Dreaming of Going Back To School – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Going back to school is usually related to unpleasant memories from our childhood.

We all remember those days when we go to bed day before going back to school after a long holiday and feeling miserable.

There was a similar feeling only of milder intensity, we experienced on Sunday evening before falling asleep knowing that tomorrow is Monday, and we need to go to school.

These feelings remained as an unpleasant memories in our subconscious long after our school days were over.

Those memories are sometimes awakened by some daily events or circumstances, and we end up experiencing them all over again, in our sleep.

Dreams about going back to school can have various backgrounds.

Some of these dreams are inspired by everyday events and triggers, but some have a much deeper psychological ground, and represent a significant message for the dreamer.

These dreams are very common dreams, and rank among the most common dreams people dream about.

Going Back to School Symbolism

The thought of going back to school is not a pleasant one for most of us.

The feeling of unpleasantness is mutual both for kids who are still in school and for grown ups who have finished with their school days long time ago.

This unpleasant feeling isn’t always in correlation with the person’s personal attitude towards school.

Many of us loved going to school, but they still experience the sense of awkwardness when dreaming about it.

The reasons most likely lie in our psychology, and the reluctance to do things that we are obliged to do.

For some, the thought of going back to school is unpleasant and even traumatic because of something bad they’ve experienced there.

Many people that have gone through peer violence, or they weren’t accepted by their peers in school, find the thought of going back to school disturbing.

They don’t like going back there even in their thoughts.

Their dreams about going back to school is a reflection of an unresolved trauma and if they are continuous, they require the help of professional consultations.

For some, the thoughts of going back to school remind them of some unfinished business from the past, bad decisions, etc.

Those people might have decided to leave school, or they decided not to go, and now, in their older age, they are facing the backlash of their thoughtless decisions.

Dreams about going back to school can have a variety of meanings, but in general they don’t leave a pleasant feeling when we wake up.

More often than not, the dream caused panic and distress, which depends on the context of the dream.

Most people dream about things they were bothered the most in school, for example, taking an exam and not being prepared for it.

Some people dream they were not able to find the right classroom and missing the chance to take an exam or similar.

Very frequent dreams about going back to school are those where we dream how we failed an important exam.

Spiritual & Biblical Meaning of Going Back to School

In Biblical times, schools were reserved for the wealthy and renowned families.

Symbolically, schools are related to expansion of knowledge and growth of wisdom.

Spiritually, dreams about going back to school might be significant, especially if the person is inspired to study the word of God and spiritually evolve.

Specific Meanings of Going Back to School in a Dream

Dreaming of going back to primary school

Because primary school is the first school everyone of us attends and it is the first institutional mean of gaining knowledge, this dream often is related to some basic issues we are facing.

Maybe we tend to make a mountain of a molehill, when in fact, our problems are simple, and they don’t require much effort to resolve.

The simplest way out is usually the best and try to look for easy solutions for your current issues; this is what your subconscious is conveying to you.

Dreaming of returning to secondary school

Secondary school is much more serious than primary. Possibly a dream about secondary school indicates issues you are able to work out on your own but only to some extent.

This dream reveals that you do need support in resolving some problems, or to accomplish some goal.

If you are reluctant to ask for help and you are struggling to resolve things on your own, this dream is sending you a message to stop wasting your time reach out for help.

Dreaming of going back to university

If you dreamed about again being in university, such dream can be related to some major thing in life that you either mastered and you are great at, or you still experience issues around it.

The meaning of the dream depends on the details of the actual going back to university.

This dream might portray you as someone who is trustworthy, and people seek guidance from.

You are probably a very responsible person and people know they can rely on you.

This dream can sometimes be a sign from your subconscious to about the importance of learning from others and their experiences.

Dreaming of going back to school and the school isn’t there anymore

If you dreamed that your old school wasn’t where it used to be, such dream might reveal your sense of anxiety and worry about your life and goals.

You might feel that your life isn’t unfolding as you’ve imagined it.

Maybe you have issues accomplishing your goals and you don’t know what to do about it.

Your subconscious is speaking to you through this dream, encouraging you to fact, the challenges you are encountering and deal with them.

It won’t be as difficult as you imagine it to be.

Dreaming of going back to school and being late for your class

If you dreamed of being late for some class, such dream can be a sign of your subconscious anxiety.

Maybe you fear you won’t have enough time to finish some tasks, or you feel overwhelmed by your duties and feel as if you cannot manage to finish anything in time.

Fear of being late for something or somewhere important is the underlying reason why you are having this dream.

This dream might be encouraging you to relax, become more organized, and optimistic about your abilities to accomplish your duties in the best possible way.

Dreaming of going back to school and getting lost there

If you dreamed of going back to school, but not being able to find your classroom, such a dream could reveal your current mental state.

Maybe you feel confused about your life goals and purpose.

This dream might reveal a sense of missed opportunity or feeling that you’ve made some wrong choices during your school days and now you feel lost because of that.

This dream might also indicate your feeling of being a failure and not fulfilling your goals.

Maybe you feel that nothing you do is good enough and you feel desperate because of that.

If you were trying to find your classroom to take some exam but you were lost in the corridors and couldn’t find it, this dream could indicate that you might need to change your approach towards achieving your goals.

Dreaming of being back to school and missing an exam

If you dreamed about being back in school again, and arriving late to an exam, this dream could be a worrisome sign.

