Hole In The Ear – Spiritual Meaning

A hole in the ear, or preauricular sinus pit, is a tiny hole above the ear.

Some people are born with such a hole that is connected to a sinus tract under the skin which by chance ended in a wrong place.

This is usually a harmless condition, but in some cases it can lead to infections.

Such a hole is not a common occurrence and there is an estimate that one in 12.500 people are born with this trait.

There are many names for this hole, such as: preauricular sinus, preauricular fissure, preauricular pit, extra ear hole, additional ear hole, hole in the ear, hole on top of the ear, or hole above the ear, etc.

The so called “fish theory” states that the hole in above the ear is a remnant from the past during the evolution of humans from their fish ancestors.

This mark is more common in some regions in the world, like Asia and Africa, but it is a trait that can be found all over the world.

Spiritual Meaning of a Hole in the Ear

This hole isn’t just a unique mark on an individual; it can also have spiritual meanings giving information about the person’s strength and weaknesses, as well as the life path they are likely to have.

This is usually considered a good sign, and its meaning is related to good fortune and abundance.

The meaning of the hole depending on the position of the hole

  1. Hole is on the top of your ear

If the hole is on the top of your ear, this is related to the spiritual gift of hearing.

You might hear sounds others no one is able to hear, and in this way you might be able to receive messages from other realms of existence.

  1. Hole is above your ear

If the hole is above your ear, this is considered a sign of leadership.

You might possess leadership qualities and you instinctively guide and lead others when necessary.

You might be a leader in your close circle of people, but this might also be your life calling.

It might be a sign of great influence you will possess over others.

This is also perceived as a channel spiritual beings can use to communicate with you and deliver you their messages.

It is a sign that your spiritual senses are heightened.

It is advisable for those with this placement of the hole to work on developing their specific gifts.

  1. Hole is inside your ear

If the hole is inside your ear, this is usually a sign that you are very sensitive.

Maybe you are overly emotional and have a tendency to react emotionally to every situation in your life.

Maybe you tend to judge every word someone speaks to you and consider it as an attack to your personality.

Maybe you are also prone to gossiping or at least gathering information about what others speak about you.

This placement of the hole might also indicate your attention to details. Maybe you are an overly detailed person.

Other meanings of hole in the ear

  1. Abundance

Often a hole in front of the ear is perceived as a sign of abundance and luxury.

It is perceived as an omen that the person will be fortunate in obtaining wealth and luxurious lifestyle.

This tiny hole is considered as a sign of blessing from the Universe, indicating that the person will manage through their own effort and initiative to succeed in life and provide a luxurious lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones.

It is also a sign of generosity and sharing those blessings with those less fortunate, which is likely that this person will do with their abundance.

Usually this is a sign of a future abundance for the person, and sometimes it can indicate that a person is born wealthy.

The spiritual lesson these people will need to learn through this blessing of abundance that has been given to them is to share these blessings with others.

Abundance is not a meaningless gift that God and the Universe has rewarded us with.

It is given to us with the aim to share it and use it to help others who are less fortunate.

The person with such a special trait might already be born with the trait of generosity, and they naturally use their gifts and wealth to give it to others and make their life better.

Others will need to learn that through specific experiences and signs sent to them by the Universe.

They learn that by giving they only stimulate the inflow of more abundance into their life.

It is not enough to do give just for the sake of giving. The giving should be done selflessly and wholeheartedly to be counted.

  1. Psychic abilities

A hole in the ear is sometimes considered a sign of psychic abilities.

It is believed that a person born with such a mark is gifted with special psychic powers.

This is especially true for the cultures of Asia and Africa.

This hole is considered as an additional tool for receiving messages from other realms of reality.

It is believed that these people can hear and see things that are beyond the reach of ordinary people.

They are able to read through people’s minds and know what they are thinking without hearing them at all.

This trait is also related with the gift of premonition or foretelling the future.

A person with a hole in the ear might be able to anticipate events that will happen in the future without being aware of how they are doing it.

This hole might indicate that your intuition is heightened, and you are able to somehow sense what others are thinking or what will happen to them in the future.

