Dreaming of Hugging Someone – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

People are sociable beings. We need to be in the presence of others, especially our loved ones, our family, partner, friends.

Although we love company, we all have a problem when someone who is not close to us invades our personal space.

Touching and any kind of physical is reserved only for people we know well, and we have some kind of relationship, whether it is a love or a friendship.

Hugging Someone Symbolism

Hugging someone usually is an expression of feelings and affection the person feels for the person whom they are hugging.

Even though in some cultures it is quite acceptable to hug with a stranger or someone we don’t know well, in most cultures, hugging is reserved for those we know well and care for.

Hugging is a kind of nonverbal communication between two people. A hug can express emotions of love, happiness, and joy.

Hugging someone can also be a sign of support, consolation, and comfort.

Through hugs we can express our affection for someone, feelings of friendship, love, sympathy, but also flirting. It is generally a sign of emotional warmth two people share with one another.

Often a hug happens as a result of joy for seeing someone after a long time, but it can be a common thing between lovers and parents and their children.

Some hugs are a part of rituals or are a social act in some social groups. It is a common type of social physical contact practiced in many countries within friend groups, family members, and between all genders.

Hugging is beneficial for our health because it releases the stress and helps us remove tension.

As a sign of support it helps us ease our grief and pain in certain situations in life.

It is a powerful therapy tool when people feel down or upset, especially coming from someone we care for and respect deeply.

Biblical & Spiritual Meaning of Hugging Someone in a Dream

Hugging someone is also represented in the Bible as an act of affection and familiarity.

The Book of Genesis, Chapter 33, Verse 4 describes how the brothers Jacob and Esau are hugging each other to reconcile: “And Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him, and fell on his neck, and kissed him: and they wept.”

In Proverbs, Chapter 5, Verse 20 it is said: “And why wilt thou, my son, be ravished with a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a stranger?”

It is obvious from this verse that the embrace is an act reserved for people we know, love, and care about, not for strangers.

Hugging might be considered an act of forgiveness and reconciliation, act of faith in others, generosity, love, and comfort.


Sometimes dreams about hugging someone can be a sign to be more generous and giving. Through this dream God might be reminding you to share the blessings he has given you with the less fortunate.

By selflessly sharing you are opening the doors to receive more. The more you give the more you will receive. By giving you demonstrate your faith in God, that you will always be provided and taken care for.

Sometimes this dream can indicate some situation where you will be asked to help and do good to others.

Forgiveness and reconciliation

A dream about hugging someone, especially someone we know might, can be a message that we could soon reconcile with that person.

It could be a sign from our angels that we might soon be in contact with someone from the past.

Also, God might be sending us a message that it is important to amend the relationship with someone in our life.

God reminds us to be compassionate and release all anger and resentment, and if someone has harmed us, to find the strength within ourselves and forgive this person.

No good comes from hatred and negative feelings. We as humans have no right to judge anyone for their actions, only God has this right.

By forgiving others for their wrongdoings you are becoming a better person and clearing yourself from harmful negativity.

Faith in others

Dreams about hugging might remind you to have more faith in others and their intentions.

Maybe you are used to doubting people’s motives and not allowing yourself to relax and openly seek and receive help.

The dream about hugging someone might be a sign to open up and become more vulnerable to people.

You might have turned many good people away because of your behavior.

God is sending you a message to trust people more, because not all of them are bad.

If you experienced some disappointments and people have betrayed you, leave that in the past and start trusting more.

Everyone in your life is there for a reason, regardless of the size of the role they play.

If you keep rejecting everyone because you fear you will get hurt you will lead an empty life without learning anything in the end.


A dream about hugging someone (especially your loved one) is a sign of improvements in your love life.

You might feel inspired to demonstrate your love towards your partner, and this could significantly improve your relationship.

God is encouraging you to be more loving and open about your feelings towards your loved ones.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to show your affection to someone.

Love is one of the most sublime and beautiful feelings one might experience, and you should start enjoying it freely.

If you are single, this dream might be a sign of changing your relationship status soon.

Become open to receive love and love will surely find you.


