Dream of Toilet Overflowing – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Dreams could be pretty unpleasant, at times.

A dream about a toilet overflowing is definitely not amongst the most desirable dreams, yet it could reveal many things about ourselves and our lives.

In general, dreams are a powerful channel of our thoughts and emotions.

However, we do not know what do dreams represent for certain.

In the past, dreams have often been considered prophetic and dream interpretation was similar to divination practices.

There is virtually no myth, legend or belief without a prophetic dream.

Could dreams predict future or inform us about days gone by in distant times? No one can tell for certain.

Some people think dreams represent reflections of past lives or other realms.

From a scientific point of view, at least some of it, dreams are our brain impulses.

As you know, our brain is a wonderful mechanism, complex and still not fully studied.

While we are asleep and our body rests, our brain works.

According to some, dreams, occurring to us as a visual manifestation behind our closed eyelids, could be random images our brain produces processing various information we gather during the day.

In truth, dreams definitely do that.

We often dream about things we are obsessed with, be it a person, an event, unpleasant or joyful experience or anything else that produces intense emotional response.

For example, if you anticipate something, it is likely it would appear in your dream.

However, sometimes we dream about bizarre things we could never deliberately imagine.

We may have nightmares, horror dreams of all sorts.

We could also have very pleasant and happy dreams that also do not have much to do with our reality on the surface.

Then there are dreams about quite ordinary places, objects, people.

These dreams sometimes simply reflect our everyday life, but they could be full of symbolism and meaning.

Dreams About Toilets – General Info

In general, dreams about the place we go to ’do our business’, one or another, are dreams associated with our intimacy and privacy.

There are many variants of these dreams, for one can have a dream about the toilet in their own bathroom or a public one.

In any case, dreams about a place in which there was a toilet are always associated with something intimate.

Usually, these dreams have to do with one’s emotional state. Toilets are used in order for us to cleanse our bodies.

Toilets are something we associate with something that is necessary, with inevitable aspects of our lives.

In the civilized society, toilets are considered a necessity.

Toilet room, bathroom and else are places used privately. There is something deeply intimate about it.

It is not a space meant to be shared, when it comes to our day. Back in the past, things were quite different.

You probably know about the public nature of Ancient Roman toilets; these were accessible to many people at a time and it was considered quite common.

Today, we would roll our eyes over such an image – several people doing their business in the same room.

The history of toilets and hygiene is long and there were some really nasty historical periods when it comes to that.

You may have read about the famous Louis XIV and his magnificent palace of Versailles, without a single toilet.

To jump back to our day, toilets are something we consider necessary and common.

Everyone has a toilet in their house, there are toilets in public spaces, in trains, busses, airplanes, ships etc. It is simply a regular part of our day and life.

In all these cases, toilets are considered private, even those in the public space.

There could be many toilets, but they are all meant to be used by one person at a time.

Toilets are associated with the messy part of our lives, with our basic natural needs, with something we cannot fully control.

When taken metaphorically and symbolically, toilets have to do with our intimacy and our emotional state, in the first place.

The process of cleansing, of purification, which urination and defecation physically are, is vital for our survival – physically and mentally.

While toilets in our dream may present in various scenarios and can sometimes reflect our actual digestion issues, they usually have something to do with our experiences and emotional responses to them.

Dreams About Toilet Overflowing – General Info

First of all, dreams about toilets and various things that could happen there are not very unusual.

After all, we use toilets every day, so it is not very surprising we dream about them. IT is also not very unusual that toilets in dreams represent our emotions.

Things that are common are something we see and experience every day, so these activities, objects and phenomena are quite easy to get associated with our various emotional states.

When it comes to dreams about toilets, sometimes those dreams could be a simple psycho-physiological sign – we may simply need to go to the toilet and it reflects in our dreams.

However, toilet related dreams usually have a deeper meaning.

What about dreams of toilet overflowing? What is the significance in those dreams, what do they represent?

