Juno in Cancer: Meaning and Traits

Astrology and horoscope reading are some of the favorite pass times for many people.

Nowadays, it is easy to find fun facts and predictions about your Zodiac sign through blogs, media, social networks, and even YouTube videos.

Many astrologers write daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly astrological reports by following and measuring the positions of the planets and the stars, along with the Sun and the Moon, and their impact on everyday life.

Often forgotten in this equation are other celestial bodies which have an immense role in predicting and explaining many situations and circumstances. Some of the more prominent ones are asteroids.

Asteroids are minor planets of our Solar system that provide a better understanding of an already detailed chart and discern energies entangled within human nature.

There have been thousands of asteroids discovered since the beginning of the 19th century, but astrologers focus on the four major ones to aid in their work, Ceres, Vesta, Chiron, and the third asteroid found – Juno.

Historical Background

As mentioned, Juno, also known as 3 Juno, was the third asteroid discovered by German astronomer Karl Ludwig Harding in 1804.

Initially considered a planet, Juno was reclassified as an asteroid in the 1850s due to its size and irregular shape.

Named after one of the highest Roman goddesses, also known as Regina or the Queen, Juno might not be grand in size but in history and impact, especially considering the time of discovery.

Juno is not one of the largest asteroids in our solar system, but it is one of the two largest stony asteroids, along with the 15 Eunomia.

Stony or S-type asteroids (siliceous) are the second most common type of known asteroids in the solar system.

Despite this, Juno takes up around 1 percent of the asteroid belt mass. Asteroid 4 Vesta is close to its brightness, but Juno is the brightest asteroid found, sometimes visible with binoculars.

What differentiates Juno from its neighbors is the unusual reflective surface it has, which is one of the reasons why its discovery was so early.

The other reason might be its composition. Juno is made of iron-bearing silicates and rock-forming minerals established in metamorphic rocks.

NASA does not have much-updated information about Juno since it did not have any crucial changes and evolution throughout the years.

It changed its orbit slightly in 1839 due to the gravitational perturbations caused by a passing asteroid.

Juno was the first asteroid to experience occultation or passing in front of another celestial body in 1958, the last being in 2013.

Juno in Mythology

As mentioned, the asteroid Juno is named after the Roman Queen Juno, who was married to the king of the gods, Jupiter.

Ancient etymologies suggest that her name comes from iuvare translating to someone who aids, benefits, and iuverescere or rejuvenates – a symbolic mention of her power.

Juno was the goddess of childbirth and marriage and the protector and special counselor of the state.

The Queen was the daughter of Saturn, and a mother of Vulcan, Mars, Juventas, and Bellona, while being both the sister and wife of Jupiter.

Her impact was enormous, as Juno held many significant epithets during her reign.

One of her greatest virtues was sensing and protecting the Roman people from potential danger, which resulted in their devotion and respect.

Besides taking care of the home, marriage, and children, Juno was the protector of her community, especially women and their hardships.

Her name might be the source of June, a popular month for marriages even today.

Juno is often considered the counterpart of Jupiter, the god of the sky and thunder.

But her power stood on its own, as an equal to the great god rather than below him.

Along with her husband and Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, June used to have a temple dedicated to her on the Capitoline Hill in ancient Rome.

Her sacred animal was the peacock, as this totem animal represents protective energies and healing.

Her shrine at the temple housed geese occasionally, as they were sacred to the goddess.

Even though the wife of the god Zeus, Hera, was her counterpart, Juno wore a goatskin cloak, in resemblance to the Greek goddess of war and wisdom, Athena.

Besides this, she wore an ornamental crown on her head.

NASA launched and named their mission to planet Jupiter after her in 2011, honoring her relationship with the said God.

Juno in Astrology

As one of the four major asteroids, the role of Juno in natal charts is significant in various ways.

Its placement can predict and explain many situations, problems, and advice you ought to hear.

Some of the main points of representation are closely bound to the goddess Juno and her role in society.

She was a powerful woman, but with many hardships throughout her life – this is also transparent in our natal charts.

In astrology, Juno represents marriage, commitment, a partnership among couples and the people in the community, betrayal, infidelity, and compromise.

As a protector of women in her community, Juno was enraged by signs of weaknesses and inequalities.

We seek to solve our problems similarly and achieve balance wherever the problem might be.

Juno is specifically in tune with women who might feel weak and forgotten in their romantic relationships.

As the goddess herself stayed loyal in an unfaithful marriage, the placement of Juno is where our strength and empowerment begin.

This asteroid in astrology can represent the easy parts of our connections that we enjoy and the challenging part that we do not deserve.

Juno in Cancer

As a powerful but sensitive goddess, Juno strongly impacts the more emotional zodiac signs, such as Pisces and Libra.

Her placement could affect various parts of our life, depending on our emotional stability and how we deal with heartbreak and disappointment.

One of the highly sensitive signs is certainly Cancer, where Juno had the most sentimental position.

Cancers are not afraid to express their feelings and sorrows and show their insecurities – an ideal representation of their traits.

Cancer: Emotional, Nostalgic, Sensitive

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, the leading sign of the summer season, represented by the crab.

