Juno in Pisces: Meaning and Traits

Asteroids are objects in the inner Solar system, sometimes named minor planets.

They represent rocky debris from the early years of formation of the Solar system, which happened possibly around 4.6 billion years ago.

Over 1.1 million asteroids are discovered so far, and most of them orbit the Sun in the main asteroid belt located between Jupiter and Mars.

Asteroids differ in size, ranging from tiny ones to giants. The asteroid Vesta is one such giant, around 530 km in diameter.

Their shape is usually irregular, and they have craters and dents scattered over their surface. Some asteroids even have accompanying moons.

Asteroids are mainly composed of clay and silicate rocks, and metallic types from nickel-iron.

Asteroids can be a real threat to the Earth’s surface and have done serious damage many times in the past. Asteroid hits have influenced the evolution of life.

Juno in myth

Asteroids, especially those that were first discovered, carry names of deities from mythology. Asteroid Juno is one such asteroid.

Juno was a goddess in Roman mythology. She wasn’t an ordinary goddess, but a wife of a king, also a god. Her husband was the supreme god of the Romans, Jupiter.

Although she was very devoted to her husband, he constantly cheated on her. Despite that, she remained a loyal wife.

The goddess Juno rules long term committed partnerships, marriage, and s*xuality. She was considered the protector of the city of Rome.

Juno in astrology

The asteroid Juno is a very important one, because it rules marriage and long term commitments.

In astrology, the nature of Juno is often compared to the nature of the Zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio, and the planets Venus and Mars which rule these two signs.

Juno is also the ruler of commitment issues, loyalty, cheating, making compromises, challenging relationships etc.

In the natal chart, Juno can point out to areas which need to be balanced, or where the person could experience some issues.

It also shows where lies potential for growth in our relationships and how we can make the most of them.

Juno shows the areas where we demand respect, and we are especially sensitive about.

The asteroid Juno is especially significant when it makes a lot of aspects with the personal planets in the chart, like Sun or Moon and Venus, or the angles of the chart.

The sign where Juno is placed is especially important because it gives us the traits of the person’s ideal long term mate as well as description of their ideal long term relationship.

Another important role of Juno is in relationship analysis. When determining the potential of a long term relationship between two people, we should always consult Juno.

When Juno makes significant aspects, especially conjunctions with the planets in the natal chart of another person, this is a strong sign of relationship compatibility between the two people and potential for a long term committed relationship between them.

Also, aspects between the Juno asteroids in the two natal charts are significant. Sometimes these aspects can point out to a soulmate connection between two people.

Challenging aspects between Juno and the planets in another natal chart are not a good sign for relationship longevity. This can indicate disagreements and conflicts between two individuals.

When we analyze the image of a person’s ideal partner, we consult the sign where Mars is placed in women’s charts, and the sign where Venus is placed in men’s charts.

Juno sign and its traits should also be added to this analysis.

While Mars and Venus give us the physical and emotional traits of the ideal mate, Juno describes the traits necessary to build and maintain the relationship between two people.

It shows the deal breakers and the traits that will help the relationship to last.

Juno sign can also describe our insecurities in a relationship or feelings of inadequacy, as well as the traits we would not be able to accept in a long term partnership.

Pisces sign

The sign of Pisces is a water sign. This sign rules our emotions and the emotional side of our personality, like other two water signs.

The ruler of Pisces is the planet Neptune, which gives the people who are influenced by the sign Pisces a dose of mystery and kind of elusiveness.

Generally these people have warm and kind hearts and are open to help. They are good people, although some might be great scammers.

Although they appear naïve and easily manipulated, most of them aren’t.

People are usually surprised when they discover how smart they are, and that in fact, they cannot be manipulated as easy as they appear.

These people might be great at manipulating others putting on a naïve mask. They are excellent liars, and it is not easy to catch them lying.

Pisces have a strong intuition and imagination and might be prone to daydreaming. They are creative and artistic which often draws them to choose some artistic profession.

They easily sense other people’s emotions and some even possess psychic skills.

Pisces have a nurturing nature and are home types predominately. They enjoy spending time with their family and children.

One of the negative traits of this sign is their tendency for escapism.

Many of them enjoy sticking their heads in the sand, avoiding facing reality. This causes many problems and leads them to addictive behavior.

To avoid facing reality these people often turn to addictions. They are known for excessive drinking, gambling, using illegal substances, overeating, etc.

They avoid conflicts and often avoid facing issues in their relationships. This trait often leads them to feelings of anxiety and resentment, and overall relationship problems.

Pisces might have a problem expressing their emotions and opinions which causes problems in their relationships.

They can also be prone to obsessive attachment to people causing them to act very clingy.

Juno in Pisces

When Juno is in Pisces, this makes the person prone to idealizing their relationships and marriage life.

Their expectations of an ideal relationship might cause many disappointments in their life.

These people seek for a partner who is very emotional and family oriented. They want someone who is warm and kind and can provide them emotional but also physical support.

They avoid partners who are dramatic and rude. They strive towards a peaceful and calm union with someone. They want someone they can talk and laugh with.

