Is It Bad Luck To Buy Baby Stuff Early?

Having children is for most people one of their most important life goals and the source of greatest happiness.

Most people dream about this their entire lives and they don’t feel their life is complete until they find themselves in the role of a parent.

Receiving the news of someone’s pregnancy is in most cases welcomed with the greatest joy and gratitude, but also carries a dose of fear and anticipation related to the pregnancy and childbirth.

Especially in the first weeks and months of pregnancy, the fetus is weak and since ancient times people have had the custom of hiding the pregnancy until the so-called “cautious” period passes and the fetus becomes stronger.

This fear of possible complications and fear for the unborn baby is possibly the origin of the idea of hiding the pregnancy, but also for not buying baby stuff in advance.

Many people wait until the last weeks and even days before the delivery to begin buying things for their baby.

Is it bad luck to buy baby stuff before becoming pregnant?

People who want to become parents, women in particular, and especially those who are experiencing problems conceiving a child, often wonder whether it is a sign of bad luck to buy baby clothes before they conceive.

They might have the urge and desire to buy baby clothes just to experience the feeling but they are afraid that this might bring bad luck to them and postpone their pregnancy.

The answer to this question is no, it is not bad luck to buy things for your unconceived baby that you desire so much.

You need to be careful, though. It is not a problem buying several items of baby clothes, like 4 – 8 items before you become pregnant because this is the way you are showing your active faith to God and the Universe.

This act will help you attract the desired outcome and become pregnant soon.

Acting as if you are already pregnant will show the Universe that you don’t have any doubts about that outcome happening in your life, and you will soon experience in your reality what you are only dreaming of having.

The act of buying baby’s clothes (not an entire collection, but several items) is an act of showing active faith which will help you bring the result, pregnancy, into your life.

Being able to feel as if you are pregnant before actually being pregnant will energetically put you in the state of believing and attracting that outcome sooner.

If you buy all the baby stuff before you become pregnant, this will energetically be reflected as an act of doubt and pressuring the reality to yield the desired results.

The act of buying the entire baby stuff before you are pregnant will block the energy flow and will prevent your desire, pregnancy, from manifesting.

You need to show your active faith symbolically, through details and pretending as if. By buying so much stuff you might feel pressured to deliver the expected result and this will create an imbalance of energy and block your desire.

Is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early?

Buying baby stuff early often depends on the culture one belongs to. In some cultures, it is common not to buy any items for the baby until right before its birth. For other cultures waiting so long might be considered negligent and bad taste.

Although it is related to many superstitions and fears, buying baby stuff early is not bad luck.

Of course, if you have fears about something bad happening and still buy the stuff early, you might attract the unwanted outcome through your fears and the law of attraction.

Be careful about your thoughts regarding your pregnancy and unborn baby because thoughts are things and they can manifest.

Always try to think the best possible thoughts and expect good news when you go to the regular check-ups at the doctor, imagine the doctor telling you the best possible things about your baby, how it is progressing greatly, how your health is great, etc.

Buying baby clothes before your baby is born strategically will save you money in the long run. When you have enough time to look around for clothes and other items, you might find some excellent deals.

When you buy clothes for the baby you are expecting, you are spiritually preparing for the new stage of your life that is about to begin soon.

Dreams about buying baby things before you are pregnant are also a way that the Universe shows you that you are ready for this stage.

Buying baby clothes early, similar to buying them before being pregnant, can be considered a spiritual act of faith that things will work out perfectly and that you will be using all these wonderful things for your newborn baby.

By buying these clothes and items you are showing the Universe that you expect only the best to happen and you and your baby to be healthy and wonderfully meet one another.

Early is also a very subjective term. What is considered early for one person doesn’t have to be considered early for another person. To put it bluntly, before the baby is actually born, every moment in time is early.

Every responsible parent-to-be will buy some baby items before the child is born. In most cases, people do buy things for their expected baby and things go perfectly well.

Things can go wrong, unfortunately, and buying things for the baby doesn’t have anything to do with that.

Is it bad luck to buy boy or girl baby stuff early?

When it comes to buying baby stuff for girls and boys early, this sometimes, although in rare cases might turn out to be bad luck.

In these days and age, there are some super precise ultrasounds but in some rare cases, the doctor can say the wrong gender.

If you don’t wait until the gender is crystal clear on the ultrasound, you might end up with a lot of baby items in a color that doesn’t suit the gender of your newborn and you will have to redo the process.

If you do want to buy things for the baby you are expecting in the early stages it is safe to buy neutral colors.

The origin of the superstitions about buying baby stuff early

Of course, every future parent is different, and not every future parent will act in a superstitious manner or have these fears.

There are many superstitions related to pregnancy and one of these superstitions is that buying baby stuff during pregnancy is bad luck or could bring bad luck and misfortune to the baby and parents.

