Justice Tarot Card – Meaning, Reversed, Guide, Love

Tarot can give us a precious insight into who we are and how should we understand the incredible life we are all part of.

Tarot cards reading, just as other divination practices, can neither change our destiny nor predict the exact course of event.

Why, then, you ask, we rely on any of it? Divination is a mysterious art; it is something that requires a lot of knowledge, dedication, patience and talent.

Cartomancy, as we could call esoteric use of cards, has been in practice for centuries.

Tarot decks consist of richly illustrated cards that were initially used not for predicting future and getting clues about the mystery of our existence, but for playing games.

They originate from the late medieval Europe; by the end of the eighteenth century, they were introduced into the world of occultism.

The cards appear to be particularly colorful, loaded with mysterious symbols, which we could find in alchemy, religious images, astrology, mythology and more.

Each of the card is an allegory. The standard pattern for the design of tarot decks is Tarot of Marseille.

The oldest preserved example of Tarot de Marseille was printed in the half of the 17th century.

Today, you will find countless tarot designs, some of which look as true masterpieces.

To serve the purpose of tarot, they have to encompass all the original symbols.

The most widespread tarot deck nowadays is one from the beginning of the 20th century, the Rider-Waite deck.

Even if you have not been interested in tarot or the domain of esoteric before, it is very likely that you have seen the imagery of the deck.

The Justice Tarot Card Quick Facts

Each card in a tarot deck is loaded with mystical symbols.

Some of them feature human figures playing archetypical roles, some contain mystical and mythological beings, some have inscriptions and various items.

The background of those cards bears yet more and more symbolism.

The colors, the distribution of objects on the cards, the position of the figures, the gestures…all of those are meaningful.

A common tarot deck counts 78 cards. Major Arcana are the trump cards, 22 of them, numbered from 0 to 21.

The remaining 56 cards are Minor Arcana and they are further grouped into four suits.

The card of Justice belongs to the Major Arcana set and it is the eleventh card, the card under the number 11 (as The Fool was 0).

The Justice card is one of powerful energy of balance. Let us quickly go through the basic facts.

Key terms for The Justice tarot card: Balance, responsibility, honesty, karma, integrity, lessons of life, justice as it is.

Key essential element of Justice: Air

Major Arcana numerical of The Justice card: 11

Planet and astrological sign of Justice: Libra

Yes/No question for The Justice card: Maybe

Related to the card of: The High Priestess

Visual Description of The Justice Card

The first thing that catches one’s eye when, looking into the card of Justice, would probably be the striking red color of the Justice’s robes.

The Justice, as an archetypical figure, is depicted as a woman; an ageless, timeless character, it seems, for it is difficult to decide whether she was old or young.

The woman’s face is calm, eyes focused, the expression concentrated, but not tense.

She wears a crown of simple design; there is no multi-leveled tiara, such we have seen in other cards.

The crown looks solid and unbreakable, decorated with a sole blue gem.

The golden crown represents durability and purity.

This would be the only blue piece we would meet on this card.

Blue is the color of divine mystery, of higher wisdom and knowledge.

It is a connection the Justice nurtures with the divine.

The robes are all red, except for the cloak loosely falling on her shoulders, two ribbons and visible parts of her undergarments, all appearing golden.

The dress is shapeless, as if the shape of the clothing was not that important as the color.

Red here represents strength, power, justice, order, strong will. It could be associated with very masculine aspect of the color red, to say so, even if the figure was female.

The lady Justice is enthroned, like some other figures in the Major Arcana.

The throne is bare, it has no specific decorations or features.

It is obviously made of solid stone, just as the two pillars between the throne was positioned, and the floor.

In fact, we do not see much of the throne itself, as it should not take our attention away.

This is a very stoic depiction, it emits the energy of order, tradition, something firmly established, something unquestionable, which is how the ultimate justice should be. In the right hand, the Justice holds a sword with the golden hilt; in the left she holds scales.

The sword hand grip is firm, confident, the blade stands upright. The other hand is a bit relaxed.

These two items are symbols of justice, two very important aspects of it.

The sword represents judgment, it cuts down the unjust, but it blesses the honorable ones.

