February Pisces vs March Pisces: Personality Differences

Pisces sign rules the period from approximately February 19 until March 20. These dates might differ, depending on the year, around a day before or after.

Because some Pisces are born in February, and some in March, there are some differences between February and March Pisces.

To determine where these differences stem from, we need to define decans and their role in the differences between February and March Pisces.

What are decans?

Decans are the subdivisions of a Zodiac sign. Decans were created by ancient astrologers whose idea was to divide every sign into three periods which last approximately ten days.

Every decan has 10 because every sign has 30 degrees.

Each decan of a sign is ruled by a different planet, and this planet is a secondary ruler to the main planet ruler of the sign. These secondary rulers add additional traits to the main ruling planet.

Types of Pisces according to decans division

Since the Sun is moving around one degree per day, most February Pisces will fall into the first decan, and most Pisces born in March will fall into the second or third decan.

The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, and the rulers of the decans are as follows: 0 – 9 degrees of Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Saturn, 10 – 19 degrees of Pisces is ruled by the Moon and Jupiter, and 20 – 29 degrees of Pisces is ruled by Pluto and Mars.

1st decan Pisces

According to modern decan rulership, the first decan of Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, and according to traditional decan rulership, the first decan is ruled by Saturn.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces in this case the first decan Pisces might be described as typical dreamy people, but adding the influence of the traditional Saturn, these people are grounded despite their imaginative nature.

2nd decan Pisces

The second decan of Pisces is ruled by the Moon, according to modern decan rulership, and by Jupiter according to traditional decan rulership.

These planets influence the second decan Pisces in a way that make them more sensitive and a bit adventurous.

3rd decan Pisces

The third decan of Pisces is ruled by Pluto, according to modern decan rulership and Mars, according to traditional rulership.

This makes Pisces from the third decan a bit secretive and dramatic. They are also very into mysteries, and sometimes occult knowledge.

Personality differences between February Pisces and March Pisces

In general, the differences in Pisces personalities born in February and March, mainly come from the ruling planets of the Pisces decans.

Some significant differences in their personalities also depend on how close the birth date of the Pisces person was from the previous or next sign to Pisces (Aquarius or Aries).

For example, Pisces born in the first days after the Sun begins its transit through the sign of Pisces can have some Aquarius qualities as well, because Aquarius is the sign that precedes Pisces.

Other Pisces born just before the Sun entered the sign of Aries, the sign that comes after Pisces, can have some Aries traits.

February Pisces

Pisces season begins when the Sun enters the first degree of Pisces, after leaving the sign of Aquarius.

This usually happens on February 19, but it can also happen a day before or after depending on the year.

Because the first decan of Pisces is ruled by Neptune it is generally believed that these first decan Pisces are the typical representatives of this sign.

This is true to some extent, but we shouldn’t neglect the important influence of Saturn which was attributed to the first decan by the ancient astrologers.

This planet seems to give these people a dose of seriousness and stability which is much needed for their dreamy and imaginative personalities.

February-born Pisces are sensitive and very emphatic. They seem a bit unreal and elusive.

They might also have issues with their confidence and self-esteem which can cause depression and addictive behaviors.

March Pisces

Pisces born in March belong to the second and third decan, and besides the traits which all Pisces have, also have the traits of Moon, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars, the ruling planets of their decans, and subsequently the signs of Cancer and Scorpio.

Because of their co-rulers, Pisces born in March are also very emotional and sensitive but can appear secretive. They are also more seductive than February Pisces.

These Pisces are more determined and confident in their abilities to succeed than their February relatives. They know how to stand up for themselves and don’t allow anyone to take advantage of them.

They can be prone to daydreaming and have a strong imagination just like February Pisces, but are realistic and don’t allow themselves to be held back by them.

They know things need to be done and action needs to be taken.

These Pisces are also very adventurous and sometimes express Sagittarius-like traits.

Main personality differences between February Pisces and March Pisces

Although Pisces born in February and March share many of their main traits, like being empaths, romantic, artistic, compassionate, and sensitive, they also have many differences and different traits.

Below are some of the major differences between them:

  1. Sensitivity

February Pisces are considered more sensitive than March Pisces because of the strong Neptune influence over their nature.

These Pisces seem to be more in tune with their inner wisdom and possess strong empathic abilities.

They can sense good and bad vibes coming from people and places, and they can also possess strong psychic abilities and consciously be using them.

On the other side, March Pisces also have these traits, but they cannot use them properly because they sometimes tend to be overly emotional, especially Pisces from the second decan, due to the influence of the Moon.

March Pisces from the second decan can be influenced easier than February Pisces, and might even be considered naïve at times.

