Intruder Dream – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Having an intruder in your home is as we see it the worst nightmare for many, it is a feeling of being helpless, and alone, like someone has interpreted your private space like you have been violated, and what is even worse, is the feeling that you develop a feeling as you will never be safe ever again.

This is the worst part and for many, this is what stays after any encounter with the intruder that may or may be very harmful.

Now, having said all of this, we must add that dreams of burglars, being attacked, or being under the attack of an intruder are very common dreams among people.

Their meaning can vary, from a warning to your personal way to deal with some kind of trauma and you are not able to do it in a real life, so that fear manifests itself in a dream world.

This is truly important to know when you try to decipher this dream, but be certain that it can speak so much of your fears, your current mental state, and so on.

Here we will focus the most on the type of dream where an intruder appears – precisely someone who jeopardizes your space, home, body, etc.

It can be even someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.

Intruder Dream in general

The very thought of intruders causes some discomfort and concern in most people.

Just as we have said, such an event, or just an idea of it, creates a feeling of insecurity and fear that we could lose something.

Or in some deeper way, we are scared that we will be left without what is important to us.

Just like in reality, in dreams also there can be various types of intruders, from the “petty” ones to the very serious ones.

What scares us the most is an ever-present fear of injury and aggressiveness when it comes to intruders.

Feelings that we are not safe.

So, just like we have said, when we had a dream about the intruder, then such a dream can represent many things.

Its range of meanings is really wide.

Many dream books agree that the interpretations of dreams about intruders, in the first place, are various and range from completely negative to positive and desirable ones.

Pay attention to the feelings – primarily, we can see the fear that something will be denied to us and that we will lose something.

But, we will add one more thing that is very relevant when it comes to this dream – sometimes, an intruder appears in our dream world when our life is monotonous and we need some action.

We want something to happen, as soon as possible, even if that something is a bit dangerous and taboo.

Also, it is very relevant to know that the interpretation of the dream itself and its positive or negative sign depends on how we dreamed of an intruder and who he or she is.

If the dream, and there are such scenarios, when we have a se*ual act with an intruder, that kind of a dream does not mean the same as the one where you are having a panic attack when an intruder has broken into your home.

If you only saw an intruder in your dream, and if he or she did not have any interactions with you, and his or he actions did not relate specifically to you and you do not know him, such a dream indicates that you are afraid of possible bad events and are constantly under stress.

This is something to think about because the stress has eaten you and you cannot go any further.

This dream indicates that you are unnecessarily afraid of something that could happen and limit yourself to many beautiful things that you miss out on because of that fear.

Advice for all those who had such a dream is to try to relax and try to enjoy life, and you will solve problems as they come.

If and when they come, cause it is very likely that they will not come, and that they are just an image in your mind, for now, a reflection of your fears.

If you are in a role of an intruder, then a dream takes a different meaning.

In reality, this dream shows that you are probably oversaturated with everyday life and the constant cycle of the same things.

Over and over again, and it may seem like you had it enough; it is not a matter of whether are you under the stress, it is a matter are you under some routine that does not take you anywhere.

This is the question.

A dream where you are an intruder, then, in reality, you just simply need some adventure to feel alive, and even forbidden acts are plausible.

Then this dream shows that you want to do something that will take you away from the boring life; something that is out of the question is always the best way to get your adrenaline pumping.

Alternative to this meaning is the one where there is a possibility that in reality, you are more than eager for quick success and easy gain, so your desires and appetites are much greater than what you can realistically achieve.

This is a manifestation of your power that you do not have in reality, and only in a dream, you receives the opportunity to make it happen and to feel powerful.

Recognizing an intruder as someone you know is a very important dream.

If you have had such a dream, then this dream could signify that you are mistrustful and that you have trust issues in general.

Such a dream can show that you are very sceptical of that person’s good intentions and perceive that person as someone who does not wish you well.

This may be just your inner feeling that could be true, but it does not have to be, so you need to be extra careful because of it.

Think of who that person is, so that you can, in a real-life find out who that person is and do you feel threatened when it comes to that person.

