Juno in Capricorn: Meaning and Traits

Most people are familiar with the better-known natal chart elements, such as the Moon, ascendant, and Venus.

However, avid horoscope readers and astrology lovers are typically the only ones who know about comets and asteroids.

These aspects might always end on the margins of our birth charts, but they’re just as significant and influence our lives, attitudes, and behaviors.

Juno is among these usually marginalized elements, although it deserves much more attention.

Here’s everything you should know about it.

Historical Background

Juno is the 11th most giant asteroid in the asteroid belt and is among the two largest stony S-type asteroids.

German astronomer Karl Harding discovered it in 1804, making it the third asteroid known to humans.

However, astronomers first considered it a planet. A long time passed before they reclassified it as an asteroid in the 1850s and started gaining more insights into this sizable, unusually shaped celestial object.

Juno’s orbital period is 4.36578 years and is brighter than Titan and Neptune. Despite being large, it’s not visible in the sky unless one uses binoculars.

Moreover, this asteroid orbits closer to the Sun than Pallas or Ceres and has a more extreme eccentricity than Pluto. Siliceous steroids like Juno account for approximately 17 percent of all the known asteroids in our solar system.

Astronomers named this asteroid after the ancient Roman goddess called Juno.

However, astrologers use the old astronomical symbol to depict this asteroid, a wand topped by a star ⚵.

Juno in Mythology

Juno, the Roman Goddess, is the equivalent of the ancient Greek goddess Hera. She was a counselor and protector of the Roman state.

Although she was Saturn’s daughter, Jupiter’s wife, and Mars’s mother, she was also more than that. This ancient figure was influential and surprisingly complex.

Even her attire shows she was not an ordinary woman or dedicated to family matters. Juno often wore warrior equipment and a goatskin cloak.

The Roman Empire called her Regina, synonymous with the queen, and she was also a Capitoline Triad member.

As a result, many knew her as the goddess of wisdom. However, Juno was officially the goddess of love and marriage, and her name’s etymology is associated with renewal, youth, and the waxing moon.

But she was the carrier of multiple impressive titles and epithets, highlighting their diverse roles and obligations.

Juno protected her community and represented abundant energy, but she is also connected with new beginnings and starting anew.

To some extent, she may represent the passage of time, as she is linked to Janus, the god of passages, endings, duality, transitions, and time.

Many scholars refuse to associate Juno with fertility and femininity and prefer to emphasize her strength and youthful spirit, stripped of sexual connotations.

No wonder Juno is also associated with military functions, soldiers, war, and politics.

But the myth of Juno Sospita and Lucina implies she might have had significant roles in regality and fertility and that she might represent the rites of February.

To this day, the figure of Juno is debatable and controversial. Some scholars claim her femininity is secondary and that she was a powerful goddess, equally competent and influential as her male counterparts.

Thus, many claim she is the female equivalent of Genius, a general divine instance present in every individual. Sadly, modern sources and scholars typically talk about Juno only when discussing her relationship with Jupiter.

Even though she rarely gets the spotlight when discussing mythical figures and astrology elements, Juno touches on timeless themes and essential segments of our natal charts.

Juno in Astrology

Astrology focuses on Juno’s role as a wife and her relationship with Jupiter. – Jupiter was unfaithful to Juno, compromising her trust and patience. Their life was not easy at all.

As a result, she represents themes such as marriage, commitment, betrayal, power dynamics, fairness, compromises, and how much we give and take in relationships.

Moreover, Juno’s position in the natal chart implies what makes the natives feel insecure in romantic connections and how they deal with that.

This asteroid represents what makes people jealous, things they consider deal-breakers in relationships, and what makes them feel inadequate in romantic connections.

Moreover, it might highlight an inclination toward toxic partners and a lack of self-love and confidence.

Even though Mars and Venus significantly influence who we choose to date, these planets are tricky and don’t necessarily align with what we genuinely need.