They don’t have the strong emphatic abilities which can help them discern bad intentions coming from people and this can sometimes lead them to experience challenging situations.

March Pisces from the third decan can be deeply emotional and aren’t naïve at all. They read through people’s intentions and resemble Scorpios a lot with this trait.

  1. Vindictiveness

One major difference between February Pisces and March Pisces is the tendency of March Pisces to exhibit Scorpio traits, and vindictiveness is one of them.

While February Pisces tend to be more tolerant of those who have done them wrong, March Pisces aren’t so benevolent.

They will never forget that someone has harmed them and will try to revenge on this person.

Pisces born in February are tolerant, but because of their sensitivity, they can get very hurt and even depressed when someone they love hurts them.

They will likely forgive the person and move on, even though with a wounded heart.

When this happens to March Pisces, especially those in the third decan, their immediate reaction is disappointment and sadness, but they eventually pull themselves back and start thinking about getting even with the person who hurt them.

March Pisces might also be prone to ignoring the people who have harmed them. They will make the person suffer and feel guilty without speaking a word.

These people might seem naïve to other signs, but they aren’t at all.

  1. Creativity

One of the important traits of Pisces is their creativity. They are naturally artistic and often make great artists.

They know how to convey their emotions through their creative work, especially Pisces born in February because their imagination is very powerful, and they have much more ideas.

Pisces born in March are also creative but in a different way and they will certainly make sure to introduce an intense and direct approach to their art.

Their art differs a lot from the dreamy and aethereal art of February Pisces.

February Pisces might use their creative work as a means to escape their harsh reality and the problems that are bothering them.

  1. Openness and secrecy

February Pisces are open and don’t like any boundaries. They also have a problem establishing boundaries with people which can sometimes be the cause of problems.

These people love their freedom to express openly their personality and don’t like to push things.

People know where they stand with them, while with March Pisces people wonder. These Pisces aren’t as open and prefer to keep their privacy and opinions to themselves.

The main reason for this secretive and closed-off behavior is the influence of the Moon and Pluto.

They are very private and open up only to their closest circle of relatives and friends.

  1. Competitiveness

Pisces born in March, especially in the third decan, tend to be more competitive than Pisces born in February.

The main reason for this behavior is the influence of Mars and Pluto, which give them the necessary ambition and determination to succeed in their endeavors.

At times these people might even appear aggressive when they are fighting for something they want. No one would say they are a gentle Pisces if they saw them in this situation.

Unlike March Pisces, February Pisces are more passive and assertive.

They don’t make much effort to go after their goals, and give up easily, unlike March Pisces who are never afraid to go after their desires.

  1. Carefree and cautious

Pisces born in February tend to be very open and trust people, even strangers. Unlike February Pisces, those born in March tend to be more cautious.

February Pisces can be trusting beyond every logic, and this makes them susceptible to being victims of foul play. It is very easy to manipulate and use some of them.

These Pisces believe everyone is good until proven otherwise. Unfortunately, usually, they learn this is not true the hard way.

Sometimes their carefree nature is an asset to them because it helps them relax and not worry whether something bad might happen.

It is a great trait indeed because it is known that by thinking fearful thoughts we often attract the very same we fear.

March Pisces born in the third decan are opposite to this. Some of them might constantly be looking for signs of betrayal and foul play and living in fear that someone might harm them.

This is not always the case of course, but there is a difference in this regard between February and March Pisces and we should mention it.

  1. Artistic and adventurous

Although both February and March Pisces are very creative, and artistic, and possess a strong imagination, February Pisces tend to be more artistically driven and express themselves creatively.

February Pisces might have many artistic hobbies, and some choose art as their profession.

Their inner world is very strong and they need to find a way to express this world for others to enjoy it. For this, they choose various forms of art, like music, painting, or writing.

It is unfair to neglect March Pisces because they can also be very talented artists and many of them are.

Still, most of them choose to admire art and have a creative hobby and do something else for a living.

They are more prone to do something adventurous and interesting which will satisfy their desire for new experiences.

  1. Lack of confidence and optimism

Pisces are a sign which often struggles with confidence, and this is especially true for February Pisces. It’s sometimes hard for them to trust that things will be alright and find optimism for the future.

They might have issues with overcoming their fears and insecurities and they need to begin working on this as early in life as possible.

A lack of confidence and faith in yourself can cause these people great problems in life.

Many of them lack the determination to face this issue and become depressed. This is more likely to happen to February Pisces.

They might seek refuge from their bad feelings through addictive behavior and hiding from their problems.

Unlike February Pisces, Pisces born in March are more optimistic. They are more confident and focused on succeeding.

They can also feel bad and depressed but these feelings don’t last long.

They don’t allow themselves to feel and act weak, and instead, they keep pushing themselves towards their goals regardless of their feelings.

