Eros In Aries: Meaning & Traits

Besides planets, in modern astrology analysis astrologers also use asteroids. They are celestial bodies billions of years old, orbiting the Sun.

Eros is one such asteroid, and especially important in relationship analysis.

This asteroid can show what turns us on intimately, the sign that we are most attracted to, what will bring us most pleasure, or how we might become obsessed with someone.

Eros in Aries Traits

Eros in Aries makes the person quick to react when they like someone. Their desire lights up instantly. Their reactions are immediate when they see someone they like.

They can be quite intense in their approach to those they are attracted to. They have an all or nothing approach when it comes to conquering their interest.

Those who prefer a more subtle approach and demonstration of desires should better pass on the person with Eros in Aries.

As easy as their interest appears, the easy it burns out if there isn’t a reciprocation from their interest. Simply, they move on to the next one.

Eros in Aries person might appear overly dramatic, but also shallow and they often are.

They often don’t have the drive to pursue their interest until they say yes, but they usually try their shot and if it doesn’t work out, they don’t give it a second thought.

These people don’t involve emotionally in their sexual encounters.

They are passionate though, and this can be detrimental to partners who are more sensitive and emotional and fall for this intense passionate individual because it is not unlikely they won’t see or hear from them anymore.

It is not uncommon for them to observe their sexual interests as object which they aim to possess because they are attracted to them.

These people are not very sensitive about the hurt feelings their actions might produce.

Both women and men with Eros in Aries are the ones who pursue their partners. They are rarely seduced by someone else because they want to do all the seducing themselves.

They choose who they will pursue because they enjoy the thrill of conquering someone.

These people tend to move quickly into action. They are impatient, and don’t have time for dating and getting to know each other. They are in for the quick wins, seducing their partners quickly into physical activity.

Eros in Aries is inspired by the conquest. Some of these people might get excited to pursue an interest which seem impossible, and as soon as they reach their goal, they move on.

Unfortunately, many of these people don’t see the end goal as winning over the heart of a person they like, but scoring another conquest in the list of conquests, as if it isn’t about real people with feelings and lives.

This is a placement that always requires some action, confrontation, and competition with someone, and winning of course.

Their approach is very direct and can be a bit intimidating. They live for the moment, and if the moment is lost because their interest is not as quick to respond, their interest also fades as quickly.

There is nothing organized and planned in their approach. They are very spontaneous people and act impulsively. They are excited by the idea of excitement.

Aries sign is ruled by the planet Mars, and Mars was the Roman god of war. Similarly, people with Eros in Aries often consider romantic pursuits, sex, and love as a war game where they need to be the winner at all costs.

If a potential interest keeps turning them down, many of these people will become even more excited and willing to pursue them until they break their resistance.

It is exiting for them to imagine the final outcome where they will merge physically with the object of their desire who had been turning them down for so long. This is what keeps them going and interested.

Of course, if the interest for a particular person isn’t that strong, they will turn away after several attempts to stop waste their energy and save it for some new conquest.

These people enjoy hearing their partners glorify their sexual power and skills. They are simply very passionate and need to have a lot of physical intimacy with a person to also feel love for them.

When this aspect of their romance isn’t working properly, they cannot stay in such relationship.

It is an important segment of their personality and if it isn’t satisfied they need to move on to find another partner that will be an adequate match.

Woman with Eros in Aries

Women with Eros in Aries are very sensual and passionate, and they don’t hide their passion and desires at all.

The traits we have described in the general part of the Eros in Aries person appear very masculine and it is strange to even mention they also refer to women with this placement of Eros, but it is true.

Similar to Aries women who also have many masculine traits, Eros in Aries in a women’s chart exhibits the same behavior as in men’s charts.

This means that the women with Eros in Aries are prone to openly pursue their interests. Although they might appear overly direct and a bit vulgar because of such an approach, they don’t care much about that.

Their goal is to satisfy their desire, and these women find pleasure and satisfaction in winning over their objects of desire.

Women with Eros in Aries, want to feel they are desired and wanted. They want an aggressive and immediate response to their advancements.

Men who are able to respond in this manner are the ones that might steal their heart and attention at least for some time.

These women are very passionate, and some of them cannot be satisfied being with just one man forever.

Some of them might be considered quite promiscuous because they are prone to changing partners frequently.

Because typical masculine men usually don’t like a direct masculine approach from a woman, they can often be rejected by such men. This doesn’t discourage them, although it might hurt their ego.

Sometimes these women might continue trying to pursue such men and eventually win them over. They consider conquest as a great victory, and this gives them a lot of satisfaction.

It is fair to say that these women are very confident in their seductive qualities, and this has nothing to do with how attractive their appearance is.

They have an inner confidence that can make almost any man turn his head after them.

They want their man to be strong and confident as well. They also like their men to be passionate and know what they want.

Despite the fact that they want to be the ones approaching their interests, most of them don’t like when the man is weak and submissive.

Men who are hard to get are their prize goal. They also don’t mind a bit of competition because it makes winning even sweeter.

This woman knows how to get her man but also how to keep him.

Although she might not be the most faithful woman this woman knows how to keep the flame of passion alive.

