Dreaming of Engagement Ring – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Marriage represents two people legally forming their life together, they are becoming a husband and a wife.

For some people marriage is a economic proposal, while for others marriage is the main goal in their life.

Lots of people spend their whole life searching for their soulmate, for their spouse.

Some people marry whoever just to say that they are married and to start a family, while others pray to God every single day to send them the one who is written to be their spouse.

Every country has its own ritual and obligations, many countries have a classic weddings while some do have special rituals like in India.

Even though this day is special for both sides, brides are the ones who simply shine on this day.

Most brides pick the classic white wedding gown, there are ball gowns and mermaid dresses and every other wedding dress she imagines in her head.

While there are brides who like to spice it up a little bit and try out something completely new, perhaps different coloured dress or a different wedding ceremony.

This special day has a lot of planning to do, it takes months to prepare everything for this day. It all starts with an engagement ring.

There are many ways in which a guy can propose to his girl, in most cases it is a surprise.

There are also many legendary proposals on television programs where everyone can find an idea when thinking about proposing.

Of course it is more of a tradition for a guy to propose, it is perfectly normal for a girl to also propose to her spouse.

It does not make them less masculine and it simply does not make you look desperate.

Every couple has a story and their special way if doing certain things.

Not every couple is the same, just like not every person is.

Every person has their own let’s say soulmate that makes their life better.

Humans are actually designed in a way that they are born, they eat and drink, also they work and they need to make children or in other words reproduce and in the end they die.

It is in our nature to have someone and to make a family, it is how everything on this world has started and it makes us who we are.

Making a family is natural, building your life with someone by your side is also the way to live your life.

You can of course choose to go through all of it alone, but what us the point of that life?

It does not really mean that you should settle for anything just to marry someone.

It means that you should not ignore that part of your life completely, it is good to focus on your career and other things on a healthy level but once it crosses the line there is no true happiness in it.

It is hard when it comes to finding a spouse or even someone to date.

Nowadays there is nothing normal, you have online dating that literally brings close random strangers and that could sometimes be successful but in most cases it is not. Social media had a lot to do with dating in general.

It brings some insane idea to people that toxic relationship are okay and that it is okay to cheat or act childish.

Everyone has absolute freedom to do whatever it is that they want to do.

The main problem is that there is lack if true love and morals nowadays.

There are more and more people everyday who simply do not see marriage as something serious.

It is something to simply do along the way and that is truly wrong. Life is not some kind of a grocery list to just get rid of.

Nowadays people are constantly messing around with other people’s feelings and they are causing so much damage in someone’s life without even knowing it.

The world love is now a myth, people are getting married for money and legacy.

There are still countries and parts of the world where people practise arranged marriage, they pick boy and a girl and they arrange a marriage when they are appropriate age.

While there are still people who are marrying children who bare twelve or thirteen, this is usually found in villages or perhaps certain groups.

Marriage should be done with the person you love, with someone who is ready to stay by your side no matter what.

This type of a person is truly hard to find and sometimes we settle for anything.

Nowadays there are many people who are unsatisfied with their marriage and life with their spouse.

But you see, the thing with relationships is that they require a lot of work and even sacrifices.

You cannot simply leave someone just like that when in serious relationship.

If you want to make it work then you find all of the ways that you can make it work without finding some lame excuses. In relationships and marriage it is all fifty-fifty.

Sometimes you are the one who makes mistakes and other times you are the one who needs to forgive.

The main problem is that people are constantly searching for a perfect partner, someone who is ideal like the picture inside of their head.

No one is perfect, everyone is flawed and everyone makes mistakes. It is up to you if you are mature enough to start something serious or not.

Most girls spend their whole life dreaming about their wedding day and their husband.

While some do not even want to get married to anyone.

There are types of people who simply like their loneliness and their peace, while for some that is nonsense.

The most important thing is to be sure and clear about your wishes, you can’t go on both sides you either want something or you do not.

So when it comes to dreams about an engagement ring, this could have several meanings and different types of interpretations.

In most cases, these dreams are good signs, they represent some excitement coming into your life. It can also be a reflection of your life.

You see, if you are in a committed relationship this type of a dream is not really that strange.

It appears because you are probably considering the fact that it may be the time to take the next step.

If you are a female, it could mean that you are expecting a ring from your partner.

If you are a guy, then it could be a sign that you are ready for it.

Or perhaps you have been thinking about it way too much and it simply appeared in your dream.

Another case scenario is that someone close to you is getting engaged, maybe your sibling or a friend.

Engagement rings in dreams are a symbol if commitment, it means that you are probably taking something seriously and proceeding with it.

Also, these types of dreams could be a sign that you are mature enough to start doing something meaningful.

