Dreaming of Not Finding Parked Car – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Dreams are the path to what lies beyond our waking reality.

Dreams reveal our sub-consciousness and, perhaps, hold the piece of mystical knowledge of other realms, of worlds we cannot reach in our daily life.

There have been numerous debates on the origin and nature of dreams. Nobody can tell for certain what are dreams exactly?

Are they only reflections of our waking life experiences or an inner voice? Could dreams connect us with realms we cannot thread in waking time?

The masters of psychoanalysis tell dreams represent our suppressed desires, things we, for one reason or another, try to ignore during our lifetime, desires we burry inside us.

Dreams help us deal with such desires and channel them.

Dreams definitely reflect our actual and factual life experiences; sometimes we cannot process them in reality and dreams filter them and help us better understand some of our lifetime experiences.

There could be traumatic events we suppressed, for instance.

On the other side, we receive so many information that we cannot focus on all of them. Our brain, however, does not forget them.

While the rest of us is sleeping, our brain processes daily information.

We can also take an esoteric, more spiritual and mysterious view on dreams.

Dreams have always been associated with divination and with our assumed connection with the higher realm, with heavens above, with both forces of light and darkness.

Many saints and holy people claimed they have received a word of heavens through dreams.

Dreams are loaded with numerous symbols and each of them could be separately analyzed in the context of a dreamer’s experience and life.

Although dreams could get particularly odd, we often dream about simple and common things, objects, persons, situations from our everyday life.

Cars, for example, are quite a common object of dreams.

Car Symbolism in Dreams

Before we move onto very specific car dream scenarios, that of a parked car and, more precisely, of not finding your car, let us see into the symbolism of cars in dreams in general.

What do cars in dreams represent? How to interpret a car related dream?

Cars are used for transport and travel, obviously, we drive car in order to move from one place to another.

Cars make our journey easier, but, sometimes, we encounter various troubles and difficulties.

Traffic jam, missing fuel, broken car, missing car and so on.

Okay, how do we interpret dreams about cars? In order to understand the dream, answer this – are you a driver or not?

If not, the ability about driving a car in a dream tells about your potentials, the capacities you actually have, the resourcefulness.

Being a driver in real life or not, you should focus on the ride in a dream.

Was it difficult, problematic in any sense or was it easy?

The ride tells much about problems, troubles and obstacles we are experiencing or might experience in our life.

Also, it is very important to think about the appearance and state of the car in a dream – was it broken or missing parts or was it brand new, for example.

There could be many other details that will tell you something meaningful, in the context of your own life.

The color, the brand, some additional details about its appearance or comfort…all this can tell you something about your ride through life.

Next you should focus on the surroundings – where are you driving, if driving?

It can tell about your goals in life, your attitude towards goals in life.

Where are your car in the dream, in the wilderness, nature, in an urban setting or, perhaps, in an odd place car should never be?

Finally, but definitely not the least important, think about how did you feel in the dream about car. Have you had any specific emotion?

Were you scared, happy, sad, indifferent? The emotions we feel in our dreams do not always correspond with our actual emotions.

They reveal how do we really feel about something. It is applicable to any type of a dream, car dreams included.

Parking Lot Symbolism in Dreams

Cars in dreams, just as in real life, often appear at the parking lot.

How can we understand this? What does a parking lot symbolize?

Parking lot is a place where we leave our car to wait for us until the next ride or a continuation of a ride.

Parking lot is a place of break, of pause, waiting.

Our cars should be safe at the parking lot, waiting for us where we leave the vehicle.

Normally, we expect our car remains in the spot and we usually know where we parked them.

However, it is not always the case.

Let us see into different types of dreams about cars and parking lot.

Dreams about parked car

Dreams in which you see your car parked are associated with a period of break, rest and stagnation, but not a stagnation in a bad sense.

This dream indicates you actually need some time to rest from your obligations, duties, responsibilities.

The car, which symbolize your ride through life, will wait for you, so you should take a deep breath and take some time to please yourself.

If you feel quite well about seeing parked car in your dream, it indicates it right time to take this break and be content about it.

If, on the contrary, you feel anxious and nervous, it means there are still things to be done.

If you are afraid to leave your car at the parking in your dream, it reflects your general insecurity in life, insecurity about things that should be in your hands.

Your car is something you need to move in life, symbolically, in this case.

You are afraid if someone would interrupt your plans, take from you your only mean of moving forward in life and so on.

In short, you are very insecure about your abilities and you distrust other people.

Think about your current situation in life. Can you rely on other people?

Can you leave something valuable and important (such as car, for example) to another person? Are you suspicious of others’ intentions?

Dreams about car missing from a parking lot

Dreams about not finding your parked car could be uneasy.

It could indicate some changes in your life, but unwanted changes.

You may lose something important, something of material value, but also something more abstract.

Dreaming about not finding parked car suggests you will forcefully be stopped in something you were doing, there will be an obstacle on your path, you will be deprived of something you essentially need to continue.

It could be thousand of things; once you put this interpretation in the context of your current life circumstances, things will become clearer.

Dreams about missing car from a parking means your current pause will be prolonged.

