July Leo vs August Leo: Personality Differences

The sign Leo rules the period from approximately July 23rd until August 22nd.

These dates differ, and depending on the year, can happen a day before or after.

Because some Leos are born in July, and some in August, there are some differences between Leo people born in July and August.

To determine their differences we should first define decans as well as their role in the differences between July and August Leos.

What are decans?

Decans represent the subdivisions of every Zodiac sign. They were created a long time ago by ancient astrologers.

Their idea was to divide every sign into three periods lasting approximately ten days.

Every decan has 10 degrees because every sign has 30 degrees.

Each decan of every sign is governed by a different planet. The planet ruler of a decan is a secondary ruler alongside the main planet which is the ruler of the sign.

These planets as secondary rulers add some additional characteristics to the main ruling planet.

Types of Leo according to decans division

Because the Sun moves around the Earth roughly one degree per day, most July Leos belong to the first decan, and most Leos born in August belong to the second or the third decan.

The first decan Leos are born between July 23rd and August 1st.

The second decan Leos are born between August 2nd and August 12th, and the third decan Leos are born between August 13th and August 22nd.

The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun, and the rulers of the decans are: 0 – 9 degrees of Leo is ruled by Leo, 10 – 19 degrees of Leo is ruled by Jupiter, and 20 – 29 degrees of Leo is ruled by Mars.

1st decan Leo

Leos born in the first decan are very sociable and extrovert people. They are very confident and outgoing.

These people might appear self-absorbed because of their confident and sometimes dramatic nature.

The first decan Leos can be considered the typical representatives of this sign.

They love to be at the center of attention, and they are very competitive.

These people cannot stand being second best. They genuinely believe they are better than other people and deserve the best.

This is not a bad trait because it makes them very protective of themselves and their needs.

However, this trait might cause other people to consider them selfish and shallow.

This is sometimes true, but sometimes it is just a part of their personality, needing to shine in every situation and they don’t have bad intentions underneath this appearance.

These people are loyal and devoted friends, and they would do anything to protect those they love. They are also very generous and helpful.

Leos from the first decan have a caring and lovable nature. They are very direct with their feelings and their opinions.

They won’t hesitate to speak their mind even if it means hurting someone’s feelings.

They love to spoil the people they love and enjoy giving them gifts and attention.

Even though they easily offer help to others, they might be hesitant to ask for help for themselves.

The main reason for that is their enormous ego and pride.

They are usually good with money and can earn substantial amounts, but because they tend to overspend and buy luxury they might end up in financial difficulties because of their need to show off.

The Sun, their ruling planet gives them a charming and magnetic personality.

They are the center of attention and cannot remain unnoticed in any situation.

These people are enthusiastic, passionate, and determined. These traits ensure their success, and they usually reach high positions in society.

They have a strong ambition to succeed and can be very competitive.

Leo is a sign of leaders and managers, and they often end up in these positions. Success and money motivate them, and they never stop striving for more.

These people are very creative and often end up doing some creative jobs.

2nd decan Leo

Leo born in the second decan are also very creative, possibly more so than those born in the first decade.

This is due to their ruling planet Jupiter.

These people are born performers and they love to be at the center of attention, especially in some large gatherings.

They love to be in the spotlight and naturally seize people’s attention.

They enjoy being admired and enjoy when people tell them they are great.

This is usually true, and it isn’t shallow flattery but still, they love it when people speak well about them.

Leos from the second decan are very optimistic and don’t allow negative circumstances to bring them down.

They refuse to give in to despair and continue fighting despite all odds.

They cannot accept defeat and their desire to win in the end is what keeps them going despite the challenges they encounter.

People in their vicinity respect these traits because they also help them and support them to endure when they are in a difficult situation.

They refuse to give up even when the situation is desperate.

The strangest thing is that they usually end up being successful even though there was a minimum chance of that.

These people are excellent talkers and people enjoy listening to them.

They know how to express their thoughts and are usually very knowledgeable on a variety of matters.

They know how to make an impression on people, even when they don’t have much to offer.

For these people more than half of their success is their talent to present themselves in the best possible light. They know how to impress others.

These people often have big dreams, and they don’t give up until these dreams become a reality. They are not afraid of hard work either.

Because they are ruled by Jupiter, these people are often fond of traveling and love exploring new cultures. They prefer luxury and they won’t often be seen in cheap accommodations.

Like all Leo people, they love luxury and it is very hard for them when they need to settle for something that is beyond their standards, which are often very high.

Even when they come from humble backgrounds these people manage to rise high both financially and on the social ladder.

They can be quite philosophical and deep and resemble Sagittarius people at times.

