Dream of Lightning – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Why do we dream and what do our dreams try to tell us? There is no concrete answer to those questions, although they have been debated time and again.

Dreams can tell us many things, although we do not always understand their origins.

According to medical science, dreams consist of various images and stories we experience when we are asleep, that is, those stories and images are created by our mind.

Dreams could vary from beautiful, pleasant and fun, to very disturbing and frightening.

Many times dreams get so odd and bizarre that we wonder how is it even possible that we dream about such things?

What could cause such a strange scenario, one we cannot link to our waking life experiences?

There have been many theories on dreams.

The experts in psychology and related fields have been trying to offer some answers, but there is no consensus on why do dreams occur and where they actually come from.

Let us go through some basic known information and hypotheses on dreaming and dreams.

First, it is said that everyone dreams every night, even though we do not always remember our dreams. Some people rarely remember any of the dream scenes.

Dreams probably last about five to twenty minutes, the experts suggests.

Most of the dreams are not remembered, as we have already said (95% of our dreams get lost when we wake up).

Why do we dream?

Okay, but why do we even dream? There are several possible causes of dreams.

Dreams may represent our suppressed and sub conscious desires, which probably has some ground in reality. Dreams could be brain signals that occur while we are asleep.

Dreams could be our channel to process information we gather during our waking time.

Each day, we come across thousands of information and we cannot process them all immediately, so our dreams serve as a processor of those info.

Dreams have been also associated with improvement of our cognitive functions.

Dreams have been also said to represent a very specific state of our conscious that serves as a channel for processing past events, experiencing present and preparing for the future.

It is believed that dreams help us restore our balance, regardless of how disturbing they might be.

Every dream is unique, although people do have repeated dreams.

In addition, and from an angle other than purely scientific, dreams have always been associated with spiritual world, higher realm, mystical powers.

Dream interpretation could also be a sort of divination, as it was believed that dreams are full of prophetic signs.

You have certainly heard or read about holy people throughout history who claimed they have communicated with higher, divine forces through dreams.

Dreams are a common trope in historical and legendary stories about great people, whose dreams affected the whole countries, in a way.

While there is no solid explanation on why do we dream and where our dreams come from, there is probably a piece of truth in every single of the possible explanations.

Dreams are an interesting experience and they are loaded with symbols, there is no doubt of that.

Lightning Symbolism

Dreams about lightning could be very meaningful, disturbing, fascinating and, by all means, striking.

However, before we move onto the dream interpretation of lightning related dreams, let us talk a bit about the symbolical meaning of lightning.

Symbolism of lightning varies, depending on the context it appears, the culture, the local belief.

In various cultural and spiritual traditions around the globe, lightning has been perceived in many ways and have commonly been associated with some higher forces.

Lightning has been considered a sign of divine power. For example, the mighty Zeus, the supreme god of Ancient Greek pantheon is  also the master of thunder and lightning.

They same could be said for Perun, Old Slavic lord of thunder and lightning.

There are many more meanings of lightning , which we will mention. Lightning is definitely a spectacular natural phenomenon.

There is no way it leaves one indifferent after hearing the thunder and seeing a lightning.

Lightning could make us feel scared, terrified, amazed, fascinated…depending on our own place at the moment the lightning strikes, our emotional and mental state, as well.

Lightning could scare us, disturb us, but also inspire us.

In symbolical and poetic sense, lightning could be associated with human emotions and states of mind, such as fear, extreme pain or shock, a sudden creative idea etc.

When we see a lightning, it awakens in us some deep, hidden, primal self.

It was not uncommon that the lightning and the spot stricken by a lightning would be proclaimed a holy sign and a holy place.

We could talk about places touched by some higher, divine force. The heavens tell us something by the use of lightning,

It is interesting to note that Native American Indians thought of lightning as a symbol of truth.

They believed in thunderbirds who would chase down people who lie and hide the truth, misleading others, and they would strike them with lightning-thunderbolts, in fact.

Chinese consider lightning a symbol of fertility, as they associate the natural phenomenon of lightning with rains, much needed for the fertility of the land.

Old Chinese associated lightning with rebirth and new life.

We have already mentioned Zeus, but it is also important to say that within the Greek world, lightning has also been associated with intellect and the birth of new ideas, with brightness of the mind.

In biblical sense and, generally, in religious and spiritual sense, lightning have always been associated with heavens, with gods, with God.

Lightning is a sign of the divine might, a sign of guidance and sometimes even wrath.

As you can see, there are numerous symbolical interpretations of lightning; it will help us better understand dreams about lightning.

Let us go through some common concepts and terms associated with lightning, before we move onto dreams.

Therefore, in symbolical and metaphorical sense, lightning represents enlightenment, divine sign, clarity and brightness, the birth of ideas, fertility, inspiration and creativity, destruction, a sacred sign, power in general, revelation.

Dreams About Lightning – General Info

Lightning is a fascinating and really impressive manifestation of nature and/or some higher powers.

Lightning is something we cannot predict, control and stop, once it is on its way.

Although we may look into our forecast and see a thunderstorm comes our way, we can still do little to stop it.