It also tells about certain irresponsible actions by your side –maybe you did not lock the car or secure them in another way and someone stole it.

Dreams about finding your car on another parking spot

It could also happen that you dream about your empty parking place and finding them on another spot, which could be quite odd.

The place is not where you left your car in the first place and you wonder what happened.

This dream is very interesting. Someone else drove your car to another place.

It indicates not all things in life, your very personal plans and goals, are under your control. Someone else decides for you, without asking you so.

The car belongs to you and someone else moved it.

Think about the people in your life who are trying to control you and decide things in your place, even when very personal matters are in question.

This dream also tells about some unexpected, surprising turns in your life. Those turns could be either positive or negative.

Maybe you will get a new and great opportunity – the new parking place symbolizes your new point in life.

Dreams about forgetting your car at the parking

If you dream that you walked away from the place you parked your car, forgetting that you left it there in the first place, tells about your attitude towards current life plans and responsibilities.

The interpretation of the dream will depend on your emotional experience of the dream.

If you forgot your car and then panicked about it (there could be many reason to panic, will the car be there when you reach them, will you have to pay extra and so on), it tells about you being distracted in your life.

Somehow, you cannot keep track and you have too many responsibilities in life, so you forget important things and disrupt your own ways.

On the contrary, if you felt indifferent or relaxed about the forgotten car, it means you have enough of hard work and responsibilities to this point and, subconsciously, you need break.

The car will wait and you will continue your journey.

Dreams about being unable to find your parked car

The dream about being unable to find your car at the parking is similar to the dream about missing car.

However, in this dream you somehow know car have to be there, but you cannot remember the spot. Actually, this is a dream about being lost at the parking lot.

This dream indicates chaotic period in your life. You know all pieces of the puzzle are there, but you cannot find them and put them together.

This dream suggests you stop, take a deep breath and start doing things step by step.

You probably lack organization, schedule and plans.

There are so many things you should do, but you never make a plan, so all becomes chaotic.

Things are, in fact, at your disposal, but you are the one who finds it hard to connect them.

Dreams about stolen car

Dreams about stolen indicate negative changes and loss, disruption of plans and goals.

You will be deprived of certain basic things you need to continue your plans.

This dream indicates things will not go the way they were planned.

Other people control your moves and your life. It is similar to a dream where your car has been repositioned by someone else, only the meaning is more dramatic. In the first scenario, it seems you still have a bit of control.

The dream about stolen car tells someone else was in charge of your life.

Think about it. Did you actually allow someone to make decisions in your place?

Alternatively, this dream indicates certain events you cannot predict and prevent, something that will force you change your ways, take another road, maybe a more complicated and more difficult one.

After all, you have lost your car – you will thread your path on foot, symbolically.

Dreams about taking another’s car from the parking

This is an odd dream and does not have a positive connotation.

If you got into someone else’s car, broken into it and basically stolen it, because your car is missing from a parking lot, it tells about not-so-benevolent resourcefulness.

Maybe you will manage to achieve something by it in short term, but, taking other’s possession, that is, taking others’ role, is not going to end well.

This is a dream reflecting or indicating poor decisions.

Now, there are many dream scenarios in which you take someone else’s car from a parking – maybe you were chased after and you could not find your own car so fast, and you needed to escape.

In this case, the dream tells about your ability to avoid and escape dangerous situation.

You did not steal one’s car for fun, but in order to save your own life.

Dreams about switching cars with someone at the parking

Dreaming about you taking someone else’s car, while the owner of the car enters yours is an interesting one.

It tells about the desire to experience something completely different from your current life, you literally want to enter into another’s’ shoes.

If that was a familiar person, the dream tells about your mutual desire to know one another much better.

By driving their car, you will experience their life, figuratively speaking, and vice versa.

Dreams about someone leaving the parking with your car

Now, this dream is very similar to a couple of previous one, but here you clearly see how somebody else enters your car and drives it away from the parking lot right before your eyes.

It could be a person you know or a complete stranger, of course.

If you dream about someone familiar leaving with your car, it means you have surrendered a great part of yourself to that person; in other words, you allowed that person to hold your reins and decide about your life.

If a stranger has taken your car from the parking, it indicates some new moments in life, maybe meeting someone who will have great influence and power over you.

Dreams about no parking place

Although the focus has been on inability to find your car at the parking lot and on many complications regarding your missing car, there is another related and disturbing dream scenario, a dream about being unable to find a parking place.

Everything is crowded or the place is completely unfitting for your car.

This dream indicates you will be late for something important or that you will not be able to take a break from many responsibilities you already have.

Inability to find an empty place suggests you should be more active and quick when it comes to important life decisions.

Biblical meaning of not finding the parked car

Although in the Bible dos not, of course, speak about the modern day cars and parking lots, we can still interpret this dream from a religious perspective, for many versions of the scenario of such a dream include things Bible says much about – stealing, losing, missing, life journey, purpose in life and so in.

That said, all the aforementioned interpretations could be valid.

However, in order to understand what the dream about not finding parked cars means in your case, you should always consider the context, your present situation and especially your feelings related to the dream.

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