Juno in Virgo: Meaning and Traits

Asteroids, or minor planets, are celestial bodies of the inner Solar system. Their diameter ranges from 1 meter to 1000 meters

Juno is also one of the asteroids, discovered in 1804.

Juno in myth

The name of this asteroid has a mythological origin.

Juno was a Roman goddess who was also a queen because she was married to the supreme deity of the Roman gods’ pantheon, Jupiter.

Juno ruled marriage and long-term partnerships, sexuality, and childbirth.

She was depicted as the image of a perfect wife, loyal and devoted.

This was especially significant because her husband didn’t deserve such devotion. Jupiter was cheating on Juno constantly, and she tolerated that.

Juno was the goddess protector of Rome and the Roman state.

Juno in astrology

In astrology Juno’s influence is considered very important. This asteroid rules the areas of emotional relationships, but serious ones, marriages, and long-term relationships.

The nature of this asteroid resembles the nature of the planets Venus and Pluto, and the signs of Libra and Scorpio.

This asteroid also represents commitment and possible issues with commitment, making compromises, loyalty, and infidelity, as well as challenging partnerships.

The position of this asteroid in the natal chart can reveal the areas where we need balancing and are experiencing issues. It gives us information on how to get the most of our relationships.

It shows the areas of our life where we require respect, and we feel sensitive about.

This asteroid shows where in our life lies the potential for growth and expansion.

Juno has more significance in the charts where it is prominently placed and makes a lot of aspects with the person’s planets or angles of the natal chart.

This is especially true if Juno makes a lot of conjunctions in the chart.

Juno’s influence is the most visible in long term partnerships. This asteroid and the sign and house where it’s placed can describe your ideal partner in many details.

This asteroid also gives a lot of information about our ideal relationship but also the likeliness of experiencing such relationship.

We can discover a lot about our marriage potential by analyzing Juno in our charts.

When Juno is making significant aspects with another person’s chart, this can indicate a special connection two people share.

If they are romantically attracted to one another, this can be a sign of a long-term potential and a lasting union.

Usually these significant aspects are conjunctions and oppositions between the personal planets and Juno between the charts of two people.

The most significant are aspects of Juno in one chart and Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the chart of the other person.

Often such aspects are found in the charts of married couples and people who are soulmates.

Juno aspects are usually beneficial for the person’s relationships, but if the aspects are challenging they can also introduce discord in the relationship.

In women’s charts, the signs where Sun and Mars are placed describe their ideal partner and husband, and in men’s charts their Moon and Venus signs describe their ideal wife.

Juno’s signs adds additional qualities to this description.

The main difference is that Venus and Mars reveal our romantic and emotional needs in partnerships, and Juno shows what qualities we need in long term relationships.

Juno describes the ideal person we would enjoy spending our lives with.

Juno also shows our insecurities in relationships. It shows where we feel inadequate, jealous, insecure towards our partners.

This asteroid also shows what we cannot tolerate in long term relationships and the personal traits we wouldn’t be able to accept in our partner.

Analyzing Juno in the natal chart can give us useful details we can use when deciding about the person who can best fit our needs in a committed relationship.

Its important not to be overwhelmed by the physical qualities and attraction of a person but look for the qualities that make a lasting union.

Virgo sign

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgo is an earth signs, and this gives this sign practicality and groundedness.

Virgo people are very organized and precise. They are usually very neat and tidy, and they make sure everything is at its place.

They can also be obsessed with their health and eating healthy.

They are very logical and quick thinking. Their conclusions are unmistakable.

These people are very intelligent, and they don’t miss a thing.

Unlike Gemini who are also ruled by Mercury, Virgo people are not as quick to react.

These people make smart and calculated moves, always knowing what they are getting into.

Gemini can act hastily and feel sorry afterwards, but these people are almost never sorry for what they’ve done or didn’t do.

Typical Virgos are measured and systematic which refers to all areas of their life.

Their tendency to keep everything organized and under control often transfers to other people they try to organize and control, especially their loved ones.

This trait can be very burdensome to those who know them because it is not easy speaking your mind to a Virgo who might easily get offended.

On the other hand, they are not aware of their own intrusive behavior towards others which causes these situations in the first place.

They can be very open and direct about their opinions, but in turn they don’t like to hear what other people think about them.

This usually causes them to sulk for long periods of time.

Virgo people are often perfectionists, and this trait can be quite extreme at some points.

They might irritate others with these traits but sometimes they prove to be very useful not only in their lives but for the lives of others who benefit from their perfectionism.

They are reliable and very responsible. They often overwhelm themselves with their desire to make things perfect, which is not often possible.

These people have excellent memory.

They often appear cold and not very emotional. This is not the case at all.

Even though they don’t express their feelings and emotions openly, they are very attached to their loved ones and very protective of them.

Most of them are very hard working and careful with how they spend their money. Virgos are rarely spendthrifts.

They love to save their earned money and feel secure about the future. They are also prone to investing money in quality and long lasting things.

For Virgos with challenging aspects in their natal charts, this description might not be as accurate, but it is for the majority of them.

Juno in Virgo

When Juno is placed in Virgo, this makes the person looking for stability and safety in their relationships.