We could say that lightning in dreams represents an enlightening, destructive and creative power.

It always stands for something tremendous, something sudden, a strike in our lives. Lightning in dreams typically stand for change and transformation.

Lightning in dreams stands for an unexpected experience, an unexpected situation, moment or a blow.

It could be something that would change our life for the better, but it could temporarily be the other way around.

Lightning in dreams stand for destruction that could create a new ground for new creations.

Lightning is both a destructive and creative force, taken in that sense.

Alternatively, a lightning in your dream could be taken as a warning sign.

There could be things in your life and in your surroundings that are threatening you in a specific way. The lightning in your dream is sort of a waking call.

Sometimes we need certain things to shake us up, in order for us to realize the time has come to make some radical moves.

A lightning in a dream could literally be a sign of guidance, a sign from above, meant to make us take a new step.

Lightning is dreams could simply reflect some striking things that have happened to you in your waking life, ones you still did not process.

On the other hand, it could announce an event you do not expect at all.

Dreams about seeing a lightning

Seeing a lightning in a dream is usually associated with some of the general meanings.

If you just happen to see a lightning, from a safe distance, and look at it, this is a sign of enlightenment of warning.

Since the dreamer is ultimately passive in this dream, that is, he or she simply watches the lightning, it could be interpreted as a sign of a change that will come down your path, but will probably not be dramatic.

This dream actually prepares you for some new events, new experiences, new steps ahead. In general, it is a positive dream.

Lightning in this dream could represent a birth of a new idea, a new inspiration.

It is as if you have the opportunity to look inside your heart and mind just at the moment when a new idea is being born.

Seeing a lightning in a dream, without any additional activity related to the lightning (the dreamer is an observer, there is no damage by lightning, there is nothing more than a scenery with the lightning etc.) is a dream indicating of new ideas and inspiration.

Alternatively, it could be a warning about some ’strikes’ you are about to experience in nearer or distant future – depending on your own physical distance from the lightning you observe in the dream.

Dreams about a lightning strike close to you

Dreams about a lightning strike could be disturbing on many levels.

Again, the meaning of the dream would depend on your distance from the lightning strike, your location during the lightning event etc.

Always think about such details, when interpreting your dreams.

So, if a lightning strikes very close to you, it is a sign of an immediate threat, of danger you will be able to avoid, one way or another, but you will definitely be very close to getting hurt and damaged. It means you have been playing with fire.

This dream means you are engaged with things that are risky and potentially destructive.

You will be close to getting hurt, but you will manage to get out of the trouble.

Alternatively, it could be something you have nothing to do with, that is, something that is out of your control or power, something you could never predict. It could be an accident or an unexpected event related to whatever field of your life.

You are lucky, the dream suggests. The heavens look upon you and will save you from danger.

The dream could also reflect a traumatic experience you’ve recently had and have successfully gone through.

Dreams about being struck by a lightning

Now, dreams about being struck by a lightning are definitely striking per se.

This sort of a dream could have different meanings and the very experience of a dream could be different for different dreamers.

The first possible explanation is negative.

Being struck by a lightning could symbolically be understood as a punishment, a metaphorical consequence of your bad actions, especially bad behavior and attitude towards other people.

Your bad decisions and poor treatment of people around you will fire back at you, although you have probably thought you were safe.

Think about how you treat people and how you behave in relations with people.

This dream indicates a fiery argument with someone and an argument in which you will very likely be the defeated side.

There is, however, an alternative explanation of this type of a dream, and it is a positive one.

Being struck by a lightning in your dream indicates an inner transformation, a spiritual enlightenment, a spiritual journey, a change for the better.

Some dreamers find the dream experience of being struck by a lightening relieving, mind-opening, even pleasant.

It is interesting that the very act of being struck by a lightning in a dream could feel completely painless.

If you dream about being struck by a lightning, the dream probably carries one of the two meanings.

Think about your current life situation, about your relations and your inner self and you will easily find the correct meaning.

Dreams about someone being struck by a lightning

If someone else has been struck by a lightning in your dream, it is not a good sign.

This dream tells about conflicts and problems you have with another person or other people in general. What is more, you are the one who actually causes problems.

In general, people tend to be stubborn, when it comes to admitting their mistakes or changing their mind, so relationships of all sorts suffer.

This dream is potentially about that. You would like to destroy another by your arguments.

While there are some situations in life in which you should definitely stick to your arguments and defend your position, this dream is not about that.

It is about a toxic situation loaded with anger and false accusations.

Alternatively, if a close person was struck by a lightning in your dream, the dream perhaps tells about your inability to help someone dear, that is, to save someone dear from a threat or danger.

It could be something minor, but it could also be something serious.

People who are haunted by guilt for being unable to prevent danger from happening and save their loved ones could have such a dream as a mean of processing the unfortunate event and their own unfitness for the task.

Dreams about stepping on the lightning-stricken spot

This is a good dream, for places hit by a lightning are often considered special, sacred, connected with divine powers, places of special energy.

If you dream about stepping onto such a place, walking around it, exploring it, touching it, it is a very positive sign.

This dream tells about your spiritual path, about your connection with the higher self and your connection with the realms above.

