Juno in Taurus: Meaning and Traits

Asteroids, or minor planets as they are sometimes called, are celestial bodies in the inner Solar system.

They are created from remnants of rocks dating back from the formation of our solar system in the early stages, some 4.6 billion years ago.

Currently there are over 1.1 million known asteroids.

Most of them orbit our Sun between the planets Mars and Jupiter in the main asteroid belt.

The biggest asteroids are huge in size. Vesta is 530 kilometers in diameters. The smallest ones are less than 10 meters in diameter.

They usually have irregular shape, and craters or dents on the surface. Some even have accompanying moons.

Most asteroids are composed of clay and silicate rocks and appear dark. These celestial bodies are the oldest objects in our solar system.

Other, stony types are composed of silicate materials and nickel-iron. Metallic types are composed from nickel-iron.

Their composition differs depending on the distance from the Sun during the times they formed.

Many strayed asteroids have hit the surface of the Earth and caused major changes in the geological history and evolution of life on Earth.

Juno is one of the asteroids and was discovered in 1804.

Juno in myth

This asteroid, like many others, got its name from a Roman goddess. This goddess was a queen, married to a god king, Jupiter.

Juno was a respected goddess, ruler of long term relationships, childbirth, and sexuality. It was also the goddess of marriage.

Jupiter wasn’t a faithful husband. He was a cheater and caused Juno many unpleasant situations and embarrassments because of his cheating.

However, Juno was a dignified and loyal wife, who stood by this man regardless.

Juno was a perfect wife, devoted to her husband even though he didn’t deserve that.

Juno was also the protector the city of Rome and the Roman state.

Juno in astrology

Juno is an important asteroid in astrology. It rules emotional relationships, long term relationships and marriage. It rules serious commitment.

Juno’s nature is similar to the nature of the signs Scorpio and Venus, and the planets Venus and Mars.

Juno also rules commitment and commitment issues, loyalty, compromises, challenging partnerships, cheating, etc.

In the natal chart, Juno shows the possible areas where we might need to balance things and we experience problems.

It also shows the areas where we need most respect and we feel very sensitive about.

Juno shows how to make the most of or relationships.

It can also show where lies the potential for growth in our natal chart.

Like other asteroids, Juno has more influence in charts where it is aspected (especially in conjunction) with the personal planets, like the Sun or Moon, or the angles of the chart.

The strongest influence of Juno is in long term relationships.

The sign where it is placed as well as the house can give information about the traits of our ideal partner.

It can describe our ideal relationship but also our prospects of experiencing one.

Marriage potential can be determined through analyzing Juno in the chart.

When Juno from one chart is making significant aspects (especially conjunctions) to the planets in another person’s chart, this can indicate a strong connection between these two people, and if that is applicable a long term romantic involvement of these two.

The best are the aspects between two Juno’s, but also Juno from one and Sun or Moon, or Venus in another person’s chart.

These aspects are common between the charts of people who are married. Sometimes they point to a soulmate connection.

Challenging aspects between Juno and planets in another person’s chart can indicate conflicts and disagreements and are not an indication of a ling term union.

When determining relationship potential of a person, besides analyzing Mars and Sun in the women’s chart, and Moon and Venus in men’s chart, we should always analyze Juno and its sign and aspects.

Juno indicates long term potential, and qualities we seek for in a partner for marriage and long term commitment, while personal planets describe their traits from the point of our emotional and romantic needs.

This asteroid also points out the insecurities in our relationships and where we feel inadequate, insecure, jealous towards our partners.

It points out the personal traits of a person we wouldn’t be able to accept and tolerate in a long term relationship.

Juno should always be consulted during such analysis because it gives another aspect of our ideal partner besides their physical traits which make them attractive to us.

Taurus sign

Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by Venus, planet of beauty, pleasure, and love.

Like his ruler, Taurus is the sign of pleasures and sensuality.

People influenced by the sign of Taurus love beautiful things, good food, pleasurable environments, and physical pleasures.

Taurus people love security, especially financial. They need to be financially secure to feel relaxed.

When they don’t have enough money in the stash they feel anxious.

Their life space is very important for them because most of all these people love pleasing environments.

They are very artistic and creative, and their home is often a work of art, and certainly a pleasure to live in.

Venus gives these people good looks, and some are incredibly beautiful.

Because they love good food, they might be overweight, or at least have a few pounds they would like to lose.

These people love quality and know how to recognize it.

They also love being surrounded by luxury and are ready to put in the hard work to create it for themselves.

These people don’t hesitate to work as much as possible to financially provide themselves.

They don’t like wasting money and prefer investing it wisely.

They also love saving money and usually have a substantial amount set aside.

When they save enough to feel secure, they can relax a bit and indulge a bit in the pleasures that are important to them.

Taurus people love good food and enjoy preparing it. This often causes problems with their weight.

They are excellent hosts and enjoy giving parties in their home where they invite their close friends.

They are home types and prefer spending time in the comfort of their home to going out.

These people are very organized and reliable. They are also very trustworthy. They are loyal friends, and they keep their friendships for life.

These people are faithful by nature. They prefer family life to adventure. They are passionate but prefer being in a monogamous relationship.

