Killing Lizard In Dream – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Have you ever heard an official statistic that says that dreams that have the main motive of a lizard are not so common?

It is considered to be a rare sensation, and we invite you to recall when was the last time you had such a dream.

The statistic shows that only once in ten thousand dreams, and we think that the majority of you do not remember having such a dream.

But, when it appears, when you experience such a dream, then it speaks of so many things, good and bad.

We have to say that this is a very interesting dream that does not have to be negative, even if in reality, you may be scared of them (all lizards.

Sometimes, they carry good news.

Even the Bible has a saying of their meaning, mostly it is connected to their color.

Dreams about Lizards in General

As we have said the dream about Lizards are not so common, and there is also a statistic that shows that younger people have such a dream more often than older, and there is a big chance that you had such a dream if you have recently seen one in reality; on tv or similar.

Many interpret the meaning of this dream as negative, yet the definition depends on whether all other elements in a dream that you have seen, what color it is, and whether you hunted and caught it, or even, as you will see in the article, killed it.

In the most general way, dreaming about Lizards, in any scenario, could speak of your reality, for example, people that are connected with, all relationships you have, and of course, changes you may take on in life since lizard is a very adaptable animal.

Dreams that have a central motive a lizard is associated with the current location of your life, in some cases, it could be literal, but in some cases, it is the location of your life, the current place you are now.

This dream may speak of all people in your life, and all you have in terms of emotional connection.

In some cases, this is the dream, that in its most general way speaks of material conditions and events, and all that is connected to them.

So, if you just remember that you have seen a lizard in a dream, then such a dream may suggest that you may move, maybe in a physical way, or maybe you will just change your mind.

In any case, you are likely doing it in the attempt to find better conditions of living, which allows you to learn more, accommodate, and adapt to each event and person you may meet.

All that you find to be useful.

But, this dream shows one more thing that must be mentioned here; such a dream shows that it may be increasingly difficult for you to leave the people you consider true friends and that you are so attached to the things you get used to.

It seems that you are not able to “move” because you are in a comfort zone, and you are connected to your family, and people you know well, and you are scared to move away from them.

Sometimes you simply like the peace that you desperately need will become more and more pronounced.

Now, it is said that the color of the lizard in a dream speaks a lot about the outcome of this dream and its meaning.

The outcome and the change of your life, or in your life could be both, for better or for worse.

And the size of the lizard matters for a deeper understanding of a dream.

For example, if the lizard was big, huge, like in the movie, then, in that case, such a dream announces that in reality, there are big worries that are coming your way.

The advice here is not to look at this dream as a negative one since it could be observed like this – there are big worries that carry big opportunities, both in love and in every other prospect.

Just do not fall into negativity.

Now, from the other side, if the lizard from your dream was tiny, then your worries, in the same way as your opportunities are tiny but are not worthless, something big can come out of it, that is certain.

If the lizard in your dream was, and in the majority of cases, it is green, as we know it usually looks like, then, it symbolizes a spiritual change; but this time, you know that it may bring you an additional income, a better financial situation, and generally changes for the better in your life.

This means that you will finally understand how life changes – the energy of money, and heart and spirit are the same, and your transformation may start from gaining more green (money), but it will not stop there.

In the same way, killing it, the green lizard, suggests that you may cut off the potential of changing in this direction, all because of fear and not being able to understand the real opportunity that has come to you.

If the lizard in your dream has bitten you, and then you have decided to kill it, such a dream shows that people close to you will let you down, maybe even your partner or parents, someone who is very close to you, and who you trust unreservedly.

If the bite is painful, and the killing is bloody, then there is a chance that certain duplicity will be difficult to detect; and may even lead to the termination of all ties with the given person.

If the bite is painless, and the killing of the lizard is clean, it may be that the person who upset you did not do it consciously and you cannot blame them.

You will be forgiven and things will be good later on.

Killing Lizard In Dream Spiritual Meaning

All dreams are associated with the spiritual world, and it is not hard to know that this may be the case, since they are a representation of our inner world.

If you are killing a lizard in your dream, then such a dream depicts your intuitive strength and shows you why you are in the place that you are right now.

Still, there are things to be learned and this dream may come as a warning – one, you did not learn anything yet, and there are numerous hidden enemies.

Those do not have to be people – it can be you, as the one who will set the trap for yourself.

This will stop you from growing.

But, some say that killing a lizard in a dream, actually shows that you can conquer a certain problem, so this dream could be seen as a very positive dream.

Such a dream predicts growth, as, through direct employment, a positive attitude, and some mental effort, you will solve some problems that have been bothering you for a long time in life and that you have been constantly postponing.

But, if this dream shows that you are attempting to kill, and the lizard is struggling, then this dream can show you that you will experience from the inside something rather negative.

It may be that the pain will be caused from the outside.

Just like breakup, deception, and jealousy.

But the struggle will be inside.

Something may end, without the chance that something new starts and this may be a trap for you.

It is because you are not able to move mentally, even if you are being strict and demand work, order, and discipline, but these are just your values.

Advice that comes from this dream is to pay attention to your inner being, as you forgot about it, carelessly.

Also, do not allow any mistakes and debts for which you are not responsible, but you are responsible for your own for sure, and here lies the key to your spiritual growth, to the expansion.

And in some cases, the dream of killing a lizard speaks of people who are close to us, and we are in a weird place.

Such a dream could signify deception, breakup, jealousy, marital discord, or quarrel with your partner.

For some, this dream may suggest that you are getting tired of your emotional state; burdened with a problem that seems unnecessary.

All you want to have is love, and the advice is to catch desired love, you need more effort and to show it publicly.

For those in a relationship, happiness, prosperity, and marital or love harmony could be achieved with acceptance, tolerance, and cutting off things that do not work from the start, not cutting off things because we are scared of them.

Killing Lizard In Dream Biblical Meaning

There are some words in the Bible regarding lizards, and even there are many different kinds of them that are spoken of.

Now, following the same lead, what does it mean when you had a dream that you are killing one?

The Bible has a saying in it.

It suggests if the lizard was black and scary, that a certain change in your life, will bring bad and will be negative.

You will need a lot of strength to overcome it.

You must be ready for such a blow, knowing that it is normal to feel like that; to be weak, and to regain your power, with the help of the Lord.

Also, if you succeed in doing so, then there is a light at the end of the tunnel, for example, a new emotion will arise, and lead you to an unexpected place.

And if the lizard that you were killed in a dream has pronounced yellow color, then, in your life, there can be a lot of friction and jealousy, along with unsuccessful attempts in changing or wanting to change others.

Once again the change must come from the inside.

If the lizard was white, then such a dream may indicate the resolution of some problems. Changes for the better. Positive events.

Giving a helping hand to an enemy, why not.

But killing a lizard, without a doubt shows that in your life, in a life of a person who has such a dream the change is indefinite.

It all depends on you in which direction a situation will unfold.

Not being scared of killing a lizard, suggest that you are the type of person who selflessly solves your problems and those of the people around you.

You are, just like some notable people from your past, a person with ideas that is worth to be followed.

People around you see it and admire you for it.

They talk about you behind your back and are not prepared to speak to your directly.

You may intimidate them, with your strength and mysticism.

Now, if you had a dream that you are not being able to kill a lizard, then such a dream may indicate illness, worries, or loss of a friend or close person.

Also, such a dream may come as an indication that you are running away from some problems that are easy to solve, but they just look big and big. You need to fight back.

An alternative meaning is that in reality you needlessly run away from attachment and obligation.

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