It is a sign of your connection with your ancestors and with the spiritual world in general.

It could also be related to luck in romantic, love life. It is a sign of meeting a soul mate, someone whom you will be drawn to by some inexplicable forces.

Places where the lightning strikes are places where the intangible, elusive powers meet with our earthly life, places of connection between peoples’ lives and souls, places of luck and fortune.

They have the same meaning in dreams.

Dreams about a fire caused by lightning strike

Dreams about lightning caused fires could have various meanings.

Lightning has an incredible potential for vast destructions, which is not something one would regard as positive, right.

If you dream about a lightning causing fore, it is a dream of destruction.

If the proportions of lightning caused fire are so big that there is no sight of their end, it could be a very negative sign.

Everything you have been investing into, everything you have been working on for so long, will be turned into ashes in less than a moment and seemingly all of a sudden.

This is a dream of importance of making good, well-thought decisions.

Do not let others sway you into doing something you do not actually find a good step, because you can destroy everything you have worked so long on because of a wrong judgment.

This dream could also tell about your own urge to destroy something, because you have had enough of it and you cannot hold it for much longer.

It could be a project, job, a relationship or anything else.

Such dreams have to do with wrath, anger, intense emotions in general.

However, they could be about passion, as well. Passion is a two-doubled blade, it could be both destructive and creative.

Alternatively, dreams about a fire caused by lightning do not have to be bad, on the contrary.

Fire represents purification. In this case, it is about a sudden change, sudden onset of your inner transformation, one which will be turbulent, but worthwhile.

It is about the destruction and construction, as correlated processes.

Something old has to be burned down, in order new life to be born. We can also associate it with the process of regeneration and the symbolism of phoenix bird.

Dreams about lightning emerging from dark sky

If you dream about a lightning emerging from dark and thick, threatening black clouds, it is a good sign.

The lightning brightens up the darkness of the clouds and this dream usually occurs in people who are on a verge of losing hope.

The lightning in this dream represents light, truth, hope. It suggests everything will eventually come into light.

Maybe you struggle in your life and no one cares or values your efforts. Stay true to yourself and your virtue will be revealed.

This dream might be disturbing, but it is a dramatic counterpart of the saying about the light at the end of the tunnel.

In this case, however, it tells about the light that comes all of a sudden, breaking the darkness away, shedding light on all things.

Dreams about clear sky and lightning

Dreams about a lightning coming out from a clear blue sunny sky could be strange, just as it would be a strange phenomenon in real time.

This dream indicates some completely unexpected events, things that happen out of nowhere, when we think everything just go smoothly.

These events do not have to be bad, but their main characteristic is that they are sudden and unexpected.

Whatever the case was, they will break down your routine and face you with some new challenges or new opportunities.

Maybe you are already on your spiritual journey and the lightning out of nowhere, on a bright azure sky is just an affirmation on your path, a sign you are doing just great.

However, maybe it is an invitation, form a higher realm, to set on a journey of spirit.

Maybe it is time for your spiritual rebirth, finding guidance and faith.

Alternatively, it does not have to do with your spiritual self at all, but it could be a sign, an indicator of a new opportunity coming your way.

It depends on you whether you are willing to take the opportunity and break the routine or you will stick to your common path.

Dreams about a sea storm and lightning

Dreams about a sea storm could be very disturbing and unsettling, especially if the storm was accompanied by lightning.

This dream literally tells about being helpless and surrendered to the power of some higher forces, or simply others power.

If you have such a dream, it probably reflects your feeling of being under control of other people or destiny as it is, without seeing a way out.

You can only pray things will turn out well.

Dreams about storms, especially dreams about being at open stormy sea are about turbulent phases in our lives.

Lightning only make things feel even more dangerous.

Nevertheless, the storm will not last forever, neither in reality it does nor in a dream.

You will likely go through a very difficult period, but be sure you will get out of it, braver and stronger than before.

Lightning in this context might appear particularly scary (especially if the hit you while in such a helpless position!), but they may carry a trace of  good energy.

As we have seen, lightning represents enlightenment, transformation, change, destruction and creation.

Even if you feel lost and helpless, even if you will face some sort of destruction, something new could be built out of it.

Even if you were left with a wreck of your ship, there is a hope for a completely new journey.

Dreams about lightning and flickering lights

When a thunderstorm strikes, accompanied by lightning, it could affect our electricity.

Although it could be a logical explanation of the connection between lightning and flickering lights, there could be more to it.

Flickering lights are a phenomenon associated with the presence of some forces we cannot see or touch, our guardian angels and our ancestors, in the first place.

The same is with the dreams about this phenomenon.

Sometimes, we could dream about both lightning and flickering lights, and the phenomena could simultaneously occur in reality, as well.

The lightning only intensifies the meaning of flickering lights symbolism, in this case.

Such dreams are mysterious and could have to do with our connection with some other realms.

Perhaps our guardian angels or our ancestors want to tell us something.

The lightning suggests the message is quite important.

It could be understood also as a dream of warning. The warning is, in a way, doubled – we have both the lightning and the flickering lights.

Think about the situation you are in right now. There could probably be some things you should not overlook.

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