Eros In Libra – Meaning & Traits

In modern astrology analysis, astrologers use not only planetary positions but other celestial bodies as well. Asteroids are often used in their analysis, and Eros is commonly analyzed.

This asteroid reveals what are our turn-ons, the things and people that attract us, and what will bring us the most pleasure.

Sometimes Eros can reveal our obsessions, especially when we are obsessed with a person.

Eros in Libra Traits

The sign where Eros is placed is very important. When placed in Libra, this makes the person very focused on the needs of their partners.

Even though they appear as if they look for equality in the roles between the partners, they usually end up thinking about pleasing their partners and completely forgetting about their pleasure.

They are turned on by promises of love. They often fall in love with the potential of a great relationship being happier during the process of falling in love than actually being in a relationship.

Eros in Libra makes the person very romantic and enjoying the process of courting and expecting the other person to accept being in a relationship with them.

These people are charming and attractive and don’t have a problem seducing the object of their interest.

They are sociable people who are interested in art and fashion, and they prefer partners who share these interests.

They love the pleasures of life and enjoy pleasing themselves in any way possible.

They are attracted to partners who look good and have great taste in art and fashion.

They also look good and dress well and they also love to be with a partner they can proudly show off.

Although they love beauty in all forms, they are not superficial. They have many interests and are a fun company.

One of the main traits that cause issues in their relationship is their tendency to please their partners which can make them appear weak and clingy.

This doesn’t have anything to do with clinginess. It is their true nature, which is very kind, and finds joy in pleasing the people they love.

For them, it is essential not to become codependent on their partner and keep their relationship balanced.

Their partners begin losing respect for them if they are over giving and they often end up doing exactly that.

They need to be in an intimate relationship with someone who is a good match for them, and who is not aggressive or prone to quarreling.

They cannot stand fighting and quarrels and this is a deal breaker for them in a relationship. Their partner needs to have a calming influence on them.

Their partner also needs to be well-mannered. They cannot stand people who are aggressive and rude, especially those who treat other people badly.

Libra is an air sign, and this makes the person enjoy communicating with their partner. Communication is an especially important side of their relationship.

Because the sign Libra rules relationships, and Libra people have a strong desire to be in a relationship, when Eros is placed in this sign, this causes the person to feel the most comfortable when satisfying their sexual desires in a committed partnership with someone, whether it is a marriage or a long term relationship.

These people need to be loved and appreciated and this burns their sexual desire.

When someone treats them badly this usually has an adverse effect and pushes them away.

Libra people are very tolerant, and this will make this person tolerate more than other people but eventually, if nothing changes and they don’t get the respect and fair treatment they deserve from their partner, they leave.

These people can put up with a lot because they are very kind and gentle and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

They are indecisive and can take a lot of time to making decisions. They also don’t base their decisions on the right priorities and this often causes them to decide wrong.

This is especially true about their choice of partners. Their inability to be alone, often causes them to enter relationships with people who mistreat them and are a wrong match for them.

The fear of being alone is one of their worst fears which often causes them to do foolish things. These people are prone to obsessing over their partners and this is very dangerous if they choose the wrong partner.

Their obsession and fear of being left alone are what makes them tolerate intolerable behavior from their partners which borderlines abuse for a long time.

These people are selfless when it comes to giving their love and affection. They shower their beloved with attention and care. This is also a trait they should control because they might suffocate their partner.

They are not very passionate and prefer gentle expressions of love than passionate lovemaking. They enjoy hugging and kissing their partner and establishing an emotional bond before being intimate with them.

Some of them have a fear of intimacy and this might lead them to avoid being intimate with their partner or avoid relationships altogether.

This is why it is important to have a partner who is patient and sensitive to their needs. A partner who lacks tolerance and patience might hurt them very much and cause them pain and trauma.

These people look for long-term partnerships and usually avoid causal intimate encounters. They need the emotional bond with their partner and the feeling of security that a relationship provides for them.

Partners born in the sign Libra or with a strong Libra element in their natal chart are particularly appealing to these people.

Woman with Eros in Libra

Women with Eros in Libra are charming and attractive. They are very romantic and seek partners who are also romantic but also very good-looking.

They are attracted to beauty in all forms, and this includes their romantic partner as well.

They are usually beautiful as well, and if not their charm and charisma make them very appealing.

These women are very feminine and they look for masculine partners. They seek a partner they will feel safe with. Their relationship needs to be balanced and harmonious for them to relax and enjoy it.

They are not very passionate and they are seductive in a refined way. They prefer intimate encounters that are filled with cuddling, kissing, and expressions of love, rather than raw and uncontrollable passion.

Typical Eros in Libra women don’t have this kind of passion. Many of them can be shy when it comes to the topic of intimacy and the act itself.

This is why they need a partner who is patient with them and allows them to relax and gain confidence in themselves before making further steps towards intimacy.

A woman with Eros in Libra enjoys being complimented. She loves to hear that she is beautiful and well-dressed, that she has good manners, etc.

This woman also appreciates the beauty of other people and she cannot help but notice other people even when she is in a serious relationship.

This doesn’t mean anything more than a pure appreciation of beauty in all its forms. She appreciates the beauty of the human body just as she appreciates art.

