Juno in Leo: Meaning and Traits

Asteroids are considered minor planets of the inner Solar system and Juno is one of them.

It was discovered in 1804 and is one of the first one discovered.

Asteroids can range from 1 meter to 1000 meters in diameter.

Juno in myth

Like many other asteroids, Juno got its name from mythology.

This asteroid was named after the Roman goddess of marriage and marriage relationships, childbirth, but also sexuality.

Juno was the queen goddess, wife of the supreme god Jupiter.

She was the image of the perfect wife, devoted to her husband, even though he wasn’t the ideal man himself. He had multiple affairs and Juno put up with them.

Juno was the protector of the city of Rome, but also the Roman state.

Juno in astrology

Juno has a prominent role in astrology. This asteroid carries the symbolism of the goddess whose name it bears.

This asteroid rules subjects of commitment, long-term relationships, marriage, compromises, challenging partnerships, betrayal, and infidelity, and similar.

Juno has Venus/Pluto – Libra/Scorpio nature.

In the horoscope it shows the area or areas of life we need to balance.

This placement gives us clues how to get the best results in our relationships with others, especially our romantic relationships.

Juno shows us where in our life lies the potential to expand and grow.

This asteroid also shows us the areas of life where we are sensitive and require respect.

Those with Juno prominently placed in their natal charts will for sure sense its energy.

These are people with Juno heavily aspected or placed on an angle house.

These people are very active and often tend to do more than one thing at once.

The best role of Juno is the role in long term partnerships. This asteroid can describe our perfect long term romantic partner in detail.

It also describes our ideal relationship and its qualities. By analyzing this asteroid in a person’s chart we can make a lot of conclusions about their marriage potential.

Two people whose charts are strongly connected through Juno aspects often make a good long term material.

This can be an indication their union will be a lasting one.

Often conjunctions or oppositions between personal planets in one chart and Juno in another chart, show that the relationship between the two is a significant one and can lead to marriage if that is applicable.

Juno aspects can help a relationship become stronger and better, but they can also add discord.

Often people who are soulmates have strong aspects between their Juno and natal planets.

Usually those most important connections are Juno-Juno aspects, Sun – Juno, Moon – Juno, Venus – Juno, Mars – Juno, Ascendant – Juno.

Our ideal partner is usually described by our Mars and Venus sign. Juno adds additional qualities to these traits.

While Venus and Mars describe our physical and romantic needs in a partner, Juno describes the traits we look for in a long term partnership that will provide stability and longevity.

Juno is not about attraction; it gives us qualities of the person we would like to live our lives with.

Just like the mythological Juno, a devoted wife tormented by her husband’s infidelities,

Juno in the natal chart shows where we feel most insecure in our relationships. It points out the areas where we feel jealousy, inadequacy, insecure, etc. in regard to our partners.

Juno also shows the things we wouldn’t be able to tolerate in a long term relationship; this especially refers to circumstances and personal traits of our partner.

If we analyze Juno in our natal chart we can get a lot of useful information which will be helpful in deciding about the partner who will best fit our long term relationship needs.

When choosing the right partner, it is important not to get swept away by their physical qualities and our attraction towards them.

This is where Juno is most helpful in helping us discern the right ones from the wrong.

Leo sign

Leo is a sign of leadership and dominance and people born with strong influence of this sign are usually very dominant and have prominent leader qualities.

This sign also makes people overly dramatic and prone to exaggerating.

They have a high opinion of themselves and often consider themselves somehow better than others.

Besides that, Leo has many admirable qualities. They are strong willed and usually brave people. They love life and how to enjoy it. They are also very passionate.

Leo is the sign of luxury and showing off. They don’t by things so that no one can see them. They like to demonstrate their wealth.

These people love the spotlight and make great efforts to earn enough money to be able to live a life of luxury.

This is closely tied to their sense of self-worth and some of them might even get into debt to by the luxury items they crave for.

Leo people are generous, ready to help, and usually loyal. They take good care of the people they love and love to shower their loved ones with gifts.

The risk is always spending more than they earn because they always have to be grandiose about everything.

These people can also be egotistical and competitive. They need to be the first and best at all costs.

Sometimes they even compete with their loved ones.

This sign is usually stable and has great physical and emotional stamina.

They are creative and artistic, and because of their dramatic nature might be drawn to a profession in acting.

Juno in Leo

When Juno the asteroid is placed in the sign of Leo, this placement describes the person’s ideal partner as someone who possesses Leo traits.

The person with Juno in Leo loves their partners to be a bit dramatic and grab attention of others.

They love their partners to be attractive and they don’t mind if they tend to show off with their looks or their wealth.

People with Juno in Leo are usually the loyal types and prefer traditional relationships.

When they find the one they like they don’t have the need to look any further.

These people are devoted to their family and are usually faithful. This also counts for their partners.

They choose their partners wisely and skip the ones with the red flags.

Their unions are usually long-lasting and filled with love and respect.

Of course, this placement of Juno is not a guarantee that the person won’t get cheated on by their partner, or that they won’t ever cheat on their partner, but it is usually the case.

People with this placement of Juno want to brag with their relationship and their family. They like to show them off like trophies.

This placement often brings the person a relationship with someone who is financially secured.

