Juno in Libra: Meaning and Traits

Asteroids are celestial objects, sometimes called minor planets, that are spread across the inner Solar system.

These objects are left over from rock remnants created during the formation of the Solar system in its early stages, which happened around 4.6 billion years ago.

There are over 1.1 million discovered asteroids so far. Most of these objects orbit the Sun between Jupiter and Mars in the main asteroid belt.

They can be tiny, but also enormous, like Vesta, asteroid which is 530 km long.

Asteroids are usually irregular in shape. They have dents and craters on their surface, and some have accompanying moons.

The composition of asteroids is usually clay and silicate rocks, and this type of asteroids are the oldest in the solar system.

Other are stony types composed of nickel- iron and silicate materials. The metallic types contain nickel-iron.

The composition of asteroids depends on their distance from the Sun during the time of their formation.

Even though it is not a likely event nowadays, asteroids have hit the surface of the earth in the distant past and influenced the evolution of life on earth.

The first ever discovery of an asteroid happened in 1801, and the asteroid Juno was discovered in 1804.

Juno in myth

Mythical Juno was a goddess, and not just any goddess; she was a queen goddess who was married to a king god, supreme deity in the Roman pantheon of gods, Jupiter.

She is depicted as the ideal wife and devoted spouse who cared for and loved her husband despite his endless line of affairs.

Jupiter constantly cheated on Juno, and she remained devoted to him despite all that.

This goddess was the ruler of marriage, long term relationships, but also sexuality.

She was also one of the goddesses protector of the city of Rome.

Juno in astrology

In astrology, Juno is considered a very important asteroid, especially because it rules marriage and long term partnerships.

Juno rules not just commitment, but only serious long term commitments.

The nature of this asteroid is compared to the nature of Libra and Scorpio, as well as Venus and Mars.

Besides commitment, Juno rules commitment issues, compromises, loyalty, cheating, challenging relationships, etc.

By analyzing Juno in the natal chart, we can determine the possible areas where the person needs to balance things, or areas where they could experience issues.

Juno also shows the situations and areas where we require respect, or we feel especially sensitive.

Analyzing Juno can show how we can improve our relationships and make the most of them. Juno shows where the potential is for growth.

Juno is especially important in charts where it makes a lot of aspects, especially conjunctions with personal planets, such as the Sun or Moon, or the angles of the chart.

The sign and the house where Juno is placed can describe our ideal partner and our ideal relationship.

It can also show our chances of experiencing our ideal relationship.

Juno is also important in synastry charts comparisons.

When Juno from one chart is making aspects with planets, angles, and Juno in another person’s chart, especially if those aspects are conjunctions, this indicates a possibility for a significant relationship with long term potential between those two individuals.

Juno aspect Juno is significant, and also Juno aspect another person’s Sun or Moon, Venus, or their ascendant.

These aspects are very common between married couples’ charts. Sometimes Juno aspects indicate a soulmate connection.

When Juno is making challenging aspects with another person’s chart this can be a sign of possible conflicts and disagreements between the two people.

While Mars and the Sun describe the ideal man for a woman, and Venus and Moon describe the man’s ideal woman, Juno is the asteroid we should also check out when we are analyzing the person’s preferences and ideas about relationships and ideal partners.

Juno sign can help us recognize long term relationship potential, and the personal planets describe physical and emotional traits of the person’s ideal partner.

Juno can also show our insecurities and feelings of inadequacy in our relationships. It also shows the traits we could never accept in a long term partnership.

Libra sign

Libra is one of the three air signs. It is ruled by Venus, planet of harmony, beauty, and balance.

Libra people have a strong sense of aesthetic, and they almost have a need to be surrounded by beauty in all form. They detest imperfections in any shape or form.

Their quest for perfect beauty is the cause of many problems and prevents them from being truly satisfied in life. They seek perfection within themselves and in others, which cannot exist.

Libras are oftentimes their worst enemies. They are always in pursuit of perfecting their looks, surroundings, the people around them, but this only exhausts them because they always see more imperfections to be anxious about.

Another one of their major issues is their tendency to always think the grass is greener on the other side. They are incredibly indecisive, and this drives people around them crazy.

Whenever they manage to make a choice or a decision, immediately it is followed by the question “What if” and “did I make a mistake”? The doubt that they’ve made the wrong choice creeps up immediately and it is hard for them to get rid of it.

These people never seem to be at peace and satisfied. No matter how much blessings they have in life, and God has been generous to this sign, especially regarding their looks and talents, these people cannot get rid of their sense of insecurity and somehow not being good enough.

This is the sign that often copes with depression, anxieties, and general unhappiness. Their attitude and indecisiveness is the cause of postponing things, making wrong choices, changing their mind, which all causes a lot of drama and wastes their time.

For the observers of their life, these people might seem ungrateful, and no one can understand how they can be anxious or depressed.

They are not to blame because they are usually not aware of their behavior.

Sometimes vanity is one of the causes of their misfortune.

They are aware of their beauty and can take it for granted, which causes them to miss the right opportunities and people in life, waste their time and years in changing their mind, and this all comes to pay in their later years, when their beauty fades and has no value anymore.

Libras desire balance in life. Discord disturbs them. They are very diplomatic and very kind people, and they never want to hurt anyone.

Their diplomatic nature makes them great mediators between quarrelling parties. They love peace and are ready to do anything to find a peaceful solution in every situation.

