Dreaming of Dog Poop Means Money?

What do dreams mean? Are they reflection of our reality or a parallel universe of hidden meanings?

Dreams represent much more than we are able to fathom, perhaps.

Throughout history, many wise people have been trying to unravel the mystery of dreams.

In dreams, both common and uncommon things happen.

We could dream about completely ordinary things, but sometimes reams get so bizarre and awkward that we keep wondering – how is it even possible that we dream about such things?

Dreams can be strange, scary, disturbing, terrifying, but also beautiful, pleasant, pure joy.

There are dreams which make us thank God after waking up for those scenarios did not happen for real; there are those we wish never to wake up from.

In any case, it is difficult to say what dreams actually represent.

Some of the experts of psychoanalysis would say dreams represent our suppressed desires and there could be some truth in that.

Dreams definitely reflect things that happen in our waking life, but probably they are more than that.

Dreams do help us process things that happen to us during our waking time, but there has to be something more about them.

In dreams, we often search for symbols. Our lives are tightly bound with the symbolical world, everything we experience and see is associated with symbolism.

Throughout history, dreams have been associated with symbolism and hidden meanings and often interpreted as prophetic.

It is also believed that through dreams we connect with higher realms, communicate with other worlds etc.

Sometimes we dream about common things. Dog poop is something pretty ordinary; well, it is definitely not something odd per se.

For some reason, it is associated with luck. Let us see what are some symbolical interpretations of dog poop and how they apply in dreams.

Dog Poop Symbolism

Dogs have been around humans since very distant past, sharing with us food and shelter.

For a good reason are dogs considered humans’ best friends, our loyal, furry, four-legged companions.

Dogs are associated with friendship, loyalty, fidelity.

Of course, there are also certain negative associations related to dogs, for they could also be considered dangerous animals.

Sometimes, dogs are associated with threat, anger, madness.

However, dogs have generally been associated with trust and reliability.

There are wonderful stories around the world about dogs who were loyal to their owners until their death or until the owner has passed away.

Dogs are also associated with playfulness and youth, for they are, indeed, joyful fellows who enjoy playing games. There is nothing cuter than a dog’s puppy!

Our four-legged fellows also make a bit of mess. Well, they have to, just as everybody else.

We talk about dogs’ feces. How many times did it happened that you have stepped into dog poop? Did it make you angry or not?

Stepping into dog poop is not a very funny experience, if you think of it.

However, most people do not feel very upset about it, on the contrary. How so? Isn’t it something awful?

Well, stepping into dog poop is generally considered a good luck.

So, if you have stepped into dog poop, you are a lucky person!

How lucky you are depends on the foot you’ve stepped into it. This is not an isolated symbolical interpretation.

Although stepping into dog poop is, well, gross, per se, it is considered a sign of luck and it is definitely not an isolated case.

For example, if a bird poops on you, it is also a sign of good luck and fortune. If a spider walks on you, it is the same.

There are many similar cases, when something that is essentially awful and unpleasant is being interpreted as something positive.

Okay, let us find out what does dog poop mean in dreams.

Dreams About Dog Poop – General Info

Dreams about dog poop could be generally identified as positive dreams, if we keep in mind that stepping into dog poop in real time is generally considered lucky and fortunate.

It is commonly associated with money and gain.

So, dog poop in dreams could really mean money, wealth, some unexpected financial gain or a new opportunity to earn money.

However, the interpretation of the concrete dream would, of course, depend on the exact scenario.

Let us go through some of the most common dream scenarios about dog poop.

Spiritual meaning of dog poop is generally good, but let us find out how it changes throughout various types of dreams.

Dreams about seeing a pile of dog poop

Well, seeing a pile of dog poop is definitely not something pleasant to be seen and the dream about it could be interpreted in various way; the interpretation would always depend on your current life circumstances, state of mind, emotional status and so on.

Seeing a pile of dog poop in a dream could be a particularly positive sign, if we interpret dog poop as a symbolical equivalent of money, which might seem a bit odd, but it is how sometimes it is interpreted.

Therefore, seeing a pile of dog poop indicates fortune, a fortunate outcome of some projects you have been working own, financial gain etc.

Alternatively, the meaning could be negative and, in this case, it does not have to do with money but with a pile of problems or even mistakes.

It could indicate problems that grew so big you have no idea how to deal with them.

You have neglected finding a solution to certain things in your life and let the problems literally pile up.

Think about where you are at the moment, how do you feel about handling situations in your life. Maybe it is time to start cleaning the mess.

Dreams about stepping into dog poop

Dreams about stepping into dog poop are generally positive and lucky dreams, as they reflect the common interpretation of stepping into dog poop in real life.

So, if you have stepped into dog poop in your dream, it means you are lucky!

Maybe you will receive some unexpected new about a new opportunity, job, about some income.

Perhaps you will receive some unexpected money or something that you have nearly forgot about would finally pay off.

In general, stepping into dog poop in dreams means fortune and it is rarely interpreted the other way.

However, there is some possibility that the dream does not have such a fortunate meaning.

Stepping into dog poop in a dream could be a sign of an unexpected trouble, a minor inconvenience that would spoil your plans, but not necessarily ruin it all.

It is a sign of inconvenience, rather than a sign of some big problem.

In order to reach your goals, you will probably step into a bit of dirt.

