Dreaming of Vampires – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Vampires are beings who rise from their graves and feed on human blood to live.

These are beings from folklore, usually from Balkan countries and Eastern Europe, and vampires that we know today originate from the early 18th century.

Stories about entities such as the living dead have been recorded across the world.

In some parts of the world, the corpses of the beings which were believed to be vampires were impaled or they were shot at with a silver bullet.

These beings were popularized in modern cultures through books and movies and are still popular theme in horror movies.

The word vampire is from Serbian origin.

It was believed that these beings were usually witches, suicide victims, evil people or those possessed by evil spirits.

Those who believed to be vampires were exhumed from their graves.

They appeared fresh and without signs of decay. Some even had blood dripping from their mouths.

Suspicion that a vampire is active in some area arises when sudden deaths of cattle and people are reported.

It is believed that best means to ward off vampires are garlic, mustards seeds, wild rose and hawthorn, holy water, rosary, and a crucifix.

Different traditions have different beliefs about vampires.

It is believed that vampires are very afraid of the cross and that they cannot walk on sacred ground, such as religious temples or churches. A vampire cannot cross running water.

Mirrors are also used in the battle against vampires.

In some cultures it is believed that a vampire won’t enter your home unless you invite him.

In general belief, vampires are more active during night, and went to rest before dawn.

Impaling a vampire with a stake was the most secure way of destroying them.

Different woods were used for making the stake, such as hawthorn, ash, oak, or aspen.

The stake was usually thrusted through the heart and in some countries, like Serbia, through the stomach.

In some countries, like Germany and western Slavic countries, vampires were decapitated.

Some methods included pouring boiling water over the vampire’s grave, shooting the vampire, drowning him, or dismembering the parts of the body.

In Balkan countries rituals of exorcism were performed to stop the vampire from harming people. Some

Spiritual & Biblical Meaning of Vampires in a Dream

Vampire is also mentioned in the Bible, and is referred to as alukah, or a monster who lust for blood.

According to the interpretations of renowned scholars, this is a shapeshifting being that change its form into an animal form (wolf).

This being is also considered to have the ability to fly.

The being is associated to Lilith, as her direct descendant, and sometimes it is believed that they are one being.

Dreams about vampires aren’t so rare.

Their meaning depends on the current circumstances in your life, which is why it is important to remember as many details as possible of the dream to be able to decipher it.

A dream about a vampire might symbolize some life circumstances that are draining you and making you feel anxious.

A person in your life might also be represented by the vampire in your dream.

Dreams about vampires often reflect your emotional drain caused by some circumstances or some person.

This dream could also be an indication of someone’s bad influence over you.

In some cases, this can reveal someone using you for their selfish motives.

The dream can also reveal your desire to stand up against those people and don’t allow them to use you.

Sometimes the dream can reveal your need to use others and your selfishness.

Maybe you are used to taking advantage of others and leading a parasitic life, and your subconscious is asking you to reconsider your attitude and change.

This dream can also reveal your feelings of not being able to trust someone and having doubts about their motives.

It can also be a sign to remove someone or something from your life that isn’t serving your good, or is harming you.

Sometimes this dream can represent some people from your surroundings who are a bad influence over your life.

You might feel that someone is trying to make you do bad things or is negatively emotionally affecting you.

For some a dream about a vampire might indicate addictions or some illness.

In many cases, dreams about vampires reveal substance addictions you cannot seem to get rid of despite the fact that they are ruining your life completely.

If this is the case, consider these dreams a warning from your subconscious to get rid of those addictions for good.

The dream about vampires might symbolize lack of independence and being dependent on someone emotionally or financially.

It can also indicate someone feeding off your energy or money like a parasite.

Depending on your current circumstances, this dream can either call you to become more independent and begin taking care of yourself and your needs, both emotional and financial, or it might indicate the need for you to get rid of all people that are using you.

Sometimes this dream is a sign to appreciate people in your life more.

For the interpretation of this dream your personal attitude towards vampires is also important.

This dream can sometimes indicate physical attraction you feel towards someone.

It might mean someone you are romantically connected to is a very bad influence on your life.

Specific Meanings of Vampires in a Dream

Dreaming of vampires in general

A dream where you saw a vampire or vampires might be some kind of a warning sign.

