Juno in Scorpio: Meaning and Traits

The asteroids, or as they are sometimes called minor planets, represent celestial bodies from the inner Solar system.

Asteroids are remains of rocks left from the early formation of our Solar system, which happened around 4.6 billion years ago.

Most of the currently known 1.1 billion asteroids orbit around the Sun between Mars and Jupiter in the so called “main asteroid belt”.

Because they are remnants of rocks, they vary in size. Some are just several meters in diameter, and others are over 500 km in size, like the asteroid Vesta.

Asteroids usually have uneven and irregular shape and have dents and craters on their surface. Some asteroids have a moon or several moons.

Most are composed of clay and silicate rocks, or nickel-iron. Their composition depends on their distance from the Sun during the time when they were formed.

During the period of human evolution, asteroids have hit the surface of the Earth multiple times, influencing the Earth’s geological history as well as the evolution of life.

The first ever discovered asteroid was Ceres, and it was discovered in the year 1801.

Some of the first asteroids ever discovered carry the names of important goddesses from antiquity, and Juno is one of those asteroids, first discovered in 1804.

Juno in myth

Juno carries the name of an important Roman goddess, who was also a queen because she was married to the king god, a supreme Roman deity, the god Jupiter.

She was the goddess ruler of marriage and long term relationships.

She was represented as a respectable woman, a faithful and devoted wife despite the constant cheating of her husband. Jupiter was known for the many affairs he had.

Juno was the image of a perfect wife who was loyal to her husband even though he wasn’t worth the effort.

She was also considered one of the protectors of the Roman state and the city of Rome.

Juno in astrology

Juno is an important asteroid in astrology and should be always considered during relationship analysis.

Juno rules emotional attachment, long term relationships, marriage, and serious commitment in general.

Juno is considered to have some of the nature of Venus and Mars, and Libra and Scorpio.

She rules commitment, possible commitment issues, making compromises in a relationship, challenging partnerships, loyalty, and cheating.

Its placement in the natal chart can show us the potential areas of life where we should be more balanced and where we might experience some issues.

Juno also shows the areas where we require respect, and we tend to feel easily offended and sensitive.

By analyzing Juno we can discover the person’s preferences regarding long term partnerships, marriage, and their ideal partner’s traits.

While Venus and Mars depict our ideal partners from a physical viewpoint, Juno describes their ideal traits from a commitment and long term potential viewpoint.

The sign where Juno is placed in the natal chart can describe our ideal partner and its traits, but also the traits we couldn’t accept or tolerate in a long term partnership.

Juno’s influence is more prominent in charts where it makes significant aspects (conjunctions) to the person’s personal planets, like the Sun or the Moon, or their Ascendant.

This person is more influenced by this asteroid than someone who doesn’t have any aspects to their Juno in their natal chart.

When Juno is prominent in synastry analysis between the charts of two people, this can be a strong indicator of a significant relationship between them.

This is especially true when Juno in both charts are making an aspect (especially conjunction), or when Juno from one chart makes a conjunction to the personal planets or angles of the other person’s chart.

Strong Juno synastry is often evident in charts of married couples or couples in long term relationships.

Challenging Juno aspects in synastry can point out to conflicts and disagreements between two people as well as the obstacles to a long term union between them.

Juno in the chart can reveal the person’s feelings of inadequacy, where they feel vulnerable, or insecure.

Scorpio sign

Scorpio is one of the strongest and most confident signs in the Zodiac. People influenced by this sign are very passionate and energetic.

Their personality is strong, and others admire their strength and determination. People are also often intimidated by their power.

These people are unstoppable when it comes to achieving their goals.

They don’t accept defeat and they fight until the end or until they get what they want.

They enter battles even when the odds are completely against them, and somehow turn them into victories.

Scorpios are magnetically attractive to most people, and they possess both physical and mental magnetism. Not many people are able to resist their charm.

They are very intuitive and many of them have psychic powers they are aware of since young age.

They are naturally good at judging people and their characters.

These people have a high opinion of themselves and don’t let others disrespect them in any way.

They are horrible as enemies, and it is better not to mess with them or their loved ones.

Scorpios can be very secretive and don’t show their cards upfront. You won’t know what is happening when a Scorpio decides to attack, and you will certainly be caught surprised.

When someone hurts them, they usually erase this person from their lives as if they’ve never existed.

The vengeful types (and there are quite few of them among this sign) won’t stop until the person who has done them wrong is destroyed.

These people are usually not malicious, although some are. They don’t attack first and only take actions to defend themselves. Don’t provoke them because you don’t know what you’ll get.

They never give up and success of their actions motivates them. They are not discouraged by obstacles and challenges either. They are also not scared of hard work.

Most Scorpios are very passionate and have strong urges for intimacy.

They don’t have a problem expressing their desires for intimacy, and some people might find that overwhelming. Some Scorpios might be extremely passionate and even perverted.

They could act in a domineering and controlling manner towards others, but don’t allow anyone to interfere in their affairs.

These people are protective of the ones they love. Their friendships last a lifetime, and they are ready to sacrifice for their loved ones.

Juno in Scorpio

Juno in Scorpio makes the person look for passion in their long term partnerships or marriage.

They are attracted to partners who are very passionate and can fulfil this prerequisite.

They look for a strong emotional bond with their partner, and often experience fated romances with partners with Scorpio nature.

These people look for serious commitment but their need for passion might cause them to be unfaithful, especially if their partners are not as passionate as them.

In some cases, they might be the ones who are being cheated on by their partners who are extremely passionate types.

These people need to learn how to control their strong urges, especially their need for domination in a relationship, as well as their jealousy and tendency to criticize their partners.

