Dreaming of Heights – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Heights are considered high places, top of hills, tops of buildings, etc. or the measurement of something or someone from top to bottom.

Heights Symbolism

People are fascinated by heights in nature such as tops of high mountains, because they represent something difficult to attain, they represent our goals and our dreams that we might feel are possibly beyond our reach.

Heights can symbolically represent our conquests and determination, for example, when we reach a goal despite all odds.

Heights also represent reaching our goals through efforts and sacrifice.

Climbing heights is always about determination and having faith in our abilities.

It is never an easy task, even for the most skilled and in top condition athletes.

Symbolically, heights also represent success and progress. We use the terms high social status, high position in a company or institution, organization, etc.

It is often used in connotation with people who are successful and earn a lot of money.

Heights also represent an aspect of the beauty and perfection of nature.

Biblical & Spiritual Meaning of Heights

The symbolism of heights is also represented in the Bible.

Heights in the Bible is usually a reference of the greatness and power of God as the supreme being of the Universe.

Height is also considered as something sacred and is often used as a synonym of heaven.

In the Book of Job, from the Old Testament it is said: “Is not God in the height of heaven? and behold the height of the stars, how high they are!”

In Psalms, from the Old Testament, it is said: “For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven did the Lord behold the earth”.

Also in Psalms, The Old Testament, it is said: “Praise ye the Lord. Praise ye the Lord from the heavens: praise him in the heights.”

Specific Meanings of Heights in a Dream

Heights are a common theme in dreams, and when they are not a result of real life fear of heights, they can have both good and bad connotation.

The meaning of the dream for everyone specific is tied to the details of the dream and the feeling you had while dreaming it.

In general, if you felt happy and energized and you didn’t feel fear, this is a good sign, but if you felt terrified and upset, this usually indicates your subconscious fears and things you should deal with in your wake life.

These dreams give us clues about ourselves, about the things we should change in our nature, or they make us become aware of something important.

The interpretation of such dreams depends on the circumstances in the dream but also your current life’s circumstances.

It is important to remember as many details of the dream as possible, the emotions you had during the dream, the colors, the overall atmosphere, etc.

The most common dreams about heights, and also the ones which we tend to fear and remember the most, are those where we fall down from a height, often from a mountain or a cliff, but it can be any other scenario where you are falling from heights.

This is not a dream to be ignored; it carries an important message regarding your life.

It can be related to some issues you are encountering, some fears you have or uncontrolled emotions.

It is possible that in your wake life you feel that you lack support, or you don’t feel stable enough.

If this is how you feel you should try to discover the cause of your feelings and try to confront them.

If you don’t confront your fears they will keep undermining you in real life.

Listen to your subconscious and start confronting these fears because they are likely to pull you and your life back.

Dreams about heights can have a variety of meanings:

  1. Fears

This dream can be a sign of fears, especially if you dream about falling from a height.

It is important to decipher the details of this dream to discover what it refers to.

Maybe you are afraid you will fail at something that is very important.

It is also possible that you are doubting yourself and your abilities in general, which is why you dream about falling from heights, as if you expect to fail in your attempts.

This dream can indicate fears you have from certain things in life, or in certain aspects of life.

The dream symbolically represents these fears through falling from a height, don’t trusting yourself enough that you can make it.

  1. Accomplishments

Heights are also a synonym of accomplishment and success, which is why dreams where you see high mountains, especially when you climb a high mountain, indicate accomplishments.

If you are expecting the outcome of some effort or a situation, this dream is a sure sign that you will succeed.

Height is not easy to attain, whether physically climbing to a height (even stairs in a tall building) or symbolically, like achieving a goal, rising the social scale, getting a better job, or a better paid job, etc.

Climbing a height is always something that requires effort and sacrificing something, investing time, etc. to reach the top.

This is why dreams about height whether you are climbing and reaching the top or being at the top are a sign of success and accomplishment.

  1. Ambition

Climbing to great heights requires ambition to achieve goals.

This dream can symbolize your ambition to succeed in life or to achieve a goal at least.

This can be the meaning of your dream if you dreamed of climbing a high mountain and deciding not to quit despite how hard it is.

Height can be a sign of ambition in a dream where you are climbing or reaching the top, but it can also indicate lack of ambition in dreams where you refuse to climb some height.

  1. Confidence

Dreams about heights can sometimes be a sign of confidence. You need confidence to decide and climb a mountain.

This dream can be a reflection of your confidence in your abilities.

This can also be a sign of feeling confident in front of a danger or a challenge that stands before you.

It can indicate feeling confident that you can achieve anything you want despite any odds against you.

  1. Lack of confidence

Just as it can be a sign of confidence, a dream about heights can be a sign of lacking confidence.