This position depicts the marriage partner as someone who might be a bit dramatic, but also very ambitious and successful.

These people desire a partner who is open about their feelings for them, and they want someone who will not shy away from telling them how much they love them and care for them.

This might be tricky sometimes if the need for attention is strong on both sides, and things might turn nasty if this attention lacks for some reason. This might cause angry and jealous scenes.

The partner of this person might be someone who enjoys being in the spotlight, or they might be someone who is very charismatic and famous and this in turn drags the attention to them.

If Juno is well-placed in the chart, this might indicate a partner who is very focused on providing for their loved ones, showering them with presents.

If Juno is afflicted in the natal chart this might bring a partner who is prone to overspending and jeopardizing their finances just to brag to others.

With this placement there is a strong possibility of public scandal and discovery of partner’s infidelity when Juno is badly placed in the chart.

This can also indicate a partner who is egotistical and stubborn, refusing to acknowledge that someone else is ever right.

Badly placed Juno in Leo can make the person struggle to speak their mind in the relationship and take part in mutual decisions, which can be a challenge for the relationship overall.

People with this placement of Juno want others to admire them and treat them with great respect.

Many of them have a very high opinion of themselves which is often founded, but sometimes can be without much ground.

Woman with Juno placed in Leo

The placement of Juno in the sign of Leo in the chart of a woman, usually indicates that she might be attracted to Leo types of men, or men with prominent placements in Leo in their natal chart.

These women like their men to be attractive, well-dressed but also wealthy. They want a man they can show off with.

These women won’t settle for an average man because they believe they deserve more than that.

They love the luxury money can buy, and they expect that in their lives, especially after they marry.

This desire in turn might cause them to make the wrong choice of men because they tend to look at the shallow side of partnership instead of the qualities which make the union lasting.

Fortunately, this placement already brings a lot of opportunities for a wealthy partner, which makes the choice of Mr. Right easier and less problematic.

This position can also give a partner with a joyful and happy nature.

They often end up with someone who has an open personality and is very confident.

Their partner can be someone who is prone to bragging and wanting to have their own way in every situation.

Their partner can be authoritative, egotistical, and demanding.

They prefer someone with strong masculine qualities and their man always fit this image.

These women love their partners to be generous to them, but also to other people.

They usually experience long term commitments with such men.

Sometimes these men can be spendthrifts without a talent to set their financial priorities, spending more than they earn just to present a false image of wealth.

This usually happens when Juno is badly placed and aspected in the natal chart of a woman.

Because Leo is also the sign of creativity, their partners are often men who are creative in some way, and sometimes they have a creative profession.

Their relationships are usually faithful and stable unless Juno is badly afflicted in the chart.

It also gives partnerships based on a lot of physical attraction, and their partner can also be very attractive and handsome.

Afflicted Juno can cause relationship drama, jealousy, and infidelity on both sides.

Man with Juno placed in Leo

When a man has his Juno placed in the sign of Leo, this placement often brings the person long term relationships or marriage with partners who are very attractive and possess dynamic personalities.

They love their partners to be in the center of attention, with the way they look, dress, and behave.

They are attracted to women who are dominant and not afraid to speak their mind.

They love flashy women, and they don’t mind if their woman is demanding.

They want their woman to have a great self-respect. They usually choose women who are very accomplished and occupy high positions in society.

Sometimes these men marry with a woman who is much more successful than they are and who is earning a lot more money than they do.

They usually don’t consider this a problem because they subconsciously want that kind of a partner.

They love women who have a great sense of humor and are very intelligent. A woman who is shy and closed off won’t get their attention.

They want someone who can speak their mind and go after their desires.

They also want someone who is nurturing and almost possessive of their relationship.

They want their woman to be only theirs, but they also don’t want to look any further.

These relationships are usually very lasting and faithful because Leo doesn’t have the need to full around when he finds what he wants risking to jeopardize their relationship or marriage.

These men often choose women who are attention seekers, and this often turns to be a problem if there aren’t some other neutralizing connections between their charts.

They openly express their love and affection and desire a partner who will behave in the same manner.

They are also open to public display of affection and a partner who is shy, and introvert won’t fit this image.

Afflicted Juno can cause relationship and marital conflicts and betrayal that sometimes end up in the public.

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Juno in Leo is a placement in both women’s and men’s charts which attracts partnerships with people who are good looking, charming, sometimes dramatic, desiring to be the center of attention, loyal and devoted to their partner.

These are in short the main traits of their long-term relationship partners or spouses.

These people love to have fun and joy in their relationship or marriage, and someone who is closed off and shy is not a good choice for them.

Both men and women with Juno in Leo love their partners to be ambitious and successful.

They also want their partner to be financially secured and to be able to provide for them.

This refers more to women with this placement but also men can have the same requirements.

Their relationships are usually stable and void of infidelity.

They are faithful if their partner satisfies their needs, and their partner usually acts in the same way.

Their unions are generally lasting and passionate, especially if Juno in Leo from one person’s chart is connected to Juno in the other person’s chart through beneficial aspects.

With this placement, the person might expect a union filled with joy and a partner who is caring and generous.

They usually receive gifts from their partner, and sometimes these gifts are luxurious.

Often the person with Juno in Leo ends up marrying someone who is rich or famous.

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