Dreams About Hiding From Someone – Spiritual Meaning

These types of dreams are so common and they can appear frequently.

When you dream about hiding from someone, it usually means that you are not really facing your problems in life.

It can also mean that you are trying to ignore problems you have or problems that you had.

This type of a dream appears as a warning sign for you to change your life.

You don’t have so much time and you have to act right away, if you continue running and hiding then you are wasting your whole life for nothing.

Hiding from someone can actually mean that you are trying to forget something that’s haunting you for a while now.

You can try all you want, but at some point you’ll need to be more mature and face everything that’s bothering you.

Sometimes these dreams represent immaturity, you are not acting serious and you see everything as a joke.

As you can see, your life is truly messed up right now and that’s why you have these dreams.

They are not evil signs, they are a representation of your problems.

Your subconscious is trying to help you and make you see that you need to do something to change your life.

These dreams may also appear when your relationship is failing because of your mistakes.

Or sometimes these dreams appear because you need to be more closer to God and you have to put your trust in Him.

Remember your dream and find the exact meaning right here.

The Most Common Dreams About Hiding From Someone

Dreaming about hiding from bad guys

This dream represents some sort of conflict in your life.

You are not on the same page as the people you love.

Somehow, you can’t agree on anything with them and you can’t find the right way to do so.

Perhaps you are way too stubborn to get on the same page with them.

Maybe you simply need to accept that other people do have their own opinions too.

No one thinks the same and every single person is allowed to have their own opinion of things.

Not everyone sees this world the same way and that is completely fine.

You don’t have to feel like you need to fight with everyone to prove some kind of point.

This is not how things work and it is certainly not the way to live your life.

You have to accept that sometimes you are wrong and someone else is right, even when you are right you have to accept that someone else doesn’t accept that.

If you continue acting this way then you won’t be able to live your life happily, you’ll continue to argue every day and it won’t get you anywhere.

So, try to find a way to relax and enjoy your life.

There is no need for you to spend your time trying to prove a point that won’t even matter later on in your life.

When you spend your life in conflicts and fights, then you will never be able to be happy and fulfilled.

Respect others and demand that same respect from them.

There is no need to fight, this life is way too short for unnecessary conflicts and stress.

Try to see the positive aspects in situations and try to not worry too much about everything.

At the end those little conflicts won’t matter, but your state of mind will.

Focus on the people you love and love them even when you don’t agree with them.

You don’t have any right to put your view into someone else’s head, so don’t act this way.

Hopefully you’ll find the peace you need inside of yourself, once you stop engaging in nonsense it’ll come to you.

Dreaming about hiding from police

In movies we see people hiding from police once they have done something illegal, this is not your case.

This dream sometimes may appear if you are doing illegal activity, but for ordinary people this is not the case.

You see, these dreams actually represent your poor choice making.

You are not acting accountable for your own mistakes so other people are suffering because of it.

Perhaps you have a bad habit that is affecting others around you, for example drinking or gambling.

Or you are simply doing things that are hurtful to others without you seeing this.

This dream is a sign for you to snap out of it and start taking control of your life.

You do not have any right to hurt anyone especially people that are always there for you.

Sometimes this dream may be a sign that you are not really serious about anything in life.

You see everything as a joke so you act like it.

This life is not a joke, it’s a gift we get from God and we all have a purpose here.

Your actions can cause disaster and they can affect so many different things that you can’t even imagine.

This whole world is connected and everyone has a different effect on it.

Whatever you do is causing some sort of change somewhere else, so be careful with your actions and start acting more mature.

This life is no joke and most people would love to have what you have.

So, find a different perspective and start making better choices in life.

And again this dream can appear if you do have a true fear of cops and if you are doing something you wouldn’t want them to find out.

Dreaming about hiding from soldiers

War is one traumatic experience for everyone who went through it.

It leaves so many different marks on you that change who you are forever.

Dreaming about it isn’t any better, it can be scary experience and it is usually presented as realistic so you won’t be able to understand that it is just another dream.

In this case you are dreaming about hiding from soldiers.

It usually means that you have a lot going on right now and somehow it all seems like it is never going to end.

Your problems keep coming and becoming bigger than they were and you are not even close to finding the right solution to end it all.

But, you have to be patient because with patience comes ease.

Yes, everything seems like it’s never going to end but it is like everything else does.

This won’t last forever and you won’t be in pain forever.

At some point all of this will become past and you will look at it as one lesson you needed to learn.

Not everything in this life is perfect and not everything can be perfect because in the end this whole life is one perfect mess.

Everything is messed up and somehow we are not able to understand everything that’s happening to us while we are going through it.

But, after some time we see it all as lessons we needed to learn in our journey.

Don’t let yourself feel depressed because of everything that’s happening.

Simply be aware that everyone is going through something hard in their lives and everyone has their own worries.

You are not alone and you can get through it.

So, focus on the positive picture and be patient until the storm is gone.

Hopefully you’ll find your answers at some point and you’ll be able to see why everything happened the way it did.

Only God knows what’s in store for us in the future, people can’t really know anything they can just hope for the best to come.

