Dreams About Floating In The Air – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Floating in the air is not possible for us humans.

We are terrestrial beings and being in the air can only happen to us, only when we are flying in some aircraft, or when, on some occasions, we happen to dream about floating in the air.

Floating is also possible in the water, where the person can relax, lie on their back and float on the water’s surface.

Floating in the air Symbolism

Floating in the air has a powerful symbolism.

The phrase “floating in the air” is usually used to express a state when we are extremely happy and excited because of something we have experienced.

It is a phrase used to describe a state of happiness and satisfaction.

Floating in the air has a more specific symbolism, especially when it happens in our dream state.

It expresses our connection with the divine and the Universe, a reveals our higher state of consciousness.

Spiritual & Biblical Meaning of dreaming about floating in the air

Dreams about floating in the air can be a reflection of our reality and the things we are currently experiencing.

Usually, they are dreamt when we are going through some difficult circumstances, or we feel like we are overwhelmed or out of control.

This dream can be a sign that you are physically exhausted and anxious and your body reacts in a way that puts you in this kind of dream scenario.

In some cases, a dream about floating in the air is a sign that you are currently feeling ungrounded and you need to do some work on grounding yourself and establishing stability.

In the Bible, dreams are often described as means that God and the angels use to communicate important messages to us.

From a Biblical sense and in the spirit of Christian tradition, the dream of floating in the air is a sign that the person is divinely guided and protected. It is like the dream represents their connection with God and the angels.

In the Bible, flying is often related to divine beings, angels, who are there to protect humankind making us close to God.

One of the most important notions of rising up in the skies was the ascension of Jesus Christ, mentioned in the New Testament, Mark 16:19.

When it comes to the spiritual and Biblical meaning of dreams about floating in the air, there is much significance in them.

Below are some of the most important meanings of these dreams:

  1. Connection with the divine and spiritual enlightenment

These dreams usually indicate a deep connection of the dreamer with the divine. The feeling of floating in the air is a reflection of the person’s connection with the Universe, and in some cases, it might indicate a sign of reaching spiritual enlightenment.

  1. Feeling free and liberated

A dream about floating in the air is a sign of freedom and liberation from the limits of three-dimensional reality and the realization that all things are possible.

  1. Hope and optimism about the future

This dream is also a sign of renewed hope and optimism. The person might be feeling free and optimistic, having an inner knowing that they are on the right path, doing the things that their soul is calling them to do.

  1. Overcoming fears and obstacles

This dream sometimes is a sign that you are overcoming some fears and obstacles, or that you have already done that and you feel liberated and happy.

Usually, when this is the explanation behind this dream, you might dream as if you are going through hard objects and crossing over impossible objects like mountains and walls.

This dream can also manifest as the dreamer being able to fly away from imminent attack and danger.

  1. Success and freedom

When we dream about floating in the air the meaning of the dream can be related to the sense of freedom and success we are currently feeling.

Maybe we have been able to release ourselves from the constraints of something or someone that has been suffocating us for a long time, or maybe we have accomplished some long-awaited success and we feel light and airy.

The dream of floating is a sign that the person feels invincible after these accomplishments and capable of achieving anything they desire.

Sometimes the constraints might be physical and when the person manages to overcome and surpass them, the feeling is like they are weightless and actually able to float in the air.

  1. Feeling inner peace

Dreams about floating in the air are often a reflection of the person’s sense of calm and inner peace. Maybe they have been on their spiritual journey for a long time and can achieve a sense of contentment and peace without many outside circumstances.

This is a person who feels in tune with the Universal truth and knows that everything is unfolding in the perfect order of the Universe so there’s no need to worry about anything.

  1. Feeling in control over your life

This dream is often a sign that you feel confident about yourself and feel you are in control over your life. This might be a sign that some new beginnings are at hand. You might have the feeling of invincibility and being able to do whatever you can imagine.