You could be feeling as if you are out of control in some area of your life.

Maybe you feel someone is pressuring and you cannot do anything to change that.

This dream can also indicate missed opportunities and feeling desperate because you know they will never be back.

Maybe someone offered you a great job opportunity and you missed it because of insecurity and doubts in your abilities.

Dreaming of being back to school and taking an exam

If you dreamed about going back to school and having an exam, such a dream can be a result of some anxiety and stress you are going through in everyday life.

This is especially true if you happened to fail the exam in your dream.

Exams are one of the most stressful events we could experience, and this dream is usually a reflection of things you are going through in life.

Through this dream your subconscious is sending you a message to make sure you relax and detect the area and issues that are causing you stress in your daily life.

In some cases, this dream might be a reflection of a real life trauma the person has experienced during their school days.

Maybe they were afraid of taking exams, especially in specific classes, and this dream appears during their stressful days to accentuate the tension that is present in their life currently.

The real life circumstances often resemble the emotional state we feel during exams.

Most likely they are something that is highly disturbing because you cannot be sure about the outcome.

You need to analyze the details of the dream to discover its meaning for your life.

For example, if you didn’t have time to finish this exam in the dream, this could mean that you feel pressured by time in some real life circumstances, and you worry that you won’t have enough time to finish something very important which will have severe implications on your life.

If you dreamed you studied for the wrong exam, this might indicate your subconscious worries whether you made the right choices in life.

If you didn’t have time to go through the exam once more before you submitted it, this dream can reveal your doubts about your abilities or feeling unprepared or not ready for some situation in your life. 

Dreaming of going back to school and missing your class

If you dreamed of being back in your old school and you missed some class, such dream can be a reflection of missing some real life opportunities.

This dream could be a warning from your subconscious that your behavior must change because you could be losing many good opportunities for advancement and fulfilment of your desires.

Maybe you have some subconscious fears or doubts which are causing your failures and the dream is asking you to confront them so you can make the most of your life and your abilities.

Dreaming of going back to school and forgetting your homework

If you dreamed you were back in school again, but you forgot to do your homework, this dream often points out to feelings of shame and embarrassment in some areas of your life.

Maybe you have failed in something that is important to you and you feel embarrassed because no one you know has experienced that.

This might refer to something that isn’t that hard to achieve, but you somehow missed the opportunity to be successful.

The dream is a warning from your subconscious asking you to face this shame and try to amend the situation, and if this is not possible leave it behind you, accepting it as it is.

Failures are not the reason to be upset about us, only giving up and not trying again is a thing we should be fighting against.

You also need to turn to the things you should be grateful for, especially your accomplishments.

Dreaming of going back to school to take a test

If you dreamed you were back in school and you were taking some test, this dream can be a sign of some tribulations that you might experience in the near future.

Maybe you are on the verge of a new phase in your life, and you might need to work on overcoming some challenges, but they will only make you stronger.

Your readiness to face this new phase can be determined by analyzing the circumstances of your dream.

If you were relaxed and ready to take the exam, this means you feel ready to face this new phase of your life.

If, on the other hand, you felt nervous and anxious waiting for the exam, this dream could indicate your doubts and feeling unprepared to face this new side of your life.

Dreaming of passing a test after going back to school

If you dreamed of being back in school and successfully passing a test, this dream is a great sign.

It usually indicates reaping the fruits of some past efforts and initiatives.

This is also a sign of satisfaction with the way things are in your life currently. You are steadily moving forward towards your goals.

Dreaming of failing a test after going back to school

If you dreamed of being back to school and not passing a test, this dream is often a sign of some lessons you need to learn from your actions.

If you missed some opportunities or you didn’t take the necessary actions, which lead to some failure and sadness, this dream is a sign that you need to think well before deciding to pass on some opportunity or pass on taking some action.

This dream often indicates some tough times and disappointments ahead, which will lead to your change on how you look at things.

Dreaming of being nervous about going back to school

If you dreamed you were about to go back to school, but you were very anxious at the thought of doing that, this is not a good sign.

This dream is usually a sign of feeling not being in control over your life.

Maybe you are focusing only on the things that are not working out well in your life and refusing to be grateful for the good things you have, and you’ve created with your own efforts.

Maybe you are nervous about facing some major issue in your life. 

Dreaming of going back to school and finding your old teacher there

If you dreamed of being back in school and seeing your old teacher this is a good sign.

This dream usually reveals your high potential and energy level.

You are full of optimism and ready to go after your desires.

It is an indication that your efforts will yield good fruits and encourages you to take action towards achieving your goals.

If you had an argument with your old teacher, this might be a warning sign that you are making the wrong moves and decisions in life.

Maybe you keep making the same mistakes despite all the obvious signs not to.

Dreaming of going back to school to meet old school friends

If you dreamed of being back in school and meeting some old friends, this dream can be a sign of nostalgia you feel for the old days when you were young and carefree.

This dream is dreamed often during times of life crisis and stress, when you need to make some major life decisions and take control over your life.

Due to that stress your subconscious tends to go back to the carefree school days when you were taken care of and protected by your parents.

Dreaming of going back to school and graduating

If you dreamed you were back in school again and you were getting ready to graduate, such a dream has a good meaning.

This dream usually indicates a new important phase of your life starting, after some old one is successfully finished.

This new phase will also require a new level of responsibility, but you are ready and willing to undertake it.

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