As parents, they are strict but also give their children enough emotional care.

Juno in Taurus

Placed in Taurus, Juno makes the person prone to long term partnerships and focused on the stability home life provides.

These people are loyal and devoted to their partners, and they respect the institution of marriage in its traditional form.

They are protectors of their children and partners and make sure they create a home idyl every member of their family including themselves will enjoy.

Because they are faithful by nature, these people cannot tolerate cheating.

Even though they might choose to remain in a relationship with a cheating spouse for the sake of the children, they will never forgive them for the betrayal.

These people give themselves very much to their relationship and family.

They try their best to be a perfect mother or father, as well as a perfect spouse.

They require respect from both their partners and their children for the efforts they are making to make their lives better.

These people highly respect themselves and don’t allow anyone treat them in a diminishing and disrespectful way.

Their ideal partner is someone who is good looking, mentally and financially stable, creative, tidy, and well organized.

They don’t tolerate sloppiness and lack of focus. Also, they wouldn’t be able to accept dishonesty and lack of loyalty from their spouse or long term partner.

People with Juno in Taurus desire a stable family and lasting and satisfying relationship. They will do everything to make sure their part is covered.

This is a great position for a long term and marriage potential because they naturally incline towards these goals.

If their partner matches their goals this will ensure a lifetime of joy and relationship and family bliss for this person and for their loved ones.

Woman with Juno Placed in Taurus

Women with Juno in Taurus are devoted partners and wives.

These women pay attention to their looks and especially to their home environment.

They are usually good looking and creative, and both their personal style and home need to look impeccable for them to be satisfied.

They naturally incline towards marriage and meaningful relationships.

They don’t want to waste their time on contacts with no prospects for the future.

These women are committed partners and invest a lot of energy and effort to maintain their relationships.

Their ideal partner is someone who shares this goal.

They want someone who is stable and protective.

They want their partner or spouse to also invest their time and energy in building their future, creating a family, and taking care of them.

Women with Juno in Taurus love to pamper their children and spouses with good food and home comfort.

Their homes are cozy places you enjoy spending your time in.

They are ready to make compromises for their relationships to work out, but not when it comes to their boundaries.

These people cannot tolerate infidelity and people who are unstable and financially irresponsible.

These women are long term relationship material, and their partner should fit these standards.

Man with Juno Placed in Taurus

Men with Juno in Taurus have similar views on partnerships and long term relationships like women with this placement of Juno.

Their ideal women is responsible, reliable, and home oriented.

This woman is good looking and takes good care of herself. She is tidy, organized, well dressed, and an excellent cook.

They prefer traditional feminine women who enjoy in the role of a spouse and mother.

These men enjoy providing for their family and creating future together with their spouse.

These men usually have a faithful nature.

They aren’t in pursuit of pleasures, and when they find the “right one” they want to keep her for life.

They want to invest in a relationship and the future. Casual pleasures don’t interest them.

They respect the relationship and family they’ve created and enjoy watching it grow and expand.

Men with Juno in Taurus cannot stand women who are shallow and despise the “traditional role of wife”.

These men prefer traditional relationships and love a woman who will take care of them, cook for them, and be a great wife and mother of their children.

They will in turn do everything to provide for their spouse and children and make their life as comfortable as possible.

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Juno placed in Taurus makes the person loyal and devoted partner.

They naturally seek stability and longevity in their relationship.

These people are good providers, both for themselves and their needs, but also for their loved ones and their families.

They know how to handle money and don’t spend beyond their means.

For these people financial stability is very important and their long term partners and spouses should have the same outlook on finances.

They are ready to work hard and save as much as possible so that they can feel peaceful knowing that they have money set aside for any occasion.

They prefer quality to quantity, and they don’t hoard bunch of non-expensive things.

When they buy things they buy them to last.

However they don’t engage in spending their hard earned money until they have enough to be able to treat themselves on the side.

These people love nice looking and well arranged places.

They love beauty in all forms and have a talent for making themselves and their living space beautiful and representable.

Both men and women with this placement look for partners with these qualities because they cannot tolerate sloppiness, mess, messy people, disorganized people, etc.

They love home life, and their preferred fun is gathering their friends at their home where they cook for them, and they all enjoy in the coziness of their beautiful home.

These people know how to arrange both their homes and their dishes, so they appear as if from a restaurant.

Their nature is faithful, and they look for serious partnerships that will last a lifetime.

Both women and men with this placement look for a partner with whom they can build a family and future together.

Shallow physical contacts are not somethings most of them indulge in and they consider it a waste of time and energy.

They enjoy investing in things, their looks, their home, career, their relationship, and family.

People with Juno in Taurus are traditional types, and they have great respect for their family and ancestors.

Family life brings them great pleasure and they invest a lot in building a perfect family.

Because they have a faithful nature, if their partners cheats on them, they usually end up breaking the relationship or marriage.

In some cases, they stay with their spouse or partner for the sake of their children or some other higher good, but they never forgive and forget this person for betraying them.

These people are not shallow, they think well before they act, and their actions are motivated on achieving certain goals and ideals they have about life, and one of those ideals is a stable home and family life.

When they find a partner who fits in that image, they stop their pursuit.

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