Hippo Dream- Spiritual Meaning

Hippo in a dream is often a sign of your personal issues.

It can represent your temper and your way of dealing things.

In some cases these dreams are a sign that you need to relax a little bit.

Dreaming of a hippo may appear if you are going through a stressful period in life which is making you feel overwhelmed.

There are different interpretations of this dream and they all have a special meaning behind it.

Hippo may not be so common in dream world, but it often shows you your issues you need to work on.

You should take the message behind your dream and let yourself be open-minded.

Every detail in this dream matters, so pay attention to actions of hippo and hopefully you will find your meaning.

The Most Common Dreams Of a Hippo

Dreaming of seeing a small hippo

This dream represents something positive in your life.

In most cases, this is a sign that a new family member is arriving in your family.

Perhaps you or some family member is pregnant and expecting a baby.

Or maybe you are thinking about starting a family of your own, so you can say that this dream can even be a symbol of fertility.

Or, perhaps someone is getting married and bringing a new person into your family.

Another meaning of this dream is that you are going to experience some fun time with your family.

You are all healthy and you feel like your family is somehow protected from bad things.

Enjoy this period and make the most of it.

Having family is a huge blessing and you should appreciate it every single day.

These little moments are really important, one day you will see how big they actually are.

Dreaming of seeing a hippo

Dream where you see a hippo is an indication on your power.

You do not see yourself as someone who is capable of handling difficult situation or someone who can make something big in life.

The truth is that you really are strong and capable of doing many things, it is time for you to see that for yourself.

Stop making yourself look so small, you are not helpless and you are not weak.

This dream is a sign for you to start taking yourself seriously, start seeing your strengths and start believing in yourself.

You can’t always depend on someone else to solve something for you, do it for yourself.

Perhaps a certain situation will appear that is likely to reveal your hidden power.

Understand that you are special and this dream certainly proves it.

Maybe you are not comfortable with talking about yourself that way.

Or maybe you really have issues with your confidence.

You can spend your whole life hiding from something or someone, but at some point you need to step out of your comfort zone.

You should do things that make you feel uncomfortable, you can’t always be comfortable in life.

Many problems and hardships will cause certain dose of discomfort in your life and you need to be ready for it.

Start seeing this world for what it is, find a place in it and show your true self to the whole world.

Dreaming of two hippos fighting

This dream is connected with your spiritual beliefs and religion.

You are in a moral conflict with yourself.

The thing is that you really want something, but you are aware that it is restricted in every moral principle.

Perhaps you have gone off the right road in your life, maybe this life simply distracted you.

Even though nowadays everything is presented to be normal, it is not.

Religions and their laws are still something that needs to be guided by if you are a believer.

But, this may not be about religion.

Most people think that spirituality and religion are the same thing, but there is a difference.

Your spirituality is something inside of you and sometimes it has nothing to do with religion.

You can be spiritual person without going to church or mosque.

Whatever your situation is with your spirituality, something is making it hard for you to decide something.

Follow your heart and your brain, do not do something you are likely to regret later.

Get back on the right track, no matter how hard we try to enjoy this world there is something that keeps reminding us that this world is not enough for us.

There is something bigger than us and there is something inside us that keeps us going.

Never lose your faith and hope.

Dreaming of seeing a hippo in a Zoo

This one represents your ambition.

It means that you are a person who is willing to do whatever it takes to get to your goal.

You do not accept the word no from anyone and it makes you a really fierce person.

Also, when you have a dream you instantly set a plan to accomplish it.

You are a person of action, you value your time and you have it all together right now.

It is important to know how to accomplish something.

Most people spend years dreaming about something without actually doing anything about it.

And you are not like that, which is really good for you.

Years pass really quickly, there is no time to waste.

Continue with this mindset you already have, you will be a really successful person this way.

What you should do is meet some new friends who think like you do.

Not exactly like you do, but who value same things as you.

This way you can learn more about everything, you can find new ways of resolving issues, etc.

It is important to have the right people around you, you spend your time with them and it can shape your whole life.

Always be picky when it comes to choosing your gang to hang with.

Dreaming of seeing a sick hippo

This dream represents the lack of motivation in your life.

You have no will to do anything right now, perhaps you had a failure that made you feel this way.

Failure is a part of life and if you want to be truly successful then you will have a lot of failures along the way.

