Dream of Home Invasion – Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

Home is the place where we feel comfortable, it is the one place we can always go back to.

It is also our safe place, it is the place where we can be ourselves and it is also a shelter from the outside world.

It is truly important to take care of our home and the people who are in it.

Home is almost always considered to be a house, apartment, the place we live in.

But, many people can agree that sometimes home is the feeling.

You can have a huge house, perfect apartment, but still not see it as your home.

Your family, loved ones are the ones who can feel like home.

So, without family and people you love you have nothing.

Family is something precious and it should be guarded with everything you have, because once you lose it you can’t get it back so easily.

There is a saying that you should be careful when you bring people inside of your home.

In islamic countries, many years ago, people would forbid their guests to use their bathrooms because of fear that they could do some sort of black magic on them.

Many people, in different religions, can actually agree with this fear.

You never really know who is your enemy and who is your friend.

There are enemies all around us, people who are jealous of others and their happiness.

It can be hard to know who the real ones are, especially if you are truly close to some of your friends.

Believe it or not, friend you couldn’t imagine losing can be the one who hates you.

Jealousy is considered to be a disease, it can poison you inside out.

This is the time of crisis, people are ready to do anything in order to make their lives better.

Nowadays, with wars that are happening in the world and poor economic situation, people are ready to fight for anything.

So, now it is common for thieves and burglars to attack homes.

Burglary was always present in the world, but now it is even more dangerous than ever.

The truth is that people do not want to work, but they are willing to steal from others who have put some work in order to achieve their goal.

It is actually really sad that people work their entire life for a house or savings in order for someone to steal it away in one night.

For people who experienced this, the fear has never left.

You continue living with fear and expectation of that happening again.

The worst feeling is not feeling safe in your own house.

That feeling comes when someone entered your home easily without your permission.

When you know that anyone can come into your safe place , it doesn’t seem like a safe place anymore.

The sad truth is that people who have had their houses invaded never truly recovered or had to move out.

But, why do we dream about this.

Dreaming of home invasion in most cases shows your fears, you feel like you are being exposed or you are afraid that someone is going to ruin your safe place.

Perhaps, in your neighborhood burglars are everywhere and you are waiting for them to target your house.

Or, perhaps you feel like you have some kind of enemy which is ready to ruin something.

Maybe you are not feeling safe right now, which could be connected with your relationships.

If you are in a romantic relationship, it is possible that you are simply not feeling safe with your partner.

Perhaps your partner is pushing you into doing something you do not want to do, or maybe you are feeling like you can’t trust this person.

There is number of reasons for this dream to appear, just like every other dream that could appear this dream also has different meanings depending on the person and the scenario.

There are different possible scenarios of this dream.

It is important to know who is the person who invaded your house.

It may be someone you know, which can easily define your issues with this person.

Perhaps your boss is the one who entered your home this way, this may mean that you are struggling with work.

Perhaps your boss is overstepping when it comes to your boundaries or this person may ruin your safe place in some other way.

Perhaps you are not happy with your family, they are constantly trying to engage in your private life.

This may be frustrating to you and you simply want them to stop.

In some cases this dream is a perfect sign for dreamers to start communicating effectively.

You can’t always depend that someone will simply read your thoughts.

No one can know for sure what you are thinking and how you are feeling.

If everyone could read minds then this world wouldn’t have so many problems, right?

It is important to know how to express yourself and how to fight for what you want.

It is also important to know how to protect your personal space and how to guard your secrets.

Maybe you dream about this because you are naive.

You tell people more than they need to know and you are letting them into your life easily.

You can’t trust people like that and you should be careful when you are talking about yourself or your happiness.

There is no need for others to know everything what’s going on with your life.

Also, there is no need to help your enemies with telling them about your problems or happiness.

It is better to be quiet.

Dreaming of home invasion may be linked with stress and bad lifestyle, you are not taking care of your body and your mind.

Also, in some cases this dream appears because you are holding too much inside you, perhaps your feelings are bottling up and you feel like you are going to explode.

The Most Common Dreams Of Home Invasion

Dreaming of a burglar invading your house

This dream has two possible meanings , it is up to you to find the right one for your current situation.

So, first meaning is connected with fear and lack of power.

You are feeling like someone has control over you.

Or that someone is truly powerful and can order you to do whatever they want.

Perhaps you have gotten into a bad situation which made you seem so powerless.

The thing is there is always someone more powerful than you can be, so you need to learn how to deal with this situation in a healthy way.

You can’t feel sorry for yourself the entire time, take some action and work harder.

No one is going to accomplish your goals except you.

So, if someone is taking some sort of advantage of your current position find a way to get rid of them.

Or gain power and start fighting back.

Don’t ever let yourself be a victim, you can be in control and you are capable of standing up for yourself.

Another possible meaning for this dream is that you are starting to enjoy new things.

You are discovering one completely new side of yourself.

Perhaps you had recently discovered that you are truly good with sports, but you didn’t knew it until that moment.