It might indicate being in danger, someone or something jeopardizing you.

In some cases, it might be a foretelling of bad things happening to you soon.

The general meaning of vampires in a dream could also be someone using you or suffocating you with their energy or negativity and you cannot stand that anymore.

Dreaming of becoming a vampire

If you dreamed you were turning into a vampire, such a dream should be considered a warning.

It might indicate finding yourself in some danger soon.

This might be an accident caused by negligence, but the consequences might be grave.

Dreaming of being a vampire

If you dreamed you were a vampire, this dream could reveal your inner being and character.

Maybe you are a selfish person who is only manipulating others and taking advantage of them.

It might be that your subconscious is warning you to change your attitude.

Sometimes this dream describes your dependence on someone and lack of initiative to change something in your life.

Your subconscious might be calling you to change and start relying on yourself.

Dreaming of being aware you are a vampire

If you dreamed of being a vampire and being conscious you were not a normal human being, this dream could be announcing some events in the future.

It can be a sign of some financial gain or return on past investment.

Dreaming of meeting a vampire

A dream about meeting a vampire in person is not a pleasant one, but it doesn’t have a bad meaning.

It is likely that you’ll meet someone you won’t like at all and who will be very domineering and unpleasant.

Probably you’ll feel their need to manipulate and control you and make you do things you don’t want.

However, in time you will realize that this person and their influence in your life can be a great asset in your development and fulfilment of some important goals and desires.

Dreaming of a vampire drinking your blood

If you dreamed that a vampire was drinking your blood, such dream could be a warning to you.

This dream might announce some conflicts and disagreements with people who are your competition.

The dream warns you not to get into arguments with people who can in any way harm you.

You might become a victim of a fraud or slander that could ruin your life.

Stay away from these people if you want to preserve your dignity and reputation.

Dreaming of being bitten by a vampire

If you dreamed that a vampire had bitten you, tis dream usually reflects your subconscious anger and frustration because someone is using you and there’s nothing you can do about that.

If you turned into a vampire after you got bitten by one, this dream might reveal your change of attitude.

Maybe you have decided to start taking advantage of people the way they’ve been using you.

This dream might indicate your desire to get even with someone.

For some, this dream could be a warning about unforeseen problems, financial issues, and illness.

It might indicate loss of money.

In some cases, this dream might indicate people perceive you as naïve and gullible.

Maybe you feel like an easy target for fraudsters and manipulators.

The dream warns you to watch out for someone trying to trick you.

Dreaming of a blood drinking vampire

If you dreamed you observed a vampire drinking someone’s blood, such a dream could be a worrisome sign.

It might be a sign of lasting issues you could encounter.

This might be some illness, or you can get hurt and take a long time to heal, or you might encounter some similar circumstances that will last very long and have serious consequences.

If you observed a group of vampires drinking blood in a dream, this might mean that several people might try to somehow use you and take advantage of your work and efforts.

This might also indicate possible theft and warns you to be alert.

Dreaming you were a vampire drinking someone’s blood

If you dreamed you were a vampire drinking somebody’s blood, this might mean that you will soon resolve some issues you are encountering, possibly financial, but you might do that in some inappropriate way.

Dreaming of being chased by a vampire

If you were chased by a vampire in a dream, this is not a good sign.

It might indicate your fear of some person, possibly someone you’ve recently met.

If the vampire chased you to turn you into a vampire, this dream could be a sign of necessary changes you need to introduce into your life.

It is likely that you might go through some change of life circumstances that will change the way you perceive yourself.

If you were hoping for some changes in your life, this is a sure sign you might soon experience them.

Dreaming of a vampire attacking you

If you dreamed that you were attacked by a vampire this dream is often not a good sign.

Usually it means being overwhelmed with some circumstances you are going through or with some situation.

It might be a sign that you are ready to move on.

This dream can indicate finally confronting the people who are using you.

It might be a sign of some unexpected but unpleasant changes you could soon experience.

This might be a sign of not succeeding in achieving some goal or goals.

Dreaming of being in a fight with a vampire

This dream is a sign of possible problems you could soon experience, usually related to your health.

Fortunately you will be able to overcome the issues with ease and recover.