It can be hard to fail sometimes, especially when you prepared for something but it is a great lesson.

Sometimes in life, no matter how hard you work you can still fail.

There is no guarantee for anything.

Now, what is really important after that is how you act.

You can let everything go and let failure take the best of you.

Or you can work harder, try it all out again.

This dream does not mean that you won’t accomplish something, you will if you stay patient and optimistic.

Dreaming of feeding hippos

This is an indication on your confidence issues.

You are only seeing bad sides of yourself, while there are so good sides to focus on.

This dream can also reveal hidden depression or anxiety that appears when you are hating yourself.

You are beautiful just the way you are, there is no need to search for something that is missing when there is so much beauty there already.

Social media is presenting models as a beauty standard, but keep in mind that most of those photos are filtered.

There is nothing real there, they are beautiful with lots of make-up and Photoshop.

Real beauty is natural and you should understand this.

It is easy to be fake with all of these fake people nowadays, but being natural and real is rare.

Maybe you should talk to someone about these feelings, perhaps someone can help you.

You have good people around you and you can rely on them.

Do not hate on yourself and stop overthinking everything.

It is time to accept yourself for who you are and not for who you wish to be.

Accept all of your flaws and weaknesses because they make you who you are and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Many people struggle with themselves and many people hate some parts of themselves.

You should work on this issue before it consumes you completely.

Love yourself before loving anyone else in this world.

Dreaming of hippos attacking you

This dream represents emotions you can’t control.

Everything that is happening to you is hitting you too deep right now.

You are taking everything personally and you are not able to cope with your feelings the right way.

That is why you are having some outbursts and issues.

Emotions can be tricky, the way they are being handled can make them your biggest weapon or your biggest weakness.

You need to understand that it is alright to feel everything at the same time, but do not let it discourage you.

You are perfectly normal and this does not make you weak.

It makes you a human, don’t stop trying to make yourself better.

Also, you should share your emotions to someone or find a way to release them.

Perhaps you should start with a journal or maybe with some exercise.

Screaming it out loud has also been proven to be successful way of releasing your emotions.

Just don’t keep them inside of you, it is important to let it all out.

All of the anger, disappointment, pain, let it all out and find a way to start again.

Dreaming of seeing a hippo in the water

A dream like this represents stress in your life.

You are currently going through one really stressful period and it is starting to affect your health.

This dream is more of a warning sign for you, it is time to take care of yourself.

Stress is considered to be the number one cause of many different health conditions.

It affects the body in many different ways.

It may also mess up with your sleep, your diet and especially your mood.

Whatever it is that is causing stress in your life, find a way to get rid of it or find a way to control yourself.

You can’t be stressed about everything, you need to find a way to control yourself.

Perhaps you should find a way to rest a little bit, to turn off your brain and relax.

Everything can be stressful, but it is up to us how we choose to react to trials.

No matter how hard it may seem sometimes, you will get through everything without a problem.

Try not to stress so hard over work or your family, remember that you need to take care of your health and your needs .

So, be sure to remember that your health can’t be replaced or cured once it is destroyed.

Dreaming of seeing a hippo with a big jaw

This dream is a sign that you are lacking patience.

You want it all right now and things don’t really work like that.

You must be patient if you want to achieve certain goals or dreams.

There are many challenges ahead of you and you need to put some work in order to get what you want.

Patience is the key of success, sometimes you need to just wait.

Truly good things in life are the ones you wait for.

This dream may be a sign that your impatience is affecting your relationships.

You can’t expect to have everything from your partner right away.

In relationships it is important to take it easy, step by step, you are not running a marathon.

Dreaming of hippo crossing your path

This dream means that your plans are likely to fail.

No matter how much people plan, something can always get in the way of those plans.

You never know what could happen and why everything happens the way it does.

Unfortunately your plans are likely to fall apart and there is nothing you can do about it.

Accept your destiny and move along, maybe there is something good in this delay and you will see it later on.

Even though it can be frustrating, you shouldn’t stress too much about this.

It was not meant to be and it is for the best.

Hopefully your next plans won’t go as this one. But, there is also a message for you.

Stop planning everything in life, it can fall apart.

Start focusing on life itself, move the way life moves and see where it takes you.

You can’t predict the future, no one can, so be sure to relax and take it easy.

People can plan all they want, but there is something bigger than us which controls everything.

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