The sword represents honor and punishment. The scales, of course, represent the trial.

They are a common motif in various belief systems and mythologies, typically representing the trial of justice, the weighing of righteousness.

The lady Justice sits straight on her throne, but the position of her legs and feet, her wide open arms and relaxed shoulders suggests she feels perfect where she is.

This figure is the embodiment of duty, law, stability and rule.

The purple veil behind the throne covers everything that might be hidden on the other side.

The color is imperial purple, speaking of the unquestionable authority.

The Justice Card Meaning Guide

I am the truth. I take responsibility for my deeds.

The Justice card is the card of the unquestionable law of cosmos, the heavenly justice, the responsibility and karma.

We could say it is the card of the cause and the consequence. The mindset is clear.

The alternative would be a familiar phrase: I reap what I sow.

The Justice card is the ultimate Judge in this world. The Justice knows no mercy or wrath, it knows only the truth.

The face of the Justice is content; one would call it emotionless.

Justice does not care about emotions, because the truth is more important.

However, in reality, these things are intertwined and could be a bit stretched.

No tarot card carries a literal meaning, but the Justice one is possibly the closest to it. Nothing could hide from her gaze.

Justice is neither merciless nor compassionate; Justice rules by law and this law is the highest moral law there could be.

This is the card of karma, reminding everyone that we will always face consequences of our deeds, be those good or bad for us.

It greatly depends on us, but there is Justice above all.

Tarot Justice is an embodiment of cosmic justice on earth.

It is very difficult to us to fathom the cosmic justice, because our earthly reality often leaves with an impression of unfairness.

You probably know dozens of examples; there are people who seem to have everything in life without moving a finger, while some other ones work very hard and never get any acknowledgment and recognition.

There are countless more drastic examples.

However, there is no way we could question the cosmic justice; we would only waste our energy for nothing and become bitter and unhappy.

However, we could do a lot on our own plan.

At the end of all things, it is only important that your soul is content.

It is of vital importance to live on the path of righteousness and be responsible for your own actions.

The Justice card reminds a lot of two other enthroned tarot archetypes, both males, that of the Emperor and the Hierophant.

All these figures represent high authority, structure, order, power, stability, system.

Their word matters and they are the pillars of the order of things in a way.

Justice  – YES or NO

‘Yes or no’ readings are the simplest form of tarot opening.

They could be applied to very direct and straightforward questions, which could be answered by simple yes, no or maybe answer.

This reading is excellent if you have a simple question doubting something and it is also goo for beginners.

One would expect that the card of such a strong, powerful meaning and energy offers straightforward ‘yes or no’ answer.

However, when you think about its core meaning deeper, you would easily realize that this card is about balance; justice is needed to create balance and harmony.

For this reason, the answer of The Justice card is neutral, it is a MAYBE.

Therefore, The Justice card might surprise you if you had a very clear question to ask.

The Justice card now forces you to think through your options carefully.

You would think in the direction of consequences.

Try to put yourself in a situation in which you have actually got a YES or a NO.

Now, think about what would possibly happen if things were so.

Yes, you have opened the card with the same dilemma, but Justice is karma.

You should deal with your question further, and it would eventually lead you towards the answer you were seeking.

The Justice Card Upright Meaning

The Justice card in an upright position is usually a good sign.

It relates to the cosmic justice, so if you pulled the card and you feel betrayed, mistreated, hurt by someone’s ill intentions and malice, this card comes as a confirmation that the balance will be restored.

The Justice card assures us that the destiny will take care of everything.

Now, it should not be taken as an ‘eye for an eye’ thing, because Justice does not work that way; only people do that and it is not actually the best solution.

The one who committed something unjust, malicious and unfair by the cosmic law will pay for it, have no doubt about that.

However, that is the task of Justice. Do not be obsessed by it and certainly do not plot revenge.

Justice will put things into order, trust into it.

The Justice card does not imply that things will unfold the way we want to, only because, from our personal point of view, it appears to be just and fair. This is the higher justice.

Nevertheless, it should fill us with hope and encouragement, because, in its own fashion, this card actually says that all is going to be well.

The Justice Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed Justice card tells about disorder, disharmony and imbalance, usually related to deceit, unfairness, malicious deeds.