They know how to use their words to charm others, and they also have something to say. These people are not shallow at all.

Their nature is optimistic and driven by success and joy.

They don’t let negativity and bad circumstances discourage them. They also don’t like the company of negative people.

These people always tend to look at the brighter side of things.

They also experience tough times like all other signs, but they consciously choose to see them as lessons and something that will benefit their life.

They get out of bad situations and moods quickly and leave them behind.

These people love to learn, and they do that their entire lives. They usually have a great sense of humor.

3rd decan Leo

Leo from the third decan is similar to the second decan Leo. Like all Leo people, they are also very ambitious and usually dream big.

They also desire a luxurious life and if they are not born into luxury they will certainly aspire to provide it for themselves, just like other people born in this sign.

3rd decan Leo are very enthusiastic about achieving their goals and dreams and possess a lot of energy and drive which helps them get where they have imagined being.

Their dreams usually become a reality because they don’t give up on them until that happens.

Leos from the third decan can be very stubborn and not allow anyone to give them advice.

They also never accept they are wrong and usually blame others for their faults.

These people are often prone to spending beyond their means or spending more than they need.

This behavior can jeopardize their finances and financial security, but they often end up finding that the worst possible way.

Third decan Leos are usually very honest and truthful. They might be prone to arguing with others to prove their point. They might be perceived as very critical and analytical.

Third decan Leo are usually gentle and kind people. They sincerely enjoy being of service to others.

Their temper is strong, and they might be prone to outbursts of anger because of their ruling planet, Mars.

Mars gives these people incredible energy. They are ready to fight for their goals, and they are a dangerous opponent. Nothing can stand in the way of their dreams.

Leo people need constant movement and action. They always need to occupy their mind and body with some activities.

These people never get bored because they always have something to do.

They are also not very patient either. This leads them to make rash decisions and have to deal with the consequences.

Third decan Leo can be very impulsive, and this is not always a good trait.

They should be more careful and thoughtful when they are making decisions, especially those of a very significant nature.

Personality differences between July Leo and August Leo

Generally speaking, the differences in Leo personalities born in July and August, mostly stem from the ruling planets of Leo decans.

There are also significant differences in their personalities that depend on how close a Leo person’s birth date is from the previous or next sign to Leo (Cancer or Virgo).

For example, a Leo person who was born right after the Sun started transiting through the sign of Leo can have some Cancer qualities as well because Cancer is the sign that precedes Leo.

Other Leo people born right before the Sun entered the sign of Virgo, the sign that comes after Leo, can have some Virgo traits in their personalities. 

July Leo

Leo season begins when the Sun enters the first degree of Leo, after leaving the sign of Cancer.

This usually happens on July 23rd, but it can also happen a day before or a day after, which all depends on the specific year.

Because the first decan of Leo is ruled by the Sun, there is a consensus that these first decan Leos are typical representatives of this sign.

To some extent, this is true, but the majority of Leo’s traits are exhibited by Leos from all three decans.

Leo people born in July can be very dramatic and seek attention. They can sometimes possess an almost regal demeanor which some people might find amusing, and some might find tacky.

July Leos can be tacky and love glitter. They love to adorn themselves with shiny clothes and accessories, to add spark to their already noticeable personality.

They are creative but they can be overbearing. Their style is not modest but screams “notice me”.

Despite their dramatic nature, they are in fact kind and loving people and are sincerely enjoying helping others. Fortunately, many of them are in a position to do so.

There are of course some representatives of July Leo who are very selfish and self-absorbed, and truly consider all other people are beneath them.

July Leos are often very attractive and charismatic and might be perceived as glamorous by many people. They are not shy but choose to be in the spotlight.

July Leos are also brave and very confident and proud. They pursue all of their goals with passion. They enjoy creative expression.

August Leo

Leos born in August belong to the second and third decan.

They share all Leo traits, but they also have added traits of their co-ruling planets, Jupiter and Mars, rulers of their decans, and subsequently, the signs Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Jupiter and Mars are the planets of growth and action, and these are certainly the directions that Leo people born in August strive for.

These individuals are energetic and action-driven. They don’t wait for things and people to come to them, they go after them.

They actively pursue their dreams. They give initiative and are leaders and not followers.

These people have a lot of courage and aren’t afraid to fight for what they believe and what they want.

They are always in some kind of action and doing something usually motivated by success and making money.

Like July Leos, August Leos love money and luxury and need to provide such a lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones. This is what makes them proud and respect themselves.

They are not afraid to go after impossible goals and they usually end up being successful because they don’t let anything stand in the way.