Therefore, they can make us blind because of our feelings and forget what we deserve.

For instance, Venus represents how we understand romantic relationships and often includes fantasies and unreal expectations.

On the other hand, Mars stands for our erotic and visceral desires.

These two planets can make us choose a partner who is an ideal choice now due to our sexual compatibility. Yet, that doesn’t mean an individual is an excellent long-term companion.

People with whom we share intense, passionate connections aren’t always our soulmates. That’s where Juno enters the picture.

This asteroid determines our ideal match. It represents the person with whom we won’t get bored after the honeymoon phase ends, one on whom we can always rely.

Moreover, Juno is about a partner who will be there for us when everything goes downhill and can remind us of our qualities when we feel undeserving of love.

Because of that, that person is a good companion now, but they will also be in 70 years.

Even after we grow into slightly different versions of ourselves, the ideal partner will still align with our crucial goals and visions.

After all, that person understands all the complex nuances that make us who we are.

They wouldn’t alter our flaws or expect us to be someone else to be more lovable. Venus and Mars rarely lead us to look beneath the initial qualities of our partners and dive into what makes them suitable (or bad) for us.

But Juno is about the purest form of love, one that stays after the initial passion fades, we lose every battle, and grow old. Hence, it speaks about foresight, patience, and unyielding commitment.

If you understand your Juno placement, you can save yourself from heartbreaks or wasting the best years of your life on someone who never had the same objectives and dreams.

Juno in Capricorn

Between diving into how Juno in Capricorn affects the native, it’s essential first to consider the most common characteristics of Capricorns. Here’s what you should know about them.

Capricorn Characteristics

People born in the Zodiac sign of Capricorn are ambitious, hardworking, studious, and determined to succeed. They are patient and have an impressive work ethic.

However, they may come across as cold, detached, and callous. But that is far from true.

Capricorn natives may be careful in love and not the most accessible people to bond with, but they are loyal and respectful. They are not prone to unfaithfulness and prefer traditional connections and family life.

It takes time to woo a Capricorn, as they appreciate their time and always have a project on their mind.

As a result, they find it hard to reduce their professional obligations and dedicate themselves to romantic partners.

One must meet their expectations and need for a Capricorn to consider them a potential partner.

Hence, their suitors will likely spend significant time trying to get their attention and prove they’re worthy.

Some may say Capricorn natives are ruthless in love due to their determination to only enter a relationship with someone who fits their criteria. But these individuals dislike wasting their time or someone else’s.

They prefer to be honest and let their potential romantic interest know they are too different.

However, these individuals become faithful lovers after Capricorn natives decide to try their luck or someone captivates their interest.

Although, they are not the most thrilling or exciting partners. These individuals are more on the quiet side and not overly expressive.

One shouldn’t expect passionate fires or over-the-top gestures with a Capricorn partner. Capricorn natives don’t change much when in a relationship and prefer to stay reserved and focused on their careers.

They are affectionate but in their own way. But Capricorn natives can give their trust and heart to the right person unconditionally. All it takes is understanding them and respecting their time and emotional boundaries.

These characteristics affect how Juno in Capricorn affects a person’s natal chart.

Juno in Capricorn Natives

People born with Juno in Capricorn are strong-willed individuals who stand their ground relentlessly. They ooze with an intense aura and might come across as intimidating.

That is not without reason. These individuals have impressive ethics and moral codex that guides them through life.

They know what they want, especially in romantic connections, and will rarely settle for less than that. Moreover, Juno Capricorn natives demand respect and loathe when someone treats them as unimportant or uneducated.

These individuals make up their minds fast and have fixed attitudes, meaning they rarely change their decisions or act spontaneously. Because of that, their will rarely start liking someone after some time if they disliked them initially.

Even though these natives aren’t overly romantic and find love at first sight unbelievable, they will rarely be with someone who doesn’t meet their criteria right away.

However, they often rationalize their feelings and might be prone to choosing partners who could help them advance their careers or achieve professional goals.

