolism of the lips is such an influential element, in a general way, it is our place, where secrets are hidden and where you want to be touched, or you just can use it for something nasty, like saying mean things to people.

So, when someone kisses you on the lips, then such a dream could mean that someone (this is particularly true if you were stunned by the kiss), then it is a faulty declaration of love.

And if it is someone who fancies you, and you do not like that person, then, in that case, it is very possible that you will be courted by a person who will only be good with words, while actions will be weak side.

Do not fall on these camouflages.

It is someone who wants to show himself or herself as a human being who promises the world, but as soon as that person sees that you are getting attached and predicting something, he will start to avoid you and distance himself from you.

Take that this dream, and even the one that feels great, maybe just a notification for you.

But in a version of a dream, where you have kissed someone on the lips, then such a dream shows that you wish that you are more direct as a human being and that you want to have as much persistence as you can.

But, if in a dream, the person you have kissed on the lips kisses you back, and accepts the kiss, then such a dream shows that in reality, you are the type of a person who is sure of yourself and who does not give up until you get what you want.

And if you do not care what the person does in a dream, and you simply have the need to kiss that person, you do care what that person will do, then in reality you are the same.

You do not care if someone doesn’t like you at first, you don’t take it too privately, but you do everything to make the person in question see their mistake and change their mind.

You will try that is a fact.

In a version of a dream where you avoided the kiss on the lips, then such a dream may come as an indication that you are impertinent.

It’s possible that you no longer know how to refuse a person you don’t like, which will make you overreact and conduct yourself rudely.

You will feel sorry at first, but you will realize that this is the only way to get rid of that person.

If someone famous has tried to kiss you on the lips, in that such a dream implies that shortly you will meet a very influential person who can help you solve a problem.

This may be just a small problem, but this is a thing that will make you feel bad, and you would want to solve it as soon as attainable.

You will make an effort to make that influential person like you and to gain its trust, to achieve your goal.

However, you mustn’t act aggressively, because that way your plan will surely fail.

If you have nearly kissed someone on the lips but you kind of miss kissed, then such a dream may be the signal that you are endeavoring to hide your sincere sympathy for someone.

You may pretend that your relationship is purely friendly or collegial, although you are aware that there is something more between you.

Be careful you are playing games.

Now, if in a dream you are being kissed on the lips but with the tongue, and it is some form of erotical dream; then such a dream signifies that you will go too far in proving yourself.

It could be that you want to advance in your career and are completely focused on getting noticed by an employer.

However, your way will be perceived as too intrusive, and your actions will cause a counter effect, and the advancement will go to your colleague, i.e. colleagues.

But if someone you are related to has kissed you on the lips, then this dream does not have anything to do with love or any form of romantic emotions.

It is possible that you will do someone a favor and they will be very appreciative of it.

For you, it will be a small thing, but for him that is. mean a lot to her. You will try to make it up to yourself in any way you can.

But when the kiss on the lips in a dream is violent, then such a dream demonstrates that you will get angry.

Someone will likely jump over your threshold of tolerance and you will not be able to remain silent in response to provocations.

You used to smile back at such things, but your nerves have also subsided, so this time you will react quite harshly.

Being kissed on the lips in public, and feeling a bit awkward on that occasion, is the dream that indicates that you do not like the engagement you are experiencing in public.

Maybe someone is openly courting you and you don’t know how to culturally reject that person.

Another possibility is that due to some actions or decisions, you will become the focus of drawing a large number of people, and you are not the type who wants that kind of awareness.


As you could have seen, dreams that have a central motive, are involved, in the majority of cases with the emotional aspect of life.

The interpretation may differ from which part of the body you received a kiss, and what kind of kiss it was.

Was it mild, rough, even violent, or romantic?

In addition, the meaning may counter the feeling that the kiss caused, as you were able to see in some of the previous sections.

When a dream where you have been kissed on the lips made you feel great, and you got even goosebumps from that kiss caused butterflies in your stomach, it is a good sign.

Be happy that you had one dream just like this one.

The segment of your life that you were not satisfied with may drastically improve.

A kiss that has made you feel bad symbolizes discontent.

Probably, your long-standing wish will not come true.

Sometimes a kiss on the lips means that some things must be sealed and that you should be extra careful.

In some cases, you should observe this kiss as an indication that you need to be very careful if you plan to sign any kind of contract, and if you or obliging to do something.

Make sure to read every item in it and only when you are sure that you comprehend what you are devoting to then you can put your signature on it.

You will be in particular danger if someone persuades you that the document you need to sign is a mere courtesy.

Just be very careful what you sign.

Don’t trust such people, trust only your eyes.

Now, it is also important to know what kind of kiss that was – if it was very gentle, then, in that case, this dream is the symbol of love.

This dream announces that in front of you is a very fortunate period when it comes to your love life.

You will attract the attention of the opposite sex and many will want to get close to you.

If you have been without an emotional partner for a long time, that could soon change.

You will be a magnet for love.

If for example, the kiss was very steamy, then, even if you maybe do not expect it, this is not a good dream.

Such a dream shows that you will experience problems in communication with a loved one.

You may argue a lot with family members, your partner, or anyone who is in some way very close to you, and who is dear to you.

And, if the kiss was very rough, then such a dream suggests that you will have to submit to someone’s charge.

You will presumably be forced to admit that someone is right, although you are always hesitant to do so.

In any case, dreams about kissing could be, just like in real life, nice, and at the same time awkward, but also loving and tender.

In the same way, they could carry messages that are good and also that are less fortunate.

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