The card typically appears to show that yourself or some other person was being badly and unfairly treated.

It could also mean that you were the one being unfair; in that case, the card is a wake up call for you to return to the path of righteousness.

If you deed something you are aware it was unfair, but you try to conceal it or pretend that it never happened, it is a wasteful job; you will have to accept it and face the consequences.

It does not even have to involve others openly, but you should be able to face your own self and accept that you actually committed something bad. From that point on, you will not repeat it.

On the other hand, if you or someone close to you was being mistreated, deceived or otherwise maltreated by a malicious, unjust person, the card confirms that, but it has another message.

The things are definitely not nice, but you should curb your desire to take revenge.

It is a trap and it would get you to the same side of the malefactor.

The reversed Justice speaks of injustice, clearly.

However, the past cannot be changed retroactively.

All we can do is to keep on our track of righteousness and it will eventually pay off.

Good deeds always pay off, no matter how unbelievable, even ridiculous it sounds at times.

The reversed Justice sometimes tempts you to act unjustly, but always resist the call.

The Justice Tarot Card – Career Meaning

When the Justice card appears in a career reading it usually carries a very direct message; you will be paid according to your worth.

In other words, you will be justly rewarded for your job or other accomplishments.

No less and no more. This is a good thing and the card is positive regarding career, business, education et cetera.

If you were owed something, you will finally get it.

Speaking of finances, the Justice card also implies you will be able to pay your debts, if any and thus feel relieved and content about your own financial status.

This is not the card about extravagant earnings or money out of nowhere, but about perfectly just gain.

It is also a very positive sign if you are studying something, preparing exams or anything of the sort; if that was the case, it means that you work will be justly evaluated.

Do not get the card of Justice wrong; if you did not prepare your exams well or did your work sloppy, you will also get exactly what you deserve.

The Justice Tarot Card – Love Meaning

The Justice card is not particularly romantic one and it could tell about settling of a legal dispute in a divorce process or something of the sort.

It has to do with legal battles in general. In any case, it brings justice, restoring harmony.

When it comes to relationships of various types, including romantic ones, the card is about balance, fair treatment, respect, responsibility, trust, harmony.

Just as in any other field of life, one always  gets what he or she deserves.

Therefore, the message is simple. Never treat others the way you do not want to be treated by people.

We all have heard it many times, yet we always need a reminder.

The Justice card reminds us of this golden rule of life and good relations.

The Justice Tarot Card – Health Meaning

When it comes to the area of health, including both physical and spiritual, the Justice card is mainly about self-care.

Self-care could also be understood as being responsible towards yourself.

If you treat yourself well, you will feel well.

You should act towards yourself as towards someone very dear to you.

Nurture both your body and mind and you will be good.

It does not mean you will become a super human and never get ill, but you will reach the spiritual level of harmony and balance and that is important for both your physical body and your mind.

The Justice Combined

Tarot cards get alternative and very specific meanings when they are combined with other Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards.

Let us look at the several examples of the Justice card combined.

  • Justice and The Magician: Fraud, lawlessness
  • Justice and The World: Happiness, harmony
  • Justice and The Ace of Wands: Luck on your side
  • Justice and The Two of Cups: Waste of money
  • Justice and The Knight of Swords: Mistakes, careless behavior
  • Justice and The Tow of Pentacles: Fair punishment

Astrology and The Justice

The Justice is not associated with any particular planet, but its element is air and its related zodiac sign is Libra.

Libra is one of the cardinal signs and this group of signs is associated with influence over others.

The Air sign Libra is a peacemaker, and the final goal of Justice is to provide peace and order.

Justice Zodiac Sign

As we have already said, Libra is associated with the Justice card; finally, the scales are a symbol seen in imagery of both.

Libras are diplomatic, people-oriented, collected, given mediators, capable of settling arguments with others and between others.

They value honesty and fair play.

Numerology and Justice

The number of the Justice card is 11.

This is a number with amazing vibration, because it resonates with powerful energy of number 1 and that of number 2, since the sum of the digits equals two.

One is the number of authority, honor, honesty and power.

Number two is about balance, harmony, peace and stability.

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