Eros In Scorpio: Meaning & Traits

Modern astrologers also analyze other celestial bodies besides planets.

They often use asteroids in their analysis and Eros is often the one analyzed.

Eros shows our turn-ons, our attractions, the things that will bring the most pleasure, and sometimes it can show our obsessions, especially with a person.

Eros in Scorpio Traits

Eros in Scorpio makes the person very erotic and attractive.

They enjoy physical intimacy more than others and they love to immerse themselves entirely into their lovers even in short-term relationships.

They love their love to be intense and they desire to possess their partners which doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to stay with them forever.

They need to leave a mark on their lovers, especially to be remembered as skilled lovemakers.

These people take great pride in their erotic skills. They know how to seduce their interest, but they usually don’t require much effort because they possess a natural magnetism that draws their potential partners to them.

Even those who are not especially physically attractive seem to have a hypnotic effect on others, who can easily become obsessed with them.

These people also tend to obsess over some partners especially when they feel intensely physically attracted to them.

The idea of having an erotic encounter with someone they feel attracted to is very thrilling for them.

They usually don’t experience any kind of issues or fears of intimacy and they are open to experimenting in the areas of pleasure.

Eros in Scorpio people are very passionate, and their passion is stronger if their partner also shares their intensity. They possess almost animalistic needs and others can sense that about them.

They emit sexual energy even when they are not aware of that. They also appear a bit mysterious, and this is what makes them even more attractive.

These people can easily manipulate their partners if they wish because they can make them infatuated with them.

Eros in Scorpio people seem to instinctively know the best way to please their partners.

This placement of Eros makes the person value very much the sexual aspect of their intimate relationships.

If that aspect is displeasing, the relationship might not be able to last despite the feelings they have for their partner.

Sometimes desire for intimacy can turn into an addiction for people with Eros in Scorpio.

For some of them, this is a need they need to constantly fulfil, which sometimes leads to infidelity and multiple partners.

These people are skilled lovers, both men and women with this placement.

They don’t need much experience to appear experienced because they instinctively know how to play the erotic game of seduction and lovemaking.

The intensity of connection is guaranteed with this placement. They are masters of pleasure and always feel inspired to action.

They have a strong desire to merge with their partner not only physically but also mentally. The more they know their partner their intimacy becomes more intense and passionate.

People with Eros in Scorpio don’t need much to be turned on when the right amount of physical attraction and mental stimulation is involved.

A person with Eros in Scorpio has a vivid imagination when it comes to their sex life, and they are not afraid to experiment.

They are usually eager to please their partner just as much as they want their desires to be fulfilled.

They want their partners to equally participate in the act and nothing turns them down more than a partner who is passive and waits for their initiative.

They love it when their partner knows what they want and what will give them pleasure.

With this placement of Eros, these people are assured to experience great pleasures and intense physical and emotional relationships throughout their lifetime.

This placement might also indicate overindulging in pleasures and sex. Sometimes this can make the person insensitive to the feelings of their partners and possibly hurt them in their pursuit of pleasures.

They might end up having one-night stands with people they feel attracted to being oblivious to the fact that these people might want more from them.

Their desire to please their intimate needs and experience the pleasure of an intimate act with the people they feel attracted to might make them go from person to person without allowing themselves to feel any kind of emotion other than passion and erotic tension that needs to be fulfilled.

These people are not superficial and some of them might possess quite deep and spiritual beings.

The best experience they could have is a strong emotional and se*ual bond with a partner they love and feel attracted to, and this is what they most desire.

However, their life circumstances and past hurts might lead them to lead a more superficial love life, settling for shallow and meaningless physical encounters which only leave them empty and sad inside.

The best performance of this placement of Eros is when a person encounters someone they like very much and feel in tune with, both physically, spiritually, and mentally.

This is when Eros in Scorpio gives their all but also feels complete.

Their nature is generally loyal, and only their lifestyle and circumstances can make them unfaithful. When they truly love someone they are very loyal and faithful to them.

These people cannot forgive when their partner has been unfaithful to them.

In this case, they might be prone to feeling resentment and desire to take revenge on the person who has hurt them and humiliated them in this way.

Eros in Scorpio people are very emotional beings, and their feelings can be easily hurt. Even so, they don’t let others know they are hurt, especially the person who has hurt them.

They are very private about their feelings and personal life and choose not to talk about it, especially with people they don’t know well.

When they feel someone might hurt their feelings they take action to protect themselves usually by becoming cold and distant. They are proud and don’t let anyone play with their emotions and ego.

It is easy for them to seduce almost anyone they feel attracted to because of their ability to read through people’s thoughts and feelings. They are very intuitive and know when they need to take action.

When they feel motivated there is nothing that can stop their actions, especially when it comes to conquering the person they like.

These people can be very charming when they want and not many of us can resist their charm and magnetism.

Their intensity and passion can lead them into relationships with people who are not the best choice and can leave them severely hurt and devastated.

Their tendency to choose partners based on their sexual attraction is something they should vary off because it can make them make bad choices.

They might become obsessed with such people and be involved in very toxic and negative situations that will be very difficult to get out of.

These people usually possess the intense Scorpio gaze that people with strong placements in this sign usually possess. This gaze makes them very magnetic, and it is the first thing people notice about them.

There is a strong sexual energy and strength that they emit and if they are interested in you, you will likely become infatuated with them.

These people possess strong analytical skills and easily understand the essence of a situation. They are often interested in mysteries and secret knowledge.