People with Juno in Pisces want a partner who can help them achieve their dreams.

Sometimes these people end up with partners with addiction issues. They can also experience relationships with addiction issues where both them and their partners struggle with addiction.

These people could also experience issues with infidelity by their long term partner or spouse or they can be the ones that cheat on their partner.

There might be an element of secrecy in their love life and sometimes it is possible that the person will experience parallel relationships during their marriage, or their spouse might have a parallel relationship during their marriage.

There is a possibility of some similar scenarios involving secrecy and betrayal related to the person’s love life and committed relationships.

Woman with Juno Placed in Pisces

Women with Juno in Pisces can be very seductive, or they can be easily seduced. They are very interesting and fun company and have many opportunities for commitment.

These women are very romantic and have an idealized image of their love life and marriage. It is not an exaggeration to say they want a “prince on a white horse” to come and rescue them.

This attitude is often the cause of many disappointments and broken hearts. It makes these women an easy prey to men who realize it is easy to take an advantage of them.

They might experience situations where they enter a relationship with a man who is already committed to another woman.

These women are very emotional and need a lot of attention. This might be a burden to most men who can consider them clingy and demanding.

They are usually not aware that their behavior and nature is the main reason for their relationship disappointments.

If Juno is making beneficial aspects with other planets in the chart, this could indicate happiness in marriage life. These women are loyal and devoted wives and a true treasure for traditional men.

Because they are kind and compassionate souls, they could easily fall for men who are somehow problematic, either experiencing problems with the law, having problems with addictions, or something similar.

Their selfless love for such men can often ruin their life as well.

In their distorted and idealized image of love and sacrifice, such relationships might represent the ideal of love where they are called to fight and sacrifice for their man, regardless of the consequences for their life.

In some cases, it is the woman with Juno in Pisces that acts in such a manner and ruins the lives of men who are in love with them.

These women can be irresistible because of the mysterious aura they exude.

They can drive men crazy with their women qualities and this ensures them many suitors. They can be prone to changing partners and having many casual relationships.

When they settle down and marry, they completely change, and their man and children are the focus of their attention.

Man with Juno Placed in Pisces

When Juno is placed in Pisces in a man’s chart, it usually makes this man very emotional and romantic.

This man looks for a woman who is very feminine and seductive. They want someone who is beautiful and even naïve to be their long term girlfriend and wife.

These men want a traditional relationship and are usually home types. They want their woman to play her role and they will play their traditional role. They often marry young and also have children at a young age.

It is important for them to be a good spouse to their wife, good father to their children, and a protector of the family.

Some men with this placement might act differently. They might be prone to cheating and manipulating women and representing a different image from the one they actually have.

They might also experience similar situations in their love life like women with Juno in Pisces. These men might be susceptible to be prey to women who are not the right choice for them.

They might end up in a relationship or marrying a woman who is dishonest, prone to cheating, dishonesty, illegal actions, addictions, etc.

If Juno is afflicted in their natal chart, these are some of the scenarios they could experience in their love life.

These men might really end up ruining their life for a woman, either because she is very beautiful or very manipulative and sneaky, or both.

It is advisable for these men to pay a lot of attention and give a lot of thought before deciding to commit to someone or marry them.

If Juno is well placed in their chart, these men can experience the romantic love relationship they dream about and live the life they want with the woman of their dreams.

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Juno in Pisces is not an easy placement for this asteroid.

This position makes the person romantic and idealistic when it comes to their love life, marriage, and their expectations in these areas of life.

These people are in love with love and they have an ideal image of their love relationships and marriage.

They want someone who is committed and loyal because they have a traditional outlook on marriage.

Both men and women are looking to settle down as soon as possible and form their family.

These desires are sometimes not possible due to the circumstances in their life.

Especially if Juno is afflicted in their natal chart, and other parameters point to this as well, these people might experience a line of setbacks in their love life.

They are willing to sacrifice for love and this might cost them a lot, especially if the person they want to sacrifice for isn’t worth the sacrifice.

Even though they crave for true love and romance, these people unfortunately often end up with the wrong partners, whose only aim is to use and abuse them.

For women it is not uncommon to end up with partners with parallel relationships, who cheat on them and treat them with disrespect, or who are substance abusers, criminals, or have some other problematic habits and traits which make the relationship or marriage impossible.

Their desire for love and romance makes them an easy victims for predators who want to take advantage of them.

Men can also experience disappointments in their love life because of their wrong choices of partners.

These men are often blinded by a woman’s beauty or her seductive qualities and they end up marrying her or committing to her without realizing that she doesn’t have his best interests in mind.

They might end up being cheated by such a woman, used for money and other benefits, or experiencing some other circumstances they wouldn’t choose naturally hadn’t they been influenced by that woman.

Sometimes the person with Juno in Pisces is that man or woman, who is using and mistreating their partner and spouse, cheating on them, putting them in unpleasant and inappropriate circumstances and situations, and generally making their life miserable.

To make a conclusion about Juno’s influence, the entire chart should be analyzed and not just Juno and its aspects.

If the aspects are favorable, Juno in Pisces person might experience a true romantic idyl they desire.

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