It is possible that you lack the confidence to confront a challenge that stands before you and your subconscious reflected this fear.

In dreams where you don’t reach the top or you fall from a height this can indicate lacking confidence in your abilities, and doubts that you can ever achieve anything.

  1. Endurance

One common meaning of a dream about heights can be endurance.

Climbing a high mountain requires a lot of endurance and it is a heavy task in general.

This dream can reveal your toughness and endurance and ability to conquer any problem you encounter.

For some of you this dream reveals your overall strength and readiness to face any obstacle that comes your way without hesitation.

It also indicates being prepared to wait and be patient until you reach your goals while putting in the necessary effort to reach there.

  1. Challenges

A dream about heights can be a sign of challenges you might soon encounter.

Heights are a challenge in general, and symbolically they also represent challenges in your dreams.

The outcome of your challenge depends on the circumstances of your dream.

If you managed to climb the heights, it is likely that you will overcome the challenge with ease.

If, on the other hand, struggled to climb the height and you didn’t manage to the top, this might mean difficulties in facing your challenges.

  1. Achieving goals

Dreams about heights can symbolically represent achieving your goals. It is a symbol of hard work required to accomplish your goals.

If you are currently working on a project or you have some goals in mind that you want to accomplish, this dream is a sure sign that you will get there soon.

This is true of course if you dreamed about climbing a height and reaching the top or being at the top of some heigh surface.

If you dreamed about not being able to reach the top, giving up on reaching the top, or falling from a height, this dream can mean the opposite and it is not a good sign if you are expecting to reach some goals.

This dream can mean a wish being fulfilled, or the opposite, depending on the details of your dream.

  1. Phobia

Some people have a phobia of heights, called acrophobia. This is a condition when the person feels great fear when they find themselves in situations which involve heights.

The fear doesn’t have to be related to some real life experiences these people have gone through.

They simply have this fear which sometimes is so strong that reflects itself in their dreams.

People who suffer from this phobia might have dreams about heights and in their case, the dream will usually be related to their personal fears of heights.

Usually these people will dream about finding themselves somewhere at a great height, looking down from a great height, like the top of a mountain or a really tall building and being afraid.

The worst scenario of this dream that often happens is them falling from this height and reliving their fears.

  • Losing control

Dreams where you are falling from a heights can be a sign of losing control over someone or something in your life and this is a scary experience for you. It also indicates something that is inevitable to happen.

This meaning is usually related to dreams where we fall from heights by accident, or we cannot manage to stand on the top of a heights because we feel afraid or unstable.

This dreams can sometimes indicate situations that cannot be foreseen and cannot be prevented.

Dreaming of Heights In General

Generally, dreams about heights are often related to your personality and emotional states.

They can also be related to your desires and aspirations.

Dreams about heights can reveal your fears and worries about a situation or fears in certain aspects of your life.

They might also be a sign of your courage and confidence about your abilities, but they can also indicate lack of confidence.

Sometimes these dreams reveal your doubts and lack of trust in your abilities.

Sometimes they might indicate a success of your actions, accomplishments, fulfilment of goals.

Depending on the circumstances of the dream, they can also indicate a failure to confront a challenge or failure to achieve a goal.

The meaning of the dream is tied to the specific circumstances of the dream and the details and emotions of the dream should be thoroughly examined to make the right conclusions about the meaning of the dream about heights.

Dreaming of having a fear of heights

If you dreamed you were afraid of heights, this dream might reveal your fears of some circumstances and situations that are beyond your control.

Sometimes this dream can be a sign of some events that will help you overcome your fears.

The simplest explanation of this dream is having real life fear of heights which is transferred into your dreams.

Sometimes this dream might be a result of daily events where you experienced some height related scare and now you are dreaming about it.

Dreaming of flying high

This dream is a sign of high goals and ambitions. This might also indicate your confidence and strength to confront the challenges you are facing.

Dreaming about flying is high carries a strong symbolism and is very powerful. It might indicate being full of energy and inspiration to reach the goals you have.

It can also represent your personality and depict you as a calm person able to deal with the struggles of everyday life.

Sometimes this dream might indicate being perceived as overconfident by people in your environment.

This is likely not true, but people cannot imagine that someone can have this amount of energy and confidence.

Of course, sometimes it can indicate your arrogance and feeling better than others.

This all depends on the circumstances of the dream and your life circumstances in general.

This dream might have a negative connotation if you were flying and then fell from heights.

This might indicate being disillusioned about your power and strength and having false confidence.

If all the circumstances of the dream were optimistic and you felt happy and energized, this dream can be a sign of your great confidence and faith in your abilities.

You truly feel as there’s nothing you can do and nothing and no one can stand between you and your goals.