These people usually choose a spouse who is reliable and can take care of them and their family.

These people don’t romanticize the idea of long-term partnerships and marriage.

Their approach is practical, and they look for someone who will help them sustain the relationship they’ve built together.

Juno in Virgo looks for someone who is practical and serious.

They look for someone who thinks ahead and is good at organizing life in general.

Physical attraction doesn’t play a significant role in their life.

There are exceptions of course, but most of them prefer stability to excitement, and physical attraction implies adventure doesn’t carry a promise of stability.

Their approach to marriage is traditional. They love to make it official with their partner and desire everything to unfold according to the rules.

They like to play safe and don’t allow space for surprises.

They are not the most amusing spouse, but they also choose partners with similar qualities.

These people often consider life and life together as some kind of task and responsibility and they act accordingly.

Partners who are easier going than them and love a bit of adventure in their life usually cannot get along well with them.

They might appear boring to them. And they prefer boring to excitement because excitement brings insecurity, and this is something these people cannot stand, especially in their married life.

They are usually stable and loyal and expect the same from their partner. They are also faithful and cannot tolerate infidelity.

One of their worst characteristics which might even jeopardize their marriage, is their tendency to criticize and tell others (their partner) what to do and how they should do it.

This is something they are usually not aware of doing because it is an innate part of their nature.

However, this trait is usually the ones their partners despise the most.

Sometimes people with Juno in Virgo end up in a relationship or married with someone who has these traits, and they have to put up with a partner who is nagging and always having some reprimands to their actions.

If they can suppress these urges, these people are likely to experience enduring partnerships that even though not very exciting and romantic, can stand the test of time and last very long.

Woman with Juno Placed in Virgo

Women with Juno in Virgo generally prefers men who are serious and commitment oriented.

For these women, long-term relationships and marriage are important roles in their lives.

These are the most likely of all other women to consider this role as a duty and stand by their man even if they don’t deserve that.

Virgos strive for perfection and with their Juno in Virgo, these women just cannot admit they have failed in the area of commitment and marriage.

This is what makes them put up with things they don’t like just to maintain the appearance that everything is good.

These women can be demanding when it comes to their man.

They might be overly controlling and critical which can be irritating and jeopardizing their marriage.

They might tend to have all the control in the marriage, making all the decisions and commenting on everything their man says.

They need to refrain from this habit if they want to maintain their union.

These women are not bad, they simply have the need to control and organize everything and everyone.

While that might work out fine with their children and to some extent with their household, their man might be the most problematic to accept this.

Sometimes women with Juno in Virgo experience all of this but coming from their partner.

With Juno in Virgo, these women will make sure their life and family is well-organized and provided.

They are willing to work hard to provide for their loved ones and expect their man to do the same.

They don’t appear very emotional and approach relationships and marriage from a rational point of view.

They get along best with partners with similar traits, preferably with a lot of Virgo in their natal chart.

Man with Juno Placed in Virgo

Men with Juno in Virgo are usually attracted to women who are serious and measured.

They want someone who is modest both in their appearance and behavior.

They often choose Virgo women or women with predominantly Virgo influence in their natal charts as their long term partners and wives because they like their traits in a woman.

These men look at marriage as something serious and lasting.

They don’t make a hasty decision to get married and this decision is a result of thorough thinking.

When they get married they are usually committed to their wife and don’t have a tendency to full around.

They consider raising their family and keeping their household as something very important and many of them devote their life to that goal.

They can end up with a woman that is critical and prone to nagging and control, and they can sometimes exhibit such behavior in their relationship.

Overall they have a capacity to establish and maintain a lasting union with someone because of their idea of its importance and the need to make the necessary sacrifices along the way.

They make sure their loved ones are provided. These men are good at saving money and giving their family the stability they deserve.

They can be a bit stingy but that is their nature.

They are not prone to expressing strong emotions to their partner, and they tend to show their love and affections through gestures that demonstrate how much they care for them rather than through words.

For them, actions speak more than words, and this is what counts.

These people are often not very passionate and prefer the intellectual union with their partner to the physical side of partnership.

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Juno in Virgo makes the person very serious about relationship matters and long term partnerships.

These people don’t take marriage for granted and they make sure they think well before they decide to enter such a union with another person.

They are more about responsibility and duty than the emotional and physical side of relationships.

This placement of Juno makes them look for partners that are stable and reliable.

They are loyal themselves and ask the same from their partners and spouses.

These people might be prone to criticizing their partners and their actions because they have an urge to control and organize everything.

If things aren’t done as they think they should be done this might be a reason for them to complain and nag to their partner which in turn can be very irritating and in the long run be detrimental to the relationship or marriage.

Even though it is hard for them to control these urges to control everything they should realize it is the only way to maintain a stable and lasting union with their partner which is what they are looking for after all.

They are tidy and organized and very oriented to details.

They also expect their partners to be the same.

In some cases, their partners have these traits and they are the ones who are experiencing the criticizing and control issues.

In general, they are able to sustain a lasting union and are a reliable and stable partner.

They only need to work on suppressing their need for perfection and letting their partner express their opinion and have things done their way sometimes.

They should also accept the fact they cannot be right about everything.

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