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All you need to know about The Judgement tarot card. Meanings, messages and how to use it to create your dream life.

What’s the judgement card? 

The Major Arcana XX of the Tarot, Judgment, indicates a rebirth, a new beginning and an improvement; it is the card of change par excellence.

The tarot symbolizes the call to a different life than the one lived until now, working to release the old patterns that affect its quality.

The Judgment describes a situation in which, after a general assessment on a given issue, it was reached the conclusion of making radical changes.

The card that precedes the judgment, Il Sole, has finally brought clarity and now it is possible to act in the best way, allowing oneself a real resurrection by revising and setting aside past errors.

The judgement: Image and Representation

In the card of the Judgment we find a central figure, that of an angel playing a trumpet, and in the lower part of the image there are three human figures who rise from a tomb.

The concept of Judgment is understood as resurrection: in this sense the apocalyptic angel, which symbolizes the messenger, announces the good news.

To indicate the rebirth are the three figures that rise from the dead. The three individuals represent the triad of resurrected humanity: father, mother and son.

The key figure is the young blond in the center of the card representing the “son”, that is the one who, through the stages of Magician, Enamored and Hung, has undertaken the initiatory path. He symbolizes the moral and spiritual values ​​of the present that have enriched those of the past.

The figure on the right represents the “father” and symbolizes the past, that is, the experience assimilated during the course of life.

The other figure embodies the “mother”, or rather the inner values ​​and feelings acquired over time. The “son” collects the inheritance of the parents to extend it to future humanity.

The value of this card can be expressed as the balance on the present through past experiences.

Divinatory meaning of the Judgement Card: The Judgement keywords 

Keywords when upright:

reunion, rebirth, change, alteration, awakening, devotion, understanding, celebration, transformation, redemption, liberation, healing, change.

Keyword when reversed:

something static, permanent, unchanged. Stagnation, stopped, fear that paralyzes us, excuses in excess. Feeling of being locked up Obfuscation of the mind and intelligence. Discussions and fuss that lead to nothing, hesitations. Fanaticism. Unbridled craving for popularity and fame. Punishment. Oppressive “like coffins” environments, false judgments about oneself. 

The 5 most positive qualities about the Judgement card

As a card announcing a personal renewal, you can imagine that The Judgment has a lot of positive meanings if it comes up in the ‘up’ position on your card spread.

+ If your tarot question refers to love, you can prepare right now for a VERY special surprise. A good surprise in the form of a crush, a new love that comes when you least expect it and that will revolutionize your whole life. And if you are in a relationship, it may also surprise you with a step forward in your relationship.

+ In matters of work, this card positively talks about something that you have been waiting for a long time. That project in which you have invested so much effort that finally comes to light, a promotion or your well-deserved raise.

+ Health, which worries us so much in bad times and which we put aside in good times, is benefited by this card. You are feeling well, in top shape and with unusual vitality, so take advantage of this stage.

+ On an internal and emotional level, what the Judgment card proposes is that you do that necessary exercise of introspection to get to know yourself better, to love yourself more and to discover your most authentic side. You already have the meaning of life, now you have to enjoy it

The 5 most negative qualities about the judgement card

As always with tarot (and life in general) not everything can be positive. Beware of the negative meanings of this card because not only does time put everyone in their place, the Judgment card also does in its search for the truth.

+ The truth is precisely what has been in short supply during this time in your relationship and now that you see it clearly, you cannot hide it under the rug. Couple crisis or directly breakup is what this card represents.

+ In the field of work, it is necessary to survive a period of immobility, stagnation, doubts and uncertainty. As if your judgement was not doing its job, as if we had to wait a little longer for things to move and evolve.

+ This immobility is also observed in health. Do not be scared, no one talks about serious diseases, but they do talk about continuous ailments that make your day to day bitter and that are taking away your strength, desire, energy and vitality.

+ On an internal level, the card of The Judgment reveals that you have been left half in your introspection exercise. You have looked inside yourself and you have not liked what you see, so you do not want to continue investigating, you prefer to remain with the feeling of guilt.