March Pisces don’t have issues with their self-worth like February Pisces sometimes might have.

  1. Dreamer and escapist

Both February and March Pisces are dreamers. They have a strong imagination and often envision their future, dreaming about their desires and achievements.

The main difference is that February Pisces often don’t have enough confidence to pursue their dreams.

They vividly see what they want for their future, but they might become scared they won’t be able to achieve it.

It is easier for many of them to give up than to fight. They often give in to addictions to make it easier to accept they are failing to accomplish what they want.

These types of Pisces might have a problem with accepting the obligations of reality. They cannot accept any kind of responsibilities and they end up failing in their life drastically.

Pisces born in March don’t have as many problems with their life and accomplishments. They also love to daydream, but they roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

They don’t allow themselves to be overcome by laziness or depression, or lack of willpower. They know things need to be done so they simply do them.

They try to maintain a realistic outlook in every aspect of their life and focus on their goals. This is what keeps them going and finally achieving what they want.

  1. Passivity and assertiveness

February Pisces tend to be a bit passive and prone to retreat. They often give up before even trying because they convince themselves they will fail eventually so why should they bother?

These types of Pisces might be very kind and tolerant, up to the point of letting others use them and mistreat them. They don’t even know how to defend themselves against the malice of some people.

When someone is attacking this type of Pisces they will likely pull back without responding to the attack. They might even try to please the person who is being mean to them.

It is really sad how some people can treat so badly someone so kind and nice. But it happens more often than expected.

February Pisces need to learn how to stand up for themselves and not allow others to bully them.

March Pisces are also kind and nice, but not as passive as February ones. In most cases, they know how to speak for themselves and defend themselves if necessary.

It is not likely that people will take advantage of March Pisces easily. Their nature is different, and they are naturally more reserved and closed-off than February Pisces, which is a protection of some kind against such attacks as well.

  1. Intuitive and emotional

Pisces are known for their strong intuition, and sometimes even psychic abilities like clairvoyance or clairsentience.

All decans exhibit strong intuitive and psychic abilities but in different ways. Pisces are in tune with their inner voice and wisdom and receive a lot of answers from within.

They are sensitive and emotional and intuitively sense when someone is in pain or needs help. They often choose professions where they devote themselves to helping others in need.

Some of them use their special psychic powers to heal or help others in some way.

Pisces from the third decan can be very interested in mysteries and occult knowledge and might practice it.

Pisces have a deep understanding and connection to everything supernatural.

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Pisces are the sign ruled by Neptune as their primary ruler.

Every decan of Pisces has a secondary ruler as well which gives its traits to the person born in a specific decan.

The first decan is ruled by Neptune, its modern, and Saturn, its traditional ruler.

The second is ruled by the Moon as its modern, and Jupiter as its traditional ruler. The third is ruled by Pluto, and Mars as its traditional ruler.

All Pisces share the same traits but they might express them differently depending on the ruling planets of the decans when they were born.

February Pisces tend to be open and trusting everyone, which often backfires on them because they are perceived as easy prey.

They are also very sensitive and easily get hurt when someone criticizes them. February Pisces are more prone to depressive thoughts and seclusion.

They are prone to giving up on their dreams and running into addictions to help them come with their lack of confidence and incapability.

These people are very dreamy and artistic and often chose art as their profession. They enjoy creatively expressing themselves.

Their intuition is strong, and they are connected to their inner wisdom.

They sometimes possess strong psychic abilities and help others with them.

March Pisces are similar but also different depending on the decan when the March Pisces person is born.

Those born in the second decan of Pisces tend to be more emotional and closed-off, and those born in the third decan tend to be more secretive and defensive.

March Pisces are also creative and love art, but usually as admirers.

They prefer doing other things that interest them and satisfy their adventurous nature.

These people are confident and know how to fight for themselves.

They are also focused on their goals and take action to fulfil them.

They don’t give up before a challenge unlike February Pisces who tend to retreat at a sign of a problem.

They are full of optimism and trust that things will work out in their favor, unlike February Pisces which might focus on the worst outcome first.

They can appear loud and aggressive because they know how to defend themselves. No one can take advantage of them.

These Pisces also have a strong intuition and might be interested in secret knowledge and practices.

Pisces are emotional and they differ in the way they express their emotions as well.

While February Pisces tend to express their emotions freely, those born in March are more closed-off, and express their emotions to those they know well.

March Pisces are more reserved, responsible, and organized, unlike February Pisces which might be very irresponsible and disorganized.

March Pisces can exhibit a trait of vindictiveness because of Pluto’s influence, especially those born in the third decan.

They don’t forget wrongdoing and they make sure the culprit pays them.

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