Dreaming of Someone Giving You Silver Coins – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Is money truly everything nowadays?

Could our lives in these modern times be imagined as anything different than being ruled by cash, and was the solution any different in the past times?

It was not, since we are living in a material world, and what today is a credit card, in the past times were coins with silver and gold.

Coins nowadays, when we pay for a lot of things by card and a bit of paper cash, have maybe lost their true significance (coins in general, but not silver coins for sure), that they had a long time ago, but in the same way, it still has a somewhat symbolic meaning.

In some parts of the world, there is still a custom to give coins as a gift and also to serve as insurance so that that person will have good luck and a lot of money.

As such coins can and often do appear in the world of dreams, and there they have their important meaning.

Coins, especially silver coins have a truly important meaning when it comes to the biblical interpretation of dreams.

Dreaming of Silver Coins In General 

All of us want to have money, we like to have it, because we are living in a material world, and we want to have enough money to be able to live a nice and carefree life.

It is ok to feel that way, because, without money, you cannot pay bills, or buy food, or medicine.

However, the problem arises when money becomes an obsession and when it is little, no matter how much money a person has.

Many knowledgeable people have said that all of us could handle money well, but before that, we must know who we are without it, and this is a hard lesson.

Nowadays, everything is measured by money and everything has a material value, so it is no wonder that it is the subject of most conversations.

This is the reason why we often have dreams about money, in general, not only coins.

It is important to know how much money is in our lives is also shown by the fact that we dream about it.

But at other times, you can have a dream about money, including coins, as they represent something completely else.

These dreams do not have to do anything with material status, etc, but with something else.

They can have a connection to our world of ideas and goals, our hard work, and the fact that we are putting some value on ourselves; but also could have a connection to the people who are close to us.

Having said all of this, we can also add that there is still a popular belief in their symbolism.

Therefore, if you dreamed of money, it can make you happy and sad, depending on how you dreamed about it.

So, for example, if you had a dream that someone is giving you silver coins and that you were counting them, then such a dream can predict a certain petty discussion.

This will be a tedious argument, and it will distract you from your path.

And you should never allow it, it does not matter if you are right, but that you stay happy.

The appearance of the silver coins also matters – if the silver coins in your dream were very old, but maybe they still carry some value, then, in this case, the dream of it, can speak of reality in which you have missed hearing some important news.

But if you know that silver coins from your dream truly have an extraordinary value, in that case, in reality, there is a big chance that you will repair the resulting damage.

And if the silver coins are so bad looking that they are practically not coins anymore, in your dream then it says that you are too late, and you will feel betrayed and abandoned about some problem.

You will feel like no one is recognizing your personal value, and it will be something that will hurt you very bad.

Not believing in yourself, doubting your own value, is something that will most certainly put in jeopardy your spiritual path.

Dreaming of Someone Giving You Silver Coins Spiritual Meaning

So, following this lead, we can say that dreaming of money, and this also includes coins can speak of something else.

These dreams, depending on the scenario we find ourselves in can speak of our expectations, fears, and attitude toward money.

But, we can say that it speaks of our attitude toward the material world, and the fact that we can sometimes wonder does the material world can interfere with our spiritual world.

Maybe coins can give the answer to how and does it have a problem with it.

There is a belief that coins, especially silver ones that appear in dreams can speak of some news.

This is particularly true when they are handed over to you, and they seem to fall out of your hand.

This may be that you will hear a sure voice that will direct your actions in a certain way – a voice that you may know should you listen, and should you doubt to a certain extent.

If you are counting silver coins, after they were handed to you, soon there is a possibility that will soon hear some news that will shake you to your core.

If someone dear is giving you silver coins then such a dream can mean that you will receive a small gift.

It could be something small and relatively cheap, but it could also be something that will have a deeper value – just a reminder of your own value and the respect you have for that someone special.

But, if someone known to you is giving you a lot of silver coins, for example in a huge bag, then such a dream could mean that there are some intentions that were hidden so far, and now they are going to be revealed to you.