Or maybe you are finding out that you are capable for doing a certain job, you never really know what you are capable of if you never try new things.

This is a perfect time to try out some new things, don’t be afraid to go on some sort of adventure.

You never know why something is good for you and why things needed to go in that direction.

When you are ready to explore and to fight on your path, then you don’t have a problem when it comes to opportunities.

Life is full of opportunities for those who are ready to risk it and look for them.

Dreaming of your boss invading your house

This dream may be a sign that you are having issues on your work place with your boss, but there is another meaning.

It may be a sign that you need to fix your life.

Your organisation skills are truly bad, you are too tired to function because you can’t find the right balance.

Your work is exhausting and you can’t take it anymore.

The thing is that you are not getting the rest you need, your whole routine is a simple mess.

This dream actually warns you to change your ways, because you will get yourself to the point where you won’t be able to function properly anymore.

Burnout leads to other problems, do not let yourself get to that point.

Perhaps you are not getting the time you need with your family and friends.

Your work is your number one priority and that is not right.

You have to find a way to make things work.

Well, you can always make up everything in the work field, but you won’t be able to spend time with your loved ones once they are gone.

Those moments are priceless and no money in the world can make up for it once those people are gone.

No one ever had regrets for missed work projects, everyone had regrets once their loved one is gone.

Then you start to wonder why didn’t you spend more time and why you couldn’t let them know how much you love them.

So, do not let anything get in the way when it comes to your family.

Your priorities are not straight, you are not taking care of yourself and you are not taking care of your loved ones, then what on Earth are you doing?

This dream could be your wake up call if you understand the meaning correctly.

Dreaming of confronting the home invader

This dream is connected with your romantic relationship.

There are two case scenarios, it depends on how long you are in this relationship.

If you and your partner are in a long relationship, then this dream actually means that you are having issues with communication.

You and your partner are having troubles right now, there is a lack of trust which is not good for your relationship.

The thing is that relationships require a lot of work, especially when your relationship is not fresh like it was.

You and your partner need to be ready to work hard if you want to keep your relationship going.

If you are not ready to do whatever it takes to save your relationship, then it will fall apart.

But, if you are in a new relationship this dream is a sign for you to be cautious.

Do not trust this person easily, see how it goes at first.

You can’t always trust someone you love, sometimes you need to use your brain a little bit.

Try to get to know someone in order to tell them things.

It is okay to take the time you need in order to be comfortable in your relationship.

Even if you are in a long relationship, you still have the right to wait for something and to have your boundaries.

People tend to forget that because they are in love and they feel like they need to prove something to that particular love interest.

You shouldn’t let anyone dictate your life, you are the one who is in control.

Also, you are the one who is capable of being alone and independent.

Don’t ever let anyone think that you can’t live without them, they will use that information.

If they think that they can easily lose you, they will respect you more.

Dreaming about birds invading your house

This dream is quite unique, it has a deep meaning.

It means that you are disappointed in yourself because you are not where you wanted to be.

There are plenty of reasons and possible situations for this to happen.

For example, maybe you always wanted to study medicine and you imagined yourself as a doctor in six years, but something happened which made you leave that path even though you wanted it so bad.

Sometimes we don’t get exactly what we wanted out of life and maybe that’s good.

If we had everything we wanted, then how would we be able to appreciate things.

You can’t appreciate something if you have it and you can’t lose it.

Everything works out the way it is supposed to work out.

You can spend your days and your time thinking about everything that hasn’t gotten the way you imagined it to be.

Or you could start accepting your faith and start focusing on your future.

The difference between people who make money and those who do not is attitude.

There are people who don’t have food to eat and yet they bare still happy with their life.

You have to start seeing this life as a gift and not as a punishment.

That way you can change everything, you can be happier and satisfied.

Think of it this way, perhaps it wasn’t good for you and that is why it didn’t happen before.

Even if it was a good call, it is in the past.

If you can fix it now or in the future, focus on that and if you can’t then move on with your life.

You are likely to waste your entire life if you continue living this way.

So, start being grateful for everything.

Dreaming of a woman invading in your house

This dream is also connected with your love life.

It means that you are having some serious issues with your partner.

Or maybe you are not in love with this person anymore.

There is also a chance that you feel like your partner is not invested in this relationship like you are.

It is time to communicate about your needs and doubts.

Whatever the case is, you feel like something is seriously off with your partner.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to save something you simply can’t.

This happens when something is not meant to be.

Toxic relationship can appear out of normal relationship, when you are forcing each other to stay together even if none of you is happy.

At this point it is important to know how to talk and how to move on.

It is not the end of the world and you shouldn’t be too stressed about it.

It is better to break up than to be in a relationship with someone you are not happy with.

Part your ways and be happy, that is for the best.

Sometimes we forget how fast everything changes in life, nothing in this life is permanent and everything will pass.

The important thing is that you are happy and that you are trying your best through life.

The rest doesn’t matter and you shouldn’t spend your time worrying too much.

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