Dreaming of a Dead Person Talking To You – Spiritual Meaning

Death is a part of life, it represents the ending of this life and possible start of something else.

Everything is permanent in this world, at some point it will all disappear.

People die, it is simple biology we are born we live and then we die.

Our organisms are created in a way where they have to get old.

Our cells multiple every minute of every day we live, as days go on they tend to get slower in other words we get older.

Our skin throughout years stops being elastic and shiny, it becomes wrinkled.

Most cells have the ability to regenerate, except neurons.

There are many conditions in which neurons are damaged and then you have Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. Also, there are many causes of death.

There is natural death, when a person dies because of their years.

They die because they are simply old and their body functions slowly stop functioning.

There is a death caused by different types of accident or trauma.

The most common causes of death are car accidents.

In the past few years there were so many reported car accidents or other traffic accidents that lead to fatal results.

Other types of trauma that can cause death are head trauma caused by a certain injury.

There are also many reported deaths caused by fire weapons.

There are many different ways you can die, there are serious but also silly ways.

A game called ” Dumb ways to die” is considered to be the most popular game of 2012.

This game shows different, well dumb, ways you can die in real life.

It was created for safety reasons, at that year and upcoming years there were many reported cases of suicide.

That was inspiration for the creators to show people through a fun way that their lives are not something to not take seriously.

Selling your kidney on the Internet was a one example of people’s stupidity, just like suicide.

Everyone is going through so many difficulties in their lives, no one has it all together.

Before like thirty years no one even knew what mental health is, actually they were not paying enough attention to their mental health.

You see, people did not take conditions like depression or PTSP seriously because there were different problems to focus on.

That is why throughout the history there were many suicides. Nowadays we know what depression is, what PTSP or anxiety is.

We are familiar with it and now we have everything we need to cure ourselves.

There are many trained professionals who are working their whole life to help people with these conditions. But, now let’s get back to the topic.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, every living person will surely experience death. Now, what happens after death?

What are we doing here on Earth, what is our cause and why do we die? These questions have different answers.

Religions, Islam and Christianity, have the similar explanation of this life.

They are representing this life as a test, through this life we are experiencing difficulties and challenges that are actually all a part of this test called life.

We are obligated to serve our Creator, God, who created us to serve him.

When it comes to death it is believed that we are all going to either Heaven or Hell.

It all started when the first man and woman were created, they broke their word to God and as a punishment they were sent from Heaven to Earth where the civilization was created from those two.

So, when we die it is believed that we are going to Heaven or Hell, Jannah and Jahannam in Islam.

Why is this related to this article?

You see, if there is Hell and Heaven, there are angels and demons right?

It means that there is a possibility of the spirit world.

Even science had discoveries about the parallel universes and dimensions.

What if, the spirit world is parallel to ours.

That is why there are people who believe that they see ghosts or that they can talk with them.

Our dream world is also a weird place, I mean you can’t see it but it does exist.

So, it is somewhere in our brain and we cannot control it.

It could be connected with the spirit world.

So that is why you have the possibility to dream about dead people.

There were many cases in which people had dreams about dead people that affected their lives.

Dead souls can affect living ones, especially those who are not settling in the afterlife.

There are many cases and causes of this dream.

It may be because of emotional trauma, if you had a death of your loved one then this dream may appear.

Perhaps you are having issues with this person leaving you.

If it is someone from your circle, then it is perfectly normal to dream about it.

It could also be a sign that this person is trying to tell you to move on with your life.

Or you are in such a shock that you are not able to accept it.

Most people think that they are ready for death, but when it comes it just shows us how unready we truly are.

It is easy when it is happening to someone else, but when you are the one going through this situation it is everything but easy.

Biblical meaning of this dream is that a dead person is trying to send you a certain message.

Perhaps they want you to pray for them, that is common in Islamic meaning.

In Islam dreaming of dead ones means that they are not peaceful in their grave, they need you to pray for them and it also connects with Biblical meaning. Or, perhaps it could be a warning sign.

Dead ones can see things that we cannot see with our eyes.

So, a dead person may appear to warn you about someone or something in your life.

There is danger all around us, we cannot be aware of every bad thing around us it is not possible. But, spirit world sees it all.

Many people had this type of a dream at least once in their life.

Some even said that this dream saved them somehow.

It can even appear as a nightmare, it is not easy to see the dead in any case.

Most people have that uneasy feeling even after waking up, it simply haunts you.

So, that is why it is so important to find the meaning behind your dream.

Nowadays every information you need is really easy to find.

Many years ago, there were people who presented themselves as ”gifted” and they told people the meaning behind their dreams.

They even presented their power to talk to the other world. Luckily for us, we now are familiar with psychology.

It is easy to read other people, just by paying attention to the small details.

You can find everything you need on the Internet.

Every dream has its own message for the dreamer.

So, remember the course of your dream and find the meaning behind it.

The Most Common Dreams of a Dead Person Talking To You

Dreaming about talking to your dead parents

This type of a dream represents your struggles with accepting this situation.

Parents are the best gift we can get in this world, they are the ones who love us unconditionally.

They are ready to sacrifice their whole life for us and they spend their lives working to provide for us.

Losing them in any way is simply a nightmare.