Anything that overflows symbolically represents the abundance of something, in both positive and negative way.

It depends on the place, the matter and so much more.

Dreams about toilet overflowing could have different meanings, based on how it happens, what is the contents of the overflowing matter and so on.

Generally speaking, dreams about overflowing toilets are related to our emotional state, well-being, certain problems that keep bothering us, the need to purify ourselves in emotional and mental sense, the need to relieve the tension, overwhelming emotions etc.

As toilets have the purpose of making us cleanse ourselves from the unnecessary, as well as toxic content in physical sense, in dreams they have a metaphorical role and they serve us cleanse ourselves from toxic or difficult emotions, or obsessive thoughts.

An overflowing toilet in a dream often indicates there is something in our life we have to let go of, in order to move on with our life.

Something in our current situation bothers us and we have to get rid of it, before it overflows.

There are many ways to interpret an overflowing toilet in a dream, for there could be many various scenarios.

The interpretation always depends on the context, the context of the dream itself, its details and the context of your current life situation.

Sometimes dreams about overflowing toilets literally have to do with our physical well-being.

It does not necessarily mean only one’s urge to defecate or urinate, but it could be a warning sign related to certain medical conditions, especially digestive and metabolic function.

Such dreams could potentially have to do with the process of recovering after an illness, our fears related to the process of healing.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss various overflowing toilet dream scenarios.

They are generally associated with emotional status, with interpersonal relations and, generally, our way of dealing with problems.

Dreams about a toilet overflowing with feces

Dreams about a toilet overflowing with poop may be quite unpleasant and even disturbing.

Now, this dream could vary in meaning, depending on where it took place.

Let us say you dream about your own toilet overflowing, being full of poop.

This is a disturbing dream, one might say. No one likes to see a scene like that in their waking life, to be honest.

However, in dreams, it has a symbolical meaning. What is it about?

Dream about seeing a toilet overflowing with feces in it is a sign there are things in life you have to let go, especially when it come to certain relationships and people.

There could be certain people around you that you have close ties with but who, in fact, slow down your process of growth.

These ties are not functional, even though you wish them to be. It is always hard to break bonds, but it is likely that it has to be done.

Alternatively, this dream is a sign of certain problems you have, but those you cannot deal with right now. You probably have too many obligations and you are very busy.

This particular problem is probably something you are aware of, something that distresses you, but you cannot find time to address it properly.

You are likely try to avoid the issue, instead of dealing with it. You leave it for later.

However, you cannot do that endlessly. At some point, things will overflow and you will have a terrible mess to work upon.

Do not wait for too long, even if it is something that is not particularly serious, but gets pretty annoying.

You know how they say, better soon than sorry. Just do it and you will save yourself much time, if you sacrifice a bit of it now.

In addition, it will be extremely beneficial to your mental health and your emotional status.

Dreams about a clogged toilet

Dreams about a clogged toilet are definitely not amongst the most desirable dreams, just as you really do not want to do the messy business of unclogging the toilet in the waking life.

However, it is something you just have to do.

These dreams are dreams of some kind of obstruction, obstacle, problem that requires efficient and lasting solution, so that you do not have constantly to deal with it.

The clogged toiled may not be a big scale disaster, but it has to be dealt with properly.

The same is with our emotions. If you dream about a clogged toilet very often, you probably try to suppress some intense emotions or you put a problem under the carpet.

It could be something that appears to be a minor issue, while, in fact, it is of essential importance.

If you do not deal with it, you will constantly face it again and again.

The dream about a clogged toilet is, in essence, a dram about clogged emotions and problems that make you feel stuck.

The message of this dream is quite direct.

You need to find a proper way to deal with the negative emotions that continually pull you down or you have to find an efficient solution to a problem that keeps bothering you and preventing you from moving ahead.

Dreams about toilet overflowing with water

Now, this dream is similar in sense of overflowing, but it is more spiritual in meaning.

The water represent purity, cleansing, spirituality and, above all, emotions.