You will feel scared, but at the same time you will feel great about it, and great relief will fall off you.

But at times this dream can be a signal of pain and internal struggle.

If the silver coins that someone gave to you are very heavy then such a dream could depict your internal state.

Such a dream can show that you feel anxious about the news you are expecting, it is something that you see as truly important and now you cannot wait until the news arrives.

If someone who scares you is giving you silver coins then such a dream is not negative, on a contrary, this is the dream that can speak a lot good of your future.

This is the dream that invites you to invest in your future, despite the fear you may feel.

And this dream shows that very soon you will have the chance to invest a lot in your own future.

Take those opportunities and relax, do not be scared, this is just in your mind.

And in the case when those silver coins that someone gave to you are disappearing, then you must think of all actions you put in your work, to make some kind of a profit, but maybe you have lost a certain part of yourself along the way.

If you are able to step away from being blinded by the coins, you will be rewarded.

Sometimes it is enough to be just a bit more patient, and your plans will have to wait for a little but they will be realized.

If you had a dream that someone is handing out silver coins, but it is not putting into anyone’s hand, but it is just pouring them, then such a dream

is a dream about the expectance, there may be a certain sudden trip to some event that you cannot wait for to come.

But if you see that you are the hand that is giving out silver coins then such a dream could signify that soon you will share some nice emotions with people close to you.

You will be delighted and happy.

An alternative meaning of this dream is this – there is a great chance that you will receive great recognition and rewards for your hard work.

You will finally reap the fruits of your labor and you will make so many other people happy.

If a child is giving you silver coins, this is the dream that is associated with a burden.

It can be a small burden but it is still something that is bothering you.

Also, this dream could symbolize that you are trying to transfer your obligations to others without them even knowing it.

Dreaming of Someone Giving You Silver Coins Biblical Meaning

Coins are important for the Bible, as there are many stories where this is mentioned, someone sold their soul for the bag of coins.

Dream, according to the biblical explanation, this dream could mean that you will have some arguments and explanations with your family members.

There is a chance that you will discuss some unfinished business with your friends again.

You may even be involved in a discussion that, in fact, does not concern you at all.

Coins in dreams that are silver can speak of our close people, it can speak of our relatives, and maybe those that we miss very much.

This may be the story of our families – if someone gave you silver coins and you have put them into your pocket, then you can expect something sudden to happen.

For example, there is a possibility of a sudden arrival of distant relatives.

Sometimes, as we have said, coins have a sentimental value, and they do not speak anything to us regarding the material world.

For example, in a case of a dream where you are attempting to return silver coins that are falling from your hand, then such a dream could signify that you feel, deep inside a certain regret for the missed meeting with dear people.

Maybe you will never have a chance to do so – and now you feel sorry about it.

Speaking of people you love – in a version of a dream where the person you love, your lover, or a partner is giving you silver coins, then this dream shows that you will be extremely happy with the news you will receive.

If the unknown person is giving you silver coins, and you can only see the hand, then such a dream could signify that you are the type of person who can easily come to the solution that you need.

This dream symbolizes that you will come to a solution even before you expect it, and it is very likely that only by having faith even if you do not see the person that is helping you.

Sometimes that is our belief in a Higher force is what counts.

This particular dream is very meaningful in a sense of a biblical interpretation.

But, if the dream is where the child is giving you silver coins, according to the Bible, this dream means that you will save a great burden from your soul.

It is very likely that you will soon have a conversation that will help you resolve some disagreements.

How will it feel great when you are being able to put some heavy burden on your shoulders?

This dream announces that such a thing is plausible.

Receiving silver coins in a dream can also have different meanings, as this may be the gesture that you are ready to sell out your ideas for something so small and insignificant and that you will always be unhappy about it.

On the other hand, this is the dream that could speak of your need to pull yourself from a certain situation that could turn out to be very unpleasant.

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