Giraffe Dream – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Giraffe is one animal who is easily recognised by the long and tall neck.

In dreams, giraffe is usually a symbol of something good.

Biblically, it means that you are drifting away from your spiritual beliefs so perhaps you are negative or having negativity in your life.

These dreams usually appear to help you to fix something in your life.

They appear when you are having hard time understanding something, so they come and try to clear your head a little bit.

These dreams can also represent your drive to do something out of your life, it represents your ambition.

Also, it may be a sign that you are taking small steps in order to get to a certain destination.

Your subconscious mind can always find a way to send you a message, the most common way is through dreams.

In order to find the right meaning, you have to remember your dream and pay attention to the details you see in it.

Hopefully you find what you seek for and always remember that it is important to know the meaning behind your dream.

The Most Common Dreams Of Giraffe

Dreaming of a small giraffe

This dream represents small efforts and slow progress.

It has a good meaning, it means that you are going in the right direction.

People nowadays think that everything happens with one single step, that you can become a millionaire in one night.

Things don’t work this way in real life, especially when you feel like you can get it all in a second.

In real life things take time, real success comes to you when you put some real effort into doing something.

It comes to you when you make hundreds of small steps until you make the final one.

The sad thing is that people do not see it because they are too blind by the idea that everything happens overnight.

Perhaps you should spend less time on social media following people who give you false ideas.

You can’t possibly know how long it takes for you to get somewhere.

Everyone has their own speed and everyone gets to a certain destination when it is meant for them to be there.

You should be proud of yourself and your small steps, they are something to be proud of.

It means that you are still making some kind of progress while there are people who are still not making anything.

It all takes step by step.

Just don’t doubt in yourself and don’t spend time thinking that you are not good enough for something.

Perhaps you should work more on your confidence and try harder to achieve something.

You have to believe in yourself and be aware of your potential to do anything in life.

If you are not aware of your qualities then how can you expect someone else to see them.

Dreaming about seeing an angry giraffe

This type of a dream represents unresolved issues and fights in your near future.

You will enter a phase where you will have fights with everyone around you, you simply won’t be able to find the same language with your loved ones.

The problem as you can see it is in you.

There are many things bothering you and in the end you are releasing your anger on the people that love you.

You are not satisfied with your life and you have no idea what else to do with it.

No matter what problem you are experiencing, take care of your family and friends.

If you continue this type of behaviour then you are likely to end up all on your own.

Why would anyone handle your mood swings and unnecessary burst of anger.

Find ways to deal with everything in a healthy way.

Perhaps start exercising to release your emotions the right way or start writing a journal.

Just find something that can help you to take off some steam.

If you are not so satisfied with your life, you should start changing it.

Of course you can’t drastically change it all in a day, but start with small steps.

Start by having a healthier routine, healthy diet or even exercise.

If your job is making you miserable, then quit it and search for something else.

Just don’t mess everything up around you because you are not happy with your life.

Control your emotions a little bit before they get you into a bad situation.

If you are not able to handle your anger, many people could take advantage of that.

People can easily manipulate a person who doesn’t really know how to control their actions.

It is time for change, if you can’t do it on your own then find some extra help.

Dreaming of seeing a dead giraffe

As you can guess, this dream is not a good sign at all.

Dead giraffe represents some kind of a dead end.

It means that you are involved with something or someone that doesn’t have a real future, you are wasting your time.

Perhaps you are even aware of this, but still not able to let it go and continue with your life.

For example, perhaps you are in a relationship where the two of you do not have a future together.

You know that the two of you won’t succeed on the long run, but somehow you can’t let this person go.

Perhaps you are afraid that you will end up all alone or that you can make things work.

When someone isn’t right for you then you will know it right away.

There is no need to force something to stay in your life, especially when you are aware of everything.

Forcing something to work can only leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated.

That is why you should focus on the right things to do in life.

When you have clear signs to leave something, you must gain strength to do so.

When something comes to an end, you have to let it go.

If you continue holding onto it, then you won’t be able to be happy.

You can waste so much time and energy on something that is already gone.

Focus on new beginning and focus on becoming a better version of yourself.