Why do you feel that way, you are not being relaxed in their presence, but tense and expectant.

Is it real, or is this something that you can work on?

If you find and try to kill an intruder that is invading your home, then such a dream means that you, in reality, have a belief that you can arrange your privacy as you wish, and will do anything to protect it.

Your deep belief is that no one has the right to violate that privacy with their rudeness and gossipy curiosity, or something even more sinister and evil

Intruder Dream Spiritual Meaning

In the previous section, we have said that the dream about the intruder can have a positive meaning.

We have said that at times this dream may indicate that you are, for example, if you are in the role of an intruder and you are enjoying that role.

This dream can mean that you feel like you are tired on the inside, empty even and that you need some form of action.

This dream means precisely that – how to have more fun and become happier.

Then such actions mean that you are tired of the monotony of everyday life and long for some more dynamic events.

But in some other cases, this dream where you are in a role of an intruder means that you are not being realistic toward yourself.

This is the dream that also refers to your unrealistic desires and appetites in real life.

In this sense, you are called to take better care of your spiritual state, and you do not have to think big and want it all right now, sometimes the biggest lesson is to be happy with what have right now, and to be grateful.

In any case, looking at things from this point of view, this is a dream that can take us to a deeper self-analysis.

It is said, that the appearance of intruders in dreams is symptomatic and represents an opportunity for personal growth.

On the other hand, it is possible that you get too involved in something that does not specifically concern you and that you take it upon yourself to solve it yourself.

We must add that, regarding a spiritual meaning of a dream about the intruder, and you are chasing it, then this dream is your attempt to be clear with a certain part of your life, it can be a situation or a person maybe.

When you dream that you are chasing an intruder, it indicates that you are determined to clean up some things and find out the real situation.

In reality, it may be that you are so ready to split the positive from the negative, and you don’t want these concepts to become intertwined and create a feeling of confusion.

If you want to grow, in whatever part of your life, this is very crucial, as you need to separate things and have a clear sight when making decisions or conclusions.

You like to know what you are up to and to remove disturbing factors from your life in time; this is not only useful, but this is also very healthy, in a mental sense.

If you are dealing with an intruder who you know, it is someone you have recognized, such a dream speaks of feelings that you cannot share with that person

It is very likely that he or she is the cause of your frustration.

The need that you have and cannot express is this – is there any way, you could directly and openly tell that person to mind their own business and not interfere in what does not concern them?

Find a way to tell that person what is on your soul, otherwise, you will not be able to move an inch from the place you are now.

Intruder Dream Biblical Meaning

Of course, we can find the meaning that is based on Biblical teachings – the dream of an intruder also has its meaning.

Here, it is especially necessary to pay attention when an intruder breaks into your house.

And here, the house has its own meaning – it is the symbol of the refuge and safe place.

It is a dream of the outside world that we do not feel is good to use, and we do not feel safe, but there is something that is much more important here.

There is a big chance that in fact, we are afraid for ourselves.

Sometimes, this dream, as the Bible sees it, is the dream of courage, and here it can be seen as the need to wake up with such a feeling if we feel that we lack it.

This is the truth when we, in a dream, resolutely defend ourselves against the intruder.

Then such a dream certainly means that we have the courage and attitude not to allow others to endanger us in any way.

One more version of this dream is relevant to the biblical understanding of it.

When you dream that you are chasing an intruder from your home for example, then such a dream suggests that you may soon decide to join some organizations or associations (of religious type, you may start something new, but this could mean that you have found what does suit you in some way).

It is also plausible, that the dream of chasing intruders means that you will join someone in solving certain problems that you have in common.

But it is very important to know that your direction of work must be oriented toward doing good regarding other human beings.

You should not be at the center of any action.

This is relevant to know, because in the dream where the intruder is ruining away from you, and you try to catch out, then you are the type of a person who in reality, is a fighter for truth and justice.

You simply cannot watch injustices happening around you and you have a deep urge to react in such situations.

Your own interest in all this is not important to you, what is important to you is that you believe that no one should turn a blind eye to bad things.

You are a good human being, and just follow those steps, and you are living according to God’s demands, for sure.

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