Dreams about hugging someone might come at a time of great struggle you are experiencing and going through.

If you currently feel down, or you are grieving or worried about something, dreaming that you are hugging someone means that you need encouragement and support from those you love and care for.

If you are ashamed or afraid to ask for such support, this dream is a sign to stop acting in that manner

. Don’t be ashamed to talk how you feel to your loved ones and seek their support. 

Specific Meanings of Hugging Someone in a Dream 

Dreaming of hugging someone

If you had a dream about hugging someone, the interpretation depends on the person you hugged, whether it is a stranger or someone you know, or it is someone who is very close to you.

Usually this dream indicates your care for the person you hugged, and your desire to give them love, comfort, support, etc.

If you hugged someone unknown this might reflect your desire to help others, not just the people who are close to you.

Sometimes this dream is a reflection of real life events, seeing someone after a long time, etc.

Dreaming of hugging your loved one

If you dreamed you were hugging your partner, this might mean a lot of things.

If you and your partner quarreled and you are not speaking to each other, this dream might reflect your desire to reconcile with them.

This dream might also be a reflection of your desire to improve your relationship with your partner.

Maybe this dream is calling you to talk to your partner about the issues you have and try to resolve them if possible.

You obviously care for your partner, and you want your relationship to work.

This dream might also be a reflection of your reality where you often hug with your partner.

If the person you were hugging in your dream is not your partner anymore, and you two are separated, this dream might be a reflection of your desire to amend the situation between you two.

Maybe you long for the times you two were together and you want those times to be back.

Maybe you don’t want to be back with them, but you want to clear the relationships from any resentment and bitter feelings that remained after you two separated.

Dreaming of someone hugging you

If you dreamed that someone closed their arms around you and hugged you, this dream might not be the best sign.

This dream might indicate that someone might try to take advantage of you.

This might be the person you hugged in the dream or someone else. You can discover who this person is by analyzing the details of your dream.

Consider this dream a warning to be careful in business and other dealings because someone might be double faced and pretending they have your interest in mind, while in reality they only think about themselves and their benefit.

Think well before you make any decisions, especially those concerning other people.

This dream might also indicate that you might be deceived by someone in your life, and this might be someone you consider very close.

This might cause a lot of issues and even severing ties with this person.

Don’t be hasty but check all the details before making a decision to accuse someone or end the relationship.

Sometimes the dream about someone hugging us might mean that someone wants us and wants to be in our vicinity, and we might not be consciously aware of that, or we are pushing them aside for some reason.

Think whether you’ve been threating someone in your life in such a way and change your behavior.

Dreaming of someone hugging you affectionately

If you dreamed about someone hugging you with a lot of affection, this might mean that this person needs you and your help.

This dream might be your subconscious tuning in with them and making you realize they are in some kind of situation that requires your intervention.

If you and this person aren’t in contact, or you haven’t heard from them a long time, contact them to see how they are doing and offer help if needed.

Dreaming of seeing other people hugging

If you dreamed about observing some people hugging, this dream might be a reminder from your subconscious to devote more of your time to your family.

Maybe you have been neglecting them, or spending little time with them, and this dream serves you as a warning to change your behavior.

This is also a good dream omen regarding your business dealings and work success.

Dreaming of someone hugging you tightly

If you dreamed that someone hugged you so tightly you could barely breathe, this dream might be revealing things about your relationship with this person.

It is possible that you feel this person is controlling and suffocating you with their behavior.

You maybe feel you cannot breathe because of their jealousy and not letting you out of their sight.

If you squeezed someone tightly in a dream this might mean that you are threating someone in your life in such a manner.

Remember, for a relationship to grow people need to give each other space and freedom.

Dreaming of rejecting someone’s hug

If you dreamed that someone tried to hug you, but you rejected their hug, this dream is usually not a good sign.

This dream might indicate that you are feeling isolated, lonely and rejected in real life.

Maybe you feel you don’t get the respect you deserve or the attention you need.

It is likely that you don’t feel valued and loved enough by those you care about, your family or friends.

Sometimes this dream refers to feeling rejected and depreciated by your colleagues at work.

