Dreaming of Losing Purse – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Dreams are like a journey through distant corners of our mind, a journey to the realm beyond our waking life.

Dreams reveal many things we are not aware in our waking time. They can reveal our secrets, our deepest desires, our fears and much more.

There is still an ongoing debate on what dreams actually represent and where do they come from.

There have been many possible answers to these questions and, perhaps, all of them are true or hold within a piece of truth.

According to experts in functioning of the human mind, dreams represent unprocessed information from our waking time.

While our physical body needs a specific kind of rest, that is, sleep, our brain does not actually sleep in that sense.

It goes through all the information we gather during the day. The father of psychology, Freud, claimed dreams represent our suppressed desires.

These need a filter, a vent, and dreams serve as a channel to process those.

If we go into past, we will come up to numerous examples of dream interpretations as if those were prophetic.

There are so many examples in history when a notable general or a king has dreamt of something and his dream was taken as a prophecy.

Dreams are indeed full of symbolical meanings. Whatever their nature and origins were, dreams can definitely help us understand ourselves and our life better.

They always tell about something that has much to do with our life, one way or another.

Dreams could be scary, pleasant, vivid, lucid, dramatic, saddening, happy, bizarre, gross and so much more.

Sometimes, dreams simply reflect things we are obsessing ourselves with.

Other times, we cannot connect them with anything actually happening.

It is not uncommon to dream about some pretty ordinary things and yet, those would have a very specific meaning.

Each dream is unique and each dream interpretation is unique.

In order to understand your dreams, you have to focus on their symbolical meanings and always to read dreams within the contexts of your current waking time.

Let us see into dreams about losing things.

Dreams About Losing Things – General Info

Dreams about losing things could often be quite unpleasant if not really disturbing.

It would depend on the type and the value of an object that you have lost. Such dreams could have a strong spiritual meaning.

If you often dream about losing things you own, think about what is the general symbolical meaning of an object that you have lost and about the sentimental value you put into it, if any.

Dreams about losing things usually have to do with our personal fears and insecurities.

For example, if you lose a very precious object, in terms that this particular thing costs loads of money and is considered luxurious and extremely valuable in general, it could be a reflection of your fear of losing tons of money in real life.

Maybe you are thinking about an important investment or you plan to buy something of really high price, and you doubt if it is realistic for you to afford it.

Alternatively, the dream could be a sign of potential financial loss, which does not depend that much of you.

However, it does not have to do with money alone. Think about the lost object. Is it something of a great sentimental value?

A thing you received from a dear person or something that reminds you of dear people and/or happy times?

In this case, a dream of losing that particular thing, especially if you are not able to find it and get it back, is a reflection of your relationship with someone or your connection to a certain place and time.

It often has to do with the stress of separation. In reality, you do not want to accept the fact of separation from someone or something.

Maybe you feel insecure and fearful in your current circumstances and you wish to return to some happier times.

As you can see, dreams about losing things, material objects, could have many meanings.

It depends on dream details, on the dreamer’s current life situation, state of mind and much more.

Let us get into a more specific dream of losing things.

In the following paragraphs, we will talk about dreams of losing purse, which is a very common and typically uneasy type of dream.

What this dream could be about?

Dreams About Losing Purse – General Info

Dreams about losing purse could be really disturbing, because the very meaning we usually associate with the purse.

So, purse is a smaller bag in which we usually carry some really valuable things: our ID card, passport, keys, driver’s license, money and such.

Understandably, dreams about losing all these things could be really disturbing, just as the experience would be in real life.

Since ancient times, people would carry some type of a purse around, in which they would store precious and important things, such as coins, gems and else.

It was typically reserved for the money. Taken so, the very idea of purse is associated with money.

Dreams about losing purse could be widely understood as dreams about losing money or you wallet.

In general, if you lose your purse in a dream, one way or another, it could be an equivalent of losing money.

If you have lost your purse in your dream it could indicate a financial loss in near future or it could be a reflection of your constant fear of losing money and your savings.

It could be more than that. Losing your identity documents, such as your licenses, passport, ID and such could have a deeper meaning in a dream.

It has to do with losing your identity, with changes of your personality, life habits and so on.

Dreams about losing personal documents – often stored in a purse, could indicate a time of great change, a new beginning, regardless of if you wanted it or not.

Let us see into some more specific scenarios.

Dreams about losing purse in the public space

Dreams about losing purse anywhere in a public space are not uncommon.

This type of a dream has to do with our insecurities in life, especially when it comes to large groups of people, social environment and so on.