Everyone is aware that death is always lurking around the corner, there is no way to avoid death.

We all know it, but still losing someone is not easy, especially when it comes to your parents.

You probably have lost your parents, it could be long time ago or it could be in your near past.

If you have lost your parents long time ago and you have this dream it means that you still have unresolved feelings about it.

There is also a huge chance that you simply miss them so much.

Perhaps you wish to talk to them about something, in this period you really need your parents to be there with you.

Even after accepting their death, you still need them there with you.

You should know that they are probably there, but you can’t see them.

This dream could also be a sign that your parents are sending you a certain message.

They could be letting you know that they are there by your side and that they have been by your side this whole time.

They could be telling you that they are proud of you.

But if you see them angry while talking to you, then it could mean that they are not supporting some situation or your action.

Maybe you are drinking, gambling, having a partner that is not good for you, or perhaps choosing a bad job, etc.

Something in your life is destroying you from the inside and you need to leave it behind.

If you dream about talking to your dead parents who died recently it means that you are in shock.

It is simply too much for you to accept.

Your parents, the light of your life, are gone and they are never coming back to you.

Perhaps this dream is them telling you to move on, life must go on.

Or it is simply a representation of your emotions, you need to let yourself feel everything right now.

Do not push your feelings inside, let them out.

Pray for your parents and continue doing the best you can.

They are probably out there watching you right now.

Be a good person for them, also do not seek for comfort in alcohol or other bad action.

Dreaming about talking to your dead child

Starting a family is a huge step for couples, it is a serious decision that needs readiness from both sides.

It is not something to take lightly.

Some couples are not ready to have children, while others can’t wait to start a big family.

There are risks with having children.

Some women experience miscarriage, others have a child with a certain disability and there are some who have abortion.

Not every woman is ready to have a baby but stays pregnant, that is why there is abortion.

When having a child you are worried all the time, you are constantly thinking about the safety of your child and finding ways to protect them from this horrific world.

When being a parent your biggest fear is losing your child.

Unfortunately this is not impossible, many people lose their children.

By this it doesn’t just mean losing a baby, your child is your child even at his thirties.

When losing a child at young age, you spend your whole life wondering about what ifs.

You spend days thinking about that child going to college or having a family, all the things he or she could have accomplished if he or she did not die.

This dream represents grief, it may occur just after losing your child.

If you had lost a child long time ago, then it means that you are still not over it.

Also, if you are thinking about making a new baby this dream then appears because you feel like you are betraying your previous child.

Life must go on, find strength in your faith and keep moving.

At some point we will all die and we will probably be somewhere together then.

Dreaming about your dead mother asking for your help

This dream represents your abilities.

It may be a sign that you are missing your mom, but in this case it goes much deeper than that.

It means that you are capable to handle things all by yourself, you do not need anyone to help you with your life.

Perhaps your family members or friends are constantly telling you what to do, what’s good for you or perhaps putting their visions in your head.

This dream is a sign to follow your gut, do what you want to do.

No one should have too much power over you, you should be the one who controls your own life.

Sure, take advice from your closed ones but do not keep your dreams on hold because of someone else.

Nobody is worth it, make your own path in life and follow it.

Dreaming about your dead sibling asking for your help

This dream is usually not that great of a sign.

In most cases it means that you did not accomplish a certain task or a promise to your sibling before they died.

Maybe you are having regrets for not behaving better towards them while they were alive.

In most cases it means that they had a sudden and unexpected death.

Maybe you did not say all the things you wanted to say to them, you were not really good to them.

Pray for them now.

Most people do not value people while they are alive, that is why there is so much regret after their death.

Sometimes we forget how temporary everything is, but be sure that your sibling probably knows now that you love them.

It is important to tell people we love how much we love them while they can hear us.

Once they are gone all we can do is to pray and hope that they know how much we miss them. God’s plan over ours at any point.

Dreaming about having a meal with a certain dead person.

In most cases, this dream is connected with your health.

It may be an indication on a certain disease or illness.

So you can take this dream as a warning sign, you could be suffering from something you do not know about. This dream may even save your life.

Sometimes this dream does not mean anything, but you should go to see a doctor just in case.

You do not have anything to lose by going to a doctor, at least you will know that you are fine if this dream is not right. It is easier to simply be sure.

Dreaming about getting a gift from a dead person

When having a dream like this you should be prepared for the upcoming trials in your life.

It is never a good sign when the dead has something to give to you.

Mostly, it means that your life will become difficult from this point.

Perhaps you are going to experience certain troubles with your finances.

There is also a chance that you are likely to experience a certain loss in your life.

It may even be a sign of sickness and lack of health.

In some cases it is a sign of trouble inside of your home, perhaps conflicts with family members. Hopefully you find ease in bad times.

Dreaming of talking to a dead person that is actually alive

When having a dream like this there are several meanings behind it.

You see, dreaming of a dead person that is actually alive is a sign of fear.

Perhaps you are afraid of losing that certain person and you just can’t think about living without them.

Biblical meaning of this dream is that you are actually extending life of that person.

You have probably heard it from your grandparents that dreaming that someone is dead while they are alive is a good sign.

It could mean that their life will be longer and that they will spend more time with you.

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