If you are single and have a dream like this, it means that deep down you are hoping to find the one for you finally.

You can’t spend your whole life alone, no matter how much money you earn through it all.

Money cannot buy you happiness, when you enter an empty house on a holiday there is nothing materialistic that can fill that void.

There are different interpretations of these dreams and they all have a unique meaning.

Every dream is special, in most cases they are the messages from our subconscious.

It is important to find a meaning to your dream because you can apply it in your life.

Sometimes dreams can be warning signs, while other times they have a specific meaning.

There are a lot of cases in which dreams do not even have a meaning, they literally appear because something from your life triggers it.

You can dream about getting engaged, losing an engagement ring or perhaps turning down a proposal.

Sometimes people turn down the proposal not just because they do not love someone.

Sometimes it means that someone is not really ready for that step, perhaps they have a career or something else going on at that moment.

While in other cases it means that they do not love that person enough to get engaged to them.

You should try really hard to remember the course of your dream and to remember all of the details from your dream.

That way you can find a meaning behind it without a problem.

In this article you can find meanings behind your dreams and hopefully get a positive message.

Again, this type of a dream is usually positive and there is nothing to be worried about when having this type of a dream.

You just need to think about the message, it is trying to improve your life in a certain way that can be unknown to us at a certain moment.

So without further delay, find your dream and the message behind it.

Keep in mind that sometimes your actions can be the cause behind your dreams.

Also, when you do marry someone marry them for love and for who they are.

Do not use someone for your own personal interest.

The Most Common Dreams About Engagement Ring

Dreaming about someone proposing to you

This type of a dream is actually a positive sign. It means that there are different types of opportunities ahead of you.

This could be connected with your job.

Perhaps there is a new job position that is going to open up, this could be your major breakthrough.

Or perhaps you will meet someone who is going to teach you certain skills for some successful business.

It could also be a new love interest on the horizon, maybe someone that will flip your whole world upside down.

Or perhaps you are expecting some kind of a proposal to you or someone close to you and this type of a dream appears because you are thinking about it way too much.

Dreaming about throwing away an engagement ring

If you had a dream like this, in which you are dreaming about throwing away an engagement ring, then this type of a dream represents certain loss.

It can be more connected with your work life.

Perhaps you had an awesome opportunity that you have thrown away.

Or perhaps you have had a partner, the love of your life, but you were not ready for that kind of commitment at that point and you well ended it.

Perhaps you are regretting certain decision now, because you were not that mature at that point of your life.

Also, this type of a dream could be a sign that you are acting recklessly.

You are doing before thinking and it will lead you to a disaster.

Making impulsive decision is never the right choice to make, but you are bot getting that.

Your subconscious is trying to point out to your problem in order for you to fix it before you make a mistake you cannot fix.

Dreaming about losing a engagement ring

This type of a dream about losing a engagement ring is a sign that you are losing control.

Perhaps you have thought that you had everything under control, but now things are not going the way you planned them to go.

It is completely normal to not be in control over everything, you can’t even control everything.

Everything happens when it happens, you cannot predict what and when it will happen.

If we had that much power well we would not be mortal humans, right?

You need to relax a bit, take it all step by step.

This dream could also represent a troubling situation that you are in right now.

You need to calm down and look for solutions to your problems.

Be patient through the storm it will not last forever.

Dreaming about buying an engagement ring

If you had a dream like this, in which you are dreaming about buying an engagement ring, then this type of a dream represents wealth.

It is a sign of fortune and high financial status, it also means that your business will grow bigger than ever before.

It also means that you are creating your own happiness and that you are capable of making big decisions in your life.

It also means that you have probably discovered your goals and ways to get to them.

Well you see it is really important to know what you want out of life, most people do not even know where they want to go.

If you have a clear vision on your goals and if your intentions are pure then there is nothing that can stop you.

The most important thing in life is to stay pure, make your intentions pure and you will find what you are looking for with ease.

Dreaming about a surprise proposal

This type of a dream is a sign of something exciting in front of you.

Perhaps you will have an amazing unplanned trip very soon.

Or maybe you will meet a surprising person that could change your life forever.

It is a great sign for you and you should be happy about it.

But, if in dream you are unpleasantly surprised by this proposal then it could be a sign of some trouble.

Perhaps something you would not like happening will happen.

Or perhaps you will end up in a situation that you are not ready for and it could affect your health.

This could also indicate on stress and worries about a certain situation.

So, you need to pay attention to the details in this particular dream in order to figure the meaning out.

If you are happy in it and pleasantly surprised, then this is a great sign.

If you are unhappy and not pleasantly surprised, then it is not a great sign.

But again there is nothing to worry about, it could be a sign that you are not ready for something in your life that is coming.

Sometimes it could even mean that you are afraid of commitment.

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