If you have lost your purse somewhere around the city and you cannot find it, it has to do with the sense of being lost in your life.

As the content of a purse could be really valuable, in terms of both finances and those several small objects that have much to do with your identity, dreams about losing all of these in the public means you do not have things in control.

Circumstances you live in affect you quite a lot and you do not know how to handle it.

You may experience identity crisis and make poor choices, especially when it comes to money management.

Dreams about losing purse while on a trip

Dreams about losing your purse in a  foreign country are a sort of a level up of a pervious dream, not in a good way, though.

If you lose your money and documents while on a trip, well, it could lead you into a lot of trouble in real life.

For if you do not have any of those with you, you cannot prove who you are, you cannot pay for the things you need and you could experience really problematic and exhausting times.

Losing a purse when on a trip in your dream could be quite unpleasant.

It could also have to do with something else. This dream could indicate your plans would turn in completely undesired direction.

Things you’ve planned to be nice and enjoyable could go wrong, just as a trip could go wrong if you lose your purse.

Think twice before you leave, in both figurative and realistic sense. Things may not go as you planned.

The outcome does not need to be ultimately negative, but it is very likely you will go through some troublesome experience.

This dream has much to do with the feeling of helplessness, feeling lost and abandoned, dependent on the circumstances you have found yourself within.

Dreams about forgetting your purse

Forgetting your purse is a typical sign of recklessness in life and of distraction.

The meaning of the dream depends on its specific details. For example, you may have forgotten your purse at home.

The meanings could vary greatly. If you were heading to some important meeting or event, where you will need to use the content of your purse, such a dream indicates a situation in which you have to deal with the moment and with what you have at the moment.

You will likely get caught in a situation in which you will have to react instantly, without any preparation.

You will probably feel a bit insecure, but there are great chances you can handle it. Also, it could happen you just leave home without a purse and it actually feels like a relief.

Sometimes we do not need things we thing we need all the time. A good example is our mobile phone – also a common thing we carry around in a purse.

Once we are left without it, we actually feel relaxed. The same could be said for the meaning of this variation of a lost purse dream.

However, it is different if you forget your purse somewhere else, in a cafe, at work, at someone’s place etc.

Now, the meaning would also depend on where you left it.

If you left it in a public space, you can only hope for it to be found and returned to you, so this is a dream about recklessness and dependence.

If the dream has a happy ending, it is a test of your trust into people and society in general.

If you forget it at someone’s place, it tells about your attitude towards that person. It could be a friend’s house, for example.

Such a dream wants you to think about the nature of that relationship and the level of trust between you two.

Dreams about your purse being stolen

Dreams about your purse being stolen are probably the most unpleasant ones in this category of dreams.

Such a dream tells about a completely unexpected and very unpleasant event. It usually has to do with money and finances, and with personal integrity and identity.

This dream is a warning sign. You should be more cautious about the information you give to other people, especially identity information and financial info.

Someone could use it for their own good and you can lose much.

This dream tells you do not really have control over things in your life, especially when it comes to your finances, job and else.

You should be a bit more careful when these things are in question.

Dreams about losing an empty purse

If you dream about losing an empty purse, it is quite an interesting dream.

It tells about you worrying too much about things that are on the outside and/or obsessing too much over things that do not actually have much value – they are empty.

In reality, you do not actually need them. You need things that have genuine and deep value, things that are full of rich content.

This interpretation could be applied to various segments of life. It could do with material possessions, but also with empty relationships.

In conclusion, it does not really matter if you have lost something that might appear good on the inside, but it is hollow on the inside.

If you lose a purse with everything in it, things are way different, as we have seen.

Dreams about losing purse and then finding it

Dreams about losing your purse and getting it back, one way or another, are dreams of testing, dreams that tell about the reality of life and its turbulences.

If there is something you are really afraid of losing, this dream indicates things will be okay.

You should probably stop overly worry about it, because anxiety over such things usually brings you nowhere.

How many times did it happen you have been expecting some disastrous outcome, but nothing bad really happened?

This dream also tells you will be able to get back on track, if you are experiencing some rough moments, especially if it has to do with finances in your life.

So, things might not look nice at the moment, but the future brings some better days.

Dream about someone returns you the lost purse

This dream is a variant of the previous one.

This is a very important type of a dream, because it deals with personal virtue, moral code and values and it tests yours.

This is a lesson of gratitude. You should probably trust into humanity and people more.

You should have more gratitude in life in general. It does not mean you should blindly trust everyone, of course.

Just have more faith into goodness in this life.

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