Water is always associated with our emotional state and mood.

If you dream about seeing a toilet overflowing with water and you cannot handle it, it means you are being overflowed with your own emotions, regardless of the nature of these emotions.

These emotions are something you have to deal with, something you have to go through, in order to be well.

Oftentimes people suppress their feelings, be it good or bad.

Many times people suppress good feelings, because they are afraid of negative ones!

Whatever you are experiencing at the moment needs to be let to flow freely.

You should let yourself surrender to your emotions, if you were a type of person to suppress them and act insensitive.

If that was the case, the dream about toilet overflowing with fresh water indicates the tons of emotions you need to relieve, which you try to put aside, ignore or even deny. In the long run, it never ends well.

On the other side, if you were an extremely sensitive person, who finds hard to deal with life challenges, this dream indicates your inability to control your emotions.

Maybe you are experiencing something that has a very strong emotional impact on you.

While it is not something bad, on the contrary, you should probably try to moderate your emotional responses a bit, so that your emotions do not prevail over reason in a way that would negatively affect your productivity and efficiency in life.

The dream about toilet overflowing with water are generally about some kind of cleansing and emotional processing.

Even if the water was not clean, it symbolically represents the process of purification, the letting go of dirty matter, figuratively speaking.

Dreams about toilet overflowing with urine

Dreams about toilet overflowing with urine also falls under the category of dreams we are not very happy to have.

These dreams have much to do with toxic emotions and toxic relationships we keep maintaining with certain people.

The dream about toilet overflowing with urine is a sort of a warning sign.

It wants to tells you the times has come to admit to yourself that certain relationships you have are not very good for your mental and emotional well-being.

You have probably been around toxic people for long. You have let them in your life and maybe, at the time, it was good.

However, these relationships proved dysfunctional and exhausting. There are so many excuses people have when it comes to breaking these relations.

Toxic relationships are usually demanding and make you feel dependent on them.

Eventually, you feel as if obliged to fulfill them and you actually feel in a trap and not feeling good about yourself.

Think about the people in your life. Is there someone who makes you feel drained and exhausted every time you get in touch with them? You should probably cut it of.

Dreams about toilet overflowing with urine are also associated with one’s inability to say things aloud, especially things that are not good.

There is always a hidden fear of criticism, other’s judgment, being laughed at etc.

Instead of standing up for yourself or simply expressing your opinion or feeling about something, you keep silent, because you think to much about what others would have to say about you.

This dream has deep self insecurity in its root.

Dreams about toilet overflowing with blood

Dreams about toilet overflowing with blood are particularly scary and disturbing and they do not occur quite often, fortunately.

However, such a dream could have very intense emotions at its roots and very strong meaning.

This dream could be associated with health issues.

Blood in dreams often has to do with life, healing, wounds, physical state of being.

There could be something that requires treatment, even medical attention.

Seeing a toilet overflowing with blood indicates abuse, violence, aggression, in some form.

You have perhaps been hurt deeply in the past, manipulated, used for others’ ends in a very dramatic way.

Dreams in which you see blood could be associated with burning emotions, such as anger.

Although blood represents life and passion, as well, in the toilet scenario, especially overflowing one, it is probably associated with violet instincts and aggression.

This dream could mean that you withhold some pretty intense negative emotions.

You are angry about something, but you let it pile up, instead of reacting.

Be very cautious about such feelings, those need to be processed as soon as possible.

Dreams about repairing the overflowing toilet

If you dream about somehow repairing the toilet that has been overflowing or you dream about flushing it, it is a good dream.

It means you have regained some control over your life and emotions.

If you flush a toilet that has been overflowed, it means you are finally letting go of the pressure and negative motions that have been bothering you for long.

This dream also has to doo with repentance, with admitting your own mistreatment of people etc.

If you repair a toiled that was overflowed, cleaning up the mess and making it function again, it is a dream of a very positive change in your life.

It indicates successful dealing with problems of any sort and reestablishment of a mental and emotional balance.

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