It is related to the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and other extrasensory abilities.

These gifts can make you hear messages from God and angelic beings forewarning you about your future, or the future of someone in your life.

They can also make you see vivid images of the future.

  1. Connection to higher powers and the Universe

Having a hole in the ear might also be a sign of being connected to higher powers.

It is a sign of wisdom and inner knowing that seem to come from sources beyond our visible reality.

People with this mark are often different from the majority of people, because they appear older and possess wisdom that has no apparent source, especially when they were very young.

This mark is perceived as a channel through which God and the Universe are speaking to you and delivering you their messages which you then need to spread to others and the world.

This trait can also indicate a person who is somehow predestined to do things for the benefit of the world.

Maybe you are born to make a discovery that will change the world as we know it or to change the way majority thinks, or you are just being called to help people and release their suffering.

The hole is considered as a sign of divine guidance which the person uses to overcome their challenges, but also to help others to solve their problems.

Their vocation might be to use these special gifts and powers for helping people.

  1. Good fortune

A hole in the ear is generally perceived as a sign of good fortune and luck.

People with this trait are considered lucky and they often are.

This is in many cultures perceived as a sign of protection from the Universe and God.

People with this trait are believed to be protected from all harm.

It is like whenever challenges come some unforeseen aid comes and helps you overcome them with ease, whether it is circumstances or a person that comes in and helps them.

It is considered a blessing when you have this trait in front of your ear. It is a sign of opportunities for success and achievement of our goals.

  1. Spiritual abilities

Having a hole in the ear can indicate your ability to connect to other realms of reality with ease.

You might have a gift to easily develop your spiritual abilities, or you have an inner knowing that you were born with a higher purpose of helping others and humanity.

You might be a very spiritual being and since young age you have experienced contacts with beings from other dimensions, received messages or just felt their presence.

These people might be specially chosen by God as a channel for his messages, which they will afterwards deliver to those who will benefit from them.

  1. Spiritual mission

People with a hole in the ear might be born with a special mission to spread their knowledge on spirituality and help others become closer to God.

These people might be on a spiritual path to develop their spirituality, which they will teach others.

They might have the role of helping God spread their love and help to those in need. Often they do a humanitarian work or help society in some way.

  1. Feeling of oneness with God

Having a hole in front of the ear for someone might be a sign of a deep connection to God they feel ever since young age.

These people are usually very religious and feel divine presence in every aspect of their life.

They pray regularly and receive divine guidance whenever they need it.

  1. Being a role model

The hole in front of the ear can sometimes be a sign of a person who is looked up to and is a role model to people.

This is someone who is a true leader and people love to follow their guidance.

These people are compassionate and instinctively know how to react in various situations.

They are always ready to help others and are protective of their loved ones.

Other Interesting Spiritual Facts About Hole in the Ear


Ear piercing is a practice that is over 5000 years old according to currently available evidence.

Although nowadays it is a practice related more to women than to men, in ancient times men were those who had their ear lobes pierced as well.

Tutankhamun death mask has holes in the ears, or pierced ears.

Earrings were a common thing in the 1500 hundreds, and men used to wear them, often to show off their status.

This fashion continued throughout the centuries, while after the Second World war women begun wearing them as an accessory.

Wearing earrings or piercings is a common thing nowadays.

They don’t need to be just a fashion statement, they can also have a spiritual meaning, especially when placed in front of the ear.

Piercing of the ears is often considered a way of showing respect to the divine and their ancestors.


Ear piercing is very important in Hinduism.

The piercing of the ears is a sign of abundance and wealth, and most of the earrings and piercings are made of silver and gold.

It can also be a sign of marital status for women.

Piercing in the ear is also a sign of respect to the divine.

Work of evil spirits

According to some beliefs, these holes are the work of evil spirits that intervened during the process of pregnancy and growth inside the wound.

The spirts attacked the mother and marked her unborn child with this mark.

Having a lot of self-doubt

A hole in the ear might indicate that a person is not confident and needs to work on building their self-esteem.