Cancer natives are born between June 21st and July 22nd and are ruled by the Moon in the element of water.

As mentioned, they are sensitive, emotionally warm, and exploitative people.

These natives are self-aware of all the strong and weak characteristics, as they tend to have layered personalities where not everything is black and white.

Often hunted by grief, Cancer natives tend to be weighed down by the sorrows of others or their own – as they feel every emotion more heightened.

Cancers can also easily pick up energies from the people around them, as they are in tune with their emotions. S

ometimes their overthinking can provide conclusions that are not there. Therefore, it is crucial to be straightforward with your feelings and plans.

Similarly to their spirit animal, Cancer natives shield themselves with a hard shell that desires some time to be broken down.

But once you are allowed into their inner circle, you might feel like a winner.

Cancer natives are ruled by the Moon, which represents self-care, energy healing, and comfort.

Even if they might seem cold on the outside, they are very gentle and genuine people who seek deep connections, adoration, and understanding from those around them.

Juno in Cancer Natives: Meaning and Traits

Most people only scratch the surface of their natal charts with placements of the Sun, the Moon, and the stars.

But if you wish to learn more, sometimes it is better to dive beneath and find out about crucial asteroids that give profound insights.

As mentioned, the placement of Juno in Cancer is the most sentimental out of all zodiac signs.

It can help you understand what you need and especially do not need, as it unravels whether your partner is compatible with you and your needs.

If you are lucky to have Juno placement in Cancer, you might know how big of a heart you have, but with a sensitive soul to follow.

You care deeply about those around you and wish nothing more than to get it back.

People with Juno in Cancer possess the capacity for compassion, which is why people trust their opinion and judgment.

But while caring about others, you might lose sight of yourself advancing. It is crucial to remember to say no and take time for yourself first.

You might see marriage and children as the utmost proof of commitment and love, which is why you seek stability and empathy from your partner.

Juno in Cancer natives do not care about loud and obnoxious people, as they search for individuals like themselves.

Showing your emotional side is not showing your vulnerability but rather how in touch with your feelings you are and your honesty.

The right person is out there, and these natives sometimes kiss many frogs before meeting prince charming.

Woman with Juno in Cancer

Juno in Cancer often flourishes to the full extent in female charts.

Inherently, women with Juno in Cancer are sensitive, caring, and warm-hearted.

They seek partners who are similar to them with great emotional intelligence.

These women believe that love and dedication are the principal drive of humans, something that society needs to be aware of more.

Relating to the goddess women with Juno, Juno in Cancer do not appreciate being lied to or used in any way.

They know what they bring to the relationship and their worth, expecting the same in return.

One of the primary motivations in life is starting a family.

An ideal partner guarantees nurturing a commitment to children and the shared lifetime. women with Juno in Cancer are exceptional mothers and wives as their life shifts in this direction.

With their commitment to family-building, they feel an inner responsibility to take good care of their loved ones.

But if someone threatens this bliss, they can fight back to protect those who matter.

These women expect the utmost dedication and affection from their partners because they tend to give back the same and even more.

They tend to idealize their partners, seeing them as dreamy heroes that cannot do wrong.

Their other relationships might suffer in the process, especially those with friends.

Women with Juno in Cancer can become too absorbed in their new life, leading to forgetting about everything and everyone else.

Learning about successful balance in life is what these women need to understand in their love life.

It is not an easy path but a positive one for a happy life filled with love and compassion.

Man with Juno in Cancer

Main traits do not change much between genders.

Men with Juno in Cancer are equally sympathetic, emotional, and caring, as they also wish to find a similar partner.

Focus on domestic life with an ideal family prevails over professional engagement, as everything else becomes secondary in their life.

They are ready to sacrifice a lot to obtain what matters the most.

Their partners and family must give them the maximum in every sense, and in return, these men will offer devotion and loyalty until the end.

They can be overbearing for their loved ones since the same level of dedication is not always obtainable.

Sometimes you might not be aware of their sensitivity since they are great at being cold or uninterested.

But this is all a facade that shields men with Juno in Cancer from disappointment and hurt.

These men can easily become clingy and jealous as they need their partners to shower them with love and affection whenever they feel like it.

However, they can detach themselves from emotions long enough to think logically about their feelings.

This notion helps them not rush into relationships as they can take a step back and analyze if their partner is worth their time and emotions.

In the end, men with Juno in Cancer learn the hard way to balance their emotions and not scare off their partners with quick infatuation.

Not all of them are the same, and life teaches them enough love lessons along the way.

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People with Juno in Cancer are committed, loyal, highly emotionally intelligent, and sensitive.

This placement is powerful, especially in Cancer, as it brings their emotions to the surface.

It can be a sign of incredible nurturing nature capable of honest love and protection.

Juno in Cancer leads the way in desires and expressing your feelings.

These natives expect the same treatment back from everyone around them.

However, they might overwhelm their partners with devotion and possessiveness.

They seek trust and protection, knowing what they bring to the table.

Natives with Juno in Cancer can be a great source of strength, comfort, and healing when embraced with compassion and balance.

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