Dreaming In The Third Person: Reasons & Meaning

Dreaming in the third person is undoubtedly one of the most peculiar dreams to experience.

To see oneself from that perspective is undoubtedly a mindboggling image to shake off once woken up.

However, it’s actually pretty common to dream from a third-person point of view.

This dream typically looks like you are watching a movie with yourself playing the lead part.

Such a dream can have many different meanings.

For example, interpretations of third-person dreams often depend on the actions you were performing in a dream.

In this blog, you will learn the reason and meaning of dreaming in the third person

. And not only that, we researched and mentioned the most important messages of third-person dreams.

Use your intuition and discernment, and see what resonates with your dream realm experience.

What Exactly Are Third-Person Dreams?

Humans typically dream from two points of view, but most commonly in the first person.

However, dreaming in the third person comes close second. To dream in the third person means experiencing the dream from an audience’s point of awareness.

In a sense, you have an outer-body dream experience where you see yourself from a watcher’s perspective.

Essentially, rather than a first-hand experience, you are watching yourself like another person.

Most often, the dreamer is viewing the situation from a distance. For this reason, such dreams are also called cinematic dreams.

People who experienced many third-person dreams say they are indeed interesting, to say the least.

Some remember doing zooms and slow-motion scenes or jumping through scenes and stories.

Furthermore, some people experience a series-type of third-person dreams.

That means dreaming, like watching a TV show where the plot continues from the previous night’s story.

There are even people that dream about skipping from first-person dreams to dreaming in the third.

When these shifts happen, it’s typically to protect the dreamer from the effects of the plot.

Dreams Can Change Perspective Several Times At Once

There is no “impossible” in the astral realm. Therefore, changing one’s perspective in a dream is entirely normal.

And not only that, but sometimes people switch between the first and the third several times in one dream.

They are moving from a passive watcher to active participators in the first-person perspective.

For example, it’s like watching a movie and then suddenly having a lead part in it.

Then suddenly, you’re back on your couch, looking at the film again.

Third-Person Dreaming Symbolism

Seeing yourself is undoubtedly a weird experience, even in the dream realm.

However, third-person dreams have profound symbolism and carry important messages for the dreamer.

Ancient dream dictionaries have analyzed this particular dream and found several potential meanings of the phenomenon.

Generally speaking, dreaming in the third person typically symbolize:


Usually, your subconscious portrays how others see you or how you see yourself.

Insight from your Higher Self

You are seeing your genuine Self, who is usually transferring an important message through the dream (your Higher Self is your Spirit guide).

Detachment or disassociation

You are feeling disconnected from the world, feeling like an outsider


If you are feeling guilty (whether genuine or perceived), it can show up in a third-person dream.

Important tip: If you’re feeling stuck at a job, in a toxic relationship, ignoring your intuition or negative emotions, dreaming in the third person is not surprising.


It doesn’t hurt to check your thought process to see if there are feelings of guilt and insecurities to deal with.

These show in our subconscious and, consequently, our dreams.

Fear of Being Exposed

Dreaming in the third person often indicates a fear of getting exposed due to self-doubt.

Sometimes the imposter syndrome shows up in the worm of third person drams.

However, if you’re doing any fraudulent activities, it’s no wonder you live in constant anxiety. If that’s the case, the truth will set you free.

Financial struggles

Suppose your most significant worries are of financial nature.

In that case, third-person dreams might signify that you’re very anxious regarding money.

This dream indicates that you must watch your spending habits or consider a savings plan.

On the other hand, a third-person dream might also signify a boost to one’s finances.

So take this interpretation and how it resonates.

Life in Harmony

On the positive side, dreaming in the third person often signifies harmonious life and happiness.

This message is especially significant if you’re going through a rough patch with your loved one/ones.

If you’re having third-person dreams, it’s time to bring more love into your situation and welcome some harmony in your circle of essential people.

Potential Meanings of Dreaming In The Third Person

Now that you know the most common symbolism of third-person dreams, we’ll help you find some sense in all of it.

There are many different reasons for dreaming in the third person. We listed the three typical reasons you might have third-person dreams.

You are aware you are one among equals 

Suppose you have struggled with finding your place under the sun or are feeling insecure.

In that case, this dream might signal that you finally overcame these challenges. The passive viewer perspective often represents overcoming imposter syndrome and social anxiety.

You feel disassociated and removed from your reality

Dreaming in the third person is, in this case, a worrying but also a warning sign.

Whether you feel left out in the cold by a person or a group of colleagues/friends, this dream indicates that you feel removed or even blocked.

You feel a lack of control

Feeling like you have no control over your life can be deeply unsettling.

If the anxiety progresses, it often transfers to one’s dreams.

In fact, such emotions often lead to third-person drams if one does not react.

However, take this interpretation only after analyzing your dream’s overall sense and energy.

How did you feel about it? If you genuinely feel like you don’t have control, it’s probably translated from your waking life.

Dreaming In the Third Person: Various Scenarios

There are as many dream scenarios as there are humans.

