Dreams About Evil Spirits – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

When God created everything He made sure that everything is in balance.

Now we have day and night, man and a woman, black and white, but we also have both good and evil.

As long as anyone can remember, there was good and there was evil in this world.

That’s just how these things work, they are in sync.

Throughout religion we can see how everything started out, when God created angels He created them to worship them.

Then you have one who didn’t want to obey His commands so He decided to make them evil angels, devil.

Actually that devil wanted to misguide humans and to make them disobey their true lord-God.

This is probably known to you because it is the well-known story to everyone.

As we know it, according to religions, we have spiritual world parallel to our own world.

In this world we have evil spirits that are affecting our lives.

Those evil spirits can even get inside of our head and appear in our dreams.

Devil has one purpose only and that’s to mess with human kind.

He wants everyone to suffer and to make bad decisions, so that they stop believing in God.

That’s his only purpose and he is our biggest enemy in the world.

Devil can affect a human in many different ways, it can haunt that human, it can mess with their head, but it can also affect their dreams.

Everyone had at least once in their lifetime a dream where they saw some sort of evil spirits.

You can dream about some evil spirit haunting you or taking control of your body.

There are manu different interpretations and they are all equally scary for the person who dreams about them.

These dreams can leave one unpleasant feeling after you wake up.

They are usually so realistic and scary that you are afraid when you wake up.

This happens because human mind is aware of their existence or you have fear of these things.

Evil spirits are out there and they can cause a lot of discomfort in people.

People do many things that are not right, they make decisions which are not good and as soon as you know it you end up being somewhere where you shouldn’t be.

That happens when you mess with these spirits, some people want to make these evil spirits work in their favour or they sell their sould to the devil himself.

There are no good reasons why people do these things, but this world is full of messed up things and you should be careful.

Always seek for protection and always seek for God’s help.

These dreams can appear when these spirits are actually messing with you.

Muslims believe that bad dreams, nightmare, are actually from the devil.

He wants to scare you and mess with your head so that you end up feeling scared.

Sometimes these nightmares should be treated this way and they shouldn’t be something you are afraid of.

Don’t think that these dreams will affect you in your waking state.

Perhaps you feel like some spirit is out to get you and you get paranoid the day after.

That’s not the real case and these dreams just like every other have meaning of their own.

It is true that these dreams can appear when you are distant from your faith and God.

At that point you have no good protection and evil spirits can mess with your head.

But, there are other possible meanings too and you can find all about them if you remember your dream as it is.

Not everything is always connected with religion, so these dreams can be connected with your emotional state just like every other dream you usually have.

So, these dreams may appear when you are filled with negativity.

Perhaps you are having some really bad thoughts that are affecting everything in your life.

Thinking badly and seeing only the bad sides of everything can be exhausting.

Those emotions can cause dreams like these to appear.

Another possible cause of this dream is, well, stress.

Stress can truly affect everything in your life and in your body, you can have your whole life destroyed because of it.

Stress affects our health and it is seriously important to know how to manage it.

When you are under a lot of stress, because of work or personal issues, then these dreams are likely to appear.

Another possible cause is your previous mistakes.

You’ve made mistakes and those mistakes are reflecting now.

You haven’t made peace with them and you haven’t accepted them, perhaps you are still punishing yourself for making those poor decisions.

But, you have to let go and focus on your future.

Don’t forget to forgive yourself and to become more patient with yourself.

Sometimes in life other people tend to have more control in our life than we do.

If this is your case then this dream appears because someone is telling you what to do.

Perhaps your parents are telling you what to do in life and how to do it.

Or someone else has some kind of control, you are not making decisions that you want to make and everything seems to be so strange to you.

Evil spirits in dreams may actually represent people who are controlling you.

If you are a big fan of horror movies, then these dreams shouldn’t be anything strange for you.

When you watch scary things that involve evil spirits, it is completely normal for you to dream about them.

Especially if you feel like you are scared after watching some kind of horror movie.

These dreams are truly scary and they are never pleasant.

They are never really a good sign, they are not always a bad sign.

It all depends on your current emotional state, on your spiritual state, on your surroundings, etc.

There are different types of these dreams and they all have a meaning of their own.

It is important for you to remember the details you see in your dream, especially when you dream about evil spirits.

You can dream about seeing them, facing them, you can also dream about seeing a haunted house, killing evil spirits, etc.

So, find the right dream right here and find out what it means.

It is important in this case to know the true meaning and even when you find out what it is, check your connection with God.

It is important to ask for protection against evil, that way you can sleep in peace always.

Sometimes people don’t believe in these things, but unfortunately nowadays there are so many signs of evil.

It is never good to dream about evil spirits and these dreams are considered to be one of the most common dreams a person can have.

Everyone has these dreams and if they are really frequent then you have something to worry about, go to church or somewhere where someone can help you.

This world is full of evil and everything you see around you is only a part of everything that exists.