This dream is asking you to seek the core of these feelings and ask yourself what your role is in experiencing them.

When you change your inner self your reality will also change.

Dreaming of hugging your enemy

If you dreamed about hugging your enemy this dream might be a sign to you to reconcile with someone in your life.

If you have someone in your life that has hurt you and you feel anger and resentment towards that person, this dream is a sign that it is time to forgive them and move on with your life.

These negative emotions you are harboring inside are only hurting you, and you need to get rid of them by moving on with your life.

Dreaming of hugging with your friend

If you dreamed you were hugging your friend, this dream is often a reflection of your affection and love for your friend.

This dream reflects your devotion and trust you have towards your friend.

If you recently quarreled with them, this dream might indicate your desire to reconcile with them and it is a sign you should do that as soon as possible.

A dream about hugging your friend might be a reminder for some to nurture and appreciate more their friendships, and not take their friends for granted.

Dreaming of hugging a child

If you dreamed you were hugging some child, this might indicate your closed of nature.

Maybe you are afraid to show your vulnerable side to others, and you remain closed off whatever the cost.

This dream might reveal your desire to be more open and emotionally vulnerable.

Your attitude is preventing you from experiencing many beautiful and rewarding relationships and you are the only one to blame for that.

If someone has hurt you emotionally in the past, it is time to let go of those emotions and allow love and feelings back.

If you were hugging your child in the dream, this is usually a reflection of your attachment and love towards your child.

You are probably hugging your child often during the day, and this reflected in your dreams as well.

Sometimes a dream about hugging your child might reflect your worry about your child.

Maybe you have a reason to be concerned about their wellbeing, but you might also have a habit of worrying about them whether you have a reason or not.

If someone was hugging your child in the dream this might also indicate your worries about your child.

Maybe you feel they are going through some problems, and you want to help them, but you are afraid to ask them.

Maybe you feel your child is keeping secrets from you and this is hurting you and making you worried.

Don’t be afraid to discuss with your child about the issues they have. Ask them freely if you have some concerns.

Dreaming of hugging your parents or your siblings

If you dreamed of hugging your parent or your sibling this is likely a sign of your affection and love for them.

Maybe you didn’t see them for a long time, and you miss them, and this is why you had a dream about hugging them.

This dream can also indicate your desire to reconcile to your parent or sibling.

Maybe your relationship is in a crisis for some reason, maybe you have quarreled with them, and you feel sorry for that.

Often this dream can reveal your worry and concerns about the wellbeing of your parent or sibling, and your desire to help them somehow.

Maybe you know they are suffering, and you want to give them your full support.

Sometimes this dream can mean that you need the support from your loved ones.

Maybe you are going through some tough times, and you feel you need their consolation.

If this is how you feel, don’t be ashamed to ask your loved ones to support you and give you a hand.

Dreaming about hugging a stranger

If you dreamed you were hugging someone you don’t know, this might be a sign of meeting someone in the upcoming days who might become an important figure in your life.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic connection; this might be someone who will turn out to be a good friend and support.

Sometimes this might mean seeing someone you haven’t seen in a very long time.

In some cases, a dream where you hugged a stranger might mean being threatened by someone who doesn’t have your best interest in mind.

Maybe the dream is a warning about someone who might try to take advantage of you or deceive you somehow.

This dream might be warning you to stay away from certain individual and don’t rust them with your secrets.

Dreaming of hugging someone goodbye

If you dreamed you were saying goodbye to someone and hugging them, this dream might have a strong symbolism about your life.

It is possible that a phase in your life is ending, and you are getting ready to accept that and move to another stage.

Maybe you feel you need to change in some way, because your old ways of thinking and doing things are not serving your good anymore.

Maybe you feel that there’s someone or something you need to let go from your life and focus on the future and what it will bring you.

This dream might also be an encouragement to actually say goodbye to the past and step into the future.

You need to be open to what the future will bring despite the fear of letting go of the security of your past.

Sometimes changes are inevitable and if we refuse to make them, the Universe will make them instead whether we like that or not.

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