They are polite and well mannered. They are usually sensitive to people’s suffering and are very righteous. They are offering their help even without being asked to.

Libra people love the truth, and they fight for the truth and people’s rights. Equality and righteousness is what they advocate for.

These people feel mentally bad when their life is out of balance, and they need a lot of time to become mentally stable again.

Injustice is one of the things hurts these people the most. They are easily hurt, especially because they try to be kind and gentle towards everyone, and when others treat them with disrespect and rudely, that can hurt them greatly.

Libra people are masters at avoiding conflicts. They are even prepared to sacrifice a bit to avoid a conflict or getting into an argument with someone. These people cannot stand someone disliking them, and want to be on good terms with everyone.

This desire causes many Libras to avoid speaking their minds, just to avoid disagreements and situations where they will need to fight with someone.

Even though they dislike conflicts, Libras are good at debating and know how to explain their arguments well. Not many people are as good with words as they are.

This trait and the need for justice is what often makes them choose law and diplomacy as their profession.

Another field where Libras feel at home is art and all creative professions.

We mentioned already that they love beauty, and this often makes them choose a profession of stylist, designer, painter, musician, etc. Libras often have a talent for writing.

They are sociable and most of them cannot be alone. They choose to be coupled with an unsuitable partner rather than being single until they find the right one.

These people are used to getting attention and their good looks ensures a lot of possibilities to partner. They can be considered shallow because of their overly consumed with their looks.

Juno in Libra

Placed in Libra Juno makes the person look for a long term partner with Libra traits. These people look for partners who are good looking and attractive.

Most of them they end up in relationships or marriage with partners who are very attractive because Juno in Libra symbolizes that.

These people have in their nature to be in a stable, long term relationship. Sometimes this urge is so strong that they end up with the wrong partner just because they couldn’t wait for the right one.

In general, people with this placement of Juno are loyal and devoted partners and expect this behavior from their partners as well.

Their partners might not be as faithful. They are usually good looking with plenty opportunities to break the wows of loyalty and devotion which leaves the Juno person devastated.

People with Juno in Libra are excellent at making compromises and are able to tolerate a lot in their romantic relationships and committed partnerships.

Some might even be prepared to get over their partner’s cheating, although this undermines their confidence greatly, and usually they end up breaking the relationship or marriage.

The most likely area of their life where they could experience issues is the area of committed partnerships.

If Juno is well aspected it is likely that they will be able to overcome possible obstacles and imbalances.

Their quest for a good looking partner might lead them astray and make them choose based on superficial criteria.

Because of this desire for beauty these people might end up with partners that will abuse them and treat them with disrespect, which is something they cannot stand, and yet many of them spend years in such relationships until they finally gain the strength to move on.

While wasting their life on people who don’t deserve them, these people miss many great opportunities for rewarded partnerships and family with people who have excellent personalities but not as good looking.

People with Juno in Libra are truth lovers, and one of the major red flags for them is when they catch their partner lying. This is a trait that is not acceptable for the Juno in Libra person.

Even though they might give such a relationship a chance, the doubt never seizes, and eventually the relationship ends.

Because they look and usually end up with above average good looking partners, these people might feel insecure at times if their looks doesn’t match their partner’s.

This is often the cause of jealousy and suspicion about their partner’s activities when they are not around them.

Woman with Juno Placed in Libra

Women with Juno in Libra are loyal and devoted to their partners in most cases. They are attracted to good looking men and usually end up with someone who is above average good looking.

They look for balanced and stabile partnerships. These women have a problem with being single and often make their relationship choices based on superficial qualities instead of ones that will ensure the longevity of their partnership.

The problem with their choices is often the fact that the partners they choose already have many options and this can lead to them cheating.

Because they have a tolerant and kind nature, these women might waste many years of their lives being with partners who treat them poorly, cheat on them, and disrespect them, all because of their tolerant nature and inability to speak their mind about what is bothering them.

When they finally decide to walk away from such a man, they are usually bitter, resentful, and emotionally depleted.

When Juno in their chart makes good aspects (especially conjunctions) with their partners Sun, Moon, Venus, or Ascendant, there is a good chance of a satisfying, long lasting and balanced relationship.

Man with Juno Placed in Libra

Men with Juno in Libra has similar traits to women with this placement.

These men might have a bit of a superficial approach towards looking for a long term partner or spouse.

They want their partner to be very beautiful and good looking.

For such a woman they are prepared to tolerate a lot and turn a blind eye to many things they don’t like.

Good looking women are usually aware of that fact, and their behavior is sometimes vain and ungrateful.

Many men with this placement spend good amount of their lives tolerating such disrespectful behavior from their beautiful women until they finally have enough and decide to leave.

Their ideal scenario for a long term partnership is a balanced and stable relationship, where they communicate with their partners and equally participate in the creation and maintaining their union.

They are usually loyal and devoted to their partner, and if they meet their needs, these men don’t look any further.

However, they often end up being cheated by their partners and spouses because of their tolerant approach.

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Juno in Libra people look for romantic partners and spouses that are good looking, charming, elegant, and well mannered.

Because of their a bit superficial approach in making such an important choice like a life partner, they often end up with someone who is good looking, but cheats on them or mistreats them in another way.

Unfortunately they often loose many years in bad relationships, until they finally realize that they should look for internal rather than external beauty in their partners.

They often experience relationship satisfaction and happiness later in life after they’ve had these experiences and realizations.

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