This dream might reveal how others think about you. Maybe you feel that they think you are overly confident, and your aspirations are unrealistic.

Maybe you are seen as someone who lives in their imagination and isn’t capable of achieving much.

Dreaming of being on a height

If you dreamed of being somewhere really high, this is usually a good dream.

It is a sign of success and accomplishments, reaching your goals, and general being satisfied with your life.

Likely you feel accomplished and successful, and this makes you happy and energized. You feel like you are at the top of your game.

It can also be a sign of success that you are about to experience soon.

Sometimes this dream can be a sign of superiority complex or feeling as if you are better than others.

If you realize that is the case, your subconscious is sending you a message to change your attitude because you might be offending people with it.

Sometimes this dream indicates successful outcomes of some business deals you are currently involved in.

The plans you are making are surely becoming a reality and you know that.

Often this dream can indicate the fulfilment of desires, usually ones you have had for a long time.

Dreaming of being on a high rooftop

If you dreamed of being on a rooftop of a house this dream might reveal a sense of vulnerability you might be feeling in your current life circumstances.

Also, you might feel you have no where to go, and you feel trapped in your life for some reason.

If you felt happy and full of energy and optimism while standing on the rooftop, this dream might have a completely different meaning.

It might reveal your overall confidence and strength you feel.

Maybe you feel as if there’s nothing that you cannot do and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

Dreaming of a skydive

If you dreamed you jumped out of a plane and you are skydiving, this dream is a sign of an adrenaline rush, an excitement you are currently experiencing about something that is happening to you or because of something you are expecting to happen to you.

This excitement carries within the feeling of anxiety and fear of the future because you don’t know what is out there and what expects you.

This dream can be a sign of feeling you need to let go of trying to control some situation or someone and let go with the flow.

Dreaming of seeing someone falling from great height

If you dreamed of observing how someone was falling down from a great height, this dream is usually a good sign, indicating being able to overcome your challenges.

This dream can also mean someone you know encountering obstacles and not being able to deal with them.

If you know this person this might mean that they might experience some failure and misfortune in their lives.

Sometimes this dream can be a warning to you regarding the person you dreamed about falling from a height, and if you don’t know this person in real life, this might refer to someone you know.

This dream can also mean being threatened by someone in your life, due to their reckless and thoughtless behavior.

Through this dream your subconscious might be warning you of potential danger you might encounter through some other person’s actions and warns you to be careful and alert.

Dreaming of falling from a small height

If you dreamed of falling down from a small height, this dream might be a sign of some challenges ahead, that you will be able to overcome with ease.

Even if something unpleasant happens to you, it won’t last long and won’t leave many consequences.

This dream might also indicate having small insecurities in some areas of your life and your subconscious is reminding you that it is time to confront them because they are preventing you from reaching some goals you have.

This dream can sometimes indicate unexpectedly receiving some negative news which won’t affect you much.

Dreaming of falling from a great height

If you dreamed about falling from a great altitude, this dream is usually a warning sign.

It might indicate facing some major challenges and failing at some important attempts to achieve your goals.

This dream can indicate experiencing some unfortunate circumstances usually unexpectedly and not being able to deal with them adequately.

Sometimes this dream might indicate a major disgrace for the person, experiencing a scandal that might ruin their reputation, or some similar situation.

Dreaming of your child falling from a height

If you dreamed your child fall from a height, this dream is actually a good sign. It might indicate receiving some good news you didn’t hope to receive.

These dreams can often be a reflection of your daily fears for your child’s safety.

Maybe you are constantly worried that your child might fall, and your mind is creating different scary scenarios during your sleep.

Dreaming of climbing to a very high altitude

If you dreamed of climbing somewhere really high, this is a good sign in general.

Overall, this dream is a sign of satisfaction and success with your current position in life and your life in general.

You are satisfied with the choices you made, and you feel they are leading you to even greater success and achievement of your goals.

This dream is a sign of steady but certain success whatever that means for you.

If you are currently expecting the outcome of some efforts you’ve made in the past, this dream might indicate waiting a bit longer but succeeding eventually.

Also, this dream might indicate your slow rise towards your goal, making plans and executing them successfully.

This dream doesn’t mean that your road to success will be an easy ride.

Climbing somewhere high is not as walking a straight road. It certainly requires more strength and stamina.

That is why this dream is a good sign, ensuring success of your actions and plans, but the success comes after putting in the effort and having patience.

Dreaming about flying and falling down

A dream where you were flying in the skies and started falling down, is usually a sign of warning about some fears you have.

It is likely that you are confronted with some challenging situation in life which you are trying to resolve but you fear that you lack the ability and strength.

Flying in a dream is a sign of strength and confidence but the fact that you started to fall indicates that you are deep down afraid you won’t be able to do something, finish something or deal with something.

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