However, we are all more or less triggered in the same way.

The human psyche deals with challenges in some typical ways.

But it’s always fascinating to see how exactly this unfolds, especially when we dream.

Apart from the meanings mentioned above, third-person dreams often symbolize our values as opposed to others or even our Higher Self.

Additionally, these dreams often represent authenticity, integrity, and introspection regarding guilt, fears, and insecurities.

Furthermore, third-person dreams often call upon dreamers to look at themselves objectively.

Moreover, dreaming in the third person means it’s time to look inwards and reach a higher understanding of one’s inner workings.

Sometimes these dreams can get pretty unpleasant.

But that said, they are also always precious tools to assess where you are regarding values, goals, and self-made blockages.

Therefore, don’t take third-person dream interpretations as unfavorable.

Instead, take them as starting points for reflection and self-analysis.

Before going over several third-person dream scenarios, think about the overall feeling of your dream and essential details, and analyze according to your reality.

Whatever the meaning of your third-person dream, remember that it’s most often about introspection and an honest look at yourself.

Therefore, if you decipher the dream correctly, you could find a wellspring of insights about your strengths and weaknesses.

Seeing Your Reflection In a Dream

This is one of the most common third-person dream scenarios, carrying a crucial message.

Seeing your reflection in a dream signifies it is time to reassess your behavior and how others might perceive you.

In a traditional sense, your reflection symbolizes negative news or some kind of drama heading your way.

Hence, it would be wise to analyze whether there is something in your behavior that you should change to prevent it.

Alternatively, seeing your reflection in a dream can signify obstacles hindering your plans or financial problems due to illness.

However, these dreams often symbolize one’s identity and self-deception. In addition, they also portray how others see us.

Dreaming of Seeing Yourself As a Child

A third-person dream scenario like this one is one of the most common.

Usually, it symbolizes easier times and occurs as a consequence of stressful adulthood. If there are challenges in your life overwhelming you, this dream is a natural consequence of that.

It simply means that you long for the times when life was simpler.

Alternatively, seeing yourself as a child in a dream might indicate that you still need to heal something from your past.

Additionally, this dream can indicate childlike and immature behavior.

However, the meaning is different if you see yourself as a baby in a third-person dream.

Such a dream typically symbolizes vulnerability. But not only that, but it also represents the desire for unconditional love.

Dreaming of An Older Version Of Yourself

They say the things we don’t heal and transmute become more painful as we age.

And not only that, people get more rigid with age.

So if you’re dreaming about an elderly version of yourself, this is an ideal time for introspection.

Your subconscious might be telling you to look into your thought patterns or attitudes.

These might be blocking your happiness or damaging your close relationships.

As they say, change is the only constant. Therefore, this dream might be the best thing that happened to you.

It allows you to see how your views might be blocking your abundance.

On the other hand, dreaming about an older version of oneself typically symbolizes wisdom and correct decisions.

In other words, this dream might signify that you made the right decisions or that you are on the correct path.

Dreaming of Seeing Yourself In a Picture Or a Photo

Seeing a photo in a dream usually symbolizes the past.

So if you had a third-person dream and saw yourself in a picture, it signifies the need for forgiveness.

Therefore, if you experienced negativity from someone, it’s time to forgive, heal, and move on.

Alternatively, if you have wronged someone, the dream might be telling you it’s time to apologize and make amends.

Alternatively, such a dream indicates embarrassment or mistakes from the past.

Whatever the case, it’s evident that these had a substantial effect on your subconscious.

It’s time for peace, primarily with yourself and then with others.

Dreaming of Talking to Yourself In a Dream

It must be a bit freaky watching you have a conversation with yourself in a dream.

It’s a weird third-person dream to have, to say the least.

But that said, this dream scenario is actually pretty common.

So naturally, the meaning of this dream depends on the topic of conversation.

But what if you don’t remember the dialogue?

Well, in that case, this dream indicates there is something that you need to acknowledge.

There are insights your Higher self wants you to be aware of.

So use this dream as a starting point to shed light on the things you keep bottled deep inside.

Dreaming of Seeing Yourself Dead

Don’t worry; a third-person dream in which you see yourself dead or in a coffin is certainly no prophecy.

In fact, death symbolizes an ending of a cycle and a new beginning.

Therefore, seeing yourself dying in a dream signifies overcoming obstacles.

Moreover, such a dream indicates good fortune.

It also represents a higher level of consciousness after beating one’s inner demons.

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Dreaming in the third person is a pretty strange dream. It can look and feel worrying and even scary.

Nevertheless, please take it as a valuable message from your subconscious because it most often carries profoundly significant insights for you.

In fact, such dreams often symbolize feelings of guilt, resentment, imposter syndrome, and the need to give or receive forgiveness.

So we cannot say it’s a positive one.

Still, it’s critically important to correctly decipher third-person dreams to grow and progress.

On the other hand, dreaming in the third person sometimes carry positive messages regarding self-reflection, healing, transmuting negative emotions, and second chances.

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