They look for a partner who has a strong personality, is determined and very passionate about everything in life.

If they find someone who fits their image of a great partner, they don’t have the need to be unfaithful. They are generally loyal and devoted partners.

Their strong urges might pose a problem in their long term relationships which is why they need to balance them with the needs and character of their partner.

In general, these people need to be more tolerant in their long term relationships, and also learn how to make compromises.

Their partners need to respect them, and they are very sensitive about being disrespected in any way.

Disrespectful behavior from their partner can make them angry and this might be the cause of breakups if such behavior is not a one time thing.

In some cases, this placement of Juno might indicate secret relationships or relationships where social norms are broken, such as commitment with partners who are already in a marriage or a long term relationship.

Sometimes this placement can be a sign of issues with obsession in the person’s long term relationships or marriage.

The person might get in obsessive relationships where their partners become obsessed with them, or they are obsessed with their partners.

This might be a placement responsible for some unhealthy relationship patterns which the person cannot willfully avoid.

Woman with Juno Placed in Scorpio

Women with Juno in Scorpio look for partners who are very attractive and passionate. This is one of the major traits of the ideal partnership.

They want someone who has a strong personality, is determined and confident. People who are weak and indecisive are a turn off for these women.

They are also strong and passionate and look for a partner who can be an adequate match to their strength.

Women with Juno in Scorpio are usually jealous and possessive of their partners. They are the types of women who won’t leave their partner out of their sight so they wouldn’t cheat on them.

They look for dominant partners but they are also very dominant themselves which can lead to conflicts and fights for domination in the relationship.

Their long term partnerships and marriage are not very balanced because of the powerful energy that is in the foundation of the relationship.

Their relationships are intense, and this is how they want them to be. Of course, intensity implies powerful energy, and powerful energy is opposite to peace.

They experience a lot of drama in their relationships mainly because of their personalities, but also because of their partner’s personality.

They are very intuitive and can sense when something is wrong with their partner.

Their partners cannot keep anything hidden from this person because it appears as if they have a sixth sense helping them discover all their secrets.

If their partner is cheating on them, they will discover that very soon. They are masters at decoding the tiniest hints of dishonesty and secrets coming from their partners.

These women might cheat on their partners when their physical needs aren’t satisfied in the relationship or marriage.

They don’t consider that a great sin, because intimacy is such an important part of their relationships.

However, if their partners or spouses cheat on them, that is a different story. Cheating is something these women usually cannot get over. This is the ultimate disrespect for their personality and them as women.

It is a hit on their ego because they consider themselves to be very good in the area of intimate pleasures and for their partner to cheat on them is considered an insult to their power of attraction, and it is just too much for them to accept.

Man with Juno Placed in Scorpio

Men with Juno in Scorpio look for very attractive partners. Their partners should be very sexy. Their self esteem is boosted because they’ve managed to be with such an attractive partner.

These men are passionate and just like women with this placement they seek passion and attraction in their romantic relationships and marriage.

Many of them are quite jealous at their partners and sometimes this leads them to obsessive behavior.

Their relationships are never shallow. Just like women with this placement, these men seek strong emotions and deep connection with their partner.

They long for a love that is beyond this world, and this often leads them to the wrong partners who end up hurting them.

This is not an easy placement of Juno both for women and men, because the sign of Scorpio is so intense and dramatic.

They cannot settle for calm and peaceful emotions, everything needs to be fiery and this often leads to chaos.

Like women with this placement, men can be promiscuous if their physical needs aren’t met in their relationship or marriage.

If their partners aren’t very passionate they will find someone outside the relationship to extinguish their fire.

While they reserve their right to cheat on their partners or spouses if their needs aren’t met, they would never forgive their partner for cheating on them.

Being cheated hurts their ego tremendously and it is an insult they could never forget.

These men are very possessive and often treat their partners and spouses as their possession.

Even the thought that someone has messed up with something or someone that belongs to them makes them boil with rage.

Their character is not easy. They are usually full of themselves, very confident and prone to boasting about their conquests.

These men are not good at making compromises which is what relationships require.

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Juno placed in Scorpio is not an easy placement for this asteroid.

The ruler of committed partnerships and marriages can’t handle easy being in a sign that rules passion, drama, and extreme emotions.

These are not compatible with the idea of commitment that requires compromise and tolerance.

Juno in Scorpio makes the person look for passion in their long term partnerships and their marriage.

They look for someone who is passionate and very attractive, someone with Scorpio vibes.

They have an intense nature and are very confident. They are also jealous, and their jealousy can be a burden to their partners.

This placement of Juno can also indicate relationship and marriage with partners who are very jealous and dramatic.

This placement of Juno can indicate cheating and being cheated on due to intensity of emotions and strong urges.

People with Juno in Scorpio can be prone to cheating on their partners if their needs aren’t satisfied.

While they might cheat on their partners, this is something they couldn’t tolerate experiencing.

Cheating is a deal breaker because it hurts their ego and their self-esteem.

These people are very proud, and they cannot tolerate any kind of disrespect.

Their ego is easily hurt, and their partners sometimes feel like walking on egg shells when they are speaking to them.

Their nature is dominating and controlling, and they like to have the last say in their relationships.

Sometimes these are the traits of their partners and spouses.

Some of them look for deep emotional bond with their partners and often end up in situations where there is hurt emotions and drama involved.

They often experience breakups due to drama and heavy emotions.

They instinctively know what their partners are thinking and doing because they are highly intuitive.

This is how they discover with ease if they are doing something behind their back.

They can be prone to obsessive emotions and experiences, both from their side or from their partners.

This placement of Juno often brings some unhealthy relationship patterns which cause hurt emotions and pain both to the person and their emotional partners.

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