Dream of Enemy Being Friendly – Spiritual and Biblical Meaning

Through life, we meet all sorts of different people and every person we meet has a different purpose in our life.

Some people follow us through life from our childhood, while others appear later.

We make all sorts of friendships, some last while others do not.

Nowadays it is truly hard to find a quality friend, everyone has become so selfish and envious.

Also, we all had certain situations where we lost our friends.

Sadly, you can never know who truly has right intentions in your life.

Friendships are tricky, just like every other relationship it has its ups and downs.

There are people who want to be your friends just to use you somehow.

Perhaps they are with you for money or some other tool you have and they don’t.

Those types of people usually disappear from your life when you are not giving them what they want.

The most dangerous kind of people are enemies disguised as your friends, you can’t read those people right away and they usually cause certain damage in your life.

The most important thing for you is to not share too much secrets about yourself, also be quiet about your insecurities and fears.

You never know when someone is going to use something against you and you can never be sure how to know if someone is real or not.

People who want to hurt you usually want to get closer to you, they do it by becoming your friend.

Friends are people who are supposed to be always there for you, they should be the ones who want to help you and make things easier for you. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

Actually there are people who are lucky enough to have a real friend by their side, some simply find the real ones.

Sometimes you need to be sure that you are the real one in your friendship.

Perhaps you are the one who can’t keep a secret or someone who is a little bit jealous of his friends.

Have good intentions for your sake, you should be able to sleep at night with a clean heart.

You can’t really control other people and you can’t really know their hidden plans.

It is sometimes truly important to simply isolate yourself.

If your gut feeling is telling you that something is not right, then you should listen to it.

We almost always choose to ignore our inner instincts, we find it overreacting or perhaps simply ignore the obvious danger in our lives.

You can have dreams in which an enemy is pretending to be your friend, these dreams are really important and they have meanings that you need to know.

Your subconscious is trying to send you a message or a warning sign through these dreams about a person with hidden agenda.

Perhaps your friends are actually planning on destroying you somehow, or perhaps your colleague who your friends with is trying to ruin your chances for a certain position.

This type of a dream is never a positive sign, it represents danger and possible attack in your life.

Meaning of this dream in Islam is that you will go through trials and hardships from now on.

Biblically it represents hard times, betrayal and also it represents hidden agendas.

In most cases these dreams do actually represent someone who is trying to harm you, someone who is close to you.

Sometimes you need to forgive some people, but take the lesson out of that experience.

Never hold grudges against anyone, there is no need to be angry and ruin your peace.

But, you should be extra cautious if you have a dream like this.

Someone will try to harm you somehow or use something against you, find ways to ruin their plans.

Isolate yourself from people around you for a little bit and try to analyse your current situation.

Sometimes we already know that someone is not right for us, but we keep denying it because we love that person.

It could also be a sign that you are naive and that you trust people easily.

Perhaps you should change those things if you do not want to be used by others.

Unfortunately everyone is looking for their own satisfaction, no one thinks about the feelings of other people.

You should be aware of the danger lurking around the corner.

You can have different types of dreams about your enemy pretending to be your friend.

You can dream of your enemy sitting with you, or perhaps greeting you positively, apologising for their behaviour, enemy loving you, etc.

Sometimes this dream doesn’t represent someone you know, it represents someone you do not know who wants to harm you.

Maybe you have seen this person on many occasions, but never payed attention to him or her.

Enemies you know that your enemies can be extra friendly towards you.

You will wonder about their intentions if they try to contact you.

Perhaps they need something from you, or perhaps they want to do something to you.

There is no way to no for sure when they suddenly appear in your life acting like nothing happened.

To trust or not to trust this person is your choice, you need to analyse everything to make it.

Just be careful to not fall into their game, maybe they are trying to manipulate while they could be just seeking for your forgiveness.

Every interpretation has a meaning of its own, you can check your meaning by remembering your dream.

Keep in mind that all of the details and actions are actually crucial for finding the meaning behind your dream.

You should not ignore this type of a dream, message behind it could save you from a disaster.

Everything you see in a dream has its own meaning, sometimes seeing a certain colour can clarify the dream for you.

So, always keep in mind to write it all down after waking up.

But, these dreams are not really easy to forget because they cause discomfort and even fear.

Hopefully you will find everything you need in this article, be safe.

The Most Common Dreams Of Enemy Being Friendly

Dreaming of enemy being friendly by sending you a drink

If you had a dream like this, then this type of a dream could be good and bad sign.

It means that your enemy is trying to reach you through your friends or family.

So this could be good sign if they are trying to reach you to say that they are sorry or to make it up to you.

But, this person could also be planning something not so good and they want you in it.

Or perhaps they are somehow trying to harm you.

Their intentions could be pure or not, it depends on you to discover what it is that this person is trying to do to you.

There is also a chance that this person desperately needs your help because no one else is there to help them.

Maybe he or she will need money from you or a certain favour.

Just be careful and keep in mind that this person is not so trustable.

Dreaming of enemy saving your life

If you had a dream of an enemy that saved your life, then this type of a dream actually means that you were wrong about that person.

Sometimes all of us make sudden decision about our friends, perhaps at one point we were not happy with them or something happened and we simply marked that person as an enemy.

Sometimes there are coincidences that make someone seem bad or unfriendly, but that doesn’t mean that it is like that.

Perhaps you have made up your mind about a certain person and you consider this person to be your enemy.

But, this person could be a better friend for you than your current friends.

Sometimes the people we do not expect are the ones who help us in difficult times.

Maybe you should reach out to your ”enemy” and talk it out with them.

Say what you meant or thought about this person, fix your relationship.

Also, do not be so quick with defining someone as your enemy because perhaps your current closest friend could be it while you were busy pushing other people.

Dreaming of enemy casually chatting with you

If you had a dream like this, in which you are dreaming of enemy casually chatting with you, then this type of a dream actually means that you are in danger.

Someone will try to harm you, someone you think is not that dangerous or that it is your friend.

This dream is a warning sign, you need to be extra cautious from now on.

Keep in mind that people are not good and they are ready to do anything to you if it fits their personal interest.

Maybe someone will try to mess up your business or career.

It could be someone from your work place, perhaps you are being offered a higher position that person wanted and now they are trying to ruin it for you.

Also, it could be a sign that you are acting naively.

You have to keep your guard up, there is no room for relaxation.

You have to be aware that someone is trying to harm you and you need to prevent that from happening.

Isolate yourself from everyone for a bit, analyse the current situation and find possible enemy who is trying to take you down.

Dreaming of enemy loving you

If you had a dream like this, then this type of a dream is not a good sign at all.

It means that you have an enemy, but you do not know this person.

Perhaps you have seen him or her, but you never payed attention to this person.

Well, your secret enemy is developing different plans on messing with you and your life.

You can’t really stop them when you do not even know them.

But, what you can do is to protect yourself in any way you know how.

Find ways to be protected, at least you won’t go through a complete disaster.

Maybe you have wronged someone in your past and this person is seeking for their revenge.

Or perhaps you forgot about someone who hates you.

Maybe your parents had enemies and their child is looking for you.

There are many possible case scenarios.

So keep your guard up and be aware of the new people that are entering your life.

Dreaming of enemy sending you flowers

This type of a dream represents the cause behind your ruined friendship.

It means that your current enemy did not fulfilled their promise towards you.

Perhaps they made a promise to you and they broke it later on.

Or perhaps you have put so much trust in that person, but they still went behind your back.

This dream actually is a sign that tells you not to be friends with your enemies again.

You are cutting people off for a reason, so do not run back to them because you feel sorry for them.

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