Rude people repel her and she cannot stand being in their company. Her partner should be someone who is well-mannered, well-dressed, and looks good.

Because she tends to be indecisive, she also needs to be with someone who is very patient and knows how to deal with her nature.

These women can also change their mood very quickly which is also a fact to be considered when starting a relationship with them.

She is good at communicating and knows how to express her desires. She is also good at discovering the flaws in other people.

Man with Eros in Libra

Men with Eros in Libra are usually good-looking and attractive. They don’t have a problem finding a date and people usually find them very desirable.

These men have refined taste in women and they love their women to be good-looking, well-mannered, and well-dressed. She also needs to be kind and gentle.

They want a partner they could show off to others. They want to proudly present their woman to the world.

Eros in Libra man enjoys taking care of himself, grooming himself, making sure he is immaculately dressed, smelling great, etc.

They want to look as presentable as possible and looking good is very important to them.

Just like women with Eros in Libra, men with this placement enjoy being told they look and smell good.

They love getting compliments for the way they are dressed and for the choice of their outfit. Their taste is impeccable and they are usually into fashion.

They are generally not the type to cheat on their partner. They need to be in a relationship because it is difficult for them to be alone and when they find the right match, these people usually don’t look any further.

They need a partner that will be their support and help them overcome some struggles they have with indecisiveness and lack of trust.

They are not as passionate as typical men and need to gain trust and relax first to get to the next stage of intimacy.

They are good lovers but prefer to have an introduction to the act through kissing, hugging, and cuddling with their partner.

Also, these men, just like women with this placement have a strong appreciation for beauty, which requires a beautifully decorated space where they will make love to their partners.

They love enjoying life and consider lovemaking one of those pleasures and not a mere physical act.

Eros in myth

Eros is the Greek god of pleasure, love, and s*xual encounters. He was the fruit of love between the goddess of love and beauty and the god of war, Aphrodite, and Ares.

Eros means sexual love and desire, and the word erotic was derived from this god’s name.

In the Roman pantheon, this god was called Cupid.

Eros was often presented as a beautiful man or a boy carrying a bow and arrow, or a lyre. Eros was one of the Erotes, winged gods associated with sexual intercourse and love.

One of the famous stories involving this God was described in the novel The Golden Ass, by Apuleius, a Roman writer. Theirs was the story of a god (Cupid or Eros) and a mortal princess, Psyche.

Psyche was a renowned beauty and she attracted the affection and adoration of many men.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and Eros’s mother was jealous of Psyche and wanted to punish her for being more admired than her.

She forced Cupid to use his godly powers to make Psyche fall in love with a very ugly man, but seeing her beauty Cupid couldn’t resist but fall in love with her himself.

Psyche also fell in love with him. This story continues with plenty of drama, supernatural powers, betrayal, and intrigue, but after all the peripetia, Psyche and Cupid remain together.

Eros in astrology

Astrologically, the asteroid Eros reveals our obsessions and desires.

It also shows our passions and situations where we cannot control ourselves.

Eros shows what gives us pleasure, and where and how we seek to fulfil our pleasures and our passions.

Eros is analyzed through its position in the natal chart, through the sign and house where it is placed.

By analyzing these two we can discover much about the person’s sexual preferences and passions.

Eros in the natal chart reveals the type of partners they are likely to be most attracted to, their looks and personalilty traits.

It also shows whether the person is passionate or not and the level of their passion.

Eros shows what brings the most pleasure to the person, and the sign where it is placed shows the astrological sign the person will be attracted mostly in a physical sense, but also mentally.

If two people are not very compatible comparing their Sun signs and there is a strong attraction between them, they are likely connected through their Eros placements.

There are plenty of free online calculators so you can determine its position in your natal chart and analyze it. You need the time, place, and date of birth.

Analyzing Eros is very important in relationship analysis because it can show the physical compatibility of the partners which is very important for the quality and durability of the relationship.


Eros in Libra gives the person appreciation of beauty in all forms. This is why they look for partners with beautiful physical features, who dress well and are well-mannered.

They are kind and pleasant themselves and cannot stand being around someone who is displeasing both to their sight and their ears.

Rude and ill-mannered people get on their nerves and they usually avoid being around them.

Libra is the sign of balance which is one of the most important traits of the relationship they require.

Their partner needs to be someone stable and secure to be able to support them, especially during times of their insecurity and doubt.

These people need a lot of attention and they enjoy when they are complimented.

They love to receive compliments about their beauty, but also their personal style and overall personality.

They are always trying to please the ones they love, which can make them appear a bit clingy and dependent.

This is not far from the truth because these people usually desire their partner to be supportive of them.

Eros in Libra people are not very passionate and prefer gentle expressions of love.

They need to relax and trust their partner to be able to enjoy the physical act of intimacy.

They are attracted to good-looking partners, often born in the sign Libra or with a strong Libra influence in their natal charts.

They need to learn to control their urge to be in a relationship regardless of the cost because that might bring them to relationships with people who are not good for them.

Their kindness is easily taken advantage of and this is a thing they should be aware of.

They also need to stop being overly tolerant because their partners might abuse their tolerance.

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