Hot Air Balloon – Dream Meaning

Balloon in a dream represents something positive, something good and bright.

Dreams in which you see a hot air balloon are not so common, but if you do have them then you shouldn’t be worried about it.

Hot air balloon represents something positive, it may be connected with your positive side and your ambition.

Sometimes these dreams appear in order to warn you about your behaviour.

You could be aiming too high for something, but you don’t have anything to actually make it come true.

Sometimes these dreams mean that you are constantly in the clouds, it is time for you to get back on the ground and see the world as it is.

This dream may represent your adventurous spirit and loving nature.

You are the type of a person that truly enjoys outdoors and you love doing new things.

Dreams of hot air balloon may represent your missed opportunities, perhaps you are having regrets about something from your past.

It is important to remember your dream and all of the details from your dream.

Is the hot air balloon flying or you are having trouble with making it fly, or maybe you are not able to see the ground while flying, etc.

Every one of these dreams has its own meaning and it is up to you to recognise the one that is yours.

Also it is important to remember if the hot air balloon was darker than usual, then this dream means that you are depressed or dealing with some kind of challenges.

These dreams do not appear often and they are related with your emotions and thoughts.

Your emotions are the ones that dictate everything, you need to know how to be collected and in control of them.

All you need to do is remember what your dream was about and find the meaning behind it.

It is truly important to know the message behind your dream and to understand what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

You can find everything you need in this article.

The Most Common Dreams Of Hot Air Balloon

Dreaming of seeing a hot air balloon without riding it

Many people experience huge regrets later in life, that is because people miss out on some great opportunities at that time without thinking about the future.

It is easy to miss out on something in life, this dream represents your regrets.

You probably had a lot of chances to visit a new place, or to find new friends that are crazy.

Perhaps you always wanted to try out some new food somewhere far away from your home.

You simply wanted to live a more exciting life at that point and you didn’t because od something that was going on.

There is a chance that your partner or even you were the causes of not experiencing life to the fullest.

Maybe your parents were way too strict and you couldn’t go somewhere with your friends and now when you can you have no one by your side.

It is still not too late to do things you missed earlier.

Perhaps you should book a flight somewhere and go on your own.

Maybe your problem is that you are constantly waiting for someone else to join you, why not enjoy on your own.

But, the problem is when those opportunities are long gone and you can’t get them back now.

Perhaps you married someone you didn’t truly love and left the love of your life.

You wouldn’t believe how many people regret their marriage choice.

The problem is that most people simply settle for anything and think that it is the best they are going to get at that time.

Maybe you wanted to spend more time with your parents, but they died.

There are many possible scenarios and there are many reasons to regret missing them.

If there is something you can do now, then don’t wait any longer.

But if there isn’t anything you can do, then it is time for you to understand that things don’t work out the way you want them to.

Start living your life without regrets and don’t repeat the old mistakes.

All you can do is to accept your destiny and continue living your life.

Dreaming of flying in the hot air balloon and enjoying the ride

This dream represents many things.

It can represent you as a person, it means that you like to take risks and you love stepping out of your comfort zone.

Perhaps you are the type of a person who really wants to live this life to the fullest.

You want to experience everything and you don’t want to have regrets when you get older.

Also, you like to take advantage of every opportunity you get.

There is no time to waste it on nonsense, you know that when you really want something you must go and get it before someone else does.

This dream may represent your sexual nature, you love to experience new things and you like to change your partners to spice it up a bit.

You are currently not so interested in a serious relationship and if you are in a serious relationship it means that you are expecting more of your partner.

Sometimes this dream may represent your need to feel the moment, you love living in a moment and feeling free while you are at it.

Another possible meaning for this dream, if you cannot see the ground while flying, is that you are afraid.

You are not ready to constantly live one unpredictable life, you just want to enjoy at home relaxing with your favourite book.

Perhaps you are moving to a new city or starting living an independent life.

This may be unusual and scary for you, but this experience can help you grow and develop as a person.

It is always hard to leave our parents, but sometimes that is necessary.

When you learn to live an independent life then nothing can stop you from reaching success.

Do not let your fears stop you from doing something you will thank yourself later on for doing.

Dreaming of falling from a hot air balloon

So, this type of a dream isn’t really pleasant and it can leave you feeling uneasy even after you wake up.

It means that you are having some high hopes out of life, but you are likely to experience some kind of deal disappointment.

You will soon discover that not everything in this life is fantastic and perfect, it can’t be that way.

You need to understand that sometimes you are going to hit the bottom, but this isn’t something that should scare you.

This is supposed to make you stronger and capable, if everything was perfect then how would you know the feeling of falling and getting up.

The best feeling in the world is when you fall and then get up again.

No matter how hard you fall down and how many times you fail, the important thing is that you continue trying hard to get somewhere.

There is no need to fall into depression, failure is a part of life.

Another meaning for this dream is that your head is way up in the clouds.

You are not thinking clearly and you do not see the real picture.

The only thing you do see is some kind of product in your mind.

You are not being realistic and this can cost you a lot more than you could ever imagine.

It is okay to be ambitious and to have some dreams, but you can’t live in a fantasy there is a real world out here that can’t be missed.

You are probably caught up with something that you do not see your issue.

It is time for you to grow up and act like an adult.

When you want to achieve something first find the resources for it, no more dreaming.

People won’t take you seriously when you are talking about doing something impossible and then sitting at the same place.

This can even make you seem arrogant, so change this as soon as possible.

Of course this dream depends on your current situation.

Dreaming of failing to fly with the hot air balloon

So, this dream means that you have impossible expectations.

You are making these huge plans that are truly hard to reach.

This can be linked to your career, romance, friendships.

Perhaps you want to be a millionaire, for one example, and you want to be one before you turn thirty but you have no idea how you are going to reach this goal.

Perhaps you want to start your own business, but you don’t even have resources or plans on how to proceed with it.

Maybe you started doing one project, but you see that it is way harder than you imagined.

This is perfect example of dreaming way too much, you can’t expect to do something beyond your reach.

This attitude can even lead you to potential problems, especially in relationships.

Perhaps you are expecting way too much of your partner in the bed, you have some fantasies that you want to fulfil.

You can’t act like this because you are hurting someone, why don’t you stop for a minute and ask yourself if you are perfect for someone else?

You can’t make some unrealistic expectations from people and think that they need to do what you want.

This behaviour will lead you to a lonely life.

Find a way to become a better person, start making goals that are possible for you to reach and stop wasting your time on some ideas that you are not able to complete.

Actions and not words, never tell anyone anything if you can’t make it happen.

Take this message and remember it, you won’t be able to fix your mistakes once you make a disaster of your life.

Dreaming of hot air balloon in dark colour

Everything dark or black in dreams doesn’t really have the best meaning in the world.

It means that you are not in the best place at the moment and that you need something to cheer you up.

This may be a sign of depression, perhaps something happened to you that left you feeling this way.

Perhaps you even experienced some kind of trauma and you are still trying to recover from it.

This may be a sign that you need some help with dealing with your emotions.

Also, you feel like you are constantly under some kind of pressure from someone in your life.

You are not feeling well and you need some help, it is time to take good care of yourself.

It can be truly hard to deal with your emotions, but it isn’t impossible especially when you have your loved ones by your side.

There will be brighter times ahead of you and you shouldn’t doubt it.

You just need something positive to happen to you, you never know what’s around the corner and you shouldn’t stop believing in miracles.

If nothing is changing then change your situation for yourself, you shouldn’t wait around for miracles.

Do something nice for yourself, find something to be happy about and don’t let yourself fall into complete depression.

There is always a way out of your situation and you shouldn’t doubt it.

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