For some, this dream means that they have finally gotten rid of someone’s influence and now they feel they are free to live their life as they want.

Specific Meanings of dreaming about floating in the air

Generally speaking, dreams about floating usually have great meaning, symbolizing freedom, independence, joy, happiness, satisfaction, independence, and acceptance but also many others.

Dreaming of floating in the air

Dreaming about floating in the air, which is the central theme of your dream is a sign of your confidence and courage to move out of your comfort zone and do things that you were afraid of before.

Maybe you have experienced a change in your personality which has made you realize that you have been relying on the known way of doing things for a long time and it is time for you to challenge yourself and do something fun for a change.

This dream might be a sign of some major changes you could be making in your life soon, such as moving to another country, changing your job, or freeing yourself from the influence of some person who is limiting your freedom.

This dream is a sign that you are not scared to explore new areas and experiences. Often this dream is a sign of some new beginning in some area of your life.

Dreaming about floating in space

If you dreamed of being in space freely floating through the endless Universe surrounded by stars, this dream can be a warning sign to you.

Maybe you have been distancing yourself from your everyday problems, ignoring them and hiding yourself from the fact that you need to confront them.

This dream can be a sign that you lack focus and groundedness and you need to pull yourself together immediately. You need to confront the issues that you have in life and start doing this immediately and with determination.

Nothing will resolve on its own if that is what you’ve been hoping for.

It is important to have in mind that your current actions are affecting your future and the outcome of your actions. You know you have all it takes; you just need to begin taking action.

Dreaming about your family or friends floating in the air

If you dreamed about seeing someone you care about very much, like a family member or a friend, floating in the air, this should be considered a good sign.

This dream usually indicates your strong bond and spiritual connection with this person and the potential for success you can achieve alongside this person.

Sometimes this dream is a reminder to you to nurture the special bond you have with this person, especially if you are aware that you have been neglecting them lately.

Dreaming about floating in the air above your house

If you dreamed about floating above your house, this dream is a good sign, usually indicating some beneficial things happening in your life soon.

You might hear some good news regarding your family or you will experience some family success that will make you and all of your family members proud and happy. This might be some achievement you have been working very hard to get for a long time.

This dream might indicate the feeling of protection and support you feel from your family members that help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals.

Dreaming about seeing a dead person floating in the air

If you dreamed about seeing a dead man floating in the air, this is usually a sign to be worried about some upcoming events. You could likely face some obstacles soon and you need to be prepared to deal with them in an adult and determined manner.

You might be put on a test by some circumstances and you will be forced to fight will all your effort to get out of some awkward and challenging situation. Don’t ignore this dream but be ready to give an adequate answer to the situation that awaits you.

Dreaming about floating downward in the air

If you dreamed about floating in the air but going down while floating, this dream can be a sign of confronting some negativity and negative emotions.

This dream is a reminder to get rid of this resentment, hatred, or anger because they are only hurting you. This dream shows your courage and strength to confront this negativity within you.

Sometimes this dream is an indication of negative emotions such as depression and is a reminder to find the strength to deal with it before this ruins your life.

Dreaming about floating upwards in the air

If you dreamed about floating upwards in the air, this is a great sign, indicating your desire and efforts to succeed in life.

You might already be trying out some new things, or this dream might encourage you to finally embark on your long-awaited journey and put yourself out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes this dream indicates not using your full potential but only satisfying with average. The dream aims to show you that you have unlimited potential and you need to believe that all is possible if you put in the effort.

Dreaming about floating in the air with wings on your back

If you dreamed of having wings and floating in the air, this dream is a good sign. It usually signifies the success of some current activities. It is also a sign of your optimism and joyful attitude expecting success regardless of the circumstances.

The success that is waiting for you won’t be an overnight miracle. You will be forced to work hard to achieve it and the satisfaction will be even greater for that reason.

This dream is usually a sign of good luck that might be unexpected. It surely indicates happiness and joy because of your achievements.