Dreaming of chasing a vampire or vampires

If you were chasing a vampire or vampires in a dream, this is a great sign confirming that you will successfully overcome some challenges, usually related to your health.

The dream encourages you to be brave and have faith that all will be well.

Dreaming of killing a vampire or killing vampires

If you dreamed of killing a vampire or a bunch of vampires in your dream, this dream is often a good sign.

It can be an indication that you are slowly overcoming your dependence on some person, or dependence on something.

This dream can also indicate finally confronting someone or someone.

This might mean confronting people that are manipulating and using you, emotionally or financially.

Such a dream could be a sign of changed circumstances and finally getting rid of something or someone that was ruining your life.

This can sometimes be a sign of success and overcoming obstacles or being better than competition.

Dreaming of a vampire in a coffin

If you dreamed about seeing a vampire in a coffin, this dream could be a worrisome sign.

It might be a sign of physical or emotional loss you could soon experience.

This might refer to loss of important things, but also people from your life.

In some cases this dream could be a reminder to begin putting the necessary effort to save your current relationship.

Dreaming of someone you know is a vampire

If you dreamed that someone you know well is a vampire, this dream could be a warning sign.

This dream could be a warning about some person in your life and the way you act in their presence.

It is essential to be attentive to your behavior and be careful how you act and what you say in front of this person because they might use your words and actions against you.

Dreaming of your partner transforming into a vampire

If you dreamed your partner turned into a vampire, such a dream is a warning sign.

It might indicate some danger coming from a person that is close to you.

Sometimes this can be a sign of your subconscious doubts regarding your partner and the sincerity of their attentions towards you.

Maybe you subconsciously fear your partner could somehow harm you.

Sometimes this can be a warning to stay away from pleasures that might be detrimental to your body and psyche.

Dreaming of being in love with a vampire

If you dreamed you feel in love with a vampire, such a dream might be warning you of your current partner and some of his traits you should be aware.

Maybe your current partner is not the best person for you and his behavior and attitude might be harmful for you in some way.

Maybe the dream is a way your subconscious is using to make you become aware of the true nature of your partner and make you reconsider your decision to be in a relationship with this person.

Dreaming of being intimate with a vampire

If you dreamed of intimacy with a vampire, this dream might reveal your strong desire to your physical needs.

Maybe you have recently gone trough a breakup with someone you loved.

This dream can announce someone new entering your life.

Dreaming that your parent is a vampire

If you dreamed one of your parents was a vampire such a dream represents a warning sign.

It might mean that someone might try to use you, or that is taking advantage of you already.

Maybe this dream reveals your sense of insecurity because you see that someone is trying to manipulate you.

Dreaming of your brother or sister turning into a vampire

If you dreamed your brother or your sister had turned into a vampire, such a dream usually has an emotional background.

This dream often indicates loneliness or feeling unsupported by the ones that are closes to you.

Maybe you feel insecure about some goal you want to pursue but you don’t have the necessary support.

It reveals lack of confidence and insecurity.

Dreaming of having a conversation with a vampire

If you dreamed of having a talk with a vampire this might be a sign of danger.

Maybe some person in your life is working behind your back to undermine your reputation or somehow take advantage of you.

The dream warns you to pay attention to the people in your surroundings and their motives.

Someone might have an interest to stab you in the back.

Dreaming of putting vampires in flames

If you dreamed, you were burning vampires this might be a warning.

You might get emotionally hurt (burned) by some upcoming events.

Sometimes this dream might indicate literally being injured by someone.

Dreaming of a vampire lurking you

If you dreamed that a vampire was lurking you from the dark, this is a warning sign.

This usually means someone close hides their true nature and is secretly desiring to harm you in some way or take advantage of you.

It might mean someone close to you is trying to take something away from you.

The dream is a reminder to be aware of the people around you.

You need to keep a circle of close people who mean you well and support you.

Those who are using you need to go out of your life immediately.

Dreaming of staking a vampire with a wooden spear

If you dreamed of staking a vampire using a wooden spear, right through his heart, this can be a warning sign regarding your personal relationship.

This dream reminds you to take all necessary steps to ensure its longevity.

Try to unveil what you are doing wrong that keeps distancing your partner and change your behavior.

If you have cheated on your partner or you are in some other ways neglecting them, apologize and try to amend the situation by changing completely.

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