The Asian, Jewish, American, and European cultures, all have similar superstitions about buying stuff for their babies before their birth.

This superstition has ancient origins, especially because in these early days of human civilizations pregnancy was a dangerous state.

Losing a child, stillbirths, and infant mortality was high, but also the cases of women dying during child labor.

These were the reasons why people used to wait to tell the news about the pregnancy for months and this also referred to preparing clothes and items for the newborn.

The fear is understandable because should something bad happen to the child and the mother, the baby’s clothes would be a sad reminder of the tragedy that the family had experienced.

This is also one of the reasons why people avoid doing this nowadays.

The idea of buying baby stuff way ahead of birth being bad luck has a long history.

It stems from the belief that you are provoking fate by buying things for your child that is still in the womb not knowing whether everything will be alright during pregnancy and when it is born.

This was especially true for the first trimester when the fetus is most vulnerable.

Expecting bad things to happen to your unborn child if you begin buying stuff before it’s born is a very harmful way of thinking.

You must be careful with your thoughts because fears tend to materialize. You don’t want to attract bad fortune to your child because you are fearful of something bad happening to it.

The worst fact about the superstition regarding buying baby stuff prematurely is related to the baby’s health and this is why most parents to be hesitate when it comes to buying baby stuff too early.

When is the best time to begin buying baby stuff?

Regardless of the superstitions attached to this question, economically it is not wise to buy baby stuff in advance. You don’t know the gender, and even if you know the gender, you don’t know how much the baby will grow before birth, and these are details that are important to know before beginning to stock baby things.

Also, you will certainly be gifted many baby clothes as presents by your family and friends and you don’t want to exaggerate for this reason as well.

Stocking up in advance is certainly a good move because it helps you relax and wait for the moment of birth knowing you are prepared and have all the necessities so you won’t have to rush when the baby is born.

To preserve your peace it is best to wait until the first trimester is over, and then begin looking for things to buy for the baby and enjoy the process.

The greatest experience of having a child begins by expecting it to be born.

For those who prefer to wait a bit more, it is not late to start this process one month before the due date.

This way you will have all the information and the expectancy of the baby’s potential weight and dimensions so you won’t make a mistake in buying the clothes.

Be careful not to get carried away because you might end up with piles of baby clothes you won’t be able to use because babies grow fast and they outgrow their clothes faster.

Superstitions regarding pregnancy

The Chinese believed that eating cucumbers during the first three months of pregnancy would cause the baby to be born deformed.

Similarly, for the ancient Romans, it was forbidden for a pregnant woman to look at herself in the mirror because it was believed that her child will be born as a monster.

In some cultures, buying, receiving, or opening baby presents before the baby is born is considered a bad thing. It is believed that this act will bring bad fortune, or attract evil spirits, and even a miscarriage.

In some cultures, there is a belief that the baby’s spirit will be frightened if the woman announces her pregnancy too early.

There is a popular superstition that is widespread throughout the world telling that women become uglier when they are pregnant with girls and become more beautiful when they are pregnant with boys.

This superstition hasn’t been proven to be true. Women experience hormonal changes during their pregnancy and this affects differently every woman.

Some become very swollen and exhausted and this isn’t related to the baby’s gender.

There is also a known claim that more babies are born during the full moon, but there has not been any research done on this subject and this statement has not been proven so we can safely consider it a superstition.

In some cultures, pregnant women are not allowed to step over ropes because this might symbolically reflect on their unborn baby.

This might cause the baby to experience a nuchal cord, or the umbilical cord to become tangled around the baby’s neck.

Nowadays, this superstition also is extended to electrical cords which are all around our houses and this makes it impossible for pregnant women to respect who still have to function and live in their houses during pregnancy.

Women are also forbidden to raise their hands above their heads, not to cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby’s neck.

One superstition also forbids a pregnant woman to eat spicy food because this might result in the baby being born blind.

Also, spicy food is forbidden not to cause a miscarriage of the pregnancy.

Spicy food during pregnancy can induce heartburn, and for women who suffer from heartburn, there is an old superstition that they will give birth to a child with hair. In some cases this proves to be true, so there might be some truth in this superstition.

Also, cutting the woman’s hair during pregnancy is superstitiously considered bad luck because it might cause the baby’s eyesight problems.

In some cultures, there is a belief that when a woman is ugly during pregnancy or resembles some ugly animal, the baby will resemble this animal. The superstition is unfounded scientifically.


So, is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early or not?

The answer is: no, it isn’t. You can even buy baby stuff before conceiving as an act of active faith showing the Universe that you don’t have doubts that you will eventually become a parent.

Buying clothes before the baby is born is not bad luck. You can attract bad luck yourself if you keep expecting something bad to happen to you or your unborn baby.

Expect the best outcome and have optimistic thoughts and images about the day when you will finally meet your baby and you will have nothing to worry about when buying clothes and other items for them.

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