Don’t let the negative meanings of the Judgment card in tarot cloud you. Be yourself, accept the bad spells and spread your arms wide to receive the good ones.

The positive meaning of the judgement card when upright 

The Tarot of straight judgment generally indicates something positive.

It indicates a quick and sudden judgment, a big change that is generally positive.

The interpretations are different: they range from pleasant surprise to positive events that occur unexpectedly; it can be linked to a victory, a conquest, a success, but also to the exit of a crisis, which suddenly resolves itself even if it has been going on for a long time.

Problem solving is, in general, positive.

In a more neutral meaning, it can also indicate an unexpected event that hit us.

A phone call from a person we haven’t seen for a long time, a communication, the beginning of a change or an evolution (a new job, a promotion), or the rebirth of something that we now considered lost, for example an old one relationship or friendship.

In terms of work, it may be the rebirth of a project that we had abandoned but which we thought had been abandoned for some time.

The judgment can also be linked to a sudden notoriety, being at the center of attention in an unexpected but still positive way.

Symbolizing the passing of time, it also indicates modernity and the unexpected event can be linked to the new means of communication we have available.

On a more psychological level, it can symbolize independence and also the desire for independence from what our current situation is, the desire for change, for a break in the mold.

It should be noted that, in general, the judgment is quick, so we can expect change in the not too distant future, approximately a few weeks after the tarot is read.

Although in some circumstances the times may be longer, one does not have to wait long to find out the results of the Judgment and the event to which it refers. 

In summary, the meaning of the Judgment can be:

Love: a sudden and unexpected success, a love at first sight, an unexpected change on the part of the person we have been dealing with for a long time (change of ideas, of attitude towards us).

Work and money: A promotion, a turning point in the study such as passing an exam, taking over a project or a road that we had abandoned, a journey, a sudden improvement from a financial point of view.

Health: the term of a suffering, an improvement of an illness in progress, a general improvement in the state of physical and psychological health.

People: the Judgment indicates an impartial, severe person, but at the same time stimulating and without prejudice, characterized by the desire for personal and collective improvement. 

The negative meaning of the judgement card when reversed

Contrary to what one might think, the Judgment on the contrary does not indicate a negative change, but rather a difficulty in changing, a situation that should change but for which change does not come; alternatively, things that we thought have changed but will come to know are not.

One meaning is that in which we are continuing to postpone an important choice, thus preventing change from arriving, or stubbornly on foundations that we know (or do not know) to be wrong. In some cases, it indicates adding inconvenience to a problem that is consuming us by itself.

In other cases, it indicates that a change we have been waiting for for some time is not actually coming, which could also lead to a negative consequence, although this is not obvious and depends on our choices.

The contrary judgment can also indicate that, despite our willingness to get involved and apply for the change to arrive, we are following the path in the wrong way, thus obtaining the opposite result, that is a stall and consequently a disappointment.

In love, it could mean slow onset or the continuation of a couple crisis, just as in work it could indicate problems on a professional level, both financially and in relationships with colleagues.

Finally, the meaning of the Judgment may be related to forced changes, which are there but are independent of our will, and may not be good for us.

If in response to a question, the judgment on the contrary is unfavorable, so the answer to the question will be negative.

The Judgment on the contrary can symbolize:

Love: the birth of a couple crisis or carrying on a crisis that already exists. Maintaining a negative friendship, the falsity of a person we believed to be on our side.

Work and money: A deadlock from the point of view of work, a promotion or financial success that is late in coming, problems with colleagues or with superiors in the workplace. It also indicates situations already pending that will remain pending in the near future.

Health: from the point of view of health, it indicates chronic diseases that do not improve, or the stalling or worsening of physical and psychological manifestations, conditions such as cardiovascular problems, generalized anxiety, fatigue and constant tiredness.

People: in relation to people, it indicates an exalted person, fanatic of something, a person who prophesies false events, a person who uses his own abilities to fool others or to create conflicts between them.

Combination with other major arcanas cards and what can the judgement card mean

Judgment + The Fool: New beginnings, a rebirth after deciding. Overturned judgment with the Fool: we are disoriented. Not very concrete projects.