Learn how to let things go and move on in a healthy way.

It also means that you will get the truth but you are likely to refuse to accept it.

Always be happy to receive truth from someone and never think that living in a lie is better.

You clearly have a lot of work to do.

Dreaming of a baby giraffe

This dream represents your poor judgement.

It means that you are likely to start a project because you think that you’ll do it with ease.

In reality it is much more complex and hard to work on.

So, your problem is that you do not see the bigger picture.

You only focus on the appearance and one thing while choosing something.

That doesn’t go like that, especially when you are working on something.

You need to gather all the information you can get before you start a project of any kind.

You can’t just start because it seems easy for you, the thing is that you are quick to make a decision and regret it later on.

Think before doing something and understand what you are getting yourself into.

Sometimes you start something that is impossible to do before the deadline.

This is one important lesson for you to stop doing this to yourself.

Do not take more than you can actually finish, always pick something that you can finish easily and in the short amount of time.

Stop taking tasks just because they look easy, start by analysing things in a better way.

Dreaming of a black giraffe

Black colour in dreams usually represents something negative or dark, especially in this case.

Giraffe is a positive symbol, but a black giraffe is a whole other story.

This dream represents negativity entering your life.

Negative thoughts are consuming you and you have no idea what you are actually doing at the moment.

You are constantly thinking about things going wrong and you are becoming more and more ungrateful.

This dream is a warning sign for you, your subconscious is trying to tell you to lose everything negative in your life.

Start with your attitude, you can’t act this way and expect something better.

You need to be grateful for your blessings and you need to be aware of the fact that you have everything you need at this point.

If you want something bigger then it is time to start working for it and not spend your time complaining or finding faults in everything.

Perhaps your company is bad for you and they are spreading the negative energy, if this is the case it is time to let those people go.

Do not let anything negative of bad enter your life, especially people.

Find people who are happy and positive, those are the ones you should hang out with.

Take this dream and this message seriously because you do need to work on this issue.

It is time to change your life and work on having a positive attitude.

If you are not ready to do it then stop complaining, you are the one who has the power to change the situation.

No one can do that for you and no one should do it for you.

It is your life start being responsible for it, you are the main villain or the main hero of the story that is your call.

Dreaming of a giraffe mating

A dream like this represents surprise and something that is unknown to you.

It means that you cannot predict the future, it has so much that you do not know.

No one can really tell what will happen later on, we can’t even know what’s going to happen in the next five minutes.

Also, we shouldn’t try so hard to know everything.

There is no single person in this world that knows everything and that has it all figured out.

You do that along the way and you pray that you are on the right track.

No matter how hard you try to plan everything out, don’t do it.

This is not something you can plan out, God already has plans for you and you will know about them when the time is right.

No matter how hard you try to have it all figured out, the only thing you can end up being is exhausted.

It is time to go with the flow, when you plan less then you have smaller chances of being disappointed or sad.

Do not make things harder for yourself when you do not have any reason to do so.

Also, don’t think that you can work your way and change something in your destiny.

You can work hard and be successful, but you can’t expect to change some other aspect of something else.

Everyone is figuring it all out on the path.

Also, the unknown is sometimes better than something that is familiar to you.

This way you can gain experience and learn new skills.

Imagine if everything was predictable and if we knew everything that can happen to us.

Then this life wouldn’t be so interesting and you can even have more stress when you know what’s going to happen to you.

Dreaming of seeing a giraffe in the water

This type of a dream represents your issues when it comes to listening to other people.

You simply don’t listen to anyone and you don’t take the advices from people who are smarter than you.

No, you think that you are the smartest one out there and this is something that is holding you back from doing something great.

You can’t act this way, it is childish and immature.

It is time for you to let others tell you something, listen to people who know what they are talking about.

Stop thinking that you are the only one who knows something because you are not.

Also, don’t think that you are capable to do everything on your own.

You need someone’s help, at least some kind of guidance.

If you continue acting this way then you are likely to make a huge mistake.

So, before you do something you are going to regret start by changing your behaviour.

It is time to show everyone that you are mature and that you know what you are talking about.

If you are confident then you need to handle criticism in the right way.

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