They destroy obstacles and their enemies without much thought. It is not wise to mess with them because they can be a serious opponent.

They possess a fun and loving nature and love to make jokes. They have a great sense of humor.

Main personality differences between July Leo and August Leo

Even though Leos born in July and August have many similar traits, they also have some additional traits and differences.

In general, people born in the Leo sign are born leaders, very creative, brave, and love to be at the center of attention. They can be braggy and egotistical.

Below are some traits that July and August Leos exhibit, and some more than the others:

  1. Courage

Both July and August Leos are brave, there is no doubt to that. However, August Leos have more drive to go after their desires and goals.

They are fearless when it comes to seeking their achievements and success.

July Leos are also brave, but they don’t have as much initiative and drive as August Leos.

  1. Being in the spotlight

Leo people are usually showy, but July Leos tend to be more inclined towards the spotlight than August Leos.

They enjoy being at the center of attention and love when people admire them.

They love to be applauded for their achievements and their charm brings them far in life.

They are very direct and don’t have a problem openly speaking their minds.

This trait makes them excellent performers and public speakers.

They are excellent at any activity where they need to be in front of people.

  1. Born leaders

To be fair, both July and August Leos possess strong leadership qualities, but those born in July do it with more skills.

They are born leaders and they enjoy organizing and leading others towards a goal or a solution.

They have a gift of inspiring people and are not afraid to stand up in front of them and leading them with their example.

  1. Spontaneous

Leos are generally spontaneous people. They easily make contacts and don’t take a long time to make others aware of their presence, and this is especially true for August Leos, especially those from the second decan.

August Leos are a bit adventurous and can sometimes act unpredictable.

  1. Creativity

July Leos are more creative than August Leos. They enjoy creatively expressing themselves and they do things with style, even when it is not that necessary.

They love to give their touch to everything they do, and August Leos don’t have much patience and will to do that.

These people are often talented in various forms of art.

  1. Seeking attention

July Leos adore being at the center of attention. They are major attention seekers.

This boosts their enormous ego, and they simply enjoy being talked about and admired.

They easily find their way to the center of attention and sometimes they don’t have to do anything.

People are simply magnetically drawn to their energy.

When they don’t get the attention they expect, these people might easily become offended and upset.

If no one pays attention to them, they might simply leave the gathering.

  1. Fun loving

While July Leos look for attention from others, August Leos don’t have that much need for attention.

They are more relaxed and easier going than July Leos and their ego is not as strong.

These Leos prefer having fun doing fun and interesting activities by themselves or in groups of people.

They love sharing the spotlight with others, rather than being the center of attention.

  1. Dramatic

Leos have dramatic personalities. They are very expressive and can be quite “drama queens”.

They can be very theatrical when they are expressing their emotions.

When they talk or tell a story there is no way of ignoring them.

This is especially true for July Leos who often talk as if they were on stage acting. People are mesmerized when they hear them speak.

They might irritate some people with their overly dramatic approach to everything or their dramatic personality, but in general, they gain more sympathy than resentment for this trait.

  1. Opinionated

Leos, especially those born in August have strong opinions about everything. They are not as dramatic as July Leos.

They are focused on defending their opinions with strong arguments and facts.

For these people, it is inspiring to debate with others trying to prove their point.

Because they are very competitive this might be a fierce fight because their goal is to “persuade” the opponent that they are right. It is hard for these people to change their opinions.

  • Expressive and loud

Leos are bold when it comes to their outer appearance.

They love to shine and usually have a loud style which grabs everyone’s attention, even though it is not to their taste.

Leos are often not the most stylish people, but they know how to dress to impress, whatever that means.

The main goal is to be noticed and this is especially true for July Leos.

In their attempts to be noticed, these people might also speak very loudly and make sure everyone in the room hears them.

They are also prone to making bold and provocative statements which raise a lot of public attention.

  • Confident

While August Leos tend to be more courageous, July Leos are just as confident but often choose not to confront anyone directly.

They are confident they could get what they want, and they use more diplomatic means than August Leos use.

Their confidence can sometimes be exaggerated and equal to vanity. They might refuse to listen to anyone and think they are always right.

  • Aggressive

August Leos, especially those from the third decade can be prone to aggressive behavior, due to the influence of Mars, the ruler of this decan.

They might have very angry and aggressive characters and express these traits towards other people.

  • Charming

On the other hand, July Leos tend to get things through their charm.

They can be very seductive and alluring and people cannot resist but do whatever they ask them to.

They tend to suppress their anger with a calm approach to solving their problems which always gives good results.

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The conclusion is that even though all Leo people have similarities they also have some differences which stem from the different decans and months when they were born.

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