How To Use Nikola Tesla Divine Code 369 To Manifest Anything You Want 

There are so many books, articles, movies, tv-series and documentaries about the most famous scientist in the world – Nikola Tesla.

This title is not given just because, it is in its place for sure.

He was maybe the best known for the discovery of electricity, but he was so much more than this.

All people who know this, and more and more people are learning that this man was so much more, he knew secrets and mysteries that are not yet available to us.

But, more and more people are learning of his discoveries – one of them is the law of attraction, and the power of manifestation that is closely connected to it.

Now, there is a lot of say regarding the power of manifestation, and it is always necessary and a common topic, since in reality, we struggle with certain problems, and when we know the secret, then we can look at them differently…

We see and feel what we believe when we learn the law of attraction.

Here is one example before we go to the concrete method – for example, if you truly, from the inside, believe that you are beautiful and are happy with yourself, you will notice that everyone in the room will turn their heads to you and you will be mesmerized when they look at you.

You manifest your beauty, in the same way, you manifest days that you do not feel as gorgeous as usual, and truly you become it.

How you feel you look like.

Now, if you are not sure about it, and if everyone turns their head after you, you will wonder if there is something wrong with you, which leads to highlighting the flaws.

Whatever it is, in your mind it is true.

We can transfer that to any information and any situation.


Now, there are numerous methods you can manifest – there are various approaches, instruments, and modes to make your desires or goals come out in reality.

It says that we always get things in life or as some like to say to draw into our lives things that we truly want in our hearts, not what we think we want.

Some people like to create a vision board, others like to visualize and use affirmations.

But, the most important thing is to truly raise your vibration (as then you align with the Source), and this is what these methods are created for.

To begin with, and this applies to all manifestation techniques – is to be present at the moment.

When we look at it realistically, this moment is all we have, and start doing it right now.

The future or the past does not exist at this moment.

That’s how balance is created.

In the most common ways, you can, and this is advised for all methods, is to write down what is important to you and keep a daily journal of your thoughts.

Whenever you wander, try to come back to the present moment.

It’s the only moment you can really control and consciously influence.

Now, here we would want to take a look at one of the methods that were created by one of the most influential scientists in the world -Nikola Tesla

This technique is somewhat different and it is based on the power of numbers, 3,6, and 9.

Tesla believed in the power of these numbers, as it is based on the idea that the world is based on vibration that could be manipulated for our benefit.

Nikola Tesla Divine Code 369

Most of the genius people throughout history felt more than us about how the universe works and almost all of them were obsessed with the number 3.

The most famous among them was Nikola Tesla, and next to him, was Dante Alighieri. They believed that he was divine.

Nikola Tesla once said that people who learn the power of numerals three, six, and nine, are in the position to discover the secrets of the entire Universe, and therefore they can have whatever they want to have in life.

These tree numerals were part of his obsession (he had more than one obsession, he was known for them as all great minds are), and he said that these numbers are incredibly essential.

It is interesting to mention that no one believed him.

What is so interesting and powerful in these numbers?

He was so obsessed that he did everything in sets of three, six, or nine.

He divided everything that he has calculating and dividing with three.

He even figured out the nodal points around planets in our Solar system, associated with the numbers 3, 6, and 9!

This was more than superstition – numbers, or maybe even wider mathematics, is not something that humans have made, but we merely discover it.

Mathematics is a universal language and law – look at it as a language that all people could understand.

And the part of the law is that everything in the Universe is based on mathematics – these patterns are precise and could be calculated.

No matter where you are in the universe, 1+2 will always be 3.

Everything in the universe obeys this law.

Some patterns occur inherently in the universe, designs that we have found in life, universes, star construction, evolution, and almost all natural designs.

This (pattern) is most beautifully described in “Golden Section” and “Sacred Geometry”.

It is a significant method to which the Universe follows, it is a “binary system” whose example works by forming from one and restarting with duplicated numerals.

Our bodies are also part of the systems – for example, cells and embryos grow based on this sacred pattern: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256…

Now, he thought that using the numbers 3,6, and 9 shows the portal where we can enter 5D dimensions (just to note, we live it in the 3D)

In between, there is the 4D dimension – also a great stage to go through believed to be the place of ​​the soul that is filled with passion, harmony, and weightlessness.

The manifestation method 369 is incredibly easy, and it impacts your subconscious, encourages, boosts focus, and triggers the law of attraction.

This is what you want when you are in the process of manifestation.

Tesla first defined the concept that numbers 3, 6, and 9 are strong numerals that could be used for the process of manifestation.

It is good to know that the number 3 symbolizes our relation to the cosmos and innovative presentation, 6 guides internal stability and harmony, while 9 symbolizes our regeneration (that is, clearing what no longer benefits us and changing into what we want to evolve in life).

When you do this right, then you can manifest whatever you want in life.

The first step is to write down on paper or notes, maybe on your phone, as the majority of people do it in this way.

Repeat this action three times when you wake up, when the day passes six more times, and nine times when the night falls.

It is recommended that you visualize what you want to get while writing. After writing, close your eyes and fantasize about your wish, experience it as if it has already been fulfilled, here and now.

Such a process should wake up your motivation -as this method 369 is in harmony with the law of attraction that is always active in the Universe.

When you start practicing this technique, pay more attention to various opportunities, calls, or signs that can lead you to a certain place or a certain person.

Remember, when we focus on what we want to attract and take concerted action to achieve it, we can help ourselves get it, and the technique of number 369 can help us do that.

If you want to make something become materialized then you can surely do it with the numeric code 369.

And you need to understand what kind of desire you want to achieve -you need to be as concrete as possible.

After that, you should come up with your affirmation that relates to your wish, that is, say it as if the wish has already come true, in the present tense.

For example, if you want to get a job in the company of your dreams, then you must speak the affirmation that will sound like “I got a high position in the company where I work”. If you want to get the love of your life, then “My love is coming closer to me every day” or “I deserve all the love that person will give to me”.

This method could be applied to virtually any part of your life, and it is important to believe in the process, not force it, depict your desire for the smallest details, and be persisting in it.

Do not give up, and remember you must feel good (have high vibration) in the entire process.

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