Holding Hands Dream Meaning

Dreaming is probably the most mysterious activity of living beings, an activity of our brain during the time of inactivity of our body.

Actually, our whole being is active twenty four hours a day, in a certain sense, but we need rest and go to sleep.

Dreams are the most fascinating and enigmatic part of the process of sleeping. We dream every night, but we do not always remember our dreams. Animals dream, as well.

Why do we dream? No one can give an accurate answer to this question.

Throughout ages of human civilization, the process of dreaming and dreams have been intriguing some of the greatest minds of the times, as well as common people.

Dreams can be described as series of images, followed by various sensations, that occur in our brains while we sleep.

Although we usually think of dreams as images, they activate all of our senses, not only the sense of vision.

Some people report dreaming in colors, while others have monochromatic – grayscale dreams.

Many would confirm they experienced certain taste, sounds, smells, even physical sensations while dreaming.

Dreams certainly reflect our waking lives, at least to a certain point; they serve as a processing channel for all of our daily experiences.

However, there is probably more to it. Bizarre scenarios do not necessarily have to do with our actual experiences.

Some say dreams have no actual purpose, they are simply some sort of a by-product of our brain when sleeping.

Dreams have also been associated with memory, emotional processing, mental cleaning etc.

It is hard to resist the idea of the meaningfulness of dreams.

Indeed, dreams are full of symbolical activities and symbols we associate with tons of meaning that help us better understand our life and organize our life path, in a way.

Hands Symbolism

Before we move onto interpreting dreams about holding hands, it is essential to learn about the symbolism of hands alone.

Hands are one of those body parts having the greatest socio-cultural significance around the world.

Hands represent so many things of essential importance to our lives.

Hands stand for power, protection, ability, work, generosity, gentleness, hospitability, relationship, connection and so much more.

We use our hands to gesticulate, to communicate with the world around us; the same hand gesture would have different meaning in different cultures, for example.

Hands are our first mean of communication, our hand gestures could be accompanied by verbal expression or not.

We use our hands to express our gratitude, dismissal, demands, supplication, to give oaths, to threaten someone, to show warmth and gentleness.

We greet people by shaking hands, we deny or accept by hand gestures, we express our joy and grief by using hands.

We caress by hands, hug people by our hands and arms and so much more.

Hands are employed to salute, to adore, to get rid off, to approve or prohibit.

The list is endless, as hands are definitely one of the busiest part of our body.

Symbolical meaning of hands is, of course, associated with all activities and gestures hands are used for.

We can think of some basics. Hands symbolize strength, ability, connection, protection and are involved in all kinds of activities twenty four hours a day.

In the following paragraph, we talk about dreams about holding hands.

Holding hands symbolically have to do with connection, safety and protection.

Holding Hands in Dreams – General Info

There is no consensus on dreams’ purpose, meaning, origins; neuroscientists and psychologists continuously work on further studies and research about dreams.

Perhaps there is some truth in each of the hypothesis and assumptions on dreams.

Phenomena, activities, things we dream about often strike us emotionally or make us wonder about the scenario.

Sometimes we associate our dreams with certain events in our lives and, thanks to dreams, we understand them better.

In old times, dreams have often been associated with divination, prediction and prophecies.

In any, case, understanding the symbolical meaning of a certain dream could only be of service.

We dream about many things, some ordinary, some not as much.

Have you ever had a dream about holding hands, with someone or holding your own hands together?

This is not an uncommon dream and could be interpreted in many ways.

Dreams about holding hands are usually associated with protection and connection.

In our waking life, we hold someone’s hands if we have a strong bond with that person, or if we have to help someone.

Dreams about holding hands could be interpreted in various ways, though.

For example, if you hold someone by hand in your dream, it could be a reflection of your shyness in waking life – maybe you do not have enough courage to show affection to someone.

People are often afraid of rejection, so dreams about holding hands with someone whom we do not hold by a hand in waking life is our way to process the anxiety about that; maybe it could encourage us to take action.

We may also dream about holding hands with a person who relies on us and needs our support.

Maybe we do not notice it in real life, so dreams help us bring it to awareness.

Maybe it us who need affection, protection, support and care, but we do not show it in waking life, because we would like to keep our freedom and independence, but deep down inside, we still need someone to hold onto.

Holding hands in dreams is typically associated with strong emotions, intimacy, closeness, friendships and relationships, bonds of all sorts, companionship, cooperation, mutual understanding, trust, loyalty.