They might be doubting themselves and lacking faith in their abilities.

They might feel that they are not worthy to be successful or to accomplish success.

These feelings are detrimental to their future, and they need to erase them from their minds.

If you feel like you don’t deserve to be happy, successful, and loved, this might be a challenge you will need to overcome in your lifetime, and a lesson you were born to learn.

Trust God and his divine helpers to help you along the way.

Being easily influenced by others

If you have another hole outside your earlobe you might be someone who is easily influenced by what other say or their criticism.

Maybe you cannot stand people talking bad about you even if it is for your own good.

This might mean that the moment someone talks about you or tells you something you don’t like you start feeling insecure and bad about yourself.

You immediately begin doubting yourself, your looks, intelligence, abilities, etc.

This is a good thing if someone speaks good about you and compliments you because you feel the boost of confidence and you immediately feel better about yourself.

It is bad to rely upon other people’s approval or disapproval to feel good about yourself or build your confidence.

You need to stop paying attention to what others say or think about you and begin loving and respecting yourself for who you are.

Your external circumstances impact your personal life

If you have a hole above your ear, this might indicate that you are easily influenced by the circumstances in your life even when the situations are not related to you but someone close or someone you know.

It is not easy for you to distance yourself from what is happening around you, at your workplace, to your family members, family members, etc.

Maybe you are very receptive to the energies of those around you, which is not a bad thing when they are happy and stimulating energies, but it has detrimental effects on you when the energies are anger, sadness, depression, resentment, etc.

You might be someone prone to receive all those negative energies inside you and become possessed by them, even though they don’t come from your own experiences but from experiences of other people.

If you realize this is the case, try to listen to your inner voice and guidance of your intuition when these situations occur and you realize you might become overwhelmed with other people’s negativities, and immediately remove yourself mentally or physically if possible from these situations and people.

Being able to hear supernatural voices and sounds

There is also a belief that people with a small hole above their earlobe are able to hear supernatural voices and sounds through this hole.

These voices are voices of guidance for their life and life of others.

This might be a way this person comes into contact with their angelic guides and receives messages from them.

This doesn’t have to be a blessing because the person might be constantly overwhelmed by sounds and voices from other dimensions which might drive them into anxiety.

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A hole in the ear is a unique trait that occurs rarely in some people.

It is believed that this physical trait can have some spiritual meanings that marks the life of this individual and their future.

This hole is usually related to special powers the person is gifted with.

It is believed that this person can receive messages from the divine realms, that they possess the gift of clairsentience, clairvoyance, or other mystical powers that connects them with beings from other dimensions of life.

A hole in the ear is considered as a sign that the person will experience wealth and abundance during their lifetime as a result of their own efforts and good fortune.

The hole above the ear is also considered a sign of good luck and the person who is born with such a hole is considered very lucky.

The hole can also be a sign of connection with God and the spiritual realms and can indicate that the person is being contacted by spirits and other spiritual beings since young age.

The person can discover these gifts later in life, but they usually are aware of them very early in life.

They often have vivid experiences, seeing pictures of the future, or hearing voices giving them messages about their life or about other people.

They often possess leadership qualities and people naturally want to follow their guidance.

They often feel very close to God and believe it is their mission to serve God by helping people.

Many of them are into humanitarian work and activities, and many use their special gifts, prophetic powers, and other gifts to help people.

This special hole is sometimes considered an obstacle because it causes the person to be doubtful about their abilities and lack confidence.

It is a reminder that the person should constantly work on building their confidence and faith in their abilities and not allow others discourage them.

They could also be easily influenced by the opinions of their surroundings which causes them anxiety and stress.

They easily get hurt when they hear bad opinions about them which causes more doubt about their worth and their abilities.

They need to work on building their self confidence and love and appreciation of their own value.

They can also be prone to receiving negativity from the people and situations in their environment, workplace, home, friends, and other situations that might occur in the outside environment which causes them to feel bad, depressed, sad, angry, resentful, etc.

The hole serves them as a reminder to work on building their strength and inner guidance to help them remove themselves from people and situations that are causing the negativity within them.

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