Judgment + The Magician: A long-awaited contact that finally happens. it is practical after a really difficult period. You have a spirit of initiative. We start living again after a crisis.

Judgment + High Priestess: In a choice you have to follow your intuition! The High Priestess is intuitive, strong, logical, she is always right, she is kind to everyone because for her to hurt others is not even a possibility. His motto is: ‘what can I do for you’. It is at the service of others, it represents the sign of Cancer.

Judgment + Empress: A person who is making a difficult decision, to act or not to act. This choice will lead to family happiness. A beautiful, sensual woman, she loves the arts and is kind to everyone.

Judgment + Emperor: A painful and complicated decision that must be made, after which your future will already be decided.

It can indicate complete failure, but also joy and success. Look at the surrounding cards, or trust your instincts to make this choice! It can indicate a new meeting for a woman or a positive change for a man.

Judgment + Hierophant: You are too bigoted, you judge others too much, which can isolate you from society and friends (both cards talk about judging!). Avoid judging friends, family or partner.

Judgment + Lovers: Rebirth in your love life. A new relationship is coming. There is a difficult decision to make. As a result, you may find yourself with each other, or your paths may be divided forever. This combination is very good for a new relationship.

Judgment + Chariot: Difficult choice in your life, you will use your willpower to make it. Change that leads to a general improvement. This pairing carries an omen of success and happiness. Lucky travels.

Judgment + Strength: Great passion, but also depth of thought. A good teacher, with a big heart. He understands society, he understands its problems. Rebirth of your passion and playfulness.

Judgment + Hermit: A very very painful choice / crisis in your life, leading you to become a Hermit and seek solitude. What you want hasn’t arrived yet.

Judgment + Wheel of Fortune: Time for choices that change life forever, choose carefully. It may be that the choice is beyond your reach, however, no matter what you choose, you are not in control of how things go.

Indicated a change of fate. Karmic change and lessons. Things are totally out of control now, don’t try to control anything.

Judgment + Justice: Go back and make things right. You may have a love from the past that things have gone wrong with.

Now it’s your turn to correct mistakes, everything will be fine if you apologize and respect each other. The partner is the right person, you don’t have to worry about anything. Unexpected inheritance.

Judgment + Hanged Man: One does not feel safe, nor strong. You are not entirely sure what is right to do. We are in a period of “limbo”, we do not know which direction to take, a solution is needed now!

Judgment + Death: Making a choice that will change your life and will be painful at first.

Everything that was in your life is dying, you know for sure, and you also know that it will be painful. A new person is born, who accepts himself for who he is.

Judgment + Temperance: Time to make a difficult decision, which can lead to rebirth. You need to take your time, things may not seem positive at the moment.

Painful period at home, you feel alone. Don’t worry, teach moderation, and in the darkest times to find yourself.

Judgment + Devil: A choice is coming that will change your life, but at the moment you are not able to be objective, you are guided only by your desires.

It can also indicate a choice about a relationship, but now is a bad time. A solution will come.

Judgment + Tower: A choice was made, but it was not the right one, so everything broke, all your illusions fell (you are lucky though because here the Tower means intense and pleasant change anyway!). 

Judgment + The Star: Making a choice, a change in your life that will make you feel like new, reborn. Indescribable love.

Judgment + Moon: Time for a decisive choice, perhaps in romantic matters. However, there is some uncertainty. A turning point possible, trust your instincts in love affairs.

Judgment + Sun: Despite the difficult choice you had to make, the Sun indicates that you have chosen well, happiness and love.

Judgment + World: Complete change of your existence, your world will change for the better. 

How to use The judgement to create your dream life?

The Major Arcana n. 20 invites us to a profound reflection on the situation, keeping in mind past experiences.

Judgment encourages us to observe ourselves and our personal history in order to take stock.

In this sense it expresses the concept that one can learn from one’s mistakes.

The wisdom of this card, in some cases, lies in the teaching of accepting failure: leaving the past behind and looking towards new horizons.

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