Let us go through some of the various scenarios of holding hands in dreams.

Dreams about holding hands with someone you like

Dreams about holding hands with a person you find really attractive and dear to you in waking life are probably some of the most pleasant dreams, because they are full of the thrill of desire, mutual attraction and getting close to someone.

Perhaps there is someone you like so much, someone you might be falling in love with, but you are not ready to reveal your true emotions to.

You would like to hold that person by a hand, but you may still be a bit uncertain about your feelings.

Maybe you are afraid of their reaction, or simply still re-question your emotions. In any case, this is a positive dream.

It may even indicate a next step in your relationship with someone you sympathize and find intriguing and likeable.

Dreams about holding hands with your romantic partner

If you dream about holding hands with your date or your married partner, that is, a person whom you have certainly taken by a hand in your waking life, the dream interpretation depends on current state of your relationship.

For example, if you had a fight and got a bit distanced, holding hands in a dream reflects your willingness to settle things down and move on.

You love each other, but probably are a bit annoyed by one another at the moment.

You may also have such a dream if you are afraid of separation, if there have been some indications of a breakup.

You do not feel certain about where the two of you are going.

Alternatively, such a dream could simply be a crown of your beautiful, close and intimate relationship.

Such a dream reflects deep bound that you have with your beloved and an indicator of happy and stable relationship.

Dreams about holding hands with a friend

Dreams about holding hands with a friend are a confirmation of friendship, affirmation of your close relation with someone, of loyalty, mutual trust, mutual love.

Maybe you miss a good friend who is far away or you do not see the person as often as you would like.

Nevertheless, even if miles and miles separate the two of you, you still feel near and close. Your friendship is stronger than everything.

Alternatively, this dream could indicate guilt because of something you did behind your friend’s back or the guilt from not putting enough effort into maintaining friendship, regardless of how the other person acts.

Dreams about holding hands with a family member

Dreams about holding hands with someone of your kin could be interpreted in various ways, depending on the actual relation you have with someone from your family.

These dreams often occur if you miss someone, as a confirmation of your mutual support, or if you wronged someone.

The interpretation also depends on the relative in question.

For example, if you dream you hold hands with your mother or a father, it could be your subconscious way of dealing with separation of growing up, regardless of your actual age.

It could also reflect your fear of losing someone of your close family members.

It could also suggest someone of your kin needs your help and support in your waking life, so you feel you have to be there to help them.

Holding hands with family members in dreams indicate some unresolved conflicts that bother you, even if you put them aside in your waking life.

Dreams about holding hands with a child

Dreams about holding a child by the hand in your dream could have different meanings.

If you hold an unknown child, it could be your subconscious reconnection with your inner child.

You need to bring into your waking life some of the lightness of life you had as a child, innocent and playful.

Alternatively, it could represent your unwillingness to grow up, your unwillingness to separate from your childish self.

However, it could mean exactly the opposite – you are taking responsibility for something/someone in need of your greatest support and care.

Sometimes, such a dream could indicate you are about to become a parent, your readiness to start a new chapter in life or it could simply be a reflection of your unfulfilled desire to become a parent.

Dreams about holding hands with a stranger

Dreams about holding hands with a complete stranger are the weirdest ones and the meaning of such dreams depends on the feeling the dream left you with.

Such a dream may indicate an unexpected encounter, a new person in your life, new connection.

If the dream makes you feel good and you feel nice with the person in your dream, it tells about your openness and readiness to embrace new people in your life.

This dream could also tell about your feeling of loneliness, something you probably suppress in your waking life.

You would like to meet someone to share your experiences with.

On the contrary, if you feel uneasy and threatened, as if the person holds you against your will, it may be a reflection of a suppressed feeling of being controlled and manipulated by someone from your surroundings.

Dreams about holding hands with your enemy

Dreams about holding hands with your rival or enemy are very interesting ones.

This dream reveals mutual respect you have for one another, in spite of fighting for different ideals or being in competition over something.

This dream could indicate a period of withdrawal from your battleground, or even a compromise solution you two might reach.

The dream represent a sort of acknowledgement of rival’s skills and abilities, and vice versa.

Dreams about holding hands with a fictional person

If you dream of holding hands with an imaginary character, for example, a hero of a novel, the dream could be interpreted as a very positive sign.

If nothing more, it reflects your optimistic, imaginative and creative personality.

You have a powerful imagination, but also excellent intuition and you will be able to recognize those fictional characters’ archetypes in people you meet in your waking life.

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