Dream of Someone Jumping To Their Death – Spiritual Meaning

The only thing we know for sure about this life is that it is going to end.

Death is something we can’t avoid and we can’t predict the timing of our death, unless we are the ones who decide to end it.

We are born, then we grow and learn new things and at some point it all ends.

This whole life is one great ride, we are given so many opportunities to make something out of it.

During this time, we all experience good times and hardships.

The thing is that some people can’t handle those difficult times and sometimes they choose to end their lives.

It is sad to mention that in the past decade the suicide rate has gone up.

People do not pay enough attention to their health in general, especially mental health.

Years ago, conditions like PTSP or maybe a depression were not considered to be serious.

People did not even knew about those things.

But luckily for everyone nowadays these things are something people talk about.

Medicine is developing every single moment, now we have payed professionals whose careers are all about discovering about mental health.

What we think is what affects our life.

It is important to take care of our well-being, health is the most important thing in the world.

Psychology is a branch that spends their resources on finding ways to help people without giving them medication.

While in psychiatry we have patients who are going through conditions that cannot be cured and they need pills and medication to survive.

Neurons are cells that our nervous system is build off, but the thing is that once they are damaged they cannot be restored.

This is why there are so many conditions that can’t be cured when it comes to nervous system, some examples are the Alzheimer’s or schizophrenia.

It is sad to see so many people thinking that suicide is the key to resolving their problems.

There is a series called ” 13 reasons why” , in which a girl commits suicide and you can see how her family and friends are dealing with it.

Once you kill yourself, you need to understand that you are putting new burdens on the back of others.

You have the people that love you and you think that it is okay to just leave them like that.

Think about your parents and their sacrifices, do they deserve this act?

Why would someone live their whole life thinking that they are the cause of your death while you are ending your problems.

Every problem has a solution and everything in life can be resolved once you find the right way.

But, some situations need some time and patience to resolve.

That is why people find suicide as some kind of an exit from the world of suffering.

There were times in history when suicide was considered to be a heroic act, but it is simply selfish.

A person who commits suicide doesn’t just do it because they feel like it in the moment.

This person either has suicidal thoughts and has thought all of this through, or perhaps certain hardships made this person consider this one option to resolve something.

Some people understand these people, it can be too much sometimes to live in a world like this.

But, other people can’t accept the fact that someone is blessed by the chance to live this life and they are taking it away from themselves.

In religion, suicide is considered to be a major sin because God has gifted you this life and He only has the right to end it.

You are messing with God’s plan and you are harming other people.

When and if you are having suicidal thoughts, seek out for some medical help.

Talk to someone close to you or find an expert who can help you.

In these moments it is important to understand that it is okay to feel too many things at the same time, but you need to talk with someone about it.

Always think about your loved ones and what your death could do to them.

Perhaps you know someone who is battling with something, if you are aware that this person has some sucidal thoughts then tell it to someone if you can’t help.

We see a lot of people during one day, but we have no idea what is happening in their life.

You can’t read someone’s mind, maybe they are smiling and being outgoing but when they come home they think about ending their life.

Whether that makes sense or not, it is how life works.

Ending your life is never the answer, there are many online groups who can listen to you or give you some kind of advice.

What happens when you dream about of a person jumping to their death?

In this case it means that there is a lot of going on in your life.

There are several meanings that depend on your current life situation and the interpretation of the dream itself.

It is important to remember as much as you can about your dream, if you want to find the most accurate meaning.

You should look up the possible meanings of your dream, because it is likely that your subconscious is trying to send you are certain message through this dream.

Someone jumping to their death in your dream could be a possible sign that you are jumping into something you know nothing about.

Perhaps you are considering starting a relationship without knowing everything you need to know about the other person.

Or perhaps there is a risky business plan you want to start, but you didn’t even look up into it.

It could also be a sign that you are experiencing some sort of a problem and you are avoiding it.

Maybe this dream represents your bad habit of making some irrational decisions, or it is an indication on your impulsive behaviour.