Yet, these individuals will never admit that. They typically justify all their actions with a moral and rational reason.

These natives are impressively ambitious and have an authoritative presence. They want people to admire them and perceive them as successful and influential.

As a result, these individuals often seek partners who will serve them to some extent or behave obediently. They are dominant and want to be with someone who doesn’t mind that power dynamics.

Nonetheless, these individuals would never humiliate or force their partners into something that feels wrong. They give equal respect and treatment to others.

Moreover, these natives typically have an outstanding, elegant style. They look classy even if they aren’t well off, as they want their appearance to match their goals.

These individuals care about how their partners dress and carry themselves. They dream about someone with whom they can be a power couple and achieve extraordinary things.

Because of that, Juno Capricorn natives seek partners who understand their objectives, ambition, and lifestyle. They are stubborn and wouldn’t do well with people who try to change them or convince them to be more flexible.

After all, these natives are determined to succeed and wouldn’t let love or romantic feelings hold them back from reaching their dreams. They probably wouldn’t have a good time with overly optimistic people and hopeless romantics.

These individuals prefer partners who stand their ground, are realistic, and can handle demanding life challenges.

Even though they might favor submissive lovers in the bedroom, they want equality in home affairs and decision-making.

Therefore, these individuals are just and committed. Thus, they have a remarkable sense of duty and want to protect their families.

But these natives are also bossy and become nervous if they feel they’re not in control. Their partners may also mind that they’re overly focused on recognition and gaining societal status.

Moreover, Juno Capricorn natives dislike open relationships and want to make things official. If they let themselves enter the romantic territory with someone, they will likely expect marriage to happen soon.

However, these individuals perceive it more as a practical union that helps both partners enjoy the benefits they wouldn’t as singles and have a better position in society.

Therefore, Juno Capricorn natives are pragmatic lovers and may not resonate with gentle and sentimental souls.

Woman with Juno in Capricorn

Juno Capricorn women are ambitious, driven, and self-reliant. They have clear relationship criteria and wouldn’t settle for a partner who doesn’t meet their expectations.

However, these women are also traditional and see marriage as the ultimate stage of a committed connection.

Although they might not dream of white gowns because they’re romantic, they believe marriage is beneficial for both partners and serves as a guarantee of loyalty.

These women have implacable principles and choose their significant others wisely. One must share similar values, goals, and expectations to be deserving of their consideration.

Despite being strong-willed women, they want authoritative partners who will assume the roles of family leaders.

Moreover, their ideal lovers are conservative and can maintain control regardless of the circumstances.

Juno Capricorn women want to rely on their partners, feel safe, and enjoy their support.

Moreover, they seek stable significant others who won’t struggle financially or have difficulty supporting their families.

In return, these women give their utmost loyalty and respect. They stay with their partners when everything goes wrong and defend their marriages unconditionally.

Man with Juno in Capricorn

Men born with Juno in Capricorn are the epitomes of gentlemen. They are elegant, conservative, and traditional.

Moreover, these men have strong beliefs and seek partners who embody their values and expectations. They never settle for anything less than what they imagine as an ideal significant other.

These natives are not suitable for people who prefer to date for a long time or see marriage as unnecessary.

They start thinking of the future early in a relationship and like to know where they stand with their partners.

But these natives will never waste time on someone with different objectives and visions. They are highly selective and only give their hearts to those who match all their criteria.

However, Juno Capricorn men are also protective, loyal, and caring. They will never allow anyone to mistreat or disrespect their partners.

These natives demand the same from their loved ones and are unforgiving when someone wrongs them. But they might come across as players, cold-hearted, and rigid.

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Juno in Capricorn natives know what they want and go toward it bravely and relentlessly. They have a clear moral codex and vision of their ideal partners.

These individuals only stop once they find someone who matches their criteria and gives them respect and loyalty.

But they’re willing to provide the same and stand by their loved ones unconditionally and without holdbacks.

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