So don’t stress too much about possible outcomes, you never know when some kind of miracle is going to arrive, focus on your health.

Everything will pass and get better, but once you lose your health then there you have a true problem.

Your mind should be taken care of properly and not put in the second place.

Dreaming about running away and hiding

Running away from something is considered to be one of the most common dreams in the world.

It is pretty common and people can dream about this dream very often actually.

It can have many different meanings, but in general they all have one thing that’s similar and that is that running away from something in your dream actually represents running away from your real life problems.

In this case where you are running away and hiding from something the meaning is slightly different.

It means that you are trying to run away and start a new life somewhere else.

Perhaps you have something in your past that you are not ready to accept and instead on working on this problem, you are running away from it.

You want a completely different life, a new life without your past and everything connected with it.

This may be both good and bad decision you made.

It can be good because you are starting over and trying to build something new, but at the same time it can be bad because you still have those unresolved feelings that will haunt you wherever you go.

Perhaps you need to accept everything and move on in a healthy way.

Don’t ignore anything in your life, sit down and work it all out in your head.

Find a way to live with it and to let go of it without trying to forget it all.

Right now, you need to focus on the right things in life, focus on your personal growth.

Become a person that isn’t afraid of facing bad stuff, become someone your children can admire and be a good role model for everyone.

Once you start running and hiding from it, you’ll never be at peace.

You have to find a way to deal with whatever you have on your chest and to move on in the right way.

This dream may also mean that you are not serious when it comes to your responsibilities, you are taking everything lightly and you are not focusing too much on what you need to do right now.

Perhaps you are running away from your responsibilities and hiding from the consequences of those actions.

Dreaming about hiding from someone in a bathroom

This dream usually represents your past sins or mistakes you have made.

They are eating you up from the inside and you are having hard time with accepting them.

Somehow you don’t see any sense anymore in your life and you are not ready to deal with your past.

It makes you feel bad and you are so sorry for everything that you have done.

See this as a good thing, even if that makes you confused.

You see, God only puts guilt in hearts of those who He loves.

It is good that you are aware of those bad things, this way you can repent and be clean.

Don’t think ever for a second that God won’t forgive you, He is the most forgiving right?

Use this time to repent sincerely and to change your ways, it is never too late to start over again.

Let go of your past entirely, repent and then focus on the present time.

Life goes by quickly and as soon as you know it it’ll end.

Don’t spend time with some sort of regrets or trying to punish yourself.

Repent all the time and ask God for for forgiveness and ask Him to show you the right path you need to take.

Your past is gone and you can’t change what is already done, but you can change your future so don’t be the one who ruins it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and most importantly forgive yourself for not knowing better in the past.

Now you know what’s wrong and what’s right, you won’t repeat old mistakes.

Dreaming about hiding from someone and getting caught

This dream is actually connected with your love life, your relationship actually.

It means that you are not respecting your partner like that person deserves to be respected.

Recently you’ve done something that made them see you differently.

Perhaps you cheated on your partner or lied about something else.

Your partner doesn’t feel loved and you won’t last much longer if you don’t do something to fix this situation.

Relationships are hard to manage and as the time goes on they only get harder.

At some point the spark will be gone and real stuff will happen.

Not everything is like the fairytale you imagined so that makes you wonder about everything you currently want.

Perhaps you feel like there is no excitement no more and this makes you feel that you need to find it somewhere else and that is the number one reason of divorce and breakups nowadays.

When you choose your relationship partner and when you want to spend your entire life with this person, then you’ll do anything and everything to make that last.

Things will get harder and you’ll even hate this person at some points, but when you go through hardships together then your relationship will become stronger.

You have to show your love and affection to your partner just like you did in the first date you had.

You can’t ignore them and you don’t have any right to make them feel bad.

Work harder on your relationship because if you don’t it will fall apart soon.

So think about this dream as a warning sign, if you don’t change your behaviour then you’ll lose the person that was there for you.

Dreaming about hiding from someone in a closet

This dream is connected with your negative attitude in life.

You are always seeing the worst in every situation and you are not really seeing any problem in this.

Negative attitude will cause downfall in your life, you won’t be able to go far with this way of thinking.

This dream is usually connected with your career or your business.

It means that your business or career is going in the bad direction because of your way of thinking.

If you start seeing everything in a positive perspective then your whole life can change.

You have to have more faith in your capabilities and you need to boost your confidence somehow.

Don’t doubt yourself and stop finding bad things in every situation you get into.

Dreaming about hiding from a wild animal

These dreams may seem scary and they can cause many different unpleasant feelings.

These dreams usually mean that you’ll have new better opportunities in your life.

Perhaps something good is going to happen to you that is going to change your whole life.

But, there are times when these dreams are not good for the dreamer.

Especially when you dream about lions or tigers, sometimes these dreams may be a sign that you need to pray more because there is evil in your life.

So, put more trust in God and pray more.

Don’t be afraid nothing can harm you with God’s protection so there is nothing to be scared about.

Pray more, give more to the poor and stop bad habits that are not good for your soul.

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