Dreams about picking up dog poop

Dreams about picking up dog poop could also be interpreted in different ways.

As dog poop in dreams is considered lucky, the dreams about picking it up could be interpreted as fortunate.

However, the dream could be also associated with cleaning up your mess.

It could also be associated with cleaning up the mess behind someone else, someone who is reckless and does not behave the way he or she should. It is likely a person dear to you.

Dreams about cleaning dog poop

Dreams about cleaning dog poop suggest it is time to clean up your mess.

You have been doing something that has bad consequences, you have messed up, be it relationship with someone, a project, a job, your behavior towards people in general.

You have to clean it up, in order to move own without any guilt.

You have to show others that you are capable of doing so and that there is no shame in admitting your mistakes.

If you often dream about cleaning dog poop, it could also mean that you have constantly been cleaning someone else’s mess. It could be a person whom you care for.

However, you should not be doing things this way.

In addition, it could be someone manipulating you.

Whilst he or she is doing what they want, without thinking about consequences, you clean up their mess.

Think about your current situation in life. Is there anything reminding you of such a scenario?

Dreams about eating dog poop

Dreams about eating feces or having feces in mouth are disgusting, of course, and the meaning of such dreams is unlucky.

So, in this case, dog poop in a dream definitely has nothing to do with luck, fortune and money.

If you were eating dog poop in a dream, it indicates some health issues.

Generally, dreams of this sort would have to do with health and well-being and they usually have a negative meaning. Such dreams indicate some health problems.

Such a dream also tells about unhealthy eating habits that could reflect very bad on you.

Although such dreams are particularly nasty, they could make you change your attitude towards your health and diet.

Alternatively, such dreams have nothing to do with health, but they have to do with connections, social circles and business.

Such a dream indicates working with some questionable personas, dealing with some shady business etc.

Dreams about dog poop in the kitchen

This dream has a similar meaning to the first interpretation of the previous dream scenario.

If you see dog poop in the kitchen or a dog pooping in the kitchen, it suggests there are things you have to change about your lifestyle and diet.

This dream indicates some potentially serious health problems related to a bad lifestyle habits and bad, unhealthy diet.

You should take better care about your living conditions and about your eating habits.

Dreams about dog poop inside your house

If you dream about dog poop all around your apartment or your house, this is not a lucky dream and definitely not a money related one.

This dream indicates setbacks and troubles. It tells about consequences of some poor decisions made in a row.

This dream suggests you are about to face the consequences of your wrong moves, but it could also be some setbacks you are not guilty of.

Sometimes, circumstances simply go bad. In any case, it is something you will have to deal with.

Your house is your private place. So, seeing dog poop all around could also tell about some internal problems, something that has long been overlooked.

It could be certain family issues you all pretended do not exist.

However, things always come to light – better late than never.

Although there will be challenges you will have to face, you will definitely find courage to make things better.

This dream is about facing those troubles, but it gives hope you will resolve everything.

Dreams about dog poop in your bed

Dreams about seeing dog feces in your bed are unpleasant, at best, and their meaning is not particularly good.

In fact, these dreams suggest you will have troubles in a relationship, especially when it comes to seeing dog poop in a bed you sleep with someone.

This dream indicates some troubles that have not yet been spoken up.

There could be some secrets between you and your partner, which is not good for the relationship, of course.

However, this dream suggests sooner or later it will come into light.

Therefore, there is probably something you have to talk about with your partner, in order to make things clear.

Dog poop in bed stands for things that are nasty and kept in secret, in general.

Overall, it is not a good sign and it should make you think about opening up about certain things, especially when it comes to relationships.

Dreams about throwing dog poop away

This dream could have different meanings.

Since dog poop could initially be interpreted as a sign of good luck, especially in terms of money and fortune, throwing it away could bee seen as great expenditure.

You will be reckless about money and you will spend more than you should.

This dream indicates extravagance, money spending, living as if there was no tomorrow, when it comes to finances, which is something to be checked.

Alternatively, such a dream could be interpreted as throwing away bad and unhealthy things from your life, getting rid of bad habits, bad connections, things that burden you and bring no good neither to you nor to the people around you.

Dreams about covering up dog poop

Now, this dream could be interesting, for it means you are trying to cover up and hide something that could a) represent money and finances and b) represent something bad and indecent.

We shall see that the biblical meaning of feces is generally about something unholy.

So, if you are covering up dog poop in a dream, it indicates you will make savings in money.

Reasons could be many, some good, others not that much. Are you afraid of losing money? Are you to stingy about it or you want to save for the future?

Do you try to hide money from someone close to you? Answers to these questions are yours.

Alternatively, this dream indicates hiding some nasty secrets, covering up some bad deeds, yours or of another person.

This dream could be a reflection of guilt, of avoidance and an attempt to hide and forget, thus also avoid, things you find extremely unpleasant and are unwilling to face them in reality.

Biblical meaning of dog poop in dreams

Poop is generally considered unclean, which is an obvious and logical interpretation.

There are various lines about it, although there are no many specific lines about dog poop in particular. Feces in the Bible are seen as something unholy and indecent.

In Deuteronomy, it has been said excrement should be covered up, as to keep the camp holy in the sight of the Lord, for example.

Therefore, biblical meaning of dog poop in dreams could rather be associated with meanings alternative to those of money-fortune interpretation.

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