Woman with Eros in Scorpio

Women with Eros in Scorpio are very sensual and love physical pleasures almost as much as men with this placement.

This placement of Eros might make the woman a bit submissive and loving when the man is the one in charge. They enjoy playing the feminine role in the relationship.

Regardless of that, they are very passionate, and they experience intense emotions in their relationships. They cannot love someone if there isn’t passion and tension involved.

They love intense emotional connections which are also erotically charged.

They don’t have a problem pursuing their sexual interest. When they feel attracted to someone they don’t hesitate to approach and be open about their desires.

These women are very magnetic and usually don’t have a problem attracting those they like.

People are drawn to their intense energy which is often sexual, even when they are not aware of that.

They experience personal satisfaction when they seduce their interest. This boosts their ego and makes them feel even more feminine and empowered. They know how to seduce.

Although it might seem different these women are not insensitive and are quite vulnerable.

They might act cold and distant to protect their heart from being hurt but for the partner who deserves their love and devotion, they are prepared to give their all.

Women with Eros in Scorpio might act promiscuously because of their strong physical desires but they are generally very loyal and devoted.

These women know what they want and they know how to get it. They are not the easiest partners to be with because they might be very intense and prone to negative emotions such as jealousy and obsession.

Man with Eros in Scorpio

Men with Eros in Scorpio are very intensely sexual. Some of them might be perceived as seducers and sex machines and this is often completely true.

Many of them confirm their worth through their sexual conquests.

Even though they might be prone to changing partners they are not prone to having shallow contacts. The person must trigger their mind as well and not just their libido.

These men don’t hesitate to approach the object of their interest and are usually successful in their seducing endeavors.

They need intensity in every contact and partners who trigger this side of their personality are likely to maintain their interest for a long time.

They are very sexual beings and need to fulfil this need regularly. When they are in a committed partnership they are loyal and devoted to their partner and don’t need to look around for someone new.

When they find a partner that is the right match for their physical and intellectual needs they are sold for life. These men can remain faithful to one partner their entire life if they happen to be the right one.

Their intensity makes them prone to desire to control their partners. They need a deep spiritual and physical bond with them. They need to know their soul as well as their partner’s body.

Some of these men are consumed by their physical desires and this affects their life often in a negative way.

They need to learn to control their urges and channel this energy into some other creative endeavors if it becomes burdensome for them to bear.

Even though they are very passionate and intense, they are also very emotional and quite romantic.

Because of their strong physical desires, they might be prone to experimenting with their sexual acts, and some might be prone to acts that might be considered perverted and taboo.

Eros in myth

The god whose name the asteroid Eros carries was the god of love and sexual pleasures in ancient Greece.

God Eros was the child of the love relationship between the god of war and passion, Ares, and the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite.

The name Eros means desire and sexual love.

This god was often portrayed carrying a lyre or bow and arrow.

The most famous mythical story related to this god was the one described by the Roman writer Apuleius, in his novel The Golden Ass. This was the story of this god and the Psyche who was a mortal princess.

Psyche’s beauty and the attention she attracted from men provoked Aphrodite’s jealousy, and she ordered her son, Eros (who was named Cupid in the Roman Pantheon of Gods), to make Psyche fall in love with an ugly man.

When Eros (Cupid) saw Psyche, he couldn’t resist her beauty and fell in love with her.

The story continues with a lot of drama and intrigue, betrayals, and supernatural powers, after which these two remain together.

Eros in astrology

In astrology, the asteroid Eros points to our obsessions and desires, as well as passion we cannot control. It shows where and how we seek our pleasures and joy and fulfil our passions.

When we analyze its placement in the natal chart, especially through the house and sign where Eros is placed, we can find out a lot about someone’s passions and sexual preferences.

This asteroid shows what can bring the ultimate pleasure to the person, as well as the type of partners and pleasures they might be drawn to the most.

Especially the sign where Eros is placed can show the sign to which we are the most attracted physically.

Often this can be an explanation for the physical attraction between two people with conflicting Sun signs.

The placement of this asteroid can be easily determined using some of the available free online astrological calculators.

You only need the exact time, date, and place of birth of the person whose Eros you want to calculate.

This position is very important to discover the person’s sexual preferences and desires.

This can also explain the person’s attraction to a specific sign


Eros in Scorpio is a very intense and energetic placement of the Eros asteroid.

This placement makes the person very passionate and prone to seeking sexual pleasure.

Their erotic encounters are intense and fiery. They cannot stand shallow emotions and only people who are passionate as they are can stir their attention.

When they are attracted to someone they don’t hesitate to approach and reveal their intentions.

These people are great at seducing the people they are drawn to physically.

Although they are intensely se*ual beings, they don’t only seek physical pleasures, and they also need some mental stimulation to be attracted to someone.

They might have a hypnotic and magnetic effect on others and people seem naturally drawn to their energy and magnetism.

It is not a problem for them to find a partner to fulfil their physical desires because they are very attractive.

They are attractive even when they are not gifted with a particular physical beauty.

They are very confident about their abilities and openly approach those they like.

For these people, sex and intimate pleasures are an inseparable part of their emotional relationships and if this side of the relationship isn’t satisfactory to them, the relationship is likely to suffer.

They cannot be with someone they don’t feel attracted to or they don’t have a good sexual connection.

They love to experiment in the bedroom, but they also love their partner to give initiative.

In general, these people are loyal, although when they are not in an exclusive relationship with someone they might be prone to promiscuous behavior.

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