For men who crave the same in their relationships, she is the ideal partner.

Man with Eros in Aries

Men with Eros in Aries are the ultimate conquerors. They enjoy the thrill of chasing the objects of their desire.

Their passion ignites instantly when they see someone they like. They don’t want to wait a second and they act impulsively. They need to express how they feel immediately.

These men are very passionate and love sex. They are usually not faithful because they enjoy the excitement of change that new partners bring.

They are very experienced when it comes to love making, and they can proudly consider themselves expert in the field.

Satisfying their intimate desires is very important to them. This is a part of their life they could never give up, and when the sex is unsatisfactory in their relationship, the relationship is nonexistent.

These people are not very concerned about the feelings of women they are intimate with. They are driven by their desire to satisfy their urges and they don’t think much about the consequences of their actions.

Once their desire is satisfied, it is likely that they will lose the interest for the woman, and they usually don’t have any regrets for such behavior.

On the other hand, women who have been intimate with often feel used and manipulated into being with them.

For these men conquering women is a bit of a game and a way to relax fulfilling their needs and desires. They don’t consider women as real during this process, but a bit like objects of their desires.

They don’t consider that they are doing anything wrong because they also believe that their partners are also enjoying the interaction, and that is it.

They don’t feel they owe something to them because they’ve been intimate.

In their head this is true, but they neglect to acknowledge the intensity and rush with which they sometimes engage in these encounters, without leaving their partners time to think and properly decide whether they want to be with them or not, overwhelming them with intense passion and desire.

This sounds cruel, but it is in fact pure biology and satisfaction of urges. This doesn’t have nothing to do with feelings because it takes a lot for these men to develop feelings for someone.

They prefer being in open type relationships because they often cannot guarantee their partners fidelity.

Eros in myth

Eros was the Greek god of sex and love. He was the love child of the gods Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, and Ares, god of war and passion.

Eros was one of the Erotes, group of winged gods of love.

His name actually means desire in Greek. In Greek art, Eros is represented as a young male who is a great artist, but also embodies his sexual power.

Eros was also often depicted as carrying a bow and arrow, or a lyre. He was represented in arts besides images of flutes, roses, torches, dolphins, or roosters.

One of the most famous stories of Eros was the story of Eros and Psyche written in the novel the Golden Ass, by the Roman writer Apuleius.

The story describes the love between the lovers Eros and Psyche, a mortal princes.

Aphrodite was jealous of her beauty and the worship she received from men, so she gave an order to her son Eros (Roman Cupid), the god of love, to make Psyche fall in love with the ugliest of them.

Seeing Psyche, Eros falls in love with her and after series of events which include betrayal and supernatural powers, these two end up together.

Eros in astrology

The asteroid Eros shows our desires and obsessions, and uncontrollable passion. This asteroid shows where we seek to find joy and pleasure and fulfill our passionate desires.

By analyzing Eros’s placement in the natal chart and the sign where it is placed, we can discover a lot about the person’s sexual preferences and intensity of their passion.

Eros can reveal what brings the most pleasure to the person, and what type of partners and pleasures attract them.

The sign where it is placed often shows the sign we are often the most physically attracted to. This often happens even if the sun signs of two people don’t match at all.

Eros can be easily calculated by using some online free calculators, and it is very useful in relationship analysis but also natal chart analysis to discover the person’s love and sexual preferences which are very important for most relationships to function properly.

By discovering your Eros sign, you might finally realize why you’ve been attracted to some sign that you are not at all compatible with according to your natal chart.

Eros sign can reveal the level of passion the person has and show how the person is likely to act in order to pursue these passions and desires.

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Eros in Aries makes the person very passionate and active in pursuing the objects of their desires.

These people are direct and don’t hesitate to approach the person they like and openly express their attraction.

They act impulsively and want to get down to business immediately.

Their sex drive is very strong and they need to fulfil it constantly. If this part of the relationship isn’t functioning properly, they will quickly remove themselves from such relationship.

Their passion ignites in seconds, and they need to act quickly to satisfy it.

They also easily lose interest if the object of their attention doesn’t show interest quickly.

There are some exceptions where the pursuit of someone who is unattainable is making them very patient and persistent.

They usually achieve victory because they cannot imagine being defeated in this area.

One of the negative sides of this placement is the tendency of these people to see the people they are attracted to as objects of their desire.

This inevitably leads to hurt feelings when they satisfy their desire and leave.

They can make the person they are interested in infatuated with them fast. This leads to hooking up quickly without leaving the person time to evaluate whether they want that or not.

When things are finished the person usually has some expectations but more often than not, Eros in Aries person doesn’t have any desire left and moves on to another conquest.

This is behavior that is typical for many men and women with this placement.

It is not easy for them to control their passions and they take their shots whenever they can. They are usually very successful regardless of their physical attractiveness.

It is like they hypnotize the person with their passion and intensity and they cannot resist their advancements.

They are passionate but they also look for someone with similar qualities. Someone who lacks confidence and is submissive cannot be very attractive to them.

They are attracted to fire signs and people with intense energy and passion. They want someone who will be able to deal with their strength as well.

These people are usually not very faithful which is why they prefer open types of relationships.

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