Sometimes this dream represents an end of something in your life and the arrival of something new.

You see these dreams are neither good or bad, they are a message about your behaviour and current thoughts.

Everything you are thinking about can reflect in your dreams, so do not be surprised when dreaming about weird with deep feeling.

These dreams also tend to be scary, they can be in a form of a nightmare and they are in most cases really realistic.

You can have an uneasy feeling after waking up from this dream. But, keep in mind that this dream is not a bad omen.

It is just a warning sign of something you are doing wrong or it can even have a positive meaning.

Once you know the meaning of your dream, try to apply it into your waking life. Hopefully you will find everything you need in this article.

The Most Common Dreams Of Someone Jumping To Their Death

Dreaming of a person jumping to their death by jumping in a bottomless hole

This dream represents your impulsive behaviour.

You are thinking about doing something without having all the information you need to do it.

Perhaps you have a business proposal from a risky company, you need to look them up it could be a scam to take your money.

Or perhaps you are starting a relationship with a person you do not really know.

It could also mean that you want to marry your current partner without knowing more about them.

Perhaps your partner does not want kids while you want a big family, but you never talked about it.

Be careful when making some big steps, because the cost can be higher than you expect.

Always calculate all the pros and cons of something, if the cost is too high is it worth it to make that kind of a move?

Also, never make any decisions without knowing more about something.

Dreaming of a person jumping to their death by jumping from a cliff

This is a positive dream that represents change. It means that you are making some decisions about doing something you have never done.

So, in a way it is a symbol of a new start in something.

Perhaps you want to start your own business or to find a new job.

Perhaps you are looking for a new love interest.

It also represents your ambition and will to make something out of your life.

You are a responsible person and you are thinking about ways to improve your future.

Just continue going on that track because it will lead you to a beautiful destination.

Dreaming of someone jumping to their death because of love

If you are dreaming of a person who jumps to their death because of their relationship, it is actually a good sign.

It represents loyalty, if you are currently in a relationship be sure that your love is right.

The person you are in a relationship with is someone who truly loves you and cares for you.

You have to take care of that person and do not ruin this relationship.

It is rare to find someone who wants to be with you no matter what, so once you do find this kind of a person hold on to them without any doubt.

If you are not in a relationship when having this dream, it means that your love is coming.

Be patient because the best things take time.

Do not lose hope and do not think that you will end up being alone.

Everything will work out just fine, so do not worry.

Dreaming of someone jumping to their death by jumping from a bridge

So, this one represents struggles and hardships.

You are having a certain problem you think can’t be resolved, perhaps you are the cause of it.

Or perhaps this could be a sign of sickness that can’t be cured easily.

You must keep in mind that every problem has a solution to it, so think about the ways you can resolve this situation.

Or this could be a sign that you are in way too deep, this situation could be life-threatening for you.

Hopefully someone close to you finds a way to help you.

Dreaming of someone jumping to their death by jumping off a plane

This dream is an indication on your attitude.

You are the type of a person that simply loves drama and you are dramatic.

Perhaps you simply have a need to get the attention you need, so that us why you are finding ways to attract that attention.

You think that this behaviour is cute, but it can cost you everything in life.

If you do not change this behaviour you are likely to lose many friends and loved ones.

People keep up with your because they love you, but at some point they will stop trying to make it work with you.

You do not let others tell you what to do and you are ignoring all the advices you get from your family.

There is a possibility that you will meet a perfect partner for you, but your attitude will make this person run away from you.

Perhaps you had a traumatic childhood or you lacked attention from your parents, that is why you have the need to be in the centre of attention.

Whatever the reason is, you can make some new decisions and start your life somehow different than it currently is.

Dreaming of a person jumping to their death by jumping from a building

This dream has a positive meaning. It represents new experiences, perhaps you will get an opportunity to travel around the world .

Or perhaps you will meet someone who will turn your world around in the positive way.

This could also be a sign that you will learn new things and make some fantastic memories.

You can do whatever you want with your life, just be sure to enjoy every step you make.

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