Of course you shouldn’t worry way too much, that is why you have this opportunity to check out what all of it means.

Dreams have been something familiar for a long time, people had dreams and they’ll always have dreams.

Reason for it is not known for sure, most people believe that this is your subconscious way of telling you something.

But, it is important to know the meaning behind your dream in order for you to improve your life.

Sometimes dreams can appear in order for you to change something and that will make your whole life change.

So, pay attention to your dreams especially when you dream about evil spirits.

They always have a message that you need to hear, never ignore them.

So, find the right dream and the right meaning.

The Most Common Dreams About Evil Spirits

Dreaming about seeing a haunted house

Evil spirits have the ability to haunt a certain place, especially a house.

There are many different reasons why that happens and even if it can happen, but according to movies and stories it can.

This is one of the most common scenes in horror movies and scary stories.

So, this dream may appear when you are not in control of your own life.

Other people are telling you how to live your life and you are following their commands.

Also, there are many different reasons why this is happening.

Perhaps your parents are controlling you because they feel like they have the right to do so.

Maybe they don’t see you as someone who is capable of living on your own, so they kick in to help you.

Or they do it for themselves, they want you to be perfect and live a perfect life which isn’t so easy.

You have to make your own decisions and you have to take control of your life.

Perhaps your partner is controlling and everything seems to be so hard with this person, but you let them control you.

That’s toxic and that’s something you shouldn’t allow.

You can’t let people do whatever they want with your life, this life is your responsibility and you shouldn’t act in any other way.

Do whatever you want to do with your life and don’t let other people try to do something about it.

Think about your happiness and your needs for once, you don’t owe anything to anyone and you shouldn’t live your life based on someone else’s expectations.

Dreaming about killing evil spirits

This dream may be confusing for the dreamer and the dreamer may not be sure if this is good or bad.

It is a good sign, this dream represents your strength.

It means that you are stronger than the bad things in your life and that you are one great fighter.

Bad things can happen and everything can go in the wrong direction, but it is up to you to make your decision.

Some people tend to fall apart in the bad times, because it is way too much for them at that point to handle.

But, people like you fight their way through and that’s the good thing.

You are not the kind of person that will let bad things or people win, you fight until the end.

Also, this means that you have high ambitions and that you are capable of achieving these ambitions.

Your nature is truly captivating and you can do great things if you choose the right path.

Never stop believing in yourself and never let bad things get the best of you.

This dream may mean that your spirituality is high.

Your faith in God is what keeps you going and it is something that protects you from the evil.

This dream may actually mean that evil spirits can’t get to you because God is protecting you from them.

That’s why you shouldn’t worry at all.

We can’t plan anything in life, we can’t know what the future holds.

But God does know, He is the one that created everything and He knows how everything works.

That’s why when you have faith in him, you can never really lose.

No evil can harm you when God is protecting you, and you shouldn’t fear evil it isn’t stronger than God.

Remember that God created evil and not the other way around, so evil spirits can be stopped with God’s help.

Dreaming about facing evil spirits

Well, this dream can be really bad and scary for the dreamer.

It is natural that you’re afraid in your dream and this means that you are afraid of something in your life.

Perhaps you are afraid of taking some kind of action or that you are not ready to face something in your life.

Perhaps the reality of life is way too scary for you and you don’t want to face it.

There are situations when dreamer isn’t afraid in this dream, in that case it means that you see everything as it is.

You have full control of your actions and your life, there is nothing that is scaring you right now.

You are ready for new challenges and you are ready to face the dark sides of you.

Everyone has sides that they don’t want anyone to know about, but it important to embrace them and to live your life in a normal way.

So this dream may be both bad sign or a sign that you know what you’re doing in your life.

That depends on your current state of being and what you see in your dream.

Dreaming about seeing evil spirits

So, as said in the beginning this dream may be a sign that evil spirits are messing with you or trying to scare you.

But, it can also be a sign that you are stuck in your past.

You are only focusing on your past mistakes, somehow you don’t see that you are wasting your time and that you are making a big mistake.

You can’t focus on the bad things, you can’t focus on your mistakes.

Everything happened for some kind of reason and just accept it, don’t think that you are capable of changing your past because you’re not.

Let it all go, remember the lesson and move on with your life.

The longer you think about your past, the longer you are going to suffer in the present.

Life doesn’t wait for anyone and it simply goes on so fast with or without you.

You have a whole life in front of you and you can do whatever you want to change it, so why waste this great opportunity to be happy.

Dreaming about being chased or attacked by evil spirits

This dream usually means that you are letting fear get the best of you.

Your fear is dictating everything in your life and it is making you feel really bad.

You have a lot of different fears and you are having hard time when it comes to dealing with them.

Your emotions are all over the place and you are not seeing anything as it is.

That’s not really good for you because it is affecting your mental health.

You have to be ready to face your fears and to stop running from them, don’t let anything take control over your life especially your fears.

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