Dreaming about floating in the air without control

If you dreamed of floating in the air but not being able to control your direction, this might be a warning sign from your subconscious.

This dream is possibly a sign of you being overwhelmed by the amount of duties and burdens on your mind. You might be moving fast in some situations or overwhelming yourself with tons of obligations and you might end up overheating and experiencing a burn-out.

Consider this dream a message to slow down your pace. If you can, delegate your job to others and find some time to relax. If you don’t do that, you risk jeopardizing your wellbeing.

You should think of this dream as an important sign of your inner being and don’t ignore its message.

Dreaming about being afraid to float in the air

If you dreamed about floating in the air and being afraid, or not even leaving the ground because you were afraid of floating, this is an important dream sign.

It probably reveals your inner doubts regarding your skills and abilities. You might lack confidence in your abilities to achieve success, or you are afraid of some situation or project where you fear that you might underperform.

This attitude is detrimental and you should get rid of it as soon as possible because it will prevent you from achieving the success you desire. Begin trusting in yourself more.

Dreaming about seeing an animal floating in the air

If you dreamed about seeing an animal, like a cat or a dog, floating in the air, this dream is a good sign.

This dream is a sign of happiness, success, peace, and contentment. It is an encouragement to continue following your dreams with faith and optimism.

Having this dream is a reminder to use your enormous gifts and talents to create your desired life.

Dreaming about floating in the air above a church or another place of worship

If you dreamed about floating above a church or some place of worship, this dream is possibly a warning sign regarding your spirituality.

Maybe the dream is a reminder from your subconscious to begin working on your spirituality or maybe you have neglected your spirituality and you are being reminded to change your behavior.

This dream is also a sign that you are supervised by your guides and that you have strong spiritual protection and connection with them.

Dreaming about floating in the air in an air balloon

If you dreamed about floating in the air in an air balloon, this is usually a sign of encouragement. The dream is a reminder that you are supported by your dearest ones, family members and friends, and everyone that loves you.

If you are experiencing tough times and you need help, this dream is a sign to seek help and guidance from those that care for you.

Dreaming about floating on airwaves

If you dreamed you were floating on airwaves, such a dream is often a warning sign about possible challenges you could soon encounter. You might be faced with some temptations that will be hard to resist.

Your dream prepares you to arm yourself with confidence and self-control because it is likely that it won’t be easy to deal with the obstacles that will be put before you.

This dream could also be a sign for you to work on putting your strong reactions, such as anger, under control.

You need to learn to control your emotions and not let them spiral especially in situations where you need to be calm and measured.

This dream is also a sign to take on an optimistic attitude and expect the best outcome. That will ensure your success.

Dreaming about someone floating towards you or away from you

If you dreamed about seeing someone floating towards you, this is usually a good sign.

It often represents the connection between you and the person floating in your dream.

If the person was floating away from you, this might indicate that the two of you are drifting apart and that your connection with them is slowly fading.

If you don’t want this to happen you should begin putting the effort into maintaining this relationship and ensuring this person that your friendship is valuable.

Sometimes this dream is a reminder to you to devote more time to your friends and loved ones.

Maybe you are beginning to neglect them because of some other distractions.

Dreaming about floating in the air but being afraid to move

If you dreamed about floating in the air but are scared to move, this dream is usually a warning sign, especially regarding your confidence.

Possibly you are experiencing an episode of self-doubt in some situations, or you are generally someone who lacks confidence in your abilities.

The dream obviously shows that you are capable since you are floating in the air without any support, but the fact that you are afraid to move is a sign of your doubts.

If you recognize that you feel this way, you should seriously work on building your self-esteem and faith in your abilities.

Trust that you can be, do, or achieve anything you desire.

If you lack self-worth and feelings of confidence, maybe it would be a good idea to seek the